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It's too hard.

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Agreed. I don't even wanna play it

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Some things we just do, anonymous. You and I know it best.

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But fair. Except for those fishes and sharks in the level 9, the game doesn't play dirty on you. With enough practice you can beat it without deaths.

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What we do is not play this game

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You know you want to, anon

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>It's too hard.

You mean my dick when I see pic-related

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The difficulty in this game is understated because everyone always refers to single player when true hell actually lies in co-op mode. Fucking Turbo Tunnel man.

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Just play Battletoads Double Dragon or Battletoads Arcade intphtstead

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Just dedicate about 2 weeks of your life and you'll have this game beat and memorized so that you can beat it every time after that.

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Will I transition the exact moment I beat it or do I have to apply for the official event and make a reddit account?

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Had the cartridge as a kid, never passed the tunnel stage once in my childhood.
If it was a normal beat 'em up it would be on everyone's top 25 NES games charts.

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I mean, it's only bad design if the difficulty comes from the wrong places. That honestly goes without saying, or at least I wish it did

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>that one snowball that beans you in the face while riding the platform in the ice level
Still makes me laugh every time I see it, it's hilariously cruel.

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I did that once, spent 2 weeks just to trying to keep up with Turbo Tunnel's final section shit.

Then I played JP version and got to level 6 in my second try.

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Clinger Winger is fucking hell, I couldn't even beat it with saves. There is no room for mistake AT ALL.
This is not what good game should do to the player

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I've never beaten it. The game has potential, but I didn't find it fun enough to make me keep trying. It's not a bad game at all, but every stage demands way too much knowledge, each one with rules very different from the previous one, lots of difficult spikes. Maybe if I was born and raised with this game, I could appreciate it more, though I had a Master System at the time and, later, went for a Super Nintendo.

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If Arino can beat this game then it isn't too hard. Git gud

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Did he play US version though?

Japs toned down the difficulty for their release and removed half of the original's game crap. Still hard, but just enough to be playable.

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>no room for mistake AT ALL.
yes there is, you can save up a lot of distance to make mistakes

If battletoads is not in a top XX NES games list I disregard the list completely. It literally has everything, great art, style, challenge, variety

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> yes there is, you can save up a lot of distance to make mistakes

Dunno man. I replayed that level like 100 times with savestates, always with the same result. With each turn, that spinning thing gets closer and reaches me in the middle of the level.

Maybe there's some trick for making these turns. Like with ramps in stage 3 when you think you need to push button to jump from them but you're actually supposed to not push anything.

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that just means you are doing every turn wrong then. Good turns increase your distance

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The stage is easier with no input lag. Just like punch out on NES is easier on a crt and an original NES.

Try it that way if you can? I assume you're playing on emulator (which is fine for most games).

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it's just a series of "how can we fuck the player as much as we can in this section". It's a series of cheap shit that is you are supposed to react to before you know it.
People clown on the turbo tunnel, but that's only the beginning, and it's not even that hard once you get your rhythm.
>Arctic Cavers
Good stuff, best ice level in the whole NES library period. Aside from few tight jumps - zero cheapness.
>Surf city
No speed horseshit, I would say that it's much easier than TT, but I've heard that it filters people, not sure why, to be honest.
>Karnath's Lair
Climb on snakes, fun stuff. Then you get to the second stage and the game throws a bunch of cheap quater of a second windows for you to make a prejump, bunch of precise jumps from the fast moving snake, at least one blind jump that I can recall and all that jazz. Good luck memorizing this shit with limited lives and no safestates, faggot. Any mistake in an instadeath. Oh, and the end level hole? Yeah, that's a precise jump from a fast moving snake as well. Fuck you.
>Volkmire's Inferno
It's fine. Gets a little crazy in the end, but it's tight an fun, and you can get 1up pretty reliably here. It's just bit too long.
>Intruder Excluder
It's fine, until you get to the boss, which takes 7 years to beat. There are few instadeath traps, but nothing too crazy again.
>Terra Tubes
Pure bullshit. It's long as fuck, it's a water level, it has a few chase sequences that require you to just know that there will be spikes, you have no room for the error and there are spikes and sharks fucking everywhere. It's a slog to play through and there is a whole bunch of "they fucking knew" traps that you will fall into. Good luck memorizing that shit and replaying the whole game just to try it again, faggot.
>Rat Race
Pretty fun until last section which allows for ZERO error. You thought TT was cheap? You will need almost bullethell level of precision here. Pure sadism, and there is a boss at the end as well

