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>Better than DOOM

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Its poopy

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Fuck you

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The level design is really not great

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Picture not related.

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>Level design is much more spectacular and interesting than DOOM's
>Levels actually resemble something instead of the often nonsensical DOOM environments

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Yes it is

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>thinking this is better than doom
doom doom, doomer

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>better soundtrack,
>the graphics as brown as they were, seemed better than white/grey/infiniteblacknessofspace of almost every map
>weapons were better on doom
Sure, levels were more complex than the simpler labyrinths of doom but I rather shoot demons with a shotgun.

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The levels in Doom aren't supposed to be "realistic", you're in hell.

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idk if i'd say better
they're both good though.

no jedi knight, that was better than quake for sure (at least singleplayer)

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the jedi knight games are a mixed bag but the way the force jump was implemented was fantastic, hard to go back to normal games after a playthrough of the trilogy.

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Dark Forces 1 is mediocre.
>Level design gets worse over time, half of it is boring and the other half is easy
>Full of cheap death pits that force you to stop and painstakingly look down with keyboard keys before proceeding every 2 minutes
>Fucking proximity mines everywhere on the later levels that have absurd range and damage, which you can't get rid of without wasting explosive ammo or thermal detonators
>Mines scattered through areas with enemies forbidding movement while the game demands you to fight enemies that have hitscan explosive weapons
>Mines hidden right behind doors that you can't ever tell are there until you get hit by them on your first playthrough
>Having to stop and toss thermal detonators is a pain in the ass to throw around because of their arc, which makes the gameplay even more of a slog by making you stop and throw them around everywhere
>Level 8 hides a crucial item (ice boots) on a hidden ledge off the side of a goddamn mountain, under your field of view, on slippery ice that can send you off ledges to your death very easily
>Mission 3 as a whole is nothing short of a fucking mess of level design

Whenever it wasn't an annoying trial-and-error session with the goddamn mines, it was braindead easy. The only challenging part was the giant gator monster punchout on Jabba's level.

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i just played through jedi knight over the last week, and it's much better than it was when I was a kid. a couple puzzles where i got stuck for a few minutes, but overall not bad, and the overall level design is fantastic.

it also feels like classic star wars in a way very few games do.

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The layout of some of the facilities in the first episode of Doom 1 are pretty retarded.

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No shit, they're designed to be abstract because 1; they wanted to show what this revolutionary engine could do, instead of just doing boxes and hallways like with Wolfenstein 3D, and 2; not having to adhere to realism means that you can create absolutely whatever will work for the gameplay you have in mind.

It's basically an action dungeoncrawler, nothing needs to make sense from a realistic point of view.

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Not until episode 3 actually. The first two episodes are supposed to be in a Moon base and then a Moon base mixed with medieval architecture because hell lol.

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Git gud

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I beat the game long ago. Doesn't make it not a mediocre game. One more non-argument from you and it's a shit game.

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based. the crashing ship level is my favorite

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Doom's soundtrack is iconic but Dark Forces' is way better and is underrated as fuck. So is Rise of the Triads.

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This is the only game better then DOOM and that's only if you don't count mods

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meh, the hitscan gets tiresome.

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>play through on darkxl
>having a blast
>get to level 14
>puzzle just doesn't work at all
>google it
>darkxl bug that was never fixed, brickwalls progress unless you cheat through the door
>lose all desire to continue
>years later
>see this thread
>see if someone ever decided to finish darkxl
>discover the force engine project that promises to do exactly that and release by mid 2021
>check git page
>project incomplete and abandoned as of 3 months ago
Fate really doesn't want me to ever finish this game.

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Duke3D is better as well

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Sorry you had this experience anon. The mines can be annoying but they're hardly "everywhere" and you can in fact bait them and retreat without damage, though it's tricky. And there's nothing wrong with Mission 3. All of the missions are pretty good in their own ways.

Also I hope no one is playing with DarkXL because it fucks up a lot of the mechanics.

Also the community has made some great fan levels over the years, check out df-21.net

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Its really not even that bad in dosbox desu

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star wars canon begins and ends with dark forces

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The most over rated shooter. Its good but the difficulty curve is stupid. Starts off stupid hard then gets pretty easy. I seriously think anyone who says blood is hard hasn't made it past level 3

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I remember when darkxl was new in 2010 lmao. I had no faith in it getting finished. I didnt even know about this force engine but thats also hilarious.

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Don't try and rewrite history asshole. Doom's levels are iconic even 30 years later. Nobody remembers what Dark forces first level looks like

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luciusDXL (the guy who made darkXL and is now making the force engine) is still solidly working on the project. His blog posts aren't so frequent because he's mainly just focusing on finishing it, but he does post updates a lot more frequently in the discord. He's getting pretty close to a first release actually, right now he's working on logic and AI which I think is the last stuff he has to do before release.

