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So what's the status of the emulation scene for consoles in general? Last I heard things like Saturn, original Xbox, and maybe PS2 were still hard, but most everything else is looking up. I could be wrong though, which is why I'm asking. I hear even 7th gen is doing good.

Quick rundown on the hardest to emulate consoles still remaining? And which ones are more or less complete as far as playability?

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Saturn and PS2 are fine

Xbox and 360 aren’t that great

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Saturn is a bitch to set up but when it actually gets going it runs fine. PS2 has some quirks can be smoothed out
Microsoft consoles are lol. Thankfully most are multiplat

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pretty much still the same.
PSP DS Dreamcast, Gamecube and Back are all pretty much top notch

PS2 is okay but each game has individual settings and are often very important for the game to run. Thats just how PCSX2 is.
Never used PLAY!

Xbox and 360 not so great. PS3 haven't used the emulator heard its okay

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Can you just download a pack that already has the per-game settings?

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Most are okay that I've seen. PS3 was still bad, but no idea if it's improved. PS2, eh, I guess some people have issues but it works pretty for most things I've played on it.

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i don't know but they're all listed on the pcsx2 wiki. Just check that before you play one.

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So basically everything pre-2000 is golden emulation-wise?

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LaserActive isn't emulated at all. Apparently just ripping the games is pretty involved.

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Seems to be, as long as your not picking a machine that's particularly esoteric or regional

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Based, pretty interested in learning about the hard-to-emulate platforms

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lol emulation no thanks

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why is this autist not banned yet

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He need to at least ban the hash for that image. I think I will do my part right now.

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ps2, ps3 and saturn emulation is great.
xbox emulation is okayish now but needs high specs.
xbox 360 emulation is kinda getting there.
all nintendo emulation is great. switch has 2 competing emulators.

vita is nowhere

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No thanks. I use emulators because I want to play games, not bug test some autist's pipe dream.

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PS2 is barely acceptable and mostly functions because people only play popular games there are speedhacks for. It's ZNES tier.

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3ds is good?

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For Saturn, Mednafen works well, and if you can't run that, SSF with a disc mounter works okay (make sure you increase the emulation accuracy in the settings, or else some shit won't run).
OG Xbox still doesn't have anything stable or good.
PCSX2 still kinda sucks, and afaik, there isn't anything else for PS2.
N64 is really good now, use m64p.
PS1 is great, use DuckStation.
GC is good, there's only Dolphin.

I dunno what's a good DC emulator. I tried Flycast, but that had really choppy frame pacing. Demul works, but has a few glaring visual flaws in games.

Citra... works? I've only played Pokemon Y on it though.

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>OG Xbox still doesn't have anything stable or good.

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citra runs the majority of the library and can go higher res easy
at this point i download random 3ds games just to see how they run

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for pcsx2 its either check the wiki for every game or run in software mode.
considering the compatibility of software mode its pretty fucking good, although obviously default ps2 resolution isn't ideal.

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damn, that's a lot better than I knew existed
I thought cxbx-reloaded was still the leading emulator, but I guess not.

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goooo baaaack toooo reeeedit

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>PS2 is fine
Why would you lie like this?

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N64 is actually good now?

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Because it's fine. Hardware mode works fine in at least half the games you're going to try, the rest just need an option or two checked in the HW hacks. And unless you're running some P4, software mode is almost always flawless.

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Default resolution is fine.

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Saturn is pretty good now with Mednafen's Saturn module. N64 has also gotten really good in the past couple years thanks to the Parallel RSP plugin being a part of Mupen64PlusNext and m64p.

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beside the effort to rip the games, a reverse egnineering effort would be needed. This could be not as much hard that it seems to be since many chips have public datasheet

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Some arcade machines that support 3D still aren't properly supported by MAME, SEGA Model 2 has dedicated emulator but it is closed source and really old, Model 3 is somewhat fine with Supermodel. N64 and Saturn have some issues.

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not when dealing with pure 3d games and widescreen patches

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I just played a couple of 3D games on PS2 emulator. Looked fine. Default resolution. And who gives a shit about widescreen patches. Just play the games as they were.