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>Clinger Winger
You don't need a CRT for this one, but it is a frame precision, so good luck on getting that rhythm down. It might seem like you are doing everything perfectly, but still losing. And it's long. It's so FUCKING long. And there is a boss in the end as well.
>The Revolution
It looks amazing, and there are bunch of insta death traps. Lots of precision jumps, lots of small platforms disappearing. You will die, and die a lot, but it feels more fair after all that you've been through.
>Final Boss
Easiest boss in the game aside form the first one. If you get here with more than 2 lives - you won the game.
Anyway, NES Battletoads in the hardest game on the system that I've played and it can go fuck itself, I feel no satisfaction in beating that shit.
Just play Genesis version, from 3 levels that I've played it's not as ballbusting.
Fuck NES Battletoads.

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There was a port of the SNES battletoads for the master system.

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I'm good at this game!

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Fuck this game is nuts

The snake is fucking brutal without warps

I'm a huge tryhard with battletoads, but I barely got away with not using a continue in snake level

And then the plane stage just DECIMATED me. I could get through the fireballs and missiles just fine, but the ending is retarded. The timing is retarded to a new player.

This has to be most bullshit video game that got officially licensed ever. Nothing comes close.

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I heard about it, but never played it. At least, I didn't see it commercialized around my area. The only game I did play during its time was the crossover with Double Dragon, but it was for the Super Nintendo, and I only rented it a few times.

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the only problem i have with this game is the unicycle stage, it requires too much precision

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t. I skip Volkmire's Inferno

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Not by much though. It's still a brilliant fucking NES game, an incredibly impressive achievement of both art and graphics programming, with more play variety than most modern games. It's slightly too difficult but it doesn't ruin the game at all.

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Terra Tubes has the only genuinely scummy things in the game, like the unknown position fish you can't see above you that you have to pass, the gears where you essentially just guessed their ending path the first time through and died if you lost the coinflip. I think drops above spikes that you have to choose to go left and right through are probably unfair because you cannot see them, but none of them actually have a curveball that would kill you, they're predictable zigzags, so I've never died to those.

Everything else in the game is reactable with good play and only takes repetition because it's difficult, not because you couldn't know something in time.

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I gotta say, the design of that first boss encounter is pretty damn creative, especially by NES standards. They leave whatever it is to your imagination and the entire fight is from the bosses POV. All you ever see of it is a single robotic leg and whatever debris is left after destroying it. It's pretty cool.

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>Everything else in the game is reactable with good play
you have not played the game

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Very astute observation, anonymous

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wait, you can jump over those??

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Yes, but it's more risky, so no real point.

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I just played it for the first time in well over a decade and a half and it's everything that everybody says it is. Even with emulator convienance like saves and rewinding I just couldn't do it.

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Oh no, someone's better than you at a fucking game they know better, it's time to throw insults

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This retard can do it. What's your excuse, faggot?

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why are you calling yourself a retard? the word is handicapable

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just off the top of my head
>random bombs in the surf level can have a unescapable pattern that 100% fucks you up
>some of the lasers in volkmer need knowledge of the patterns to avoid them, since they come extremely fast and without warning, or close down immediately while you are still on the left side of the screen
>final level, there is 4 dissappearing green platforms in a row with very narrow timing that you cant fully see as you begin the climb. You can get lucky there, but usually guaranteed death on first attempt
>maybe the vents in elevator that blow all level long and then suddenly suck you in can be seen as a curveball. again depends on your timing as you encounter them. you can get lucky and see them sucking in time
>snowman that throw balls for one damage but then suddenly yeet you off the map if you stand too close even if you duck is 100% a curveball you cant know ahead of time.
you don't know the game better than me. go play more

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I wish I was as badass as him.

>> No.7981886

Why don't you shut up if you have no idea what you're talking about?

Jumping over the slabs IS easier.

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>some of the lasers in volkmer need knowledge of the patterns to avoid them
You can tell he never once beat that level and just warped past it (which you shouldn't be able to because snake level warp is not obvious). It's hilarious he thinks Terra Tubes is harder than Volkmire's. I used to be able to beat this game in under an hour, play it again and had to quit just because I lost the feel for the last laser at the end. And that's just the ending to the stage that has the potential to waste all your continues. There are multiple points where you are guaranteed to die if you hadn't memorized the pattern through sheer trial and error.

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I like it, but for many people; yes , it is too hard. And that's fine, those people can just go play something they enjoy.

