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Was he based? It was he an asshole? What’s the simple no bullshit truth to it all?

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Do you know where the archive is?

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Back to your containment thread

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Contribute to the topic please

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He's just a guy. Early Id operated like a crazy frat house, not a single person from it would act the same today.

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Why would an underage ESL even care?

You need to go back

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>OP posts a picture of Stephen King
I don't even know what the fuck is going on

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He's a soulless code monkey with zero knowledge or passion beyond programming languages. That's what he is.

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I think Stephen Carmack is a pretty cool guy. Eh programs egnines and doesnt afraid of anything

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What the fuck is up with the OP

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Don't you recognize Stephen Carmack, legendary face of untold numbers of FPS engines, godfather of an entire genre of gameplay? It was sad when he got hit by that van and killed before iDTECH-9 could be finished and serve as the engine to Unreal Tournament 5.

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Jokes on you. Nieither does shitposter OP.

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He was a genius who worked on the engines for some of the greatest pc games of all time. He also killed a cat he thought was annoying.

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Carmack figured out some pretty nifty tricks that revolutionized video games, but Romero said trans rights and I'm still waiting for him to make me his bitch uwu

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King is a pedo.

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Fuck off back to your containment thread, psycho.

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And like a true autist,he never ventured outside his comfort zone (crummy FPS games).

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Shame that retro shooters have been tainted by 40%ers disgusting trannies.

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how come Stephen King looks like a pedo (aka paedo, beast, cunnybro, nonce, gamecube owner) in every picture he's in

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Stop trying to turn everyone into an e celeb. Fuck off back to youtube.

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