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Here are your Final Fantasy pixel remasters

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PSP versions still look better

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they better change that font before the release

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They strayed too far from the og
look at garland's gay little hand. This is the work of chaos.

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Based as fuck. The Narshe cliff scene actually makes sense now. I'd always thought they were talking about the city while looking at it towards the left. Only learned later there was house sprites in that scene but they were tiny as shit, virtually invisible on a crt.

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Eh III doesn't look too bad. That's the only game worth playing. 1+2 should be played on origins, IV is doo doo, V should be played on SNES, VI is doo doo

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Didn't know 3 was gonna have one. This looks pretty cool actually. 4, 5, and 6 all look like the same as the SNES versions except for the backgrounds so what's the point.

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Mixed. On one hand, it looks like it's a divergent evolution of the WonderSwan Color style, ignoring the hiccups of later graphical styles. On the other hand, some shading details don't seem as congruous as they should be. Why is Terra's hair still so mobile-saturated compared to everything else around her? Hopefully these minor things are just because they're still in development and will be fixed by release.
Also: Square Enix is delisting the current V & VI is a pretty big deal, no word on the rest yet.

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Why aren't the battle menus centered anymore?

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>Why is Terra's hair still so mobile-saturated compared to everything else around her
Because this is a literal mobile game

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You got the first part down, now explain why it stands out.

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I'll still stick to the old ones though because I always play romhacks

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Anyone with self-respect would just play the GBA or PSP version of 1 and 2
The SNES or GBA version of 4, 5 and 6
This trash looks ridiculous, fans literally begged them to bring new versions of 4, 5 and 6 to the PC after their catastrophic releases but this doesn't look any better to be honest
All i see is cheap ass rpg maker games that look slightly better than the trash that already exists on steam and mobile
I know they probably only got a tiny budget for these games but man at this point they could just port the PSP versions of 1 and 2 to the PC and use a non profit open source emulator for 4, 5 and 6
>inb4 but they can't use a non profit emulator
Ofc they can there are dozens of companies who did this kind of stuff and got away with it, that one tweet on twitter from a literal who won't hurt the company in anyway

I'm still disappointed even though i had no hopes and knew it will be shit

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Why is the enemy/party list window not centered? Looks awful

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>Anyone with self-respect would just play the GBA or PSP version of 1

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PSP versions look like overdesigned trash. Get some taste man

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Square can't port for shit. Every cross port was a remake that had to be built from the ground up. Every PC port, not just FFs, has been a buggy mess, some to the point of unplayable.

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The backgrounds are really weird. FF6 looks the best, and it makes me wonder if they used that as the standard for the other games rather than focusing the style for each game.

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>lispy-queer videos

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it's depressing how in the year 2021 they can't match pixel artwork from 1994

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The only things that actually bother me are the battle backgrounds looking a bit out-of-place, and the non-pixelated text.

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This kills the psp-fag.

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I think it looks great. Now the Steam/iOS versions can finally be done away with and forgotten forever.

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If V has the GBA content that's all I really need at this point.

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No word on the extra content either. Note that the mobile versions of FFI removed the dungeons that weren't in the original game.

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soulless garbage, of course. I expected no better.

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PSX is that absolute latest you should play FF1 because they removed its more interesting mechanics.

You also don't know SHIT about FFV if you think the GBA version of it isn't an upgrade, you just lumped it in with FFIV and FFVI and thought you'd be covered because they're all the same to you, zoomer. Everyone sees directly through you.

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Those sprites were intended for 224p composite video.

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Reposting what we can expect to see, judging from the footage in the initial trailer...
>Upscaled Origins-esque visual style in general, with character and monster designs looking like more direct renditions of classic sprites (classes are obvious examples but look closely at Garland and Adamantoise).
>Recent logos for I-III, original logos for IV-VI.
>FF (Fast-Forward) button spotted several times, making grinding less tedious.
>Final Fantasy battles lack MP and instead show your turn's action, suggesting the MP system from DoS-onward has been reverted to the original spell charge system as intended.
>Cecil is show to move diagonally at a point or two in FFIV's overworld, so 8-directional movement looks to be carries over.
>Minimaps are available like later games in the series.
>UI seems to be classic and not mobile.
>Opens with OG music and graphics, which MIGHT imply a music/graphics toggle (not 100% for sure).
>Weirdly enough, Rydia appears as a child in FFIV footage, but this may be a placeholder.
>Mobile and Steam only..for now.

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A lot of the artists are either dead or retired. There is no way to make a 1:1 pixel perfect game for this series.

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I think I payed like 5 bucks for it but I am still very salty

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Take your meds, retard

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Looks like the games won't have any of the new content from later versions added to it. What a letdown.

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I don’t know who Garland is or what makes a gay hand but that looks great.

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>Final Fantasy battles lack MP and instead show your turn's action, suggesting the MP system from DoS-onward has been reverted to the original spell charge system as intended.

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One word: DLC.

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the worst about these is the fonts and the menus desu.

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I know right? This will be the definitive version of FF1 from now on, assuming they fix all those bugged spells from the NES which I see no reason why they won't.

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nothing screams "shitty mobile remake" more than ugly high resolution UI elements and font overlaid on top of a pixel game

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We truly live in a horrible age

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Remember when the worst versions of the games were on PS1?

Man those were the days.

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Why are you autists bitching on psp versions?

