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Lets' have a Syndicate thread.

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I still call my hammer "the persuadeatron"

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I actually played the SNES version on a whim last week and it's actually pretty good for what it is. It doesn't compare, but it's not as watered down as I thought it'd be, and they translated the controls well.

That being said, you can't pick your org name or logo, so you can't call your gang fartknockers.

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Is freesynd worth looking at?

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Gonna keep it a buck fitty with ya nigga, this shit ass motherfuckin game is unwieldy as fuck

harder than a mafucka to control your g's against the op's

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Read the manual and keep your squad together. There's not a lot of reason to split up a lot of the time, so your unit just moves together

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This is the group button, Anon. It makes your life WAAAAAAY Easier. Also what >>7997120 Said. There's a lot of shit in the manual that you'll need to know and the game assumes you've read it.

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cool game, I liked the whole brainwashing the citizens stuff

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You can also just use one agent with a persuedatron and roll everything like a cyborg charlie manson

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ran out of ammo for the entire team with one enemy agent left. It was tense as hell.

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Syndicate is awesome. Syndicate Wars on PS1 is awesome, too

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>record scratch
>freeze frame
>yup. That's us. I bet you're wondering how we got into this situation, and it's a long story. It first started when...

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Is this one of the few games to ever use the high-res VGA mode?

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Battle Bugs was another one. Also obviously a bunch of windows 3.1 games

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whats the easiest way to run this game? gog?

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That's what I do. Syndicate Plus. Seems fine, conquered half the map so far. Although I think it got taken down from their store recently. Could be a problem but probably not.

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On your amiga

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As much as I love this game, the unit path finding is painfully retarded.
I would mindlessly throw money at a remake that fixed those issues.

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Holy shit I knooooooooow.
Also, I feel like even with upgraded cyberlegs your guys move too slow, although that might be because I insist on lugging two miniguns around.

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I really liked Syndicate Wars, but damn if those last 5 stages aren't hard as fuck.

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I remember the intro was so cool. It was like a violent sandbox. I wished the interiors could be displayed since I had no idea what was going on inside the buildings.

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Is that your collection? Neat. It's too bad we only got the shitty parts of cyberpunk and none of the cool stuff.

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Damn, that's soulful. Love the crisp dithering.

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I hate the last one that is against the clock. Just when you are making progress kaboom.

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Yeah, it is a theme I like in games. Works well and is a very interesting setting.

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There's one stage where the punks get those blue lasers (the strongest weapon) before you do, and one shot levels half the city.
I'm not joking, Syndicate Wars had a system where you could destroy buildings with explosives, but they didn't take into account that end-game weapons would be 15x stronger than explosives. So if an enemy shoots a building, you'll have to wait a good 10 seconds while the whole block is leveled.

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