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ITT: Post your favorite retro Toad

For me, it's the blue Toad from SMB2.

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This little guy's as cute as a button.

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The cocky fucker from kart 64. Best voice clips.

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why do people say SMB2 toad is blue toad of the SMB Wii games when the remake of SMB2 has original toad colored sprite?

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Mario 3 Toad knew how to run a b'iness.

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He's purple.

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It's SMB2 Toad just because he's playable and has actual reasons to be played, but the sprite design was really average for him.

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the sprites in SMB2 are all weird, their feet are fucked up

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Is it just me, or is SMB2 pretty fucking difficult? I keep dying on 3-3. I finally figured out that the flying thing stops chasing you if you put down the key, but the level has a lot more bullshit to throw at you after that.

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me and my family loved smb2 when we were younger, idk why. something about the game was mystical apart from the original smb. but yea that shit gets hard, and kinda cryptic like the levels where you have to ride on the magic carpet to get across the sky. weird shit in that game.

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Was Rash actually a frog hanging out with toads? He super looks that way in the games that give them unique sprites, like Battlemaniacs and arcade.

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>why do people say SMB2 toad is blue
Because look at him. He's blue.
>the remake of SMB2 has original toad colored sprite
Revisionism. Mario wore red and brown in SMB1, but they re-colored him in the remake.

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I've always had a weird fascination with Super Mario RPG.

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Wario's Woods was dope.

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90s Hip Hop Toad

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They could have made Mario the "heavy" instead of Toad, which didn't make any sense and doesn't even play that differently. The original sprite even LOOKS like Mario

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SMB3 Toad who tells you about the transformed king of the current world.
Adorable happy jumping when you returned the king to normal.

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Doesn't fit gameplay wise.
Mario needs to be the all rounder

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So are they like a slave race or

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but people literally say that blue toad from SMB Wii is the same toad of SMB2 when it's actually meant to be "normal" toad, he's just blue because of the NES palette. unsure when this headcanon became the default idea of who toad is

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Why would he want you to return his oppressive master back to normal and be happy about it then?

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Conditioning. It's a slave thing

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