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I might buy IV, V, and VI on steam. I wish they looked just like the GBA versions tho. Those were perfect mix of retro pixels and shiny new looking graphics.
>at least these aren't those shit mobile-looking ports that currently exist on Steam

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ywnbaw anime trannies

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This is the sole reason why I'm interested

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What's the point in using an "insult" that you know doesn't actually bother the people to whom you're replying
At least other shitty 4chan insults like "cuck" have some negative accusatory quality to them

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lmao this

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>You also don't know SHIT about FFV if you think the GBA version of it isn't an upgrade
The GBA version nerfed the raising stats up to 255 with bard songs/chemist mixes. Shit was fun as shit. You can still get level 255 for LV? spell purposes but the stats and damage calculations are capped to the ones you get in lv99.

It also looks and sounds worse than SNES.

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this shit is ridiculous... did anyone at squareenix even care about these "remasters"

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I'm surprised people were expecting "quality" remakes, I thought it was gonna be the GBA and PSP ports once again, but nope

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this shit is waaaaaaaaaay worse than the gba and psp games

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I played the GBA version of 1 and was disappointed, it looks and sounds nice but I don't know what they did the game was way too easy; and the extra content was REALLY not worth it, hours of time wasting bullshit for a few boss fights.

so for FF2 I decided to go with the Famicom version with translation + romhack and I'm having a blast. Actual challenge, actual choices to be made that matter, inventory management, MP management, etc
I haven't had this much fun with a pre-PSX FF since I played FF3 on Famicom some 15 years ago.

Point is, when you have access to translation and bugfixes romhacks, there is little reason to even play the previous remakes so why even bother with these new ones

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Yeah, I'm..not sure what your pic is getting at, dude. For the battle screen, the WonderSwan version is off because some classes face sideways while the Black Mage has an angled face, which was clearly inconsistent rough proto sprites. The new one gives the Onion Knights angled sprites like they should and re-adds missing details like the helmet thing. The right is just incomparable due to different class, direction and location. You could've compared the crystal room shown in the initial Pixel Remaster trailer, but you didn't.

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Hope these get a console release, want to play these portably but not on a phone. For now I'll stick with the originals.

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dilate you subhuman tranny and get some fucking taste

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I couldn't have made a worse comparison pic if I tried. What are you even getting at here, the fact that the helmet is missing?

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taste my balls you dickless double-retard

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That'll sure make 'em think twice before using facts and logic!

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It just hit me that it's summer

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Whats wrong with the PS1 version of FF1?

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Confirmed, recent footage showed the spell charge menu as well as diagonal movement. Also showed that the Soul of Chaos dungeons seem to be gone and there is no sprite shown of the bonus FFV classes. It's going purist now, unless it really is DLC.
Not much, although many sprites were stretched taller for some reason. You wouldn't know it unless you played the WSC version however. This looks like we're back to proper proportions.

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they aren't great but
>this doesn't look any better to be honest
you have to be out of your fucking mind to think it isn't an improvement over pic related

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>or GBA version of 4
Jesus christ no one with any self-respect can say that. The GBA version of 4 is an abortion, the only reasons to like it are extremely gay (lame bonus content, etc)

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dilate you subhuman tranny

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>this guy disagrees with me? must be a tranny
I can't tell if you're unironically obsessed or are actually a lefty false-flagging as a /pol/tard. Either way it's annoying.

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ywnbaw faggot

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and yet it still manages to be better than the GBA version.

The problem with 4 is that there's no canonical English version to play.

- Fan translation of super famicom version.
- Original SNES release that dummies out a lot of cool items and abilities (also has a few bug fixes and tweaks I think relative to the JP).
- GBA version with atrocious graphics and sound, the overall pacing is fucked
- PSP version which is better than the GBA version but is a complete graphics overhaul and feels pretty generic-for-the-era.
- DS version which is a complete rewrite of the game from scratch with different mechanics and game balance.

What I wish there was, and frankly would do myself if I had the time, is a SNES version with all of the JP gameplay content restored as well as the QoL features from Final Fantasy IV Free Enterprise (like dash, item stats on the inventory screen, and so on). You can patch the QoL hacks with existing hacks AFAIK but you can't get the JP gameplay content without getting a whole bunch of other shit you might not want.

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If you're wondering how the Final Fantasy IV Advance became so shit, look no further than the WonderSwan Color port. While it was amazing for updating the 8-bit games, it clearly had a lot of trouble with 16-bit games.

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I was hoping for PSP-level graphics or at least GBA, these are a step in the right direction but still on the wrong street.

If it's on a mobile interface you'll want a spot where your hand wont obscure anything important.

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Solution: Hire the ones that worked on FF Record Keeper, that game's spritework is amazing.

>> No.7912634

>Also showed that the Soul of Chaos dungeons seem to be gone
Not a big loss, those dungeons were horrible slogs.

>> No.7912661

Just fix the font and text backdrops and and I'd think they were the nicest looking versions. I've never liked the psp remakes.

But fuck, square just cant do fonts in mobile games for some reason

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the original artists/designers got it right, and anyone who disagrees is trolling or retarded.

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This really says nothing because for all we know the job doesn't match between the pictures. Maybe in Medusa's Tower the lead is a Fighter while on the left is obviously the beginning of the game where everyone is an Onion Knight.

>> No.7912698

The original artist (Kazuko Shibuya) is the head of all the pixel art for mobile games coming out of Square-Enix for the past ten years.

>> No.7912701

I'm not sure about the others but this does seem like it will be the best official version of FF1 now to me.

