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Guess who is getting a translation next

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Whats with translators and announcing translations years before they release the final product?

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It'll probably be out in a few months considering their last one was done shortly after being announced.

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holy mother of wobbling that looks awful
is it supposed to look like there's an earthquake going on

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So other group don't try to translate it. So they can take as long as they want since no one else is translating it anyway.

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The video is soliciting donations, so that's probably the reason for the "in development" announcement.

I understand that you probably weren't yet born during the PS1 era, but have you seriously not seen or played any games from that time?

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Memes aside, PS1 games don't look good at anything higher than native resolution

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Imagine how much better this would look without that shitty warping.

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I don't have any screenshots on hand but Tron Bonne looks pretty fucking good. I agree with you for the most part though

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Saved you a click: it's racing lagoon
Crazy how all these zooms don't know what a z buffer is

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>Saved you a click
You can literally just hover your pointer over [Embed] in the OP to see the game's name if you didn't know it.

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[Settings] > Images & Media > Embed YouTube links

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>Saved you a click: it's racing lagoon
so the filename of OP's picture wasn't a lie? phew, thanks, bro.

>there are people ITT who aren't using userscripts turning plain youtube-links into their video-title to never be rickroll'd again

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>needing a translation
If you're new to video games then ok but this is the retro board. If you've been into vidya for more than 5 years you should have a decent grasp of moon by now.

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Very exciting news!!! I'm looking more forward to new translation patches than new games.

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Very cool.

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Would love to see the intro without wobbles.

You just need texture correcting at higher resolutions.

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>Whats with translators and announcing translations years before they release the final product?
muh donations of course

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I'm OK with people paying for fan translations, why would anyone be against it?

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cause they likely won't finish the fucking project

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Anyone have some high resolution art from Racing Lagoon? Really want to print out a poster.

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lol humor me
What makes you think that?

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I'd rather them just sell the finished patch for 10 bucks or something when it's done. Or a one time donation. Patreon is cancer

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gideon and every other faggot who never finished shit

this is the better option, but will result in less money made

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>gideon and every other faggot who never finished shit
He's not working on it, so what makes you think that? Do you know who hilltop are?

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Praise Aero-C

Praise Aero-C

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Play the game using PCSX-Reloaded

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Just emulate with perspective correction

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is this game any good outside of graphics?
out of /vr/

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cunt, that's why them being paid is better

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Why? If they are getting paid, they have even less reason to finish it since as long as they are working on it, people will keep paying.

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It's weird cause it doesn't really feel like Square Soft

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Yes, it actually looks enjoyable.

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Look up how long their previous project took retard

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Isnt this the same group that did Arale the other day? I dont mind supporting them, at least they clearly state they want to get paid instead of some faggy "muh scene" pretext.
Put a price on your work and let people vote with their wallets.

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yeah they tried seeing how a few games worked for injecting text/hacking/editing assets and picked this one because it's easy and popular enough that they can get it done in a quick turn around time.

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Those days I was thinking about something, it is related to "those that got here early and those that are part of it now".
Back when Doom was big, there was a lot of professional gamers participating in Doom, CS and so on tournaments to win money. Still, what they own was not even close to what modern professional gamers win(even their contract is probably more than what the old players used to win in tournaments).
Then we have youtubers. There was a lot of channels doing thousands of funny, interesting, creative or whatever videos back in late 00s early 10s. But what a famous youtuber wins now is thousands times more than what they got before(if ever). So most of those old youtubers are not even around anymore, so they hardly got anything from this and just wasted their creativity, so to say.
Now we have patreon and fan translation. People back then translated thousands of games and the most they got was a "thank you" from some fans that knew about them(the majority of gamers just downloaded the translated version in some roms site). But now people can get paid for doing fan translation and the people that already did those will get nothing unless they have to start a new fan translation and ask money.
So, going by that, it seems that usually "being the first" at starting something may not be always a good idea.

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If someone can make a living on translating old PS1 games so they keep translating PS1 games instead of taking 10 years to say they're translating it but not translate it, good. Fuck goons.

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It was absolutely hilarious when aeon genesis sat on a bunch of SMT games for over a fucking decade doing no work whatsoever, bitched and whined about the SMT fanbase and then less than a month after that autistic screeching, Majin Tensei 1 and 2 were fully translated into English by DDStranslation. AG is an incompetent hack that coasted along purely because he claimed a bunch of projects first, I'm so glad the translation community is finally evolving past respecting "first dibs" nonsense.

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That webbam is mesmerizing

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You can be the first asking for money, it that stupid communistic mentality pretending that things have to be free as if the translators didnt need to eat or had more than enough money AND time to dedicate to some endeavor.
Just drop the act, if you do it for epeen then say so but stop pretending you're above getting paid.

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Seriously, if someone is putting in the work, proving they can do it, do it decently, and get it done fast fuck it. Make money on that, don't fall for faggot internet hippy shit. That internet hippy is just saying that so he can make money on what you're doing.

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>If someone can make a living on translating old PS1 games so they keep translating PS1 games
They are not wrong. I'm not even complaining about it. I'd do the same if I had in their place.

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The patch would get pirated anyways.
The better option is to juggle how much money you can get on patreon gibs while getting the translation out.
If they take too long like yandev does then other teams can put pressure by just releasing stuff faster
The best option though would be having a bounty site where people can pre pay a certain amount for something to be translated and then the one who delivers gets the bounty after a proper test run that verifies the translation isnt shitty and the game can be finished proper.

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This is basically Driving Emotion 0 right?

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>profiting off what is essentially piracy and copyright-violation

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YES, unless you're willing to do it for free and quicker than them.

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This game always looked really cool, looking forward to playing it.

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>Patreon is cancer
After what happened with Professor Abrasive, I'd have to agree. Paying someone on a monthly basis to work on a project incentivizes them to drag it out as long as possible.

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Excited that someone is giving it a try

Dont give a shit that its on patreon, imagine donating

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why does it look better than ps2 graphics?
is it only nostalgia?

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if you're referring to the video in OP, it's completely pre-rendered

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>it's completely pre-rendered
It’s clearly not

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You're right, I was referring to the YT link. The webm is realtime but it doesn't even look close to PS2 graphics. Looks great for PS1, though.

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gideon never finishing shit... lmfao. Dudes been around over a decade and has a fuckton of finished projects.

Seethe more about patreon. Its a great way for established / trustworthy people to monetize stuff that would simply be impossible to monetize otherwise. No romhacker wants to set up stripe/paypal deal with all that horseshit to sell 2 copies of their translation and watch 100k others pirate it.

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Why do the words lagoon and dragoon show up so much in japanese games?

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>After what happened with Professor Abrasive

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lurk moar

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>meanwhile, Retronomicon

I miss him :(

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Professor Abrasive was a guy who worked on a Optical Drive Emulator for the Saturn, The Satiator. It was in development forever while he collected Patreon money. When Terraonion announced their Sega Saturn/Dreamcast ODE, he announces that his product is finally complete.
As a reward to his patreons, he offers them the opportunity to buy them first over other customers, and gives them a $15 dollar discount for the $260 ODE.
Understandably, people who had been donating to him for a long time were not impressed.

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So no one with actual talent picks up that same title and releases it months, if not years before they do.

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worked wonders for nightwolve kek