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There's no denying Nintendo 64 was the machine with 3d graphics.

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Rare's platformers all hold up graphically. So does Rayman 2.

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This is a troll post right? Your pic looks like dogshit

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Conker's Bad Fur Day could pass for a gen 6 launch game.

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Kirby 64 looks perfect. Best visuals in a Kirby game still.

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Yes, OP is being a massive faggot not accounting for GE being a 1997 release.

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>static green background

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its called mocap idiot

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>its an early release therefore it must look bad!!!
Try again.

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It's not though.

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Seeing how it came out after the PS2, it should. However, the frame rate says otherwise.

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You picked a game that routinely drops into single digit frames and use that as an example of good graphics?

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F-Zero X looks good to this day. Way better than anything on the Saturn.

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Nice false flag but you can just say N64 sucks with a picture of a trollface and it would have the same impact.

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This looks like mega pixelated shit.

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Its brimming with life. Of course you ignore that part.
Why does /vr/ constantly bring up frame rate in threads about graphics?
Let's see some screenshots then to prove it.

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>OP is a Saturnfag
What a surprise.

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>Why does /vr/ constantly bring up frame rate in threads about graphics?

Because being able to see what the fuck is happening is, for some reason, done with our eyes.

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Master system phantasy star looks choppy and everyone praises it for its graphics.

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I love Silent Hill 1 but god does that framerate kill at times.

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>You picked a game that routinely drops into single digit frames and use that as an example of good graphics?
Yeah, it's more cinematic that way and PS4+ zoomers can relate more.

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He's not, as he's the same guy who spams the "shitturn" meme. He's just a shitposter

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Wave Race 64 looks better.

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wow this could pass for a DC game

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It wasn't bad but I still like the ps2, gamecube era more. Both are good

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>Water tech demo, THE GAME
That is a sweet map to race on though due to the tide coming in.

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Game is one of the best arcade racers of all time, it's an absolute marvel.

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>One of the best arcade racers of all time
Hahaha not even top 20, 50 hell there's probably hundreds that are better.

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Here is a gif of a good looking racer.

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why do people keep posting the same gif of all these racing games. its not even impressive oversteer its just the most miniscule skid imaginable

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Looks worse.

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Daytona USA, Sega Rally the list goes on...

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Why is it so jagged and grainy?

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That's how rgb output is supposed too look. Composite blends those dither so it looks like vaseline smeared all over your face.

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Is this a gameboy advance game? Why is it so pixelated?

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240p is 240p bro I don't know what to tell you, all pixels look the same size

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Dithered turd, looks like ass

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Did you idiot think pixels look smaller on playstation is that what you're implying.

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Why is every N64-thread on here immediately shit up by contrarians who just decide to hate on the console for no valid reason? This has been going on for years. Is this some kind of machine-generated "discussion" with automated responses?

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You guys are right. Sega can't make racing games or get their graphics right. Let's look at what Nintendo were able to achieve 5+ years later. Also remember this is a 10/10 racer according to Nintendo power.

That looks bare bones basic. Can't you find a single N64 game with detail in its graphics? They released an expansion pak for gods sake.

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>those lighting effects
Damn that looks pretty good. Definitely better than Sega Rally.

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Most subjects in internet discussion fade into groveling shit flinging when the subjectmatter has ran its course. It's a sign there's just not enough to talk about.

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>also half a decade difference

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looks way better than Saturn. Wow, I missed out as a kid.

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Not sure why you thought it was a good idea to use a game that looks either as good or better than Sega Rally as your example. The day scenes aren't anything special but those night lighting effects are better than anything in Sega Rally.

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Who gives a shit about graphics though the N64 is a simcade and the Saturn is full arcade.

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It's literally the same guy. You can tell because he always immediately shifts discussion to shitty Saturn games.

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It's still a low res N64 game with washed out textures and boring arcade gameplay

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Way better than the Saturn. I feel like a retard for picking that piece of ass failed system now.

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This thread is about graphics.

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That n64 game crushes shitturn sega rally

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Oh great, it's that retarded Aussie poster again.

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Armorines Project SWARM

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Sin and Punishment

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It's interesting how this game visually almost feels like a Metroid Prime 0.5. I don't know if any of the same devs directly worked on both games, but a lot of Acclaim did end up at Retro, as far as I know.

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Always loved the aesthetics of TWINE but I'm not really sure why

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>Best of all time
>4 racers on tiny oval tracks
>20 fps
>muh waves
Hydro Thunder and Jet Moto annihilate it.

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i loathe 5th gen/late 1990s anyway

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Nintendo managed to do the impossible with the N64, they made a console with graphics that looked like shit both in screenshots and in motion

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There's no denying Nintendo 64 was the machine with 3d graphics

That's all it could do was polygons, so yep.

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i actually play N64 for its 2D games. I think they are better done than even the playstation
i cant stand those cd load times

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Here's a true great looking and sounding racer.

oops, it's a PSX title

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frame rate was much worse on original hardware

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>Here's a good looking racer
>its a game about transexuals

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Dreamcast is still a strong console with a great library today zoomer.

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dreamcast is the zoomer's 90s console

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That is original hardware.

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Isn't framerate for the PAL version actually abysmal for this game, for some reason? Like way more than the usual PAL slowdown, which is just barely noticable?

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This is what racing games looked like on non Nintendo consoles

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There's a dingo eating your baby.

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that shit is from emulation probably. On real hardware the place is supposed to be filled with poisonous gas, but it's transparent not solid like that

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I thought trolling outside of /b/ was bannable?

>V-Rally '99
Nice view bro. Looks, plays, sounds like shit. Also the samefagging needs to stop.

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>Looks, plays, sounds like shit
But V Rally 99 was well received on launch.

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The background is green because the player used invincibility and blew up the tanks and stayed in. If you did that the room would "fog up" and get greener over time and bond would cough and guards would keep coming (and if you had the golden gun you could save trev. and he'd be with you the entire time blazing away)
>Source: Would do that a lot to fuck around with the guns as it was one of the fastest places to get to with consistently spawning enemies

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