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Mistakes were made.

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I genuinely think if they had ditched the cartridge format, this console could have been great

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You still have that retarded RAM layout though.

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Even bigger expansion pack, duh

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I think theres even 2 serious other bottlenecks in the system. The way the RSP and RDP worked was very opaque unless you read the 1000 page dev manual. Also the thing was just way to complicated allowing you to write custom RSP code like a primitive FPGA. You can see why so many developers just gave up on the thing.

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great nintendo games, weak 3rd party. it started a 25 year trend

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The gen where nintendo ditched their 13+ audience in favor of the kiddies

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Nobody asked for your life story.

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Yes, 80s kids were dropped on their heads and couldnt comprehend 3D


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One of the best consoles ever. It’s competition (playstation) was un unplayable it was so bad…

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On the contrary, I made a huge mistake as a poorfag back in the day. N64 games were $20+ more expensive than thier PS1 counterparts and were at times gimped.

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It's really not as bad as you make it out to be. Having the option to reprogram the RSP doesn't change anything if it's not a worthwhile option (for most developers).

There isn't much more you can do with custom microcode anyway (at least, after Nintendo optimized theirs). All the core graphical features (the blender, combiner, rasterizer, texturing options, etc.) are baked directly into the hardware and cannot be changed. Custom microcode just can't do much to overcome the RSP's limited role in graphics processing.

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