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Explain this bone machine to me. This looks a lot better than the original NES.

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yeah but the controller is an absolute meme with that angle on the a and b buttons. It's like they copy/pasted the snes controller but didn't stop to think that on the snes controller, y and b were the main buttons. Just a retarded decision. I like the aesthetic of the toploaders otherwise though.

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It's RF only, but in every other way is superior to the original NES. The AV Famicom, which is basically the same thing, but with a multi-out connector for composite video, is the best official iteration of the NES/FC hardware. The dogbone controllers are polarizing, but I think they're pretty comfy.

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I would love to get one just to play some NES games I found at a thrift store. However some cool anon in a Famicom Disk thread on /v/ mentioned that the OG ones are good as long as they weren't subjected to a Game Genie. Plus, they mentioned that the AV Famicom needs a power down converter or the system would get too hot. I wonder if $80 is good for one of these guys as I would love the option to load in a FDS Ram Adapter and use that one stick to play Famicom Disk games on.

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Wait, is this actually a good buy, or should I get one that also comes with an official Famicom PSU?

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The US models are fine if you don't mind RF, I don't, and I've owned several over the years. $80 is reasonable, they typically go between that and $100 in decent shape. They're not super rare but not super common either.
>Plus, they mentioned that the AV Famicom needs a power down converter or the system would get too hot
That's just misinformation. For starters, you can use Japanese PSUs in the US without issue, the power supply itself will run marginally warmer, not the console. Secondly, the AV and original Famicom can use 9V DC 850-1000mA Center Pin Negative PSUs, you can buy one on Amazon for $10. Sega Genesis Model 1 PSUs are compatible. You shouldn't really be running any console with 30-40 year old power supplies at this point; modern switching PSUs are drastically better for your machines. If you are interested, you can get AV Famicoms cheaper than NES-101s and they have better video to boot.

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Great price; Japan4You kicks major ass. Do not use an original PSU, see >>8069267.

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Should I be worried about this message here circled? Would it really have issues powering on? Also they mention the import tax, could that be why the price is so low?

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No, you can just clean the switch with alcohol if it's flaky, but I've literally never had an issue with anything I ordered from them. I got a Famicom that had a hole in it and was covered in dirt from them for like $5 and it worked fine after cleaning it. No import taxes in the US — AV Famicoms just aren't that expensive, they've actually gone down in price in recent years. I think zoomers aren't into NES so the demand is going down.

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Random PSU for reference, kind of expensive but it will work. Most guitar pedal power supplies are 9V center pin negative as well and are dirt cheap.


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The OG NES was designed to look as little as a video game system as possible.

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B and C are the main buttons in most Gen games, and they work well in that same configuration.

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I just realized though that it probably wouldn't play my Metroid cart because, obviously, that they use different pin systems. Though I assume that can be "fixed" with a Famicom flashcart. Either way, I passed up on a 3070Ti that was $730 after tax, so I might just get this little do dad to have it since I really don't think I could stand an RF output.

Real quick though, I assume this is a good cart pin slot?

I will keep that PSU in mind if you suggest it, thanks!

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The metal around the cart slot always looks kind of shitty, but that's totally fine yeah. Pin adapters are comically cheap but you'd have to use eBay or AliExpress — everything on Amazon are FC to NES (60 to 72 pins), whereas you'd obviously need NES to FC (72 to 70 pins). You can get Chinese EverDrive N8 clones for ~$50 too, well worth it.

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Can't it just be modded to support other video cables?

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Certainly, but why bother when AV Famicoms are cheaper anyway?

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72 pin slot without adapter.

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I will probably buy this now and plan out the rest in a later bit, thank you! Also, is there anything I should know regarding buying a Ram Adapter, such a price range or PSU needed if any?

Just get a flashcart and put English games on it.

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The RAM Adapter doesn't need a PSU, only the disk drive itself does, but if you're planning to use Loopy's FDStick, you won't need a separate PSU. If you're not planning to use an FDStick, reconsider; using a real Disk System with real disks in current year is a fool's errand and a money black hole. I wouldn't pay more than $50 for a RAM adapter. I recently sold my EverDrive clone, FDStick and RAM adapter; wish you had made this thread a week ago I would have made you a deal!

As >>8069384 mentioned, flashcart is the way to go. I have 70+ FC carts, but my EverDrive N8 Pro literally never leaves my console at this point.

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To add, I found this seller selling a Ram Adapter. https://www.ebay.com/itm/393517318799 They are also selling a Gamecube LAN adapter surprising for only $50.

>EverDrive clone, FDStick and RAM adapter
Thank is a shame I missed it haha. Any reason in-particular why you sold it?

