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>At 8 million sales, this licensed crap made by a shovelware dev is the 6th best selling PS1 game, beating out games like MGS, Crash Bandicoot and Resident Evil

how the fuck

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Grandma bought it for her grandkids x 6million, same reason Nickelback went platinum with 0 fans.

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‘Arry Porter was hueg back then

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I've heard that games based on the first 3 movies are Potterkino, the subsequent ones are soulless licensed trash. Is that true?

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The first couple of Harry Potters on Game Boy were quite decent RPGs.

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>Why this game about one of the most popular movies between kids and teenagers was so successful?
I don't know what you don't understand. Harry Potter as a brand was huge and I don't think any videogame gets close in terms of popularity (I guess Mario)

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Of the ones I've played
PS1 Philosopher's Stone - okay
GBA Chamber of Secrets - kino
PS2 Prisoner of Azkaban - good
PS2 Goblet of Fire - okay
DS Order of the Phoenix - trash couldn't complete it despite getting it for free

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my grandma bought me this game on the pc. it was FIRE

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PC 1-3 are potterkino
Forget the soulless console ports

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i actually just beat this a couple days ago. it's a decent little adventure for a licensed have with some pretty good graphics. it also controls really well, even the quidditch sections. it's easy but I like easy games of they look nice and play well.
haven't played any other potter stuff

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I've never played Order of the Phoenix on DS but it was decent on PS2/Wii/360. It was nice to explore the castle and there was a good amount of things to do besides the main story. The combat wasn't great but at least for me wasn't awful

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>beating out games like MGS,
For teens and up
>Crash Bandicoot
Way too hard for kids
>and Resident Evil
For adults

Harry Potter is appropriate for all ages and isn't particularly difficult. That's how.

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>how the fuck
If you need to be explained how FUCKHUGE HP franchise was back then, then you are too young to post.

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>Way too hard for kids
My sister beat Crash 3 when she was, like, 11. also yes she was into RE back then.

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Harry Potter was a pretty good late system seller. Chamber of Secrets sold fairly well at the tail end of the GBC life cycle.

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I hated HP, I really did.

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Yeah Order of the Pheonix on console was pretty good if you want a big fat Hogwarts to freely explore.

Everything after that was just a TPS with wands though.

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Nickelback is actually good though.

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Pokémon is the biggest franchise of all time. Bigger than mickey mouse.

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It was called a Shovelwarestation for a reason

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Not made by a shovelware developer.
Game is very well made.
Every kid can pick it up and play without any problem.
I bet every kid who watched the movie back then would want to play the game right away. This is what happened, literally.

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1 and 2 on the PC are kino. I go back and play Chamber of Secrets every few years, it's the comfiest exploration game.

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Nobody mentioned crash 3.
The original crash bandicoot was the hardest of them.

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Of all the music in the world who would go and listen to nickelback,good music as never been easier to listen to so get off the fucking radio and find some actual good music,im sure you will find something to your taste eventually.

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It wasn't shovelware though, it was a decent game.
Good licensed games actually existed back then. (pic related)

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Licensed games were good until 7th gen for the most part.

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Historical revisionism.

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you were saying?

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Ship it with systems, print shitloads of copies and convince vendors to buy them in huge numbers because 'it's such a huge series, it's gonna sell like hotcakes', then vendors are stuck with huge overstock that doesn't move and sell them at huge rebates to people who can now pick up a quick gift for a family member or whoever, then the game publisher claims all shipped copies are 'sales' when many of them didn't sell. Typical Western megacompany tactics.

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This section... this section right fucking here: this was pure, unadulterated pain for me as a child.

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Gave up on the game at this point as a child and I still haven't brought myself to trying it again nearly twenty years later.

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PS1 had a massive install base in 2001 (even moreso considering the PS2 was backwards-compatible with it), was dirt cheap compared to next-gen consoles so good for kids, and 'Arry Porrer was a hugely hyped-up franchise at the time compared to the joke it is now.

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Had it on PC. It was actually good, at least when I was a kid.