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This makes me scared for the upcoming SaGa remasters

>> No.7912739

it can't be his fault, but someone somewhere is screwing up.

>> No.7912745

Why, they already put out a couple of them.

>> No.7912749

It can be his fault. This art style is trendy and apparently it sells, otherwise we wouldn't be getting more of it. It is targetde at people who are allergic to the sight of raw pixels (because why target specifically to the old fans when they're going to be buying it anyway even if they don't like how it looks, as proven in this thread for example) so some devs smear everything in shit and vaseline

>> No.7912753

Kazuko sounds like a her.

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Simultaneously an upgrade and a downgrade at the same time.
I'm glad we're getting a new version of III, but this whole thing is weird

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My point is, because a dev worked on an old game doesn't mean s/he is a retro enthusiast such as ourselves, especially if they've been working in the industry all this time. All you need to do is watch a couple of youtube "play with dev" videos of old games and inevitably at one point the conversion will shift towards "video games have gone a long way graphically speaking since then etc".

Their mentality would be
>how do I make this old shit presentable for todays audiance
hence the vaseline graphics and the savestates/rewinds presented as "features to overcome the dated mechanics".

Yes this quite a bit of rant I'm just baffled by how so many people care about all these endless shitty remasters and the threads go on forever on /vr/ every time there is one, when only about 10% of them are ever any good. Natsume did great for instance, but on top of my head it's the only ones I can think of.

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I can appreciate trying to make it look like the original art, but they also changed it enough to where it's off-putting to me.
He has a goofy fucking face in the new one

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Even one of the mobile games did a better job than that

>> No.7912789

SF2 is too beautiful to be fucked up like this.

>> No.7912790

I guess I'm not cynical enough.

lol my mistake, not so familiar with Japanese names.

I guess you're right, unfortunately. my original comment was just me bluntly broadcasting my thoughts onto 4chan, but it's still true. the original games had a certain style, aesthetic, and consistency that came together just right. attempts to update or modernize this always seem to turn out ruinously.

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>This art style is trendy
Besides these Final Fantasy mobile ports, which other game has it?

>> No.7912920

Didn't notice that. Dropped already, damn.

>> No.7912949

Looks like they took the mobile port's sprites and applied a filter to make them more "pixelated".

>> No.7912964

what the fuck is wrong with that glaucoma overworld

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this is the best explanation for the shittiness I've seen thus far.

Lich is a great example of how they can follow the design, yet get it so wrong. the NES sprite looks like a badass force of evil, and the aesthetics are right -- he looks kinda shrouded, with the purple and yellow playing off each other (pardon the pic, it was the most convenient one). the new design is garish and wrong, the yellow looks like spray paint, and it feels like more Papyrus from Undertale pretending to be the Earth Fiend than anything else.

>> No.7913036

>only available on platforms where you're more likely to just emulate

>> No.7913046

Honestly i don't care about examining every single pixel of the sprites of each version
What really makes me lose interest in this is the concept itself, oh wow the same old final fantasy that i've been playing in a bazillion fucking platforms over the course of two decades
Imagine how amazing it would be if they announced instead they'd task a team entirely of making full blown remakes (not the same quality of FF7R of course)
Not sure i'd want them for titles like 1 but 4/6 etc. it would definitely be amazing seeing their worlds and characters not in super ancient flat and pixelated form

>> No.7913053 [DELETED] 

this is the best explanation for the shittiness I've seen thus far.

Lich is a great example of how they can follow the design, yet get it so wrong. the NES sprite looks like a badass force of evil, and the aesthetics are right -- he looks kinda shrouded, with the purple and yellow playing off each other (for some reason, it's hard to find good pics of the sprite). the new design is garish and wrong, the yellow looks like spray paint, and it feels like more Papyrus from Undertale pretending to be the Earth Fiend than anything else.

>> No.7913056

>Oh my gawd this is terrible I don't like it because it's not exactly what I remember 30 years ago
>Nothing new releases anymore
>Please Square Enix just make it exactly like 30 years ago
>Releases pixel remasters from one of the last original Spritemakers left on Square Enix.
>Same kind of whining happens
The endless cycle of a crying for perfection that never can exist. This is due to the autistic fixation on the past and nitpicking every single thing wrong but not acknowledging the times of ever getting something as good as this is over. I happen to like this and I am just happy it's not the awful no effort phone ports that was previously on the Steam store.

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this is the best explanation for the shittiness I've seen thus far.

Lich is a great example of how they can follow the design, yet get it so wrong. the NES sprite looks like a badass force of evil, and the aesthetics are right -- he looks kinda shrouded, with the purple and yellow playing off each other (for some reason, it's hard to find good pics of the sprite). the new design is garish and wrong, the yellow looks like spray paint, and it feels like more Papyrus from Undertale pretending to be the Earth Fiend than anything else.

>> No.7913060

lol i hate when a gatcha mobile game has cool art and characters

>> No.7913062

they'll put it on switch at least sooner or later, it would be silly not to

>> No.7913070

>NOO MAH PIXELS are not dotted the way I want them to be!!!! They are not the CORRECT DOTS!
>It needs to look like the fanart within my schizophrenic brain otherwise I won't like it.
>It's garish gougy and Maude with a little tinge of spray paint!!!
The Autism is almost laughable looking at this thread.

