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Post a random /vr/ image in this thread.

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How can people take a game like this seriously? I'm not morally opposed to this kind of thing but it completely takes me out of the story.

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Why? If what he's saying matches his personality, I wouldn't find it off puting.

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That's true. I haven't played Policenauts so I guess I should withhold judgement, but I thought Jonathan was supposed to be some hardened ex-cop, not Harvey Weinstein.

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jesus christ a man can't even be safe in his own internal monologue without being put on the same level as a rapist

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Because it's based

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This is something Duke Nukem would say as well. In fact, on my playthrough of Policenauts, I read that line in Duke's voice.

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I was being hyperbolic but it seems incongruous to have a hardboiled police drama where you go around jiggling random girls' boobs

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>but it seems incongruous to have a hardboiled police drama where you go around jiggling random girls' boobs
it's literally a different time, space and universe

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It's modeled after the real world. The main character is from the LAPD. And regardless of where it's set it's out of place to have such a goofy option in an otherwise serious game.

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go be triggered elsewhere if you're not gonna post images

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>This game seems kind of silly
Here's a murder mystery point and click with actual thematic consistency

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bro have you ever played a single Kojima game? he's a specialist in including silly puns and stupid humor in otherwise serious games.

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how am i supposed to take the narrative seriously (which he dedicates a lot of game time to) if it silly? i bounced off mgs3 for same reason. unplayable

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by having a sense of humor and not taking vidya as seriously as scientific papers

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I played a couple of metal gears and had fun. I can't understand how people think the stories are profound though. The stories were enjoyable in the same way a shounen anime is

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i grew up on hardcore pc gaming, books, and good movies
sorry that ive been conditioned to want to be invested in a world

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I thought MGS 1 was deep and profound... when I was 12 years old. But, even as an adult, they're fun, full of details and generally soulful compared with other mainstream titles.
>"I want mature games for mature gamers such as me"
Yours the real childish attitude.

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Jesus christ, Buzz, your scaling. WOOF.

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I think most people are referring to that one 90 minute cutscene in MGS2 where the characters describe social network censorship and filter bubbles. For 2001 it was a pretty avant guarde idea.

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Kojimbo was a Sean Connery era James Bond fan, that should jump at you when playing MGS3 that he likes to designs bosses like bond villains.

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Go play it.

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>i grew up on hardcore pc gaming, books, and good movies
>sorry that ive been conditioned to want to be invested in a world
Just neck yourself, faggot. You can't even understand a simple joke in a story which isn't supposed to be good or taken seriously. You are a true retard. The game is called "Policenauts" for fuck sake.

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never claims i want maturity, just tonal consistency. barney the dinosaur doesnt go on a tirade about the gulf war and nuclear disarmament
but james bond is fucking shit. literally british propaganda.
all his games are like that though not just policenauts. even games that aren't meant to be jokes.
Kojima is a joke and so are his rabid fans.
Just because you thought something was cool as a teen doesn't mean you have to stick to your guns now. A lot of his shit is just lame.

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>just tonal consistency
I still don't know why a couple of humoristic moments in games lasting 10 to 20 hours bothers you so much. It's not 90 minute film where consistency makes more sense. When you watch a series, do you want it to maintain tonal consistency for an entire season? What do you think of something like Better Call Saul, which mixes humor and drama to great effect?

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i dont watch netflix television

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What about The Sopranos? or are you going to just keep ignoring examples to fit your bias?

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>story which isn't supposed to be good
What is the draw of this kind of game if not the story

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It's not the humor per se but the nature of it. Maybe the Sopranos has funny scenes that feel natural, but I bet there isn't a scene where the main character trips over his shoelaces and farts

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Many video games, even if their premise is serious, will allow the player to do silly or audacious things. e.g. in Grand Theft Auto you can ignore all objectives and just drive around town running over pedestrians for no reason.
Adventure games often had humorous responses coded for players trying stupid commands like "eat door."

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They're all wearing a blue version of Fa's outfit in Zeta, I never noticed that before

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Most, if not all the sexual harrassment in Snatcher and Policenauts only happens if you LOOK and INVESTIGATE women over and over, which makes sense.