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The PC version was very different from the PS1 game (and arguably far better)- it ran on Unreal Engine 1 too.

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The true potter experience could only be had on PlayStation, the platform for true gamers.

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Also iirc Harry Potter wasn't a full-priced game when it launched, so it was an appealing Christmas present for kids getting PS1's or PS2's for Christmas compared to a fifty-dollar PS2 game ontop of all the money you spent on the console.

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After trying and continually failing for it for a very long time, i did eventually beat it. I would say it takes a lot of time practicing and learning it, but i swear it just felt like luck was also a heavy factor in it sometimes.
it really is a cunt of a section in the game and also the hardest part of the game in general. The difficulty spike just seemed abnormal after you see everything else the game makes you afterwards.

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Nickelback has plenty of fans.

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>Licensed games were good until 7th gen for the most part.
Not true at all.
Licensed games weren't guaranteed to be crap, but many were. If you were lucky it would be a clone/reskin of a popular platformer, run-n-gun, beat-em-up, or fighting game but much of the time it would be pretty bad shovelware like Home Alone.

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Anyone who doesn't think there was a period of plenty of good licensed games out there simply didn't play that many games.
I would have included A Bug'/s Life on this, but i remember that one being a little more divisive so i left it off.

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It is all marketing baby,
and it is still going on today,
Did you forget about Cyberpunk 2077

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Recommend some good bands then

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This. One of the rare moments where a question on /vr/ makes me feel old.

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fuck you, this is unironically one of my fav games of all time
it's pure magic

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They really weren't bad at all.

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why? because
it's been well over a decade since the last book came out, so there's some distance in time now. but in its day, that franchise really was a blockbuster cultural event.

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>late in console life, saturation at max
>extremely popular IP
>"E" rating on system with fewer "E" choices
>game at least half decent
How can OP be this retarded with vidya history, pop culture, and business?

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the games reflect the most popular genre at the time.
>The first few are charming 3D platformers.
>The last are gritty shoters.

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I have seen plenty of Dragon Ball Z AMVs to know there's at least one guy out there that likes Nickelback

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I've heard people who don't care at all about Harry Potter and were already adults when it was huge call the GBC games surprisingly decent RPGs, and fans like it because it follows the books instead of the movies

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Everyone in my family bought me harry potter games on every system even ones i didnt own because i read the books one scool year because i was insanely fucking bored. i had to hear so fucking many 'you look just like harry potter!' jokes too
I fucking hate these piece of shit games and I hate harry potter. Why the fuck couldnt they just get me zelda, mgs, or crash like normal fucking people
FUCk these games FUCK these books FUCK these movies

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Licensed games were even shittier in the 80's if everyone on the internet is to go by
Nice bottom screen btw tho

>> No.8019459

I wanna bully you

>> No.8019462

>i had to hear so fucking many 'you look just like harry potter!' jokes too

lol you were one of those kids

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Most everyone I knew that had a PS1 was buying licensed games for the system. Harry Potter, Disney Games, Spider-Man, etc.

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In the 80 actual big name developers would secure popular licenes and make games based on them. The "licensed game = shovelware merch" thing didn't come until that stopped being a thing.

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Like I knew Harry Potter was popular, and I knew the PS1 game was popular, but holy shit 6th best selling PS1 game of all time

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I remember playing it on PC when i was a kid. Pretty enjoyable at the time

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Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro was actually pretty good, although i can't say i care much for capeshit nowadays, but it's still a decent game.
Capeshit has 50/50 chance of being a great game or garbage, there's kind of an exception on the rule with those ones usually.

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These fucking bastards were pure unadulterated nightmare fuel for me with this and the second game.

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No it isn't, it's shit. I take it you haven't played the first one which is actually good.

>> No.8019885

great memories with this gem

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Oh damn, i forgot that this one had such a good soundtrack.

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers/Philosopher's Stone on Gameboy Color is seriously a pretty decent licensed RPG game, worth checking out for sure.