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Saturn is fine, Xbox is coming along (I play DOAX all the time, only thing the emulator is missing is pressure-sensitivity for the buttons), PS2 emulation is fine and mostly glitchless if you're cool with software mode (default resolution). Most games will work upscaled as well, but upscaling still introduced visual artifacts in some titles. PS3 emulation is getting pretty good too, Demon's Souls and Ninja Gaiden play fine for me in 4k.

The "new" harder-to-emulate stuff is going to be things like Xbox 360 and Switch (though Switch emulation is actually getting pretty good)

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MAME (if you have a fast CPU) is actually becoming pretty decent with a lot of 3D stuff.
Most PS1-based arcade stuff runs well on even somewhat slow machines in MAME, but you can also run shit like NFL Blitz and Vapor TRX, which have Voodoo-based video.
Namco's System 22 based stuff also works reasonably well (Rave Racer, Time Crisis -- and they fixed the weird hitbox issue TC had so it's actually playable).

and even places where you wouldn't reasonably use MAME are better than you'd expect (for example, NAOMI emulation -- still unplayable due to framerate and some bugs, but shit does boot into the game proper and runs at ~50% speed on a fast CPU, and those problems are considered fixable, with one of the bigger showstoppers being the lack of an SH4 recompiler core that works well enough)
Work is being done on Model 2 right now, but it's still far too buggy to actually play (unless you like playing Sega Rally and being shot into space after going over a hump).

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PS2 is really fine, but the emulator needs a better way to inject ActionReplay cheats and hacks. Dolphin does it right. It's a pain in the ass on pcsx2.

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Yeah, for a while now. But it requires a beefy PC.

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Fuck whatever the people in this thread say, PS2 emulation is not fine.
>no real way to autoconfigure games to just work
>shadows didnt work in SMT games for the longest time and only recently got fixed
>lots of games still run weird no matter what you do
>unintuitive as fuck in comparison to good emulators (ppsspp, cemu, rpcs3, citra and basically everything else under the sun)

I have too many little issues and I really don't want to fuck around with settings for EVERY game I want to play. AFAIK theres no way to save individual configs for games either, so you just have to wiki it every time and fix it to get it working. Maybe I just need a cpu upgrade or some shit but it genuinely baffles me how people are just okay with this shit.

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>paying $300 for an emulator box

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It's getting better and better. Xemu and RPCS3 are getting support for savestates, 7th gen game modding, etc...

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You shouldn't have to settle for software mode emulating a 2 decade old console, half is an abysmal amount all things considered, and you'll still get a heaping helping of visual glitches on top of having to fuck around with settings for individual games just to hope they'll look like they should.

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Saturn: 8/10
Dreamcast: 8/10
PS1: 10/10
PS2: 8/10
PSP: 9/10
Xbox: 3/10
GC: 10/10

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"PS2 emulation is fine" is cope for true poorfags who can't afford a PS2. When you can throw just about any game at the emulator and it'll run the same as on real hardware, that's fine. Having to consult the wiki for every game and enable hacks is shit. I'm sure some of these zoomer retards don't even look at the wiki and play the game with errors.

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>Spends 5k on a pc
>it lags

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>"PS2 emulation is fine" is cope for true poorfags who can't afford a PS2.
Because a PC capable of running PCSX2 is very cheap, right.

Also, a small advice when using PCSX2: just... press... F9... You fucking trannies, and play the goddamn game.

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Basically the kind of answer I'm looking for

And I assume everything up to 4th gen is 10/10? I had no idea PS1 was 10/10

Dreamcast is literally 9/10 now with Redream, and Xbox is 6/10 with Xemu

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Again, software mode in PCSX2 is essentially perfect with the same output fidelity (or better) as a real PS2 with an HDMI mod.

Hardware mode is basically icing on the cake. Sure, some of games will have visual errors that can't be corrected yet, but if you're recommending a base PS2 anyway, then software mode competes with it all on its own. If you're gonna call someone a poorfag, call the ones who have such a shitty rig their CPU can't handle the emulation of an early 2000's video game system.

