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ITT we discuss platformers on the Sega Genesis that are better than sonic. I'll start with pic related.

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All the Castle games are overrated.

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This is the only game that made me jealous of Sega owners as a kid. This port is so much better than SGnG, and doest get the 5fps slowdown within 10 seconds of gameplay that the SGnG gets. Definitely the best game in the series

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May be overrated but still good. World of Illusion is also a great game and gets even better in coop.

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I played World of Illusion in co-op, the aesthetics are some of the best on the system, but the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. Goof Troop ended up being more or less the opposite.

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Goof Troop is not even a Goofy game, it's just some random puzzle game with Disney trademark slapped onto it. Good choice for co-op though.

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> Castle of Illusion

this is actually one of the first Sega Genesis games I ever played in my life. I was at my mom's friends' house and they allowed me to play this on their console. I was able to beat first two stages and then stuck on a third with waterfalls, I kept losing and eventually this brought me in tears.
To calm me down they've switched the game to Sonic 3. I've played it to the Hydrocity and thought it was super cool.

Both Castle of Illusion and Sonic 3 are great.
Also love how the first game just rip-offs Chaos Emeralds.

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OP's a faggot and this is just a good game with nice art (similar to Sonic) by the under-celebrated Vic Tokai who made some excellent Genesis games from Battle Mania Vintage to Columns 3.

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Pulseman is better than this shit

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>game by gayfreak

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>Dic Tokai

Beyond based

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I unironically love this and wish there was a sequel.

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This, Bloodlines, and Rocket Knight

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I played Castle of Illusion on the Saturn. It was a lot of fun.

It's weird how tough "kid" platformers used to be compared to the streamlined literally cannot lose bing bing wahoo shit that is released today.

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there's a slowdown patch for super now.

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This thread should hit the bump limit

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or you could play Super GnG on the sega saturn, which has no slowdowns

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Maybe the kids themselves were tougher back then

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It should but lots of normies out there actually think Sonic was peak Genesis platforming even though the gameplay was mediocre compared to plenty of other platformers on the system. Main thing Sonic had going for it was graphics and marketing

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No game is better than Sonic. In any genre.

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Sanic is not even a top 10 genesis game

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You are not wrong. there aren't many platform games better than sonic.

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Castlevania Bloodlines is so much better than Super Castlevania IV it's not even funny. The moment I started CV4 I knew something was wrong, and it was the pitiful amount of enemies on screen. That and the game lagging by itself just by walking in the mode7 cylindrical room which was just downright embarrassing, and don't even get me started on the boosted protag abilities which shit over everything. Only thing it has going over Bloodlines is that it has the atmosphere of an actual Castlevania game instead of shit like a random ass ammo factory.

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Can anyone post the triple auto-scroller from cv bloodlines.

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>autoscrollers bad
Found the zoomlet.

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No variety in it really, but the dripping sticky green slime was a good play mechanic. Of course you'd hope there'd be a clean water puddle coming up so you could wash the slime off.

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Super G&G was amazing as a kid. Loved that game.

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Nice on OP, thanks to you I'm going to have Ristar's brilliant music in my head all day tomorrow.


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How come nobody talks about this one, just because of the American cover art?

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We gotta go with my man Dynamite Headdy for sure. Easily the number one hands down.

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It's a good game but not very memorable one. And that ending always confused me.

> bad guy turns out to be alive and says you can't kill him 'cause he's immortal
> dies for good 30 seconds later

Also the director for this game literally calls himself Poo. A bit of self-criticism won't hurt anybody, I guess.

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Auster got filtered lol
Back to your amiga shit cuck

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