>> No.8019926

I've played both, but i maybe have gotten the two mixed up. I just remember there being a decent Spider-Man game on PS1, and i vaguely remember Neversoft may have been involved or something.

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All I want them to do is just make a gigantic mega-game that's just all 8 books in one cohesive package. I couldn't careless about those stupid mobile games where you just play as some donut steel in the year 1980 where you interact with characters I want to be Harry fucking Potter

>> No.8020113

>All I want them to do is just make a gigantic mega-game that's just all 8 books in one cohesive package.
They probably did that already but as a Lego game a la Lego Star Wars
>I couldn't careless about those stupid mobile games where you just play as some donut steel in the year 1980 where you interact with characters I want to be Harry fucking Potter
Understandable but the best part of most fantasy shit is the setting and even just imagining you're some random cuck doing mundane shit but with magic, I think they're making some big HP RPG right as we speak too

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What's thst supposed to mean

>> No.8020136

The Harry Potter GBC games are some of the best looking games on the console and make me sad it was so short lived.

>> No.8020238

Holy fucking shit, I just restarted this on my PS3 today, it really is an excellent game with a lot of atmosphere. I prefer the first two PSX games much more than the PC releases.

>> No.8020320

I like Chamber of Secrets but they should have kept the illustrated cutscenes, the PS2 cgi render screenshots are soulless as hell compared to the first game.

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Should of used your save states then.

>> No.8020708

>Forget the soulless console ports
I thought the console games weren't ports though, but entirely different games.

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Pottermania was a hell of a thing.

>> No.8021457

The best Harry Potter games were the first three PC titles as well as the GBC/A RPGs.

>> No.8021672

The got booed out of their own concert after two songs.

>> No.8021676

11 isn't exactly the young children demo, anon. We're talking 8 and under here.

>> No.8021784

He looks Sorcerer Stoned as fuck in that picture

>> No.8021794

No way

>> No.8022045

is it possible to buy this digitally anywhere? you'd think an ea game would be easy to find.

>> No.8022062

Trying to rerelease an old game based on a licensed IP is like pulling out teeth. EA and WB don't find it profitable enough to go through the trouble.

>> No.8023028

No, it's pretty damn cheap though, it's only like 20$ for both PS1 games if you just wait around on ebay for a lowball listing.

>> No.8023406

This game goes hard tho

>> No.8023634

Wtf, a bugs life is one of my least favorite games of my childhood, yet I've seen it mentioned in a good light several times in the last week. What gives? People enjoy throwing berries and carrying mushrooms around? That's exciting? Beautiful game though.

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>> No.8023658

Clearly you've not looked into what all garbage was actually licensed.
Smarties Meltdown for PS2, Babe for PS2, The Mission (based on the Nike TV ad!) for PS1, Habitrail Hamster Ball for PS2, the absolute crapton of GBA and DS games based on TV shows and movies like The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Tipton Caper and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice...
Sure are some quality titles there

>> No.8023679

Its those YOU HAD TO BE THERE moments in time where it is hard to explain it to someone that is not part of your generation. it was huge from the early to late 2000s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwfdFCP3KYM

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>be in a successful band that everyone still hates

Is there like a legitimate reason for why it is popular to hate them? I don’t think their music was even bad, it was just staggeringly mediocre.

>> No.8023928

i just beat this section. took me a couple hours but it's not too hard once you get used to the spinning physics, and using the lock button

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I had the most graphically violent and terrifying nightmare I've ever had in my life from the floating eye curse. They essentially ate my entire family in front of me.
What the fuck does it mean.

>> No.8024449

Was the PS1 version the same as the PC one? I know the HP 2 PC and PS games were different.

>> No.8024513

>staggeringly mediocre.
that's why. they're such a generic, mediocre band that they stand out for it.

>> No.8024531

>dig around my old stuff
>find my HP 3 game CD
>oh boy, I should play it again!
>pop it in
>"please insert the CD key
>CD case is nowhere to be found

>> No.8024534

Based anti-piracy systems keeping out the buypigs

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