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PS1 really is perfected. You can get 100% perfect emulation on $100 Chinese handhelds these days.

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Did PS2s become expensive or something?

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>just... press... F9
is this the fix it button?

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Everything worth emulating is 10/10. Trying to run the garbage of the last 20-25 years is pointless.

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Looking through the wiki briefly, most of the glitches seem to be fixed by using software mode. As you might have expected, anybody who uses hardware upscaling is zoomertrash that doesn't mind glitchy crap as long as it's in the highest meme resolution their stupid little computer monitor supports.

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everything is fine save for xbox at this point.

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So, I just tried out xemu, and being able to play JSRF for half an hour with no major issues yet is something I never expected to be able to do on PC.
The worst I've seen so far is that there are a few sound bugs with odd noises being played.
Shit's great.

The only dumb issue was trying to convert the redump ISO I had of the game to something xemu would read, ended up using WSL to run Linux commands and the command 'dd if=game-redump.iso of=game.iso skip=387 bs=1M'.
Using extract-xiso like the xemu documentation said didn't want to work for me.

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Do any emulators exist for the Aquaplus P/ECE yet?

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qwix converts the files fine and no command line

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>Xbox and 360 aren’t that great
I somehow managed to play most of the rare jap games on OG XBox like Otogi, Phantom Dust and Panzer Dragoon Orta but not Gunvalkyrie and I wanted to emulate it then I found out all of the XBox emulation are trash

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How long ago did you try? xemu has made a lot of progress in a short amount of time.

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I didn't download any of them but I mostly did research and I saw PGR footage running on 15 fps on xemu years ago

>> No.8000660

Here's some footage of Gunvalkyrie being emulated in xemu as of a few months ago. It could have only gotten better since then.


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psp has massive input lag, is there an alternative?
same with ps2 but less severe

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Some retarded people will try and claim that N64 emulation is perfect and you can play the games with a 360/Dual Shock. Ignore these lunatics.

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>PS2 is fine

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Has anyone tried m64p yet? I see they've added parallel RDP

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Is xemu playable with a 360 controller?

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Yes. I use an XB1 controller just fine.

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No but Silent Hill trilogy somehow became $100 each

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Saturn is great thanks to Mednafen, there's pretty much no setup other than maybe downloading a GUI (mednaffe is ok) for convenience but it takes 5 minutes
only problem is that 10 years old toasters may not be able to run it, but any 2021 computer should be fine

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bad posts

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Is there a good resource on pr-existing pnach files or getting them to run properly? Had cheats working on another pc but can’t remember the steps and info seems all over the place.

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>Everything up to 32-bit
Just dandy, pretty much perfected by now.
Pretty damn good between Mednafen and DuckStation. The only real problem game for emulation is that Monkey King game which actually plays okay on older toaster emulators like PCSXR and ePSXe iirc.
Mednafen and SSF are fine, SSF is still kind of a pain in the ass to set up but better than it used to be.
PCSX2 works but it has a lot of issues, especially without a top-end CPU to bruteforce games in software mode when necessary. Play!'s progress has been so slow I don't even know if it's still in development, and DobyStation might be cool but it'll be a long time before it can replace PCSX2.
RPCS3 is a great emulator for the games it can run as long as your hardware's up to the task. The developers take a lot of pride in their work and it's actually better to run PS2 ports through it than playing on PCSX2 in many cases.
Xemu exists and it does work, but still has lots of issues, still very early in development though. CXBX-R is nice and fast for the tiny handful of games it can actually run but I don't think it'll ever be at the same level as Xemu.
>Xbox 360
Xenia is making nice progress, and even runs a few 7th gen console exclusives better than RPCS3 can (Red Dead Redemption and Condemned 2 are notable examples), but it still has tons of issues and its interface is too sparse.
Demul just werkz, though it sucks that it can't upscale to HD. Redream is nice but I don't like the closed-source payware approach they took. Flycast is also nice if you have the patience to set it up properly.
It's not terrible if you have the patience to set up Project64 correctly (but it takes a LOT of patience). Mupen64 just works at this point when all else fails.