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I wouldn't consider being better than Doom much of an accolade considering Doom is a fairly primitive FPS game but Dark Forces is a great game. However if I played it today I'd probably criticise it for being too easy. I did beat it multiple times as preteen after all.

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>considering Doom is a fairly primitive FPS game
With the Doom 1 bestiary, kinda, but with the Doom 2 bestiary it adds a lot of complexity to combat.

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yep, it's amazing. there's a bunch of huge areas in that level you can completely miss unless you play through it several times. i didn't even realize until this last time that there you could get to the bridge and press a button to turn on the engines which gives you more time.

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>Your face when Force Engine is made by the same guy that made XL

Lol. It's still being worked on but covid shit pushed it back a bit. First release should be within the next few months. I think he just finished work on a level editor.

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Sorry to break it to you, but only autistic doomfaggots who only play Doom and nothing else 30 years later remember what Doom levels look like. For everyone else they remember the monsters, the guns and the violence and also how it was mostly just samey looking halls and mazes and shit but whatever, once it got stale better, newer games and fresher experiences were already out.

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I'd say screw it and just play the game in DosBox, it runs fine and the game is too comfy to put off. Look up Dark Forces Plus if you want more comfortable controls.

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>For everyone else they remember the monsters, the guns and the violence
And the music. Although I do remember bits and pieces of some levels because I used to play it a lot.

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I learned to punch in LAPOSTAL before I could actually read a book.

This game was awesome
>storm troopers smoking
Lots of neat stuff. Level 2 is still a favorite.

Doom is good but doomfags need to calm their tits. This game had real 3D levels. First fps to have it I believe

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Eh, it's not really comparable to Doom. Doom is faster, more nervous and primitive but still fucking great. I've played Dark Forces with DF plus, and it felt more like Duke3D : Star Wars Edition, but before Duke3D. Great game

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Definitely check out Dark Forces DeHacker. It has much better vertical mouse look that doesn't require separate GlovePIE scripts. Improves the mouse sensitivity and decouples it from the player run state. Also allows you to rebind right click as alternate fire. It's easily the best way to play Dark Forces right now until the force engine releases.

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Just tried it in dosbox with the steam version and it felt like it was chugging along at 30fps. I just can't do those framerates anymore, hopefully the guy does finish the new project at some point.

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Its poopy

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I tried playing this game but the terrible level design, boring enemy variety, and poor armory with many of the guns feeing the same ruined it for me

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Well the original game ran at 35fps. But you might try updating dosbox since the steam version of dark forces comes packaged with an an outdated version. It may 'feel' smoother if it fixed some frame-pacing or vsync issues or whatever. Run it with opengnb renderer and increase the cpu cycles. Otherwise yeah, no choice but to wait for the force engine.

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Dark Forces runs VERY smooth in DosBox for me (I think it might be 70 fps?) so I don't think the game is locked at 35. You're still with the original resolution though which is probably 320x200 or something small like that, it's like vanilla Doom or close to it.

I remember finding a dosbox.conf on the Steam forums that helped improve my performance, no idea what the specific tweaks were though.

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There is a 35fps limit to all DOS games.

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no? DOS Quake for example allowed 72 fps

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dosbox runs at 70fps because it's emulating a 70hz VGA signal which, was common at the time. But the game still runs at 35fps and is just duping every other frame. I'm not saying it doesn't run smooth though, imo those dos-era sprite based shooters don't suffer nearly as badly as modern 3d games at low framerates, (however if you're running on a 60hz monitor you'll get inconsistent frame-times). You're right about the resolution, fun fact though, the MAC version ran at 640x480

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Only Level 3's poopy

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I miss the time game developers would just put things in their games because it made sense, not because it was part of the design document and an integral part of the officially recognized gameplay loop. Dark Forces has AI with a perception model that takes into account the player's surrounding light level and proximity. It has stealth mechanics. In fact, more complexity in its stealth mechanics than a supposed stealth game Metal Gear Solid a few years later. And Dark Forces doesn't even need it at all. It's just something programmers put in probably very late in development when they had nothing important to do.

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It's cause it was Lucas arts and they could.

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LucasArts was easily among the top ten best video game developers of their time. I wonder what they would have released in the eight years before Disney time if Ward didn't optimize the life out of it.

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At least crop your mobile screenshot.

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Someone is trying to do the impossible, i.e. make TIE Fighter even better than it already is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AbndNbnms0

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Maybe but in the end its Star Wars.

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i remember playing this for first time when it came out.
it was such a big thrill to kill stormtroopers in first person. also, this was back when fans were screaming for new canon stuff and this was new canon stuff.

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