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anyone else here share my passion for Link's Awakening?

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I play it on switch at the moment. Its not as bad as the other zelda games.

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I enjoy it, but it felt like a long fetch quest to me

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It's ok, but I could never get into it.
Maybe just because I played it first when I was too old and a lot of the intrigue was lost on me.

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I loved it. I definitely got stuck a couple times and I didn’t get the boomerang until AFTER beating the game, but it’s a very balanced, concise, and memorable experience.
I loved the Nintendo references and the weird dream-stuff.

I played the original and the switch version. I think the switch one would be my preferred one but only if Dampes dungeon maker was actually worthwhile.I beat the whole thing to find out that there’s no real reward for doing every dungeon. I was pissed

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Do you have any interesting insight on the game, as a person who is so passionate about the game?

Any deep lore, development oddities, or fun stories?

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Fantastic, unimpeachably great game except "dive on every tile of water to find these secrets".

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No, this is a rare hidden obscure gem in an extremely niche series which has been long overlooked by the gaming world

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like how oracle of seasons started as a remake for zelda 1, link to the past started as a gameboy port of link to the past, but it was very quickly turned into a humble side effort filled with quirky references to other nintendo games, like mario, kirby, yoshi, it was given the go ahead by higher ups and finished as its own game

canonically it likely takes place after link's awakening, before the oracle games, storywise it represents one of the biggest departures from the zelda franchise along with majora's mask, the game heavily leans into its dreamy atmosphere naming boss keys nightmare keys, and bosses nightmares

if i were to rank the game it would be on par with the revolutionary and innovative ocarina of time which changed the industry

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*link's awakening started as a gameboy port of link to the past

i am drunk, you are welcome have at it

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My entire fantasy setting for my homebrew ttrpg and all the little lore books I've been writing for years are literally an extrapolated version of Koholint Island. I've been in love with LA since I was a kid.

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Best 2D Zelda.

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It's pretty fucking cool. Though having just beat Seasons, Awakening comes across as being pretty sparse in content in comparison, though also having much more straightforward progression.

The premise is pretty nifty. Are you just basing it on all the general weirdness and the unconventional (for fantasy) aspects, or straight down to the setting being a dream?

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It's my favorite 2D Zelda. I especially love Marin.

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I love it anon

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Link's Awakening DX was my first Zelda game and one of my favorite games as a kiddo. I loved the exploration and changes in terrain, quirky characters, and making it to the animal village. I never did manage to find all of the secret shells. Felt like you needed to dig up every square of the map to do that.

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Most of them are in somewhat conspicuous locations

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Is there a higher res version of that map on the top left. Never seen it before

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crazy to think that zelda 1, 3, and LA all take place entirely in an area the size of a high school track.

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Thank you ANON! <3

Less it more sometimes

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The remake's animated intro was pretty cool, felt like a Dezaki anime.

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yeah, its my favorite zelda so far. really fantastic game

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It is a worthy passion. I love the soundtrack

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The whole games tileset can fit in a small 28 kb image.

The madness of old tech that we love

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It's magic

(beginning to get sick of using the original form to post now. I only recently started using 4chanX again, now I need to turn it off?)

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Shhh it's the secret 4chan with the hidden hacker and invasion boards.

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Manually update 4chanX, it updated yesterday.

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It's definitely better that the dogshit that is alttp

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Why would you use 4chanX when almost all of that stuff is baked into 4chan now?

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I like the new captcha a lot more, it's a million times faster than Google's. Even with the times I gotta refresh a few captchas to get a legible one, it's still faster.

It really makes me smile whenever I think about the absolute brilliance and hard work that goes into make a full fledged videogame fit into such a tiny size.
It's a lost art now, mainly because it isn't really necessary anymore, but it's something I treasure.

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>Even with the times I gotta refresh a few captchas to get a legible one

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i wonder if anyone has the original, it seems to be from a strategy guide

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Yeah I like that map and Seiken 1. I still remember them to this day. SNES Zelda just looks cooler and is bigger.

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I remember playing the time-locked demo at Toys R Us back before it was released. It would auto-reset the game after like 5 minutes and there wasn't any way to save it (as far as I could tell). But I replayed it like 10 times in anticipation of it. When it finally came out, it definitely lived up to expectations. I since owned the DX version and the Switch remake, though I did not seem to enjoy it as much as the OG version.

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GOAT handheld game. just bought the Switch remake today, been hesitant to buy it because I've played the original so much I was nervous that I'd blow through it in a day, got a good deal on in though

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Yeah, it could be better, but it's still a LOT faster than Google's captcha, which is slow even when it's working.

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it stayed done for a few minutes, that's miles ahead of this shit

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Is there an archive of German strategy guides somewhere?

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Pretty sure that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work. It slows down mobile shitposters.

