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What are my options if I want a brand new CRT Television? Are there any companies that are still manufacturing them? I'm opposed to procuring a used one because of the high probability that are insects living inside.

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What makes you think brand new electronics can't have insects living in them?

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Just buy one from marketplace, there must some crt's that are so good that they don't need no repairs for years.

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Just open up the used TV and blast it with compressed air and a vacuum cleaner. As an added bonus you might touch the wrong piece of metal and die.

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I have yet to acquire a new electronic that came with insects living inside of it. While it's true that any point of the supply chain may be vulnerable to insect infestation the probability is much lower for newer product.

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Your reasons make seem like someone who shouldn't have a CRT.
Ebay CRT and check off New

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I bought for pennies an infested Sony Trinitron 14". It was so charming and turned-on screen looked fantastic so I took my chances.

First of all, I triple-bagged it, bags with thick plastic. Every few days I would open the bags and spray the TV with insecticide. 3 weeks later I open the TV. All insects were dead but it was nasty as hell. I thought I could just clean it without removing the tube, but it was impossible. There was debris everywhere and CRTs have all sorts of hard to reach cavities. I took the tube and circuitry out from its rail so I could work on the case which I directly showered and brushed it after. The circuitry also had dead bugs but taken from its rail it was easy to reach every part. I also lightly sprayed it from afar.

After cleaning it some dude told me through IG how dangerous it was, so I called an old technician and he told me as long as it isn't plugged I shouldn't have any problem. It was heavy as fuck to mount it back so two friends helped me to rail the tube.

I would not do it again, I got lucky at every step, but on the other hand I doubt any technician in my city would want to clean an infested CRT, not to mention doing a proper job removing ALL debris.

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Do you really want one?
As someone who used these since the early 80s the tiny usage you will get for retro games feeling more original is not enough. Don’t be fooled by CRT threads on here. For most people these are a very bad idea now.
You are getting nothing much beyond a heavy object that does what a modern TV does except worse.
No you can’t get them new. You need to buy second hand. There is next to zero chance of insects living in them.

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You can also use them with video from that era. Most digitized versions of older shows look very dark on LCDs because they were designed to be watched on very bright, pulsating CRTs. So an older anime viewed on newer hardware won't pop as much as when viewed on a CRT.

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I check ebay last weak and there was new unopened old stock CRT monitors.

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shipping CRTs however? Wouldn't that cost a shit ton?

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Next to none now either quit being a pussy or don't

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Depends what you consider “a shit ton”. Personally I don’t think $50 to $100 is that big a deal for a new in box CRT

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Here you go
>inb4 too expensive
Your request is for hardware not being made anymore

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>I'm opposed to procuring a used one because of the high probability that are insects living inside
just forget it, you're not cut for this

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I want the DNR series from them so badly bros

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>While it's true that any point of the supply chain may be vulnerable to insect infestation the probability is

Why do you communicate like a complete autist? This is why you will never know the touch of a woman.

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just buy an ossc, retard

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I bought one lol; the NEC AccuSync 70 to be exact
Normally, but new old stock monitors are generally in their original packages, meaning it has Styrofoam fitted exactly to that particular monitor.

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If you can't get a CRT for free within 15 minutes, don't bother.

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Why do you parrot words you do not understand?

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There's a company called Thomas Electronics that will make new CRTs (https://www.thomaselectronics.com/)) , I heard about a guy spending $200k to get around 150 made. Besides that you're probably out of luck beyond new old stock stuff

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He's worried about bugs in his TV, of course he's a fucking autist.

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Sounds like bullshit, I doubt they make any tubes bigger than 9 inches or so and that's fucking useless

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Been comparing a late 90s Trinitron to some junk brand LCD EDTV and literally the only place where the CRT excels is old animu. This is 240p off composite out on a Pi3 to the LCD EDTV. Genuinely shocked at how clean and sharp it looks

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You don't. Just take the thing out to your deck or patio, remove the back, and use some sort of electronic blower if you're that damned concerned. That or pay the L@@K RETRO GAMING NEW OLD $TOCK price if you're not lucky or don't wanna spend a year remaining hyper vigilant to get one of these oh-so-common, new-old stock bargains these jokers are bragging about.

You should just be able to feel and smell out whether the person selling it would give you a roach hotel. Take a risk.

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it's crazy that people are *this* fuckin retarded about crts but most are it seems, whether they think they're "most likely bug infested" or that they're literally magic and that everything looks better on a trinitron than it would on an OLED or w/e. OP needs to grow a pair and just keep his eye out for something free locally that looks like it came from a decent house

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Qmwhat game is that pic from

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Nah, GBS control or Retrotink 5x would be better options with their better interlacing solutions.

Wonder Project J2 IIRC

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>I'm opposed to procuring a used one because of the high probability that are insects living inside.
your best bet is to arrive naked with the cash procure the tv and immediately take a hot shower with the tv. this will ensure all bugs are clean. seriously though just buy from upper middle class people with houses.... if the tv comes from the ghetto ur fucked its got bed bugs.

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>What are my options if I want a brand new CRT Television?
None. NTSC is dead. They are not coming back. All of the supply chains and equipment to manufacture them are long gone, and they are not easy to make.

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What's the anime?

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that you asked this means that you couldn't handle having a crt. don't even mean this as an insult, the youngest crts are like 20 years old now and will likely require maintenance to make optimal use out of, which requires researching skills you obviously dont have
get a good gaming monitor, or if you have money to blow get an oled tv and get a lot of the advantages of crt

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I learned that viral marketing is real, and anyone can do it.

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I have a early lcd set (tx32lxd60) that has contrast features made to mimic crts, and I noticed it's basically super good at displaying cell anime as well. The upscaler is great with old games, so it's a viable alternative to crts if you want something that can display hd content and do old vidya stuff.

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My sister had that poster in her room for like a decade. Might still.