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I grew up playing n64 and have grown to hate it

>little 3rd party support
>all of the Nintendo games are just watered down versions of their snes predecessors with neato 3D graphics
>none of the games hold up, the Pokémon graphics are cringe, the Mario party games are all completely based off of chance and are generally awful
>bad controller design

There are very few exemptions on this, I do think that Mario 64 and the original smash bro’s are legendary games, goldeneye was pretty decent too despite wacky controls

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Also, all those cringe beta retro gamer youtubers/redditors obsess over this system in particular for no reason. I’m fine with it, keeps snes games cheap

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The N64 is a great console solely because of Rare.

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Yea those games are pretty good

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It sounds like youre a friendless incel zoomer.
Before online multiplayer became the norm the N64 was the best multiplayer experience that you could get. This alone makes it the best and most influential console of all time.

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>little 3rd party support
Hudson, HAL, Konami, Midway, Rare, Acclaim all put out good games for the system. It shares a lot of classic titles with the PSX and Saturn as well. This is just a meme from people who only know Nintendo titles (which are all good btw)

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ocarina was better than a link to the past and had the superior aesthetic of all zelda games

zelda games on the snes are too simple and contemporary zeldas gamecube and so on are too childish

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It’s a fun console although it lacks in single player stuff once you get past the big names in the library.

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