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Do you know the easiest way to emulate Spikeout?

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Dreamcast STILL doesn't play WinCE games properly.

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Yes it does. Redream solved that months ago.

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I own a ps2 but that has other issues. My slim scratches discs and it fucking blows. Running games off a usb is shitty and even then freemcboot breaks cutscenes in most games. Idk it just feels so tiresome, its my favorite fucking system but running it in most capacities is a niggardly affair to say the least.
I know, I literally said "no real way to autoconfigure games to just work".
It fixes a lot of games but it is still rather unintuitive and its still more effort than just having profiles set up for every game you have and having it just work whenever you want it to work like the emulators I stated in my fucking post.

I havent tried the retroarch core or anything so who knows if maybe that fixes it.

This is basically all true and hard agree

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How is the emulator on the PS classic?

>> No.8002748

>Running games off a usb is shitty
You're supposed to use an hdd. PS2 USB is like 1.0

>> No.8002757

okay you do it, fag. Works on my CPU and hardware works for most games.

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This doesn't change the fact that it breaks cutscenes. Also how the fuck am I supposed to do it off of an HDD when I have a slim ? Genuinely asking cause I would love to go back and just play ps2 games all the time.
I also havent tried the new disc burning exploit. I don't really wanna spend more money on ps2 stuff to play it again but if it means I can have a system that will play them perfectly and last me a long time then I might consider it instead of just buying a steam deck and having that be my dedicated PORTABLE ps2 machine.

>> No.8002761

Alright. What, exactly, can't you run with some combination of settings?

It's nowhere near the echelon of Xbox consoles, CD-i, Nuon, and 3D arcade games.

>> No.8002764

>GC at 10
Not so fast. Factor 5 emulation a shit, I'll have to dock you a point.

>> No.8002765

Skip burning discs and installing hard drives and use something like OpenPS2Loader to load the games over a wired network from your PC hard drive.

>> No.8002769

Monkey Hero works fine in Duckstation.

>> No.8002783

>low latency monitor
>run ahead
Does it? Does it...?

>> No.8002789

[upscaling took 3.9s | results may vary]

>> No.8002790

Densha de Go controller emulation could be a bit better.

>> No.8002793

That is one distractingly puffy pussy. Lern SMB networking like the other guy said.
Shit. #LookinGood

>> No.8002794

Heard about this one too. Does it have any known issues and will it work with my slim?
Also where can I find a good guide on this cause it does also sound like a really good option for me considering that theres like 10 ps2 games I have on literally every machine in my house.
I'm not against getting a fat and modding it with a HDD like that one anon said if it just works but idk shit about that and I would prefer to keep some pocket change.

This mentality sucks. I donated to PCSX2 back when they actually had a fucking button for it and I try to help by getting all my programming friends to take an interest in it. If I were a programmer I'd be programming this shit myself.
I think approaching all criticism with "ITS A FREE PIECE OF SOFTWARE AND IT WORKS ON MY MACHINE AND ITS GOOD CAUSE I SAID SO" is just fucking reductive, we need to vocalize this cause its been shit for like 10 years (it has gotten way better mind you) but we just want to play the games like everyone else we just don't want to put up with weird issues constantly or some piece of software that isn't the most user friendly.
Maybe I'm wrong for wanting an emulator as good as PPSSPP or Cemu for my favorite system but I think someone has to say this shit so we can actually get an improved piece of software.

Why ?

My nigga

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Thanks for the tip. I can finally play SRW Alpha!

>> No.8002859

Open PS2 Loader has issues in a few games, but they're mostly rarer stiff. Off the top of my head:
- Klonoa 2 doesn't play sound properly
- Gundam Zeonic Front usually (95% of the time) fails to load stage textures. The level geometry is there, you just can't see it.
- Another Century's Episode 3 always fails to load in the same exact stages.
- Metal Arms doesn't start up.
- Tales of Abyss always freezes before the first boss.