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yes I know it's from the remaster shut up it still counts

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Looks neat, adding to my backlog.

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By not being socially retarded.

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you must be 18 to post here

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Why is the inside of the dark-haired character's mouth so light, & why doesn't he have any teeth? It makes it look like he's sticking his tongue up & trying to lick his nose.

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What's that on your pic?

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a fan edit reversing the "roles": main characters are portrayed as menacing badass bosses, and the bosses are portrayed as measly normal PCs

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Tried it on hard and got mauled by the lizards at the start. I'll try again on normal, but I want to finish Brain Lord first.
That's neat.

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you should be off pudding.

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Raw danger

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Whats up with zoomers and hating anything titillating?

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Raised by single mothers

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total degenerates thanks to the most perturbed porn they consume, so they feel the need to overcompensate and act like prudes in the public sphere.

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wat game?

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Woah holy shit he's gonna falllllll!!!!!

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Imagine the shitstorm if Kojima made something like this today

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You should get outside more and interact with humans. Funny shit happens all the time during serious things. Deal with it. It is more fake to have literal non stop serious bullshit every second with characters than the occasional funny or fuckup. You would know this if you were out of middle school.

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It's okay, you can also have that funny ass-connoisseur moments in otherwise serious, critically acclaimed movies.

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Yeah fair point, I guess it does make sense in that context

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I know almost nothing about this game, but I always thought it looked cool.

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I haven't beaten it on hard yet, that is a challenge and a half. But normal is pretty good. It's a great game and gets better as you near the end.

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How can people be so insufferably full of shit? Game just isn't for you homo.

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Is that an accurate translation?

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Is there a translation for the pixel art of policenauts?

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refreshing take, I must say

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s-she's fast!

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Source please?

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I have absolutely no idea, but I recognized >>8035768 and remembered this one

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nooo not the heckin testosterone filled malerinos...

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No worries haha,i ended up finding it.

hissatsu pachinko collection 3

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Some nice pixel art...wasted on a Pachinko game

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I found the original artist on twitter and he apparently does H-doujins now.

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I agree that is pure reddit tier dialogue

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tell us who please

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reddit would find that toxic and problematic

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This guy

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thank you!!

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Apparently I have the Saturn port and I didn't even know what it was until now

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Based Alex

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Zoomer SJW anti-sex militant detected.

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What gaem

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I want these cards.

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why's the whole city strobing? imminent power outage?

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God Policenauts sucks! It's like a really bad Visual Novel. And I don't know, seriously, VN are like the easiest thing in the world to design. So when you design a bad one, that is remarkable.

Like the entire story of Policenaughts is not only a pixel hunt, but you basically have to try everything, and then try everything multiple times. So if you don't know this, like if you want to know about some photograph, you ask about the photograph, and she tells you something, and then you have to ask the same topic again. So that photograph entry can occur 3 or 4 times. And then you have to start from the beginning and try them all again because the third time might have opened something new up. And you have to exhaust every single option. ALL OF THEM. Before the game will let you move on. That is HORRIBLE.

It's not like an oldschool adventure game. Because in an adventure game you don't have to look at and inspect everything on the screen multiple times. You're just sitting there, desperately wanting to move on with the plot, and then you're stuck trying to inspect every little thing over and over again, and asking people the same questions over and over again. Ah it's bad. And when it finally gets exciting, it gets exciting for 20 seconds then you're right back at it.

Is the plot interesting? Not really. You know what the story is? It is 5% Blade Runner, 95% Lethal Weapon. It's straight up Riggs and Murtaugh. It's not even subtle. He rips off whole scenes. It's amazing.

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In addition to Lethal Weapon, I think there's a lot of City Hunter in htere. However, his perviness is endaring and he has a girl to reel him in before he does anything. Kojima seems to have not understood that and just had a horny pervy lead.

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Innocent Tour is a pretty boring board game, but its art is peak 16 colors goodness.

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ryo is also just cool as fuck in general

>> No.8038617

Love City Hunter! Saeko is my wife.

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What does thematic consistency mean to you?