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SoR 2 >SoR 1 >SoR 3

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How’s your diet?

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Agreed, couldn't even finish the third one between the poor pacing and chinese bootleg-tier music

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My mom gives me snack food and soda every day and I'm getting fatter but I'll be going on a crash diet soon to even it out

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Not /VR/, but I liked 4.

I was gonna give 3 another run through, it’s been like 28 years.

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I liked the music in 3 the most

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That's why you play Bare Knuckle III.

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Are you fit? Because that is the correct order.

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It's not bad actually. It was the best SOR release of 2020.

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That's funny, anon, but I think you meant
SoR 2 >SoR 3>SoR 1

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>I liked the music in 3 the most




Yuzo's "i'm going to just fuck shit up" soundtrack for the Mega Drive. To be honest, Streets of Rage 1 and Revenge of Shinobi are my two favorite Yuzo soundtracks for the console.

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>1 attack button
shit game

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I like Crazy Train, it's arcadey boss music, reminds me of Erupter from Battle Garegga

I get it, people wanted another game with 90s R&B-house, but they decided to be creative with modern-at-the-time sound instead of the EA approach of selling you the same game at full price

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>https://youtu.be/P7lVP23zptI?list=PLq1ehzSsEv_Zw0pd5QaoYkxXwkTA8kGLn [Remove]


>>>7919637 (You)
>I like Crazy Train, it's arcadey boss music, reminds me of Erupter from Battle Garegga
>https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kVL8-OmUoZk [Remove]

Oh yeah. It does have some similarities. I don't know the technical aspect behind the SOR3 soundtrack. Yuzo koshiro made some kind of randomizer so he could experiment with different sounds? But he also wasn't the only composer on the soundtrack.

Moon is one of my favorite tracks:

There's like a police-car siren sound that blends into the track.

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objectively correct

4 is the Mortal Kombat 9 of belt scrollers, as in "wow that comically overrated franchise finally got a good game". next, Dotemu will fix TMNT. if only they could get the Simpsons license.

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4 < 2 < 1 < 3

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SOR4 > The rest

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3's music was so bad they didn't include any of its tracks in SOR4. Fuze, Dub Slash and Shinobi Reverse were alright though but repetitive.

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I'm lean as fuck at my lightest and skinnyfat at my heaviest :)

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This forever and always

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I used to hate SoR3's soundtrack until I got into synthesis and making electronic music. It's actually really brilliant and ahead of its time.

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2 > 1 > 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4

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For me its
I don't know why but streets of rage 3 just felt the weakest in the series for me, I just played it because shiva was super cool for me back then

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Dotemu is only a publisher dude. The SOR4 guys aren't doing the new Turtles game.

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Burger King III is my favorite too

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Typical burger obsessed yankies.

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SoR 4 > 2 > 3 >>>> 1

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yeah but I went and got my hopes up anyway

but 1 is so clearly better than 2

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What the fuck is /VR/?

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For me, it's SoR 3 > SoR 1 > SoR 2

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>I liked the music in 3 the most

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SOR2 = SOR4 > BK3 > SOR1 > SOR3

The SOR3 music is solid as its own album, while SOR2 is better as a game soundtrack. The CD release uses different instruments (better bass, less annoying highs), and puts the tracks in an order where they flow well into other.

4 is fucking awesome but the difficulty is really fucked up. I keep having to restart levels a dozen times because I get a combo broken in the first minute. And beyond the combo thing, the game is REALLY easy, the only difficult part is the fat room on stage 12.

I was hoping for the DLC to fix that, but the survival mode will be a whole new thing, not "play through the levels without combo bullshit". At least it'll have Max, Shiva, and a new Mania+ difficulty.

>What the fuck is /VR/?

Virtua Racing.

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>That's why you play Bare Knuckle III.
the only differences there though, were the difficulty, colour schemes, and vertical roll

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They way overdid the risk/reward of the chaining, it's my least favorite thing about the game. I only play on stage select and haven't even attempted arcade mode.. it seems way too aggravating

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And the fucked up storyline, the censoring, edited out backgrounds, removing a boss, the intro, some cutscenes, and a shitload of small differences like editing the font color/style subtly, the enemy names, etc...

Arcade mode is fun, except that it's so long that by the end you feel tired and just lose steam. Also you don't have credits to change characters with, and you can't do a "select stage to start arcade mode from" like in SOR2.

However if you can pull off good combos in the first four stages you can get something like 150k and from that point you just have to play average and you'll easily get an S rank by the end.

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yeah, the the first anon's point was he couldn't get into it because of the music and pacing. which isn't any different between the 2 versions.
I'll admit my answer wasn't comprehensive though

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The risk reward is great, it means you have to play perfectly if you want high scores and it can get really stressful when you're on a huge combo. It's what makes it so addictive. 700k Arcade Mania minimum or gtfo. What I don't like about the combo score system though is connecting it between combat sections can be janky af (like hitting a bin in between is an easier example; you have to do ridiculous things to connect it with some slower characters at times, whereas it's much easier to do with characters like Cherry, Adam, Shiva etc because they can run/dash).

I suppose another flaw about the score combo system is it restricts your gameplay a lot since you have to play it safe the whole time. Speedrunning is what really brings out the technical brilliance of the game but eh, I'm not into that. I could maybe get into it if there wasn't so much RNG, fuck that noise.


