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The Greatest home console in the history of gaming turns 25 this year. Post some of its games in honor of 25 years at the top.

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>Blast Corps
>Donkey Kong 64
>Perfect Dark
>Mario Kart 64
>Mario 64
>Mario Party 1-3
>Conker's Bad Fur Day
>Super Smash Bros
>Pokemon Snap, Stadium 1 and 2

The N64 shone when it came to multiplayer games.

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perfect dark

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Wetrix, the greatest falling block game based on water physics.

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And Platformers

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Yes! I thought I was the only one who liked this game. Very underrated for its time.

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Castlevania 64 and I'm not sorry. Call it clunky, janky, archaic, or whatever you'd like, but there's something special about it's atmosphere, tone, and aesthetic that I have a certain fondness for. Play this game in October with the windows open if you don't understand what I'm talking about.

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I don't understand the hate for Castlevania 64. I contribute it to over-aggresive SOTN fans. The controls aren't that bad, I just ran through it a month back and had no trouble navigating it. Is it perfect? No but it's nowhere near as bad as it's rep.

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Doom 64 is the best console Doom ever.

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Yes, Its a 7/10 game

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Doom 3 on Xbox was better

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I've beaten the game as Reinhardt and I don't understand the love for it. Not even a SOTN fan. The animation and controls aren't very good, the music is far too sparse, and like half of the game is made up of kinda shitty level design. The tower is really the only good part of the game, aside from Dracula.
I don't think it's quite as bad as its reputation but it certainly isn't very good either.

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Been playing through this on 00 Agent for the first time these past couple of weeks, I'm at the Jungle level, and I think this might be the best game on N64. There's a neat sandboxy nature to the levels and figuring out your goals, then devising the perfect plan and enacting it. It's also challenging, assuming you play it this way and don't just look up how to do it all. I'm really loving this game right now.

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Eh different strokes and that's cool. My problem is with the overwhelming hate it gets comparing it to stuff like Superman 64 or worse. It's youtuber meme-level shit

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Personally, I love the game, but it's not perfect and it does have flaws. Those flaws can be a deal breaker for some and quickly become over exaggerated. It's not as easily accessible or approachable as some games like Ocarina of Time, which I think some people expected it to play similarly to. The first level in particular can be a bad first impression. It requires a bit more persistence and it feels like a genuine challenge. It has plenty of strengths that play into each other well enough and remains consistent, but it also never goes further beyond and lacks anything phenomenal. There's potential and it's why I'd love to see another game like this. There's enough that it does right that I think deserves to be further refined and it's why I love the game despite it's flaws.

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Bought the game, if its shit its on your asses.

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are you ok anon

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I'll know for sure in a few days once it arrives

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Are you really this much of a faggot?

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>Post some of its games in honor of 25 years at the top.
Mario, Zelda, the list goes on...

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Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. It's a great love letter to Japanese Wrestling fans, and even has an MMA mode if you want to check out how an MMA game would play like before the UFC and Pride games came out. There are a lot of unlockables to keep you coming back, and has a complete English patch.

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Just ordered a new & unused OEM n64 controller for $120

Good deal?

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Not a bad deal technically, but you can find genuinely good ones that have barely been used with next to perfect sticks, even on ebay, for $30 if you keep an eye out, so I hope the insurance of it being actually new and unused is worth it to you.
I spent $30 on a yellow one that the seller claimed was a "9/10" stick. Typically I wouldn't take someone's opinion like that on it without seeing the benchmarks but I took a gamble on this one and it paid off. It tests better (just like a new OEM controller with ranges between 82-87) and has a smaller deadzone than my kitsch-bent rebuilt stick. I also opened it and confirmed that all the parts were OEM and hadn't been replaced. From what I could tell the controller had never even been opened, the screws still had what felt like a seal on them and they had to be broken free. Obviously I'm willing to admit I got lucky with this one, but point is good deals are out there if you can find them or get lucky on them. I hope you enjoy your new one. Please disassemble it and grease the bowl, the gear slots, and the insides of the gears that wrap themselves around the analog stick if you want it to last.

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I'm looking to buy used N64s currently and my question is:

Is it worth it to buy separate games or should I just get an Everdrive X7 / ED64 Plus along with a Memory Pak + Extension Pak and call it a day?

