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Is Seiken Densetsu 3 worth playing in 2021 if I like action rpgs? I don't want something button mashy.

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there's not a single seiken densetsu game worth playing

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it took me several playthroughs to realize this isn't a button mashy game at all, even though that's how i played it at first. you really can't attack very fast. hell, you can even autobattle by holding down attack.

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how are you supposed to play if not button mash?

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you wait until your character is ready to attack. they have a special animation of this (pic is hawk's ready animation)
if you try to attack before that, nothing happens

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If you're really autistic

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yea dude its really good

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SD3 and secret of mana are ATB with full control of one character

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thats dumb as fuck anon
SD3 lets you change party members in real-time with L and R
mana was the one that was annoying, where you had to press select to cycle through them
SD3 its just a matter of holding L or R, and as soon as youre done with them, you can let go and go back
a much better, and completely different, system

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He anon you still only fully control one member at a time
And they both still follow a similar pattern, just SD3 allows a combo before you need to break the attack, it also fixed the charge attack mechanic

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Yeah anon, but*
>change characters on the fly
Also you can do that on secret, just press select

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play Trials of Mana

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what's that?

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1. What classes should I choose?

2. What bebalance or fix patches should I use?


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one of the girls

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Knights and lancers seem cooler though.

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The bugs in this game are pretty bad. The AGI stat does nothing, crits don't work, evasion doesn't work, none of the elemental equipment works, Werewolf guy is busted for no reason... God knows what else.
I went with axe guy, knives guy and lancer girl. Had a great time but keep these bugs in mind. The graphics and music are top notch. It's an enjoyable ride.

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theres patches to fix the stats and basically everything else
>Enables AGL to influence hit/evade mechanics.
>Critical hits are enabled at (2+LUCK)% for +25% attack power.
>LUCK grants a chance to deny enemy counter attacks when hit by spells or techs.
>Stat gain on level up can no longer go past the intended softcap.
>Transshape has fixed duration instead of getting shorter if the target has high luck.
>Heal Light no longer heals maxHP buff.
>Prevent HP overflow when healing Black Rabite.
>Blaze Wall and Flame Breath no longer remove existing status ailments.
>fixed mixup of Kevin’s Deathhand and Dervish order in menu
>Fixed attack power bugs for Kevin by forcing attack recalculating at map transition (e.g. he would not gain more attack if you increase STR while he is in wolfform or could stack the wolf bonus by leaving the map via dragon if in wolfform)
>fixed level of gemstone valley mobs that are stuck at Lv28 instead of growing with plot progress like their neighbors
>apply 300 def cap before buffs instead of after
>removed check that sets LUCK to max if it is 20 or above on any kill
>fixed that the day bonus on melee attacks checked for the target’s saber instead of the attacker’s
>added element check on Lv2/3 techs (immune, absorb and reflect deal 1 damage instead of their real effects)

if youre gonna patch it for translation, its not too hard to do the same for some simple bugfixes
and then you have one of the best ARPGs on the system

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there was also another patch that had similar bugfixes, but was slightly easier
"sin of mana" iirc?
idk i used the one i posted and had a good time
i thought the base game was way too easy, so it was good for me

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Trials of Mana

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thanks, I will use that patch when I replay it. I want to try out the other 3 characters as well.

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Werewolf class is supposed to be insanely strong. Fighting against them late game can be frustrating

>Crit doesnt work
Thats indeed a bit of a letdown but maybe in the end they removed its functionality and forgot to address that issue. Some people fixed it and found out some areas are insanely broken because creatures 1 hit kill you constantly. At least Luck increase item drop chances.

The original game have a lot of bugs but I enjoyed a lot more than the Secret of Mana. Trials is great, specially when cooping.

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Trials is a series of vignettes, not a full coherent game

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god Flammie is such a qt

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I love the game, but there's no doubt that it is very button mashy.

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Its glitches remove all of its depth. 2 stats literally don't work, tons of equipment and equipment special effects (accessories and shields) do not work, criticals do not work, evasion does not work, spell timers are broken, many spell effects don't work at all or don't work like they should, melee characters are stronger than they should be, Kevin is so extremely glitchy that he steamrolls the game trivially, it just goes on and on. The game was very impressive as a feat of compression and looks+sounds great, but it was supposed to have build and stat divergence, equipment choices, spell choices, etc, and the glitches suck the choice out of it. You can pick something that doesn't work, or you can increase your strength and hit things repeatedly. SD3 becomes a mindless masher due to the glitches.

Rare case of a game where a remake was entirely needed. Just play that.

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if you let your finger on the attack button your character will automatically attack when he is ready but he will also stick right next to the enemy during all that time so you will take maximum damage, I also cannot remember if there is a sllighty delay in the attack VS doing it manually

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Sin of Mana is insanely fucking hard unless you drop its difficulty down.

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A hack that takes all the art assets from SD3 and grafts them onto a battle system that is a bit more engaging (while fixing all the broken stats and the like) would be a gift from heaven.

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yea ive never tried it personally
but id heard that you could drop difficulty
idk, the one i posted worked fine for me
i suppose a first run should still probably be done vanilla

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It was ambitious, but extremely overrated.

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hard to be overrated when it wasnt released lol

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>I don't want something button mashy.

How about a game where you constantly charge one button, over and over and over and over and over

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>Is Seiken Densetsu 3 worth playing in 2021
What does this even mean lol

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