I love its length personally as every level is so different, it has fantastic variety all the way through that keeps mixing it up. SOR4 has exemplary level design, the devs really know their shit. Plus I love the soundtrack. It takes me about 1 hour 15 minutes for score runs, speedrunners go much faster. I am burnt out now but I played the everloving shit out of this game, never played another BMU so much in my life, didn't even play SOR2 as much when I was a kid. I'm really looking forward to the DLC, I hope they've done good with the challenge rooms, we'll see. Also looking forward to Mania+.

Btw there are mods coming out now including gameplay mods with higher difficulties, randomizers, etc. I haven't bothered trying them yet, will see what they're like after Mania+ drops and I'm done with it.

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Yeah, 4 is amazing. Maybe only SORR is on par with it. I've completed 4 on Mania alone and with friend and it feels well balanced and interesting all the time. Can't wait to see what Mania+ has to offer.

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The combos are fine if you are high score whore, but the problem is that you have to do everything absolutely perfectly, which means that if something goes wrong you'll have to restart. Which takes a lot of fun out of it. SOR2 was better in that regard because you could just play it and get as far as you can go - it didn't force you to do something very specific, it focused 100% on the fighting, not the scores.

Also the characters in SOR4 are super unbalanced. Adam is by far the most useful in every way, he has speed, strength, and easy combos. Blaze has speed and some easy to combo high damage moves. Axel is much slower and a bit tricker to do extreme combos, but in return he is the easiest to handle. Floyd however is abysmal, he is stupid slow, has less moves, and half his moves are crap.
Dunno about Cherry, I've barely seen anyone play her online, and half the players just spam her blitz. But she is probably the highest tier on par with Adam due to her speed and guitar smash bounce combos.

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>The risk reward is great, it means you have to play perfectly if you want high scores and it can get really stressful when you're on a huge combo. It's what makes it so addictive.
I didn't think anybody actually liked all-or-nothing chain systems in any game in any genre, especially when they significantly impact survival and aren't just score monkey shit, but more power to you I guess

The new character designs are so shit I haven't even tried either one of them in spite of playing the game a ton

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Adam is not the best at all, he's a very unsafe character, uses way too much green health for specials, doesn't have something for every situation, he's not great for scoring or even speedrunning. Despite his dash, the only SOR4 character he's faster than (on Arcade Mania) is Axel, even Floyd has over two minutes on him. Truly high level gameplay with him is not easy, his combo infinites on bosses are some of the toughest to pull off, Cherry's and Blaze's infinites are far easier, Floyd can just infinite stun if you time it right. Even Axel is way better than Adam for scoring. I've never seen a 900k Arcade Mania run for Adam whereas Axel broke 900k ages ago. Idk how Floyd is for scoring, probably not great because it's hard to link up between combat segments, but in terms of raw power he's strong as hell as evidenced by his speedrun time. Cherry is easily the best character in the game both for scoring and speedrunning, she has the top in both categories, but she's definitely gonna get a big nerf in the upcoming patch, specifically her head grab punch move. Blaze is second best for both categories. Cherry is really the only character that needs a nerf rn and it's def gonna come.

These are the current best times for Arcade Mania for the SOR4 characters:
Cherry 41:31
Blaze 43:54
Floyd 44:51
Adam 47:37
Axel 50:45

Anyway Idk why you're complaining about "balance" in SOR4 when it's not a PVP game. Yes there is a vs mode but it's just tacked on for fun. Personally I like how vastly different the characters are as it results in totally different gameplay, it's one of the game's major strengths. There are always better and worse characters in these games, Max in SOR2 completely mogged everyone else while Blaze was poop, it's not a big deal. Sure SOR4 has leaderboards that don't specify the character achieving the score, but if people want to share their gameplay and proclaim themselves 'the best Floyd' or whatever they can easily upload their gameplay for that.

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Well people are still playing the fuck out of SOR4 and the game far exceeded sales expectations so people do seem to like it. Shit players tend not to like things that take effort to pull off and that's of course perfectly fine.

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Everything else > Double Dragon > Streets of Rage > > > pooprium

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SoR4 > SoR3 > SoR1 > SoR2

this is objective fact

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>the female characters are stronger than the male characters

Yep, I'm gonna skip this game. I only play beat' em ups in which the female characters are not stronger than the male characters.

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Just swap 1 and 3, bro

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This is why SOR2 is the best game in the series, because Blaze is rightfully the weakest character.

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>Beat 'em ups in which the female character(s) is/are not stronger than the male character(s)

Streets of Rage 2
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom
Alien vs. Predator
The Ninja Warriors Again

>Beat 'em ups in which the female character(s) is/are stronger than the male character(s)
Sengoku 3
Zero Team
Streets of Rage 1
Streets of Rage 3
Battle Circuit
Guardian Heroes

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no doubt, though last I checked the leaderboards SoR4 seemed rife with players even worse than I am. I would attribute the game's popularity to its other merits and not the public's love of picking 'restart' from the pause menu. maybe if the dlc has training mode I will git gud someday.

The downfall of civilization can be clearly traced on belt scroller character select screens

>classic: all selectable characters are male gigachads, goal is to save blonde with big tits, ideally begins with woman being punched in gut
>decline: one selectable sexy woman as surreptitious tranny brainwashing. "wow, this hot girl I'm playing as is literally me on the inside!" also, villain is rich white male.
>modern/post-apocalyptic: multiple fully-clothed women, playable negresses, etc.

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>I used to hate SoR3's soundtrack until I got into synthesis and making electronic music. It's actually really brilliant and ahead of its time.

I love the SOR3 soundtrack. But I can understand why its not for everybody. But tracks like this are some of my favorites in the series:


and then the game has insane tracks like this:

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