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Are you playing on a CRT? I've heard that makes a big difference with clinger winger - personally, I find it to be one of the easier levels.

>> No.7982124

This plus it isn't even really a true beat 'em up since like over half the levels are platforming and auto-scroller vehicle shit. It is a very disappointing game imo.

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This warms my heart. Absolutely based, and whiners BTFO.

>If battletoads is not in a top XX NES games list I disregard the list completely. It literally has everything, great art, style, challenge, variety
I agree with this anon. Sure it can be frustrating but it's a wild ride.

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Battletoads is very fun and is only hard due to limited continues. The game is unironically easier than Castlevania 3 imo.

>> No.7982613

You're probably right. I had almost zero issues playing that stage as a kid, but on emulator it's nigh impossible for me.
There has to be some input lag affecting how fast your can hit those turns.

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Just pause when you hit a corner, move your finger then unpause. I'd do it IRL so I do it on an emulator.

>> No.7983060

oh, I do agree terra tubes is somewhat harder than volkmire. while volkmire requires memorization, terra tubes random fish patterns can fuck you up even on your 100th playthrough. Luckily the devs, in their infinite mercy, placed a convenient 1up at the last reset point so you have infinite attempts at the hardest part

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I finished it recently for the first time.
Took me around... 25~30h spread through a week. But now I could probably finish it in an hour or so. It's odd.

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That's like objectively wrong because you get an infinite 1up before the sharks. It's not like they're are invincible either, you can punch them away. You don't get any of this convenience in Volkmire's. It's just a very drawn out beat 'em up section until a ruthless RNG section and trial and error memorization you will never ever get on your first try. Except failing costs 1 heart each and every time, and you aren't likely to have many after slogging through the snake section.

>> No.7983115

It is what it is but you aren't a spastic, you can compensate for the lag.

>> No.7983125

Maybe an hour is too optimistic.
Two maybe?

>> No.7983157

OP on suicide watch

>> No.7983178

Not my experience. I beat volkmires the first time( or second time idk) I got to it. terra tubes ruined me for many attempts

>> No.7983186

Similar experience with me.
First time lost two or three lives in volkmires and that's it. You can recover two of them though so that's good.
Terra tubes caused me a lot of grief, but similar to the snake tunnel one at first.
I'll still lose two or three lives when I lose my focus, however the hardest bit does give you infinite attempts.

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I'm heavily experienced with the game, I even tried practicing the final section of the speed bikes with eyes closed and succeeded twice. Volkmire's ending ate my whole continue you know, the fireballs and missiles are ridiculous. The pattern memorization is ridiculous.

There's no way in hell you wouldn't slog harder through volkmire's than terra tubes. The level is nuts, I can't see anybody doing it blind without at least 5 game overs. You either played the pal version or used savestates. There's no way you legit got to it without spoilers or abusing warps. Don't even attempt lying to me any further. I know how hard volkmire's really is and it's TOO hard.

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Battletoads is a prime early example that sometimes difficulty can stop you from being a LEGEND of a game.

Level 1 had a good vibe of what they were trying to do
Level 2 get us something different with that same vibe
Level 3 if it just made the race part short and simple and kept doing what Level 1-2 did it would be one of those CLASSIC GEMS that everyone is trying to get a copy of like River City Ransom.

A lesson for game developers

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Not the person you're talking to but I played the PAL version. What's the difference? Is it easier?

>> No.7983969

pal runs on 50hz/fps so it's a sixth slower from the 60hz NTSC version. Very noticeable but not to the point like he is claiming. I've played both on different occasions

it literally is a legend of a game though. Not being able to beat a game wasn't special at that time.

It still became a legend because of those players that picked up the controller and accepted the challenge. they got to see it for what it is: one of the best games the NES has to offer

>> No.7984015

>Very noticeable but not to the point like he is claiming
It's absolutely not just noticeable but impactful and very much to the point I'm claiming - fireballs are missiles are literally reaction time-based for fuck's sakes. That final laser is also impacted by reaction time.

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It's an ok game. I wouldn't put it in my top 10.

>> No.7984238

name your top 10

>> No.7984262

Mega Man 2
Super C
Dragon Quest IV
Battletoads: Double Dragon
Darkwing Duck
Snake Rattle n' Roll
Ninja Gaiden
Dragon Fighter

>> No.7985883

Nice pigface.

>> No.7985887

Also, it's basically 2nd person view fight.

>> No.7985905

Nigger, what? The game was a classic gem and it still is. Everyone was playing and talking about and. And people still are talking about it.