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Also you're very welcome, I've been collecting Famicom stuff for probably 15 years now and love helping people out. It's a fantastic system and everything is cheaper, smaller, and has more personality than equivalent NES hardware and software.
That's a good price for a RAM Adapter, but keep in mind you can't do anything with it without an FDS or FDStick haha. I ponied up for an EverDrive N8 Pro, which eliminated the need for my Chinese ED clone, and while the N8 Pro is not perfect for FDS games, it's a hell of a lot better than the original N8 was, and honestly I rarely play FDS games.

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Also, AV Famicom takes both NES and FC peripherals.

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Another good point. Worth noting that the NES Zapper will only work with NES titles, the FC light gun needs to use the EXP port on the side and the equivalent FC software. Doesn't really matter since the FC light gun is extremely rare anyway.

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Never thought of playing any NES Zapper games, but that is great to know! I also didn't thing https://everdrive.me/cartridges/n8-pro-famicom.html was going to be THAT expensive compared to the Everdrive x7 and FXPak Pro, which I am going to try and get hopefully during a black friday sale they do. I might have to hold off on the Famicom everdrive for a while sadly, but I suppose I should buy the hardware for later at least.

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In addition to >>8069441, since you mentioned you also sold the ram adapter and the FDStick, does the everdrive pro you bought naturally play those games without needing a ram adapter?

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Yeah the Pro is really pricey, but has save states and supports Metal Slader Glory and some odd-ball titles the old one didn't. That's why I recommended a clone of the older model, they play almost everything and work just fine for 1/3 the cost.

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Correct— actually, both models of NES/FC EverDrive will play FDS games without a RAM adapter just fine. That said, FDS sound is fucking terrible on the original EDN8 (and clones), and on the Pro it's much better but still not amazing. They work well in a pinch if you're just toying around with the FDS library; it's not my main focus so it does the job for me.

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Then I will probably forgo the ram adapter for now at least, just to save on costs and put that money towards savings for the Pro version. Plus, less hardware to worry about suddenly breaking haha. Thank you so much for all the help and I hope to see you around later! Actyually, any other tips I should know for the Famicom AV I ordered?

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Not to mention that every single Gameboy from the original brick to the Advance SP used the same same layout for its A and B buttons. Layout works fine.

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Not in my humble opinion. That plastic looks cheap as fuck as thought it's gonna twist and squeak easily
Would still buy though

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Of course man, anytime. The AV multi-out port is the same one the SNES and N64 use, so if you have an AV cable for either of those, you should be all set once you get a PSU. Keep in mind the FC/NES is composite only by design, so S-Video and RGB cables, even with the right connector won't work. NES controllers will work on it, you don't need anything special, just plug them in. You can get a Chinese 10,000 in 1 multi-cart to for like $5 if you want something silly to play around with while you wait to buy an EverDrive. A lot of early FC games never got NES releases so there's some cool "golden era" arcade ports and weird shit like NUTS AND MILK on nearly every multicart.

Basically just have fun, Famicom is life.

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If you can ever buy these again it replaces the RF with Composite.

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>The dogbone controllers are polarizing
doesn't matter though, as you can plug in whatever you want in it
Famicom AV is the way to go honestly

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I actually bought a copy of Kirby Adventure and SMB3 just to have some games in the mean time, plus the shipping was 20 cents each with the bundle I have. I feel like maybe I should of added more, but those two are going to be great as is, plus the kirby cart is very cute. So all that for $95 with tax and shipping is pretty great I would think. Thanks again!

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Not a bad deal at all, enjoy anon!

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Actually I feel bad because I should of also added on SMB2 and some more cheap good games for the cheap shipping. Oh well, next time I need to make a list haha.

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For shooters yeah, but try playing Mario and after about thirty minutes your finger starts to hurt from the weird position you have to hold it in to hold down the run button

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i cant afford any nes games anymore, they're all so expensive
i have no clue what is even good on the nes. i dont care about mario or castlevania

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>everyone arguing over brick vs dogbone NES controllers
>meanwhile everyone who wants to play the games with a decent controller have long ago hooked up a SNES controller to their NES
Enjoy your hard corners or funky button placement.

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NES games are going down in price now.

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I have a av fami coming in the mail currently. Will a normal us nes power supply work with the av famicom?

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i dunno whats good on that system that i specifically would enjoy, all the stuff seems expensive, can i play japanese games on my american NES? or use the FDS?

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You can get adapters to play nes carts on famicom. One came with this chink ass device i for some reason got years ago to play famicom carts on a gba.

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NO. The NES PSU is AC power, virtually nothing else uses AC. You plug that in and it will fry the Famicom instantly. Get a PSU with these specs >>8069267
>Secondly, the AV and original Famicom can use 9V DC 850-1000mA Center Pin Negative PSUs

Sega Genesis Model 1 PSUs will work, or anything with those specifications, they're easy to find. Center pin negative is the tricky part, most American stuff is center pin positive.

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I use a Jackdiy everdrive and can do all that on a clone NES.