>> No.8002918

You can grab a GUI from the forum or somewhere like EmuCR

>> No.8002948

They only play ok and some games don't play at all

So it sucks I think

Unless you're playing nes or snes but I already own these so idgaf about emulators

>> No.8002959

I've tried that and it doesn't work. Maybe it's only for older versions.

>> No.8003070

You feeling alright, anon? Did my post mind break you?

>> No.8003078

If you have to filter, it's not an upscale.

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No problem, fren. Keep dreaming, 9.9.99

>> No.8003143

Anyone got the converted iso for JSRF? I tried to play it on cxbx-reloaded or something or other and shit drove me crazy, it took me on a wild goose chase as I needed to convert the iso using some patcher thing but it wouldn't even accept the iso to patch it and I just said fuck it.

>> No.8003153

>We have nearly perfect switch emulation before xbox
What the fuck?

>> No.8003370

In language terms it's like the Switch speaks French whereas the Xbox only speaks a dialect of ancient Sumerian and the only professor who understands it fully will go to jail if he ever tells anyone else what he knows.

>> No.8003382

Can a PAL console with flash cart run NTSC games? Asking here cause I don't want to make a thread

>> No.8003389

Which console? The answer will mostly be "usually." A few games have extra copy protection that detects the wrong console, others don't enjoy the speed difference.

>> No.8003390

MD and SNES. Thanks you anon

>> No.8003409

Yep. Mostly. Is the case. MD most things will work but you will run into some oddities where the combination of country selector and 50Hz leads the game to switch to the wrong region. It's rare though. A handful of games will time the refresh and lock up with a region protection message, and those are mostly the stuff released at the tail end of the console's lifespan. There's are patches available for pretty much everything that's in this list though.
For the SNES you don't have a region selector that affects the games directly so it's only the small number of them that have a region lockout. Again patches are available and carts like the SD2SNES can auto-region patch. There are a few games that will run badly in PAL like some DSP games like Mario Kart, but since there's PAL versions of those games, just run the PAL version.

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Thanks man very informative

>> No.8003760

>3D arcade games
This hurts me so much.

>> No.8003763

Xbox emulation is about to blow up... On apple M1.

>> No.8003773


Any game worth its salt was ported. The original games for the system are pathetic and not worth really investing time for. At a certain point we have to accept we can't emulate everything.

>> No.8003976

Yes your pc will still lag and have timing issues no matter how many hacks and monitors you bodge it with. That's why people who know what they are talking about prefer FPGA in the first place.

>> No.8004583

Hey. How do you guys organize yourselves to play retro games? How many do you play at the same time?

>> No.8004607

retroarch folder with every rom. one game at a time unless im grinding in two jrpgs at once

>> No.8004693

>How many do you play at the same time?

>> No.8004793

Maybe you can pretend to have some sort of superiority once you can FPGA past the 4th gen without issues, fart sniffer. The lag I have is quite low enough. I doubt you're in the .0001% percent of gamers where that fucking FRAME will affect much.

>> No.8004852

People have emulated the ps3, there's no laseractive emulation because no one gives a fuck. Even I as an owner of one don't even own any of the LD games, I basically use it as a glorified pc engine cd

>> No.8005046

youre a fucking idiot and you suck dick. emulation > whatever the fuck youre doing the last 20 yrs

>> No.8005048

literally a hw emulator

>> No.8005051

gtfo here zoomer

>> No.8005057

Can't imagine who you're replying to

>> No.8005078

ZNES is actually some classic retardation and not a zoomer thing. People have been typing that for ages.

>> No.8005082

IOS emulation when? I just want iPod Touch 4 level emulation here. Nothing too fancy.

>> No.8005084

I think you may have brain damage anon

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>> No.8005086

Indexing. Search/run history.

>> No.8005087

You can't even emulate 4th gen without issues, faggot.

>> No.8005113

Your cores are in an even worse state than current emulators so what are you even on about you fucking rube?

>> No.8005121

At the end of the day you're still a retard because you're arguing "my fake thing is worse than your fake thing", except you're full on simping and shilling for the exclusive way to play your fake shit, and it's not even better.