>> No.7986275

It's shit. The arcade game is much better.

>> No.7986295

You understand that the major reason for the game's "classic" status is its absurd difficulty? Turbo Tunnel race is a fucking meme, because it filtered so many people. The game is literally ingrained in their minds because of this.

It's like Spelunker became a meme in Japan because of how broken the game is. If it was just a normal game it wouldn't gain so much of a cult. And Battletoads with balanced difficulty could be just a Ninja Turtles clone, a good one, but not as memorable as it is today.

>> No.7986313

Great game ruined by limited continues.

>> No.7986321

Continuing just means you suck.

>> No.7986337

Not him but you're retarded. The arcade version plays like a run of the mill beat em up while the NES has a totally unique feel mechanically, it's like a Super Metroid of the NES.

>> No.7986408

The arcade game is an extremely boring, generic beat-em-up.

>> No.7986410

No. The difficulty isn't even that absurd. It just requires a lot of memorization. The game is awesome and the level design is amazing.
tl;dr: you're retard.

>> No.7986428

So, shit? Nobody plays Metroid except nintendofags.

>> No.7986435

The level design is great but game mechanics are shit and a difficulty is unbalanced.
Rat Race is a good example of that, you can clear 2 races without any problem and then 3rd one just fucking filters you, and even more, it can end with a fucking softlock if you're unlucky.
If the game doesn't allow a slightest mistake and requires to play it strictly one way, it's a shit game.

If you want to be a raretard and defend their broken games I don't mind it. There are a lot of people like you, must be a club or something.

>> No.7986445

It still does bungee jump, mech riding and a shmup at the end. Battle Toads and Double Dragon is also very underrated.

>> No.7986449

Play the Wii version

>> No.7986486

What are the differences?

>> No.7986490

Super Metroid is a staple of mechanically complex and creative yet user friendly platforming design with an unparalleled atmosphere. A retard's crusade against Nintendo is not going to change its objective qualities.

>> No.7986492

If lowering the difficulty would make the game great in your eyes, then it wasn't a shit game to start with.

>> No.7986503

>game mechanics are shit
>simple yet rewarding dashing mechanic, can breeze through stages however fast you want
>same for headbutting and other context based attack, simple yet satisfying
>lots of ways to practice crow farming
You sound like a mentally challenged tard afraid to git gud

>> No.7986809

>its absurd difficulty
plenty of bad games where absurdly difficult and nobody cares for them anymore. battletoads is so good you actually want to beat it.
As was already said, not being able to beat a game was not unique in the nineties.

>Battletoads with balanced difficulty could be just a Ninja Turtles clone
First of all, you are retarded if you think ninja turtles difficulty was more balanced than battletoads
Second of all, ninja turtles is a fundamentally shit game that only kids with no other games or manchildren with nostalgia goggles can enjoy

>and then 3rd one just fucking filters you
No it doesn't. Speak in first person please

>> No.7987208

How do you get softlocked?

>> No.7987302

Isn’t this the game that started the saying “Nintendo hard”?

>> No.7987337

> First of all, you are retarded if you think ninja turtles difficulty was more balanced than battletoads

I meant the general idea of anthro karate amphibians, not the games. TMNT1 is a randomfest which have its own Turbo Tunnel - the dam level. But it's way easier to beat it by memorizing bomb locations and making an optimal route. TMNT 2 and 3 are infinitely better than Battletoads in terms of polishing and difficulty. In terms of gameplay variety - not so much.

> No it doesn't

Yes it does. See, I can do this too. We can do this all day actually, but what for? Battletoads won't get better.

Sometimes, due to glitch, you can't touch the bomb. But a rat still can, so even if you got first to the bomb, you still have to eat shit. A good game indeed.

>> No.7988014

Battletoads is a level of quality and style above every other NES game.

>> No.7988190

Oh boy, you should look up pictures of Michael Jackson if that hideous visage gives you boners.

>> No.7988361

>can beat game in 30 minutes
>gets mad at uncommon glitch
just take a warp and go back to where you were dumbass? you know if you stopped raging and breaking stuff over old video games you just might enjoy these things

>> No.7988362

>released at the end of console's lifespan
Nah. There NES games just force you to restart often and normalfags can't take that, hence "nintendo hard". The games aren't even that hard.

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Play the JP/EU version, the difficulty was adjusted to be more forgiving, especially on the infamous hoverbike stage.

>> No.7988801

Only the US version is relevant. If you play anything else you're a pussy.

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