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so you're saying i'm a clown? i can't afford an everdrive

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It was 82 USD new.

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too much

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Are those NES to Famicom converters good for the pin slots? I assume they might damage the pin slot inside the AV Famicom at some point.

I assume you are the same person as the one that mentioned >>8069319 charger?

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the dpad sucks

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I've used one on my AV famicom and I haven't had any problem but I don't use it often. it's true they're a bit hard to pull out.

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>i dunno whats good on that system that i specifically would enjoy, all the stuff seems expensive,

1) Make a new thread saying what you like and asking about what NES/Famicom games match what you like
2) Get over whatever brain disease it is that's making you refrain from emulating
3) Emulate
4) Smile and have fun for the first time in you don't even remember how long

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Toploader NES is great, only major issue is RF output only. Otherwise it's a lot less trouble to set up and play than the frontloader model with its shitty pin connector.

The dogbone controller is fucking based if you have large hands, fuck the haters.

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the pro is really only for people that want to play homebrew games over 1mb
the normal N8 is fine

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Get an AV Famicom if you don’t plan on modding

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>4) Smile and have fun for the first time in you don't even remember how long
Too bad that cant be done with emulation.

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I also think it’s way more aesthetically pleasing than the NES, and a lot smaller which is nice

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>RF output only
That's why you get an AV Famicom

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Should I get a regular NES controller or an Advantage?

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I am that guy yeah, most of this thread is me and OP going back and forth. Regarding the pin converters, you're fine, I've never had a FC get a damaged pin slot, and I've owned probably 15. There are also readily available replacements if for some reason it broke.
The advantage sucks

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emulating just isnt right man

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In my opinion the best official iteration is the Twin Famicom. AV out AND built in disk system. It's officially licensed by Nintendo, it's just made by Sharp.

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Don’t they have the shitty short cables?
Just get an AV famicom and a flash cart

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Who cares about short cables? You need the console next to you when playing NES/Famicom games anyway to press the reset button.

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Weird flex, but ok?

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not him but what the fuck are you even trying to say with that inappropriate use of youth slang

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But my console set up is like 12 feet away from where I sit

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He’s clearly a “pro gamer” that speed runs from how much he needs to reset

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what'd you call me?

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Gender fluid

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You won't say it again twerp

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Now clearly that’s just going too far

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What? I don't speedrun at all, I think speedrunning is stupid, but the nature of most Famicom games means it's easy to fuck up and there's no way to reset in-game, so you can either throw away the rest of your lives, or you need to press the reset button.

Also most of them are good for one or two 5-10 minute attempts in a day before switching cart. There aren't very many games to just sit and play for 3 hours without resetting, apart from dragon quest and stuff.

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It was a joke anon
It’s also weird that you think this is a good reason as a longer cables controller lets you do both

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Stop joking around on /vr/

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I will never stop with the levity

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You could just not die.

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A longer cable gets in the way and is messy. I'd rather have the shorter cable of the original Famicom and twin Famicom and have the controllers dock tidily.

>> No.8076396

At least provide brevity with your levity

>> No.8076398

was more brief than yours nigger

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Shut up you mother fucker

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How is having undetachable cables with controller tumors more tidy?

>> No.8076407

Wasn’t me, no need for hostility here friends

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because they dock, he literally just said it. as opposed to just setting them down on the floor and having to deal with an awkward long cable or disconnected the controller at end of play and rolling it up to put in a box or on a table

>> No.8076412

They fit neatly into the back of the console. With an AV famicoms controllers you need to have messy piles of cables sat near the console instead.

>> No.8076414

Looks like I'm gonna ruin it with my bad attitude

>> No.8076420

I'd hardly call tumours hanging off the back as "neat"
>having to deal with an awkward long cable or disconnected the controller at end of play and rolling it up to put in a box or on a table

>> No.8076427

jesus christ man

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The Disk System is a pain in the ass to maintain and the disks are all time bombs, not to mention the Twin Fami is a behemoth compared to the AV. They're gorgeous machines but at the end of they day it's just a gigantic Famicom and another broken FDS.

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I dunno what's up with your FDS, mine just works.

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OP here. I just got woken up by fedex and to my surprise it was the AV Famicom I ordered. I'm shocked at how quick that came all the way from Japan in like two days. So like people mentioned here, I guess Japan 4 You is really good!

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You're in the minority, beyond the drives simply being difficult to maintain (belt changes, alignment, etc) the disks are fragile and when buying one you have no guarantee it won't be blank, re-written with NUTS AND MILK or completely corrupted.
Hell yeah anon, enjoy it.

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? FDS is dead reliable

>> No.8077096

You're the only person I've ever heard claim that. They are renowned for their unreliability and breakdowns.

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Found this in my house. Would this be safe for a Famicom? I am assuming it is outputting AC though.