>> No.8005128


I've played games and own the libraries from every system except for the XBoxs and like Switch, which I haven't looked into. I haven't played every single Rom, but the only time I've run into any problems are with PS3. Most decent titles crash at some point. I haven't had any problems with PS2 yet. I had a Ryzen 1700 and ran into problems with Liberty City Stories, but ever since I upgraded to 5800x, its flawless.

As long as you have a good solid modern CPU, you should be fine with almost anything. I was able to play Breath Of The Wild with 1440p upscaling and texture packs on Cemu with minimal fps drops, and I'm sure it looked way fucking better than on Wii U or Switch.

But yeah, that's my experience.

As for input lag, that whole thing is somewhat overblown. A normal person even on a mechanically demanding game is not going to notice a difference.

>> No.8005165

lol no they aren't, I use fresh gate grease and rotate them every day

>> No.8005387

how viable is Switch emulation? I sold my Switch a while ago but thinking about giving emulation a go
especially if this comes over to the west

>> No.8005440

Fuck off.

>> No.8005445

Imagine caring about timing issues when playing Game Boy games.

>> No.8005653

Imagine pretending not to care on a hanafuda collecting forum.

>> No.8006389

it's Z_S_NES


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>> No.8008302

It's funny how people always claim PC master race, but then PCs are only now getting good enough to emulate even older consoles. Fucking LOL

>> No.8008335

Which older consoles are you referring to?

>> No.8008514

you'll probably have way better success with xemu than cxbx-reloaded, but it also needs files to be converted
you're gonna probably have to do the command in that post under Linux or WSL or something (I think it literally just makes a copy with the first 387MB of the file removed)
rename the disc image to game-redump.iso, run the command in that folder, then rename the new game.iso back to whatever the name of the game was

it's actually kinda dumb and I'm a bit surprised that xemu doesn't just have an option that skips the beginning of the ISO

xemu basically only really supports xinput controllers, so yeah, it'll work

>> No.8009204

2nd to 5th generations are really good, even for a lot of the failed systems. I've had a bitch of a time getting Mess to run CD-i games through retroarch though, there doesn't seem to be a good solution for that system.

For 6th gen, Dreamcast and Gamecube are great. PS2 seems to be alright, but you have to mess around with settings it seems on a per-game basis. OG Xbox still needs a lot of work. Some games work better on CXBX Reloaded and complete dogshit on XEMU, and vice-versa.

7th gen emulators seem to be coming along, I've had issues with Xenia not displaying the games I downloaded. Some Japanese shmups I just get a black screen. I haven't even gotten around to downloading and trying out RPCS3. My PC has a 4th gen i5 and GTX 1060 6gb.

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>> No.8009961

Saturn only recently became bearable on emulation and only if you have decent memory (I don't) (I can't emulate shit on my pc)

>> No.8010205

Ps2, N64, xbox, etc.

>> No.8010221

I hadn't used emulators since around 1998 with zsnes and megadrive emulators, but I recently set up a wii to do all those, Saturn, Ps1, 32x etc, and honestly just blown away with how good all of those run on it.
Things have come a long way since 1998.

>> No.8010326

Lads what Retroarch core is the best for GBA?

>> No.8010328


>> No.8010845

N64 emulation is still jank as fuck rn. Oh well I got the console a crt and a flashcart anyways Im fine

>> No.8010850

I only use Citra for the OoT 3D HD texture pack and thats about it. I only use my 3DS nowadays for emulating GBA games.

>> No.8010851

Is project64 (nightly build) still worth having or should I just get mupen now

>> No.8010898

Enjoy your input lag.

>> No.8010910

Show me.

>> No.8011653

Best to just use Mupen these days with the said RSP plugin.

>> No.8012163

slow improvement
A fucking shitshow, and became even worse on everything but Ryzen+RTX on Windows 10 because they decided to "remove plugins" by integrating them into the main tree over time and their only criteria for selection was "works on my machine". For example Linux users haven't been able to remap contrillers for eight months now. I gave in and just bought the real console, will be softmodding it soon.

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