>> No.7913073

i think this looks alright (especially compared to that iOS monstrosity) but maybe they should have gone full octopath with it like those dragon quest remakes. i know a lot of people on the board don't like that "sprites with HD post-processing" thing but those shits look nice

>> No.7913080


>> No.7913085

Try a third time, maybe you'll get someone then

>> No.7913086

I am very surprised they didn't do just that.
Might as well make the most of the engine, but here we are.

>> No.7913087

Yes they should not lol. Because expecting anything to be the same as 30 years ago is the same mindset Baby Boomers have about the 80's or the 60's. At some point everyone will just grow to hate people like you and laugh at your autism much like I am doing now. Cry more Cringe Xer Autist.

>> No.7913090

I already did with (you). :)

>> No.7913092

I hope you learn not to fall for obvious bait.

>> No.7913095

That's right. Consume and stop asking questions

>> No.7913096

It will happen at some point. But you know how people around here are. They will call it soul less and not like the original. Then cry when they do not get anything for another 10 years.

>> No.7913106

I mean a good remake is a good remake, the loud people will bitch no matter what even if they like it because 4chan is a job to them.
These current final fantasy remasters are just pretty trashy all over, so I am going to complain.

>> No.7913107

You need to get some better comebacks instead of those generic lines. Go back to your underground basement Billy
Do not forget to wear your safety helmet.

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Unfortunately some people see this site as a oritor of society instead of just a place of Lolrandom.

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File: 141 KB, 626x474, pokesnap-Really faggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not retro.

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File: 2.56 MB, 1906x3240, 1611362223028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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finna pirate and inject reshade into the bin/10

>> No.7913256

>no more dialog portraits
thank fuck

>> No.7913269

Exactly this. Anyone playing the remakes of these classics with gay cartoony graphics should end over their man cards. I do not want to play a little gay paladin wearing a crown, I want to play a tough tall guy wearing red and liking swords.
I do not want to play a boring ass green rogue, I want to play an elf prince that becomes an actual cool ninja.

>> No.7913276

you have low testosterone and like you graphics cartoony and kiddy. Maybe you should buy a wii and play cooking mama rather than real games.

>> No.7913282

this looks great to you because you never played the original. The original has graphics that make it look like it was a DND game that adult males enjoy.

The remakes make it look like a Dora the Explorer game that gay kids at school play when they are not too busy wearing dresses.

This pixel remaster seems to be on point, the others remakes were basically a crime against humanity.

>> No.7913287

Massive amounts of projection.

>> No.7913412

He makes it a bit too obvious.
I'm surprised that guy even responded to him.
How far have we fallen where that can pass as an attempt?

>> No.7913434

>I like my penis 9 inches and big muscular men to pound my Twink ass

>> No.7913494

Looks good. Look forward to legally purchasing it.

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>Not sure i'd want them for titles like 1 but 4/6 etc. it would definitely be amazing seeing their worlds and characters not in super ancient flat and pixelated form
I want a FFIII remake using the character models from the opening of the 3d version.

>> No.7913856

Fonts are rendered as vectors anon, and due to the extreme variance in mobile screens it's the easiest and most consistent way to have legible font.

>> No.7913872

Outside the font I think it looks mostly okay

>> No.7913891

Well it looks better than the iOS ports of 5 and 6 at least.

>> No.7913902

is it worth buying the current versions on steam of V & VI?

>> No.7913995

They have the extra content from the GBA ones, but they are super ugly.

>> No.7914080

Just play on SNES emulated so you can fast forward through the endgame AP grind time sink

>> No.7914248

All they need to do is fix the font and it’d easily be the best way of playing older FFs on modern hardware

>> No.7914318

lol at all the people complaining in the comments for the trailer about how it won't be on the Nintendo Switch

>> No.7914323

I've been playing FF4 on a PSP emulator.
Did i fuck up?
And is there a definitive way to play 1 and 2? I've downloaded them for PS2 as well.

>> No.7914379
File: 4 KB, 256x240, Final Fantasy II (Japan) - ChaosBugfix_004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't forget the superior version

>> No.7914792
File: 642 KB, 1920x1080, 1604728769336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7914795

Curiously enough, FF IV/V/VI don't have a set release date, just sometime this year. The first three will launch on 28 July. Puraisu:
>1 and 2 are $12, 3,4,5, and 6 are $18. $74.82 for a bundle of all six games.

>> No.7914817

>year 2021
>a pc has worse graphics than a gba game

>> No.7914826

Who cares? Any remake of the original FF1 is going to be piss-easy and completely lose the feel of the original. Remakes are a waste.

>> No.7914831
File: 293 KB, 1920x1080, 1625139913059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that will be 25€ please

>> No.7914928

In FF2 on Famicom is there any way I can get rid of key items I no longer need?

I never even used that goddamn pass for instance

>> No.7914939
File: 1.91 MB, 320x240, 1480170069723.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw ambushed by 8 YelloSouls which all cast Fire on the entire team

>> No.7914940
File: 309 KB, 635x630, mizuno_mumomo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not upset at losing red-haired Fighter/Warrior as I am at losing pink-haired White Mage...
>It was red hair in the original sprite, and the brown hair comes from the Advance artwork to make it more androgynous, you peon!
No one cares, clearly there were some palette limitations but if they didn't want a reddish color they could've gone with Theif or Monk's browns, White Mage will always be pink-haired to me.

