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ITT: Failed Scotformers

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If anybody shits on gex in this thread I will kill myself

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Imagine being a pachinko company and trying so hard to conquer the video game market to the point where you just imitate Sonic but fail because you don't know shit about developing platformers

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Alex the Kid deserved better. Miracle World and Shinobi World are more fun than any of Sanic's games.

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Gex is jank, don't fool yourself

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jesus even the cover is hideous

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I liked it a lot, it would probably be amusing to play it now with all the outdated references.

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Kill yourself faggot stop spamming this board

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He was in the segagaga girls anime, some one remembers him, if he had made it to the genesis then maybe he couldve stood the test but nope, not enough tude.

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I dont remember him appearing in it

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Came here to say this, fuck your shitty forced meme.

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There was a recent remake which also allows you to switch to original game with 8-bit graphics and shit. It's funny because when you play remake it's an absolute trash and if you switch to original, it gets slightly better and actually fun, but overall, the gameplay had aged horribly. I don't know how things like this can happen, many retro games still plays fine but Alex Kidd feels ultra-vintage. There are $1 indies that offer better gameplay now.

If Sega weren't a bunch of idiots and actually did something wortwhile with all their franchises instead of feeding on nostalgiafags buying another Sonic 1 re-release, Alex Kidd could be properly updated and receive a second chance. It's a good concept but it needs to be modernized at least a tiny bit.

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There was a mega drive sequel to Miracle World. It was gash though.

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There is an Alex Kidd game for the Genesis though.

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u mad bro

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Couldve sworn he did, maybe it was a cameo or bumper screen? Really fun show.

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I did not know that, but to be honest im more into the master system than the genesis and grew up with nintendo instead of sega so im learning as i go.

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Gex runs at 30 fps, at best.

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I dunno why but I hate absolutely everything about this guy.

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he has an extremely smug punchable face

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Aero the acrobat? I wonder how much sunsoft spent marketing Aero the Acrobat that faggot was in every magazine all the time but that first level with that circus music I absolutely hated it.
It surprises me it got a sequel and a spinoff so I don't know how much of a failure he was. All I know is you could rent him anywhere but I don't remember anybody owning it.

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Your point, nigger?

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That game is garbage but it has a fucking good soundtrack as pretty much every Vic Tokai game had.

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the game was shite too. Glad he's stuck in PSX hell now. Literally a lizard design thats it. Rips off other IP's just to be relevant.

>If anybody shits on gex in this thread I will kill myself
Please off yourself now.

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Remake is aright, they did a particularly nice job with the soundtrack

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Too bad MWDX runs at 50hz.

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Perfectly sums up Alex's games.

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