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you still gotta wait though, it makes zero sense to stack up all this bullshit

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I beat it for the first time this year. It is okay and is nothing special, especially compared to the large library of infinitely better SNES games. The first half of the game is amazing, but the Dark World goes on for too long and the game begins to feel rushed. MM and OOT greatly improved upon Link's Awakening.

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anon you fucking retard

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>MM and OOT greatly improved upon Link's Awakening.
i'm mad.

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the only good nintendo-made Zelda game

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Hahaha fuck I realised it was Links Awakening and not ALTP. I prefer Links Awakening, but MM and OOT are still infinitely better. I guess this is what I deserve for being awake at 3am.

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Cool, I'll give it a try

I was curious about that, hence why I started again. It's actually pretty good:
a) Post embedding
b) Links to all boards like the good days, rather than just blue boards on blue boards
c) Hover over images to view
d) Highlighting threads on the catalog in which you've posted so it's easier to track bumping
e) Highlighting posts themselves in the thread
f) Red line showing new posts since you last viewed
And some other stuff to boot

Yeah it's a lot better, just a bit glitcheh at first

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.... HOW does one update 4chanX? Been looking for an option other than uninstall and reinstall for fifteen minutes, I don't want to lose muh settings

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Oh wait nvm, it's working now somehow

Goodness how I love LA

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It’s tied with Wind Waker as my all time favorite Zelda game. Perfect summertime replay.

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For future reference, if you're using Tampermonkey, on the "Installed Userscripts" tab of Tampermonkey's settings page, click on the checkbox on the far left next to 4chan X in the list, then at the top of the page select "Trigger Update" and hit Start.

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Probably really useful for those who do, although I use Greasemonkey instead


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>anyone else here share my passion for Link's Awakening?
A lot of other zoomers I assume

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who was the bucket mouse?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

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>released in 1993

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I wish to god I knew who you meant. Do you mean the photographer?

Great reaction image. I love how actual zoomers have so swiftly been lead to divide all humanity into "Zoomers" (which means anyone under 40) and "Boomers "which means anyone over 20). Note the contradiction.

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>>released in 2019

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What did he mean by this?

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It's the best Zelda. Too bad the remake was soulless

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Better than LttP

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I was plain expecting Oracle Of Ages to just be a slightly reskinned Oracle Of Seasons, but it's actually all new levels, story, and bosses.
I'm really impressed at the depth of content in this duo of games.

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... what happened to my previous post? Why was it deleted? It was on topic

You know I think I'm beginning to remember. Tell you in a bit.

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And how

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I wish somebody would do a romhack of a third game

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I liked the toy box diorama look. Making look like anime would’ve been cringe.

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It was dumb. It's just 1:1 recreation of the original that brings nothing substantially new to the table, and the style makes the world look and feel tiny. There's zero reason to ever play it over the original or DX.

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Fair enough. Would you have preferred a remake using a third person view rather than overhead? I’m not sure it would have the same charm.

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That is because you are emotionally retarded

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Yes, absolutely. Even if it was still in an SD style it should have been in third person, like the other 3D Zeldas. There's no point in transitioning to a 3D remake if you're not going to make use of the differences in technology.

The problem with the remake is that it enforces that you're outside the action. The Gameboy game gives your imagination a lot more room to work, but the remake never lets you feel like you're exploring the world, you're just watching it from the outside.

If they didn't want to do a 3d remake, then they should have done it with higher res 3d art. The LA remake looks good for what it is and it isn't as soulless as NSMB but it's a huge wasted opportunity to do anything truly interesting.

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Very true and an interesting thought. They really could have put the effort in and made a proper 3D variant of the title. Imagine a Koholint with moderately more realistic layout and proportions, within the bounds of say Wind Waker for stylisation - glorious.

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these emulation filters are getting pretty realistic

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that looks amazing

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I'd have liked to have seen it tried on the BOTW engine. It'd give us a chance to see how that engine works with a more tightly designed game and real inventory items.

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i always thought that a link between worlds should have used the oot3d and mm3d engine, and that links awakening should have used the botw engine

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Absolutely. AFAIC Breath was a necessary expansion phase for Nintendo as they take their first few steps into a new realm of design - now to take it back a notch and create a tighter, better balanced product.

In my capacity as a scholar of the hermetics of game design / armchair design fagmaster, there are so many things I'd love to implement in improving Breath for itself, a sequel or another title with the same basic engine. Realistically, the best approach would be trimming the fat and tackling a group of related systems at a time. Then maybe a decade or so from now, bringing lots of them in for another large game that polishes the lot.

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You could pretty much just keep all the mobility systems and just tack in a traditional inventory system and see what works. You even have the Flying Rooster to stand in for the gliding mechanics- just make it so he doesn't go away after the Eagle Tower.

Whether or they used that engine though, I would just really have rather they used the remake of my favorite Zelda for an interesting experiment -even if that resulted in a failure- instead of a highly polished but ultimately forgettable clone.

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I used to have a bookmark to a web page that had an animated version of that in super hires. It even had the monsters moving

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