>> No.7914965
File: 45 KB, 95x192, Sara.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, it is pretty weird that they're doing away with pink haired white mage when that's been the representation in a bunch of spinoffs and even some mainline games. Red warrior appeared as a Dissidia costume too so it's not like it was forgotten about. If Princess Sarah is keeping the pink hair she had in the original and they're not referencing Dawn of Souls artwork for the green hair she had in the remakes, why bother changing these up? In contrast, the bandana in the remakes fit thief in later games more yet they're keeping the blue hair and potato-sack clothes which makes these changes even weirder. At this point I'm glad Steam is first so we can get graphics mods.

>> No.7914975

Nope, you're stuck with 'em

>> No.7914979

Fuck this is some shit. Was it possible NOT to pick up the Pass at all since you can fight the guard on the Dreadnought instead? I should remember that if I ever replay it

>> No.7915164

Yes. You don't have to pick up the pass and the guard will disappear if you beat them. This is the only guard in the game that disappears.

>> No.7915220

>for adults, not total manchildren

>> No.7915264

>soul soulless I'm extremely autistic
We get it but where are the actual gameplay details?

>> No.7915282

What was it that you noticed?

>> No.7915310
File: 16 KB, 338x338, I seriously hoped that you guys wouldn't do this, but you did.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>8-bit pixel sprites
>detailed artwork background
>high-res text and text boxes
what the fuck were they thinking
I'm not usually autistic about this kind of thing but holy fuck it just looks so bad, it unironically looks like some fanmade rom hack

>> No.7915496

Why the fuck does Square have awful athetics when it comes to ui and text boxes?

>> No.7915531

It's the new style
See the other Square property remasters

>> No.7915538

Holy fucking shit, I never noticed before.

>> No.7915553

Absolutely nothing wrong with this.

>> No.7915787

No, FF4 on PSP is very good, so are 1 and 2

>> No.7915798

The pixelation on this is out of control. I really hope they add some shaders.

>> No.7915804

>I really hope they add some shaders.

You'll have to use reshade and you know it.

>> No.7915817

hopefully we can change the font with mods, because that font is absolutely disgusting

>> No.7916521

They should have also upscaled the chunky fonts. It makes such a difference that I can't believe they didn't think of it.
I would be fine with some awful antialized-dropshadowed attempt.

>> No.7916538

Don't expect to see the unmasked Black Wizard of the original FFI, though.

>> No.7916775
File: 698 KB, 998x589, witwizgotboob.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, surprisingly, we can. This book looks like it has early versions of the character sprites finally used here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2p7TjJx0tE

>> No.7916824
File: 8 KB, 240x205, 1590357870157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I HAD to defend these "remastered" designs for FF1 specifically, it's to keep it close to the original NES designs without being too different from the original style like with the GBA and PSP designs. They don't look too bad in >>7916775 alone, but juxtaposed against the detailed backgrounds and zoomed out camera during battle it's extremely jarring.

>Muh Soul/Soulless

>> No.7916859

going off on a tangent, I never liked the 'mature' sprites, the chibi sprites were always better. I understand upgrading them, but they should've used new sprites like those in ff3.

>> No.7916880

To be fair, the blue-haired Thief in brown clothing is supposed to match the brown-haired Monk in blue clothing. Both are investment classes, but take different approaches: Thief is good after promotion, and Monk is good after overgrind (and is the same if not arguably worse after promotion).

>> No.7917229

Whats a good class set for FF1? Thinking Warrior, Thief, Monk and White Mage. I want to put Red mage there somewhere but I donno

>> No.7917257

Monk is the strongest class, fighter is second strongest but stronger if you have don't grind levels, black mage is a good option for targeting multiple enemies at once but will be outpaced by the first two options, everything else is either support or a weaker version of the previous three

>> No.7917264

I don't have a strong urge to puke, but I do have a weak sense of nausea

>> No.7917270

(Why you askin' that anon?)
Anything with more than one Warrior will carry you through the game pretty easily. Three is a bit monotonous so personally, two is fine if you want more variety in your party. You can forget about Thief, it won't be as good as a third-rate Warrior even after class change. Monk is a good choice to off-set some of the expenses you'll make with magic and equipment, and can overpower your Warrior late-game if you grind enough. Black Mage is overrated, especially with some of the magic-casting equipment you'll start getting in dungeons, so for a decent white magic user you'd be down to a White Mage or Red Mage. I would go with the Red Mage. In the original, he casts magic as effectively as a Black or White Mage, and most of the bugged spells are exclusive to Black or White Mage. In the remakes, the really good black magic spell Temper works properly and he has access to it.

>> No.7917273

I should caveat, I'm playing GBA version, I know everything changes in the upcoming Pixel Remasters, what with the Vatican system being put into place?
I'll keep this in mind, I'm going through replays of some FF games to see the difference between these "new" remakes.

>> No.7917296

One more thing: In the original Final Fantasy, enemies have the highest chance of attacking the characters in the first two slots, then the third slot, and finally attack the fourth slot the least. Warrior makes a great tank. Save your squishiest character for the last party slot.

>> No.7917315


>> No.7917324

these worlds of older games just look absolutely #SOVLLESS in HD

>> No.7917337

No they don't. They look awful.

>> No.7917350

Never said there was.

>> No.7917581

there are several mistakes here.