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Why unused? The used controllers really aren't as dead as the memes all say, I bought two used controllers for $40 and they both work perfect.

But I suppose if you wanted a brand new mint controller that's cool too.

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Only if you're a faggot

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I still buy games, but my collection is large since it spans from my childhood and my first years buying games as a teen. Half of the shit I got was cheap as fuck back then and the stuff I buy today is all on the cheaper/niche/unknown side of the library. I've already got all the expensive carts that I would want to play years ago.

But if you're literally just starting out, just stick with the everdrive and call it a day. There's not much point in buying carts at that point unless one really means something to you. 64 games used to be $5-15 for an average game, $20-30 for a high demand game, $40-80 for a rare game when I first started. Now they're about $20-30 for an average game, $40-100 for a high demand game, and well over $100 for rare games now, and those are loose prices.

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Mario Party wears the analog sticks badly. Grease helps a lot though.

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Everdrive availability is funky in my country (Greece) so I don't know if I should get an ED64 Plus or the Super 64 knockoff instead. Do I still need Memory/Extension Paks with these carts?

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My opinion of Castlevania 64 is that it would be regarded as just fine if had been released in 1997 but the thing is it came out in 1999. I’m not sure if it had a troubled development cycle or what but it feels like an early N64 game that came out mid-gen.

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>all new levels
>all new sound and music
>all new graphics

It was an all new game with its own aesthetic and style, built on top of classic Doom gameplay, and until very recently, was exclusive to the N64 (barring emulation and unofficial PC ports). It's a must play for any fan of Doom or 90s FPS.

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I’ve been meaning to try it out. It’s on game pass now along with a lot of other Doom games.

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If you mean the controller pak, yeah, you should probably get at least one. Lots of games save to the controller pak. I don't know how everdrive or other flash carts handle the saves of those type of games that don't save to the cartridge.

If you mean the expansion pak, it's really nice to have but the expansion exclusive games are pretty few, DK64, Majoras Mask, and Perfect Dark, though it does boost performance of some other games besides those. Unless you're really dying to play those games you can probably skip out on it. Get it a few months after you're already happy with your initial set up. Your best bet is just finding an n64 with one already installed so you don't have to worry about it though.

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How delusional do you have to be to think N64 was better than the PlayStation
Not "I prefer n64", but actually think it's better

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According to my research games that don't use the Controller Pak save directly on the Flash Cart so that's accommodated for.

I'd play a lot of MM and PD over at my friends' house who had an N64 (I had a PSX so I missed out on that sweetness) so I think I'll make sure I have an Expansion Pak for those nostalgia points.

Thank you very much, Anon

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I bet you wore sweatpants to school.

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It's all timing. If your parents bought it for you at age 12 you had the time to dedicate. If you bought it yourself at 16 you're too busy to figure it out.

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Doom on PS1 was cool as well

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I rented it when I was 10 and thought it sucked

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nintendo is a cult, you cannot argue with cultists.

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lol sure

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>The Greatest home console in the history of gaming turns 25 this year.

kek, not even in the top 10 retro systems.

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souless / soul

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It's been the one consistant fixture in my living room since the 90's. I don't play it every day but it's always good for multiplayer when people come over. between the everdrive and all the fantastic rom hacks coming out these days, its a great time to own one.

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Yeah I'm all about that Kek 64 Illuminati of Time

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Jesus how have I not heard of this?

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N64 Leon has pursed lips, all the better for Big Birkin Cloaca.

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Well yeah, it was the only console at the time with 4 player support natively. Devs were smart to make use of it.

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Thats your opinion. Majority agrees it is the best just look at all the threads on here 80% are N64 related

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>looking at the lips of a man

Jesus, what a closeted faggot.

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Goddamn I love N64 so fucking much. I really want to fix my controllers to make them top-tier again but the best replacenment are in USA. Fuck my life.

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Unless you're prone to collecting, snag an everdrive. Convenient, organized, it plays rom hacks and it has a built in gameshark. I've had one for two months and it's made me an n64 fan.

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Does Ocarina of Time just look especially terrible or something? I bought a recommended S video cable for my 64 and I swear I can’t see a difference compared to composite. I can with my PS2 cables.

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I genuinely think so but OoTfags get mad when I say it. The game looks like a tech demo compared to MM.

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>The Greatest home console in the history of gaming
That's subjective. Doesn't even make my top 5.

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