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Games in desperate need of a good sequel.

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Why? So they can ruin it? Just let the experience be the experience that it is.

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Obviously he wants more levels and has played this 20 year old game to death.

And your logic is stupid and will never not be stupid. If a new game comes out and its shit, it has zero effect on you because you can go back and play your old games for the billionth time regardless or not if there's a new sequel.

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this. kill yourself op.

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Wrong. I want more everything. The core concept has barely been scratched.
Right. A bad sequel has no effect on the original.

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Sometimes you just gotta appreciate a unique gem.

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Would be cool to see with modern physics and destruction effects.

But I guess they would ruin it somehow.

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I love this game and have so many ideas for a potential (spiritual) sequel. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to execute them in the way I want with the team I have, even though we all agree doing something with Blast Corps' base is a good idea. I wonder what happened with Crash Co.? It looked promising-ish.

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the aesthetics would be the hardest part to get right. It would have to capture the the "busting up home made buildings with action figures" energy. Here is another criminally mis-managed IP

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Just port it to a new graphics engine, then to shaders, explosions with addictive blending, glows, lighting, Better physics, particle effects, improved handling and movement.
But you better keep one thing, that old SGI chrome effect.

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