>it won't be as good as a third-rate Warrior even after class change.
Ninjas are great, but by the time you get the class change, it's fairly late in the game. it's up to you to decide whether you want a nerfed character for that long.
>I would go with the Red Mage.
Red Mage is an effective replacement for Black Mage, NOT for White Mage. for black magic, he has all the fire/ice/lit spells, only lacking the instakills and nuke iirc (a definite drawback, nuke is awesome late-game). RMs white magic is much more lacking, he has cures and resistances, but no full party heals and no harm spells, which are so useful against the undead.
>In the original, he casts magic as effectively as a Black or White Mage
INT is bugged, so this is partially true. however, Red Mage gets less spell charges overall, and as I referenced before, no level 8 magic, which means no NUKE or HOLY, the two best spells in the game.
>most of the bugged spells are exclusive to Black or White Mage
I believe most, if not all bugged spells are Black Magic.

inaccurate. the 1st slot is 4/8, 2nd slot is 2/8, 3rd and 4th slots are 1/8 chance each (of being attacked).

you need at least 1 warrior, and a white mage is strongly recommended. if you want to steamroll, I'd go with 2 fighters, black belt, and white mage. for a more balanced experience, I'd recommend one of each character. the best varied party in my experience is Fighter/Redmage/Blackbelt/Whitemage, but you can experiment. if you're into magic, you could try Fighter/Redmage/Whitemage/Blackmage, although the spells will be expensive.

>> No.7917583
File: 9 KB, 240x320, 452654-final-fantasy-j2me-screenshot-this-is-where-we-start-out.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The best remaster looks like the J2ME version honestly. Look at this world map FOV.

>> No.7917586
File: 12 KB, 240x320, 452651-final-fantasy-j2me-screenshot-i-m-being-attacked-by-goblins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7917771

The new spritework gives every single woman absolutely massive tits

>> No.7917781

White Mage isn't a woman anon

>> No.7917783

White wizard is mtf

>> No.7917791
File: 53 KB, 253x209, 79BCC1DA-562D-4EAC-84D1-985101B78483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why did they take away fighter's cool red hair

>> No.7917795

These games "suck", if you're not playing them to experience the history of janky game design you're not doing it right.

>> No.7918182
File: 254 KB, 1834x735, a48e5041d537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ninjas are great, but by the time you get the class change, it's fairly late in the game. it's up to you to decide whether you want a nerfed character for that long.
Ninjas are better in the remake due to having access to a working Temper as well, but they're still not worth the slot over another black magic user. Yes, "better" in that their physical attack deals more damage than a mage, but if you run through the calculations, they will simply never catch up to a Knight of the same level even if that Knight has suboptimal equipment. For what they're supposed to do, they're the most worthless class in the game.
>Red Mage is an effective replacement for Black Mage, NOT for White Mage.
Red Mage gets a bit of a bum rap for being a jack of all trades, but really, physical is more important to maintain than magic in FFI (if the unglitched TAS uses four Warriors, you know this can't be wrong), so if you use ONE mage, it might as well be the one built more like a fighter and who has the least chance of croaking on you. A White Mage is a good alternative since White magic is way more crucial than Black magic in this game, but if you playing a post-Origins remake, this is mitigated by the added healing items. Black Mage is way too weak in all other aspects and will drag you around most encounters making for repeated money-hogging Inn trips. Like anon said, high-end spells don't make up for that since you will can find certain equipment in chests that cast infinite-use Black magic spells, including Kill/Doom/XXXX which is lowkey the best Black magic spell in the whole game. I don't remember if the game tells you which ones cast magic, so if not, reference here: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_item_magic
>I believe most, if not all bugged spells are Black Magic.
Healara/Heal2 acts like Healaga/Heal3 in battle, though that's actually in its favor...
>inaccurate. the 1st slot is 4/8, 2nd slot is 2/8, 3rd and 4th slots are 1/8 chance each.

>> No.7918315

Knowing S-E's insistence that you're never supposed to see a Black Mage's face thanks to FFIX, I won't be surprised if they make an exception to this and just have the Wizard be a Mage with a cape like the past remakes.

>> No.7918348
File: 3 KB, 256x240, Final Fantasy II (Japan) - ChaosBugfix_076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I teach Ultima to my main caster (pic related)? I've been working my way towards Holy and Flare for her. As I understand Ultima works differently so should I teach it to someone else, or teach it to her and train Ultima rather than Holy/Flare ?

>> No.7918349

For the record I'm using the bugfix patch and this is what it says about it

>As the story goes, Ultima was intentionally bugged. It did not scale with its own level like every other spell, it did not scale with the caster's other skill levels as in later remakes, it did not scale at all (aside from the boosts to success rate and power coming from the caster's applicable magic stat that are applied to all spells). Based on its behaviour in later remakes, this patch makes Ultima scale with both its own level and the caster's other skill levels.

I'm not sure what they mean by "other skills".

>> No.7918364

Toad is the best Black Magic spell in FF2, OP af and hardly anyone is immune against it.

>> No.7918383

The other skills are your weapon/shield skill levels. Basically if you have everything maxed out ultima will be the strongest spell. I have never heard of anyone trying to max out everything though. The game is too short to get anywhere close.

>> No.7918384

FF2's various remakes were never as butchered as FF1's.

>> No.7918409

I see thanks, so I am better off teaching it to someone else. i'm not sure it's worth bothering to lvl it up though

>> No.7918448

I usually play through ff2 once a year. I don't think that I have ever leveled up damage magic over 9 or 10. Attack becomes much more powerful with berserk and haste. If you run into enemies with high physical resistance you can easily kill them with mid level spells. If you really want to break the game you can level up one or two of the many death spells (exit, toad, mini, warp, stone, death) because high level enemies, even bosses, are not immune to these spells and the game becomes very easy

>> No.7918453

I'm starting to realize that. Up until the mid game my main caster was carrying everyone, but now its physical strength is the best part... the issue with this game is how long it takes to lvl up magic so it's not worth lvling up more than a few

>> No.7918480

Warrior and Red Mage are the two "core" classes. Monk is a worse Warrior that gets slightly better offense than the Warrior if you overlevel hard. Thief is just a worse Warrior. White and Black Mage are Red Mages with nearly zero offense and less spells, though slightly more charges and a couple exclusive ones that aren't very good.

