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Anyone have any experience with wiisxr?
Trying to get it to run this and just constantly getting "abort called" or just black screen and back to homebrew.

Everything is where it should be, BIOS in the BIOS folder, ISO in the ISO folder etc.
The folder is named "Twisted Metal 2 (USA)" and contains "Twisted Metal 2 (USA) (Track 01).bin" "Twisted Metal 2 (USA) (Track 02).bin' etc (12 in total) and then 'Twisted Metal 2 (USA).cue'

I'm not sure if it's because there's so many bin files (I tried Crash bandicoot too which only one file and didn't work) or if it's a naming/folder thing. But from following guides and doing exactly what they did I still don't get anything.

I'm new to emulating this way (and haven't emulated on a pc in probably 20 years) so it's taken a while to work out the naming/file conventions, but managed to get wii, 32x, snes etc all working, just not this one.

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Yikes. Just use mednafen, it's far more accurate and anyone with a room temp IQ can drag and drop.

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It works well on Wii? I hadn't heard of that one before, but can check it out.

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It seems that the wii version doesn't actually do ps1. But I'll keep a note of this if I can't find any other options and have to play on pc.

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Well, looks like I got this to work finally. Not sure what the problem was but before it wasn't letting me click "next" to scroll to the .bin file I actually needed to click to load the game.
With the other games I tried (GEX, symphony of the night, Megaman X4) it wasn't bringing them up at all, but now I get 4 files on screen and it's the second set I need to click.

Seems to run quite well too.

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since we are talking about multiple .bins files
you guys know any site to download Psx games with only one merged bin file?
i tried downloading Twisted Metal 2 and wipEout but they come with multi track files and sadly my Ps3 can't read it
i won't be able to use my PC for a while so can't merge them by myself and the only way i have to transfer the games to my Ps3 is with my phone
if you guys know any way to get those games with only one .bin and .cue files i would really really appreciate it

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OP here and sadly I haven't been able to find a site that has Twisted Metal 2 with a single bin. Even a few sites that listed the contents as a single bin were the same file with the 12 bin files.

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yeah same here
been throught all Archive.org and different rom sites and all of them had the same dump

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just play the pc version lol

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In the case of TM2 your best option is to search for the official PSN pkg file and install that. It's relatively easy to do and it has 0 problems AFAIK. Have you ever played a multi-track game on PS3 before? Because from my experience it doesn't matter if files are merged or not, the game will simply run without music. It's posible to run any multi-track game on PS3 with music by turning those isos into pkg's, I did it with "Pink Panther: Pinkadelic Pursuit" but is way too complicated.

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