The "best party" is 3 Warriors and a Red Mage.

>> No.7918484

Very true. Once you get past the ultima tower you probably won't cast many spells besides buffs to your party, though ymmv. Even in updated versions it is difficult to justify leveling magic, they made a change where you level more quickly but you still have to pick the spell, pick the target, manage mp, over and over again. Whereas attack is quick and easy and usually more powerful

>> No.7918497

Don't undersell the monk. At high enough levels the monk definitely out attack and out defend the warrior with 0 cost to your wallet. A fully decked out max level warrior/knight is out performed every time by a max level monk/master. It is very true that the average player is not going to level up that much but it is still worth knowing

>> No.7918507

Offensive magic was in general kinda shite until FF4. I don't know how this bugfix hack fixes Ultima, but chances are it's still too underpowered to be worth bothering with.

>> No.7918509

At the time the Monk surpasses the Warrior the Warrior is already strong enough to stomp the entire game, so why does it matter?

>> No.7918520

>At high enough levels the monk definitely out attack and out defend the warrior with 0 cost to your wallet.
Out-attack, sure, but out-defend? I think only if you're taking advantage of the armor bug with Ribbon, hold fuck that's unbalanced.

>> No.7918530
File: 147 KB, 1068x537, FinalFantasyOrigin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The worst classes are (physical) Thief and (magic) Black Mage, if you have either of these two in your party then you are actively and insidiously crippling it, agent of Chaos that you are.

>> No.7918859

fair enough, although keep in mind, they can equip almost anything.
he is a jack-of-all-trades, but he's strong through early & mid game. he plateaus in late-game, but by then I have him use spell-casting items. if you have one mage in your party, it's really a tossup between red & white mage. the ultimate party could either be Fi/Fi/Bb/WM or Fi/Fi/Bb/RM. black mage has the coolest design, but as you said, he's usually a liability unless you really want to emphasize magic use.
blackbelt is great for saving money. he starts off slow, but gets increasingly useful after about level 10. by late-game, he becomes a powerhouse.

>> No.7918862

I need to see side by side comparisons of the originals. How the fuck do I know or remember how the originals really looked other than a inaccurate memory

>> No.7918868

the main reason to use a Thief is if you intentionally want to make your run more difficult.

>> No.7918895

Funny thing for me is, when I played FF2, I didn't know the 4th character slot would be constantly changing; I thought I'd get my 4th main guy back soon-ish and it'd be a set party from then on. And I decided he'd be my magic damage caster.
Then I spent the whole game waiting for my permanent black mage role to show up, any minute now.

>> No.7918962

Yeah but warrior starts one hitting enemies before level 10, and unless you are getting really good loot asap that level is around when the monk starts to outpace warrior. If course enemies don't have very much hp so it isn't a huge deal, but it is pretty fun to do 1000+ damage mid game

>> No.7919024

Final Fantasy 1 is like the anti-Wizardry. In those games warriors are mostly useless meathields who clean up the scraps after your mages nuke the enemy parties, while in FF1 they're your bread and butter while mages are just walking heal potions.

>> No.7919034

Christ, what a shame. FF1 with its original spell system and difficulty but with bug fixes and the shitload of extra bosses and loot in the GBA/PSP version would have been perfect.

>> No.7920896

how come they port ff iv to the wonderswan but cancel ff iii??

>> No.7920921
File: 90 KB, 350x499, ff3_8462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one really know for sure, but there are a few theories:
1) Square saw that Bandai's handheld wasn't making the traction they had hoped and ceased development of the FFIII remake but shat out a quick FFIV port as consolation.
2) The creative team got too big for their britches and thought FFIII was too good for a 2D remake
3) Key members of the creative team were reassigned to other projects or left the company.
4) Something happened mid-development, like a catastrophic hard drive failure.
Could be a combination of reasons, really.

>> No.7920935


>> No.7920943

4 is the most popular in Japan

>> No.7920975
File: 72 KB, 680x622, 1625215907101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Jews can make money out of everything lmao
>print your shitty pixel vomit from 40 years ago
>here is your "art" goy, that would be $79,99 plus tip

>> No.7921003

What's the significant differences between GBA and PSP FF1-2?

>> No.7921043
File: 86 KB, 480x272, chronodiascreen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Between GBA & PSP...
>Overhauled spritework, though some areas got more attention than others; compare the intros to see what I mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO-SrskvGi0
>There are an additional set of bonus dungeons. FFI has the postgame Labyrinth of Time that turns the gameplay on its head, and FFII has the Arcane Labyrinths scattered on the overworld with completely game-breaking rewards.
>FFI adds the original theme music for the bosses of the Soul of Chaos dungeons.
>FFII has a short added scene where Princess Hilda's royal guard finds Firion, Maria and Guy, replacing the chase scene that occurred before the first battle in Origins.
>Returning from Origins: opening FMVs, art gallery, and uncompressed music.
>Language select option.
>The longest battle transition load times, and a few new glitches like FFI's equipment glitch.

>> No.7921230

I've never played FFVI before, should I play the SNES or GBA version? Is the original SNES translation okay?

>> No.7921240


>> No.7921273
File: 66 KB, 520x693, 9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Play the Clyde "Tomato" Mandelin translation when it's out. He's translating T-Edition and it's almost a certainty that it'll be backported to the vanilla game. Everyone who made a "relocalization" hack was trying to be him with mixed results, and your choices are so saturated right now that you're better off waiting. Or, if you really can't wait and don't mind emulation and hacks, play the LUA translation of T-Edition. It uses the GBA localization at its core, which Mato concluded is the overall best of the current releases (though not without its problems).

>> No.7921290

Aside from a couple mistranslations here and there, the only real issue with the GBA translation is the translator inisting on throwing in some "iconic" (in his opinion) but incorrect line from the original NES translation. It's a pretty bizarre desicion, if people wanted the SNES translation they'd play the SNES translation, and he replaces so many other equally "iconic" lines any diehard Woolsey nerd is going to dislike his translation for not being Woolsey anyway.

But in general it's a good translation.

>> No.7921346

GBA version looks and sounds worse but has a slightly better translation and some bug fixes, as well as some exclusive extra content that's not very good

>> No.7921357

Have you played VI? At least you didn't day play I + II on Dawn of Souls for Pete's sake . . .

>> No.7921438

>Is the original SNES translation okay?
It's good by 1994 standards by virtue of being translated by a native English speaker that genuinely cared about delivering a quality product. Keep in mind that that's one year after SNK released Samurai Shodown, so industry standard wasn't even at "make sure the title of the game doesn't have typos in it" level yet.

In 2021 anyone with passable knowledge of Japanese and access to Google could do a better job and the only reason it has any kind of following today is nostalgia.

>> No.7922283

is T-Edition really worth playing?

>> No.7922306


>> No.7922319

T-Edition is really unlike any other hack. It has a ton of consideration put into it and outdoes Square Enix in the extras department. For the most part, it feels like stuff the developers would've done if they had the time and room for it - heck, some of the added scenes are things the developers wanted to included but couldn't find a place to put (eg. Strago confronting Shadow). It's clearly done by someone who passionately knows FFVI in and out and respects the source material, and the core story is hardly touched. The only issue I had with it is that it replaced Siegfried with Gilgamesh, but that was several versions ago; the current version is evidently the final one and I haven't checked if that's still true.

>> No.7922330

In the early 90s, burgers in general had so little exposure to foreign media that they kinda just accepted that foreign products often had poor English because foreigners didn't know English all that well. The idea that native English speakers could be fluent in foreign languages didn't really register too much, and the Japanese developers rarely cared all that much about the foreign markets to actually bother paying someone to translate their games into good English when they could just have some guy on the payroll do it with his high school English anyway.

>> No.7922339

Let me shill for a moment how amazing deepl is. Until only 4-5 years ago we EOP were completely hopeless and now anyone can read any kind of written japanese or korean text as long as you know basic grammar to make some context corrections.

>> No.7922471

it was my goty last year. If you have played FF6 before and ever feel like revisiting it do yourself a favor and try it. Blew my mind.

>> No.7922551
File: 49 KB, 250x250, BLM.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people in this thread shitting on black mage in FF
fuck you, i WILL run an all black mage team and you CAN'T stop me

>> No.7922810


This one any good?

>> No.7922832

Description makes it seem like the "translator" doesn't know Japanese and is just going off what Mandelin commented on a stream, which doesn't sound very promising.

>> No.7923194

>the current version is evidently the final one and I haven't checked if that's still true.
got a link, please?

>> No.7923789

Not him, but the English lua project is either using the version of T-Edition that released this year or the version before that (which is more stable): http://ngplus.net/index.php?/forums/topic/1119-t-edition-english-lua-version-requires-windowswine-snes9x-rr/

>> No.7923947

They were? I never play any FF and know nothing about FF in general, so I thought why not now? And I proceeded to buy the entire ps1 collection on Amazon

I fucked up?

>> No.7924013
File: 34 KB, 400x247, nothese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on which PS1 set we're talking about here.
Origins: arguably the best versions that currently exist outside of that weird subgroup of handheld kiddies that grew up with the tweaked-up gameplay of the GBA & PSP versions.
Chronicles: a mixed bag. FFIV is good in that the SNES version previously released in the US had completely butchered content and censorship, and was actually ported pretty well, but is subpar in terms of the English translation, which is worse than the original J2e fan-translation in some places. Chrono Trigger never had a decent conversion outside of Nintendo formats for some reason and has horrendous battle transition load times in a game that's supposed to have seamless here, which ties in to...
Anthology: absolutely the worst versions of FFV & FFVI up until the mobile versions that Square Enix is now erasing from existence. It's less bearable than PS1 Chrono Trigger.

>> No.7924020

The Japanese version of Chrono Trigger plays fine, the horrendous load times were a bug caused during the English translation process because apparently nobody bothered playtesting the finalized English product.

>> No.7924664


>> No.7925083


The walk into Narshe was completely ruined and that's hardly the worst thing they did

>> No.7925306

I have anxiety seeing those discs placed on the table like that.

>> No.7925321

the palettes look weird and washed out. the fuck is up with her hair?

>> No.7926056

They've been using the GBA versions as the base. Yeah, the same versions that were brighter than the original because they had to compensate for the darker screen of the original GBA. They really have no fucking idea.

>> No.7926295

I prefer the transparent smoke.

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