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>Pause game
>Game music becomes quieter, distant, and echo-y

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>Pause game
>music stops

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>*record scratch*
>*freeze frame*
>Yup, that's me. I bet you're wondering how I got myself into that situation...

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>pause game
>get extremely funky beat


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>pause game
>music restarts

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>pause the game
>pause screen has no menu, no "pause" text, the music keeps playing, and all it does is freeze the screen
>if you don't check thoroughly enough, you might not have paused the game at all
I've died numerous times while taking a piss because of this.

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>get fancy controller with SLOW button
>it's just pause but set to turbo

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/tv/ posters are actually the worst part of this site, not /pol/.

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I hated that shit

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Damn I've been boycotting Kotaku since 2013. Fuck Petricia Hernandez but not literally

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And when you pause the game you get this funky beat

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>music restarts
I understand why this can be much easier to program than pausing the music but it still triggers me

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How else would you do it?
What controller can send commands directly to the CPU?

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>How else would you do it?
Can't speak for Anon but I can think of a number of ways. I have several devices that do slow motion without just pulsing the start button.
>What controller can send commands directly to the CPU?
One that's connected "directly to the CPU" obviously, dumbass. But that's not necessary. You really don't understand what you're talking about. You're just stringing random words you've heard together, shit rooster.

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>bring up escape menu, inventory or something else
>game continues running in the background

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Fuck off, frogposting retard.

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See >>7780809

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>enter /vr/
>shitty threads galore

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>skipped school the day they taught my class what real time means
zoom. not even once

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The point is that a lot of '80s kids were probably expecting a less low-tech solution. Also, that would be completely useless for a game without a pause function or with the pause assigned to a button other than the standard one.

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It was funny how that worked for some games and not all. Games with long pause cooldowns (Street Fighter 2 immediately comes to mind) were just fucking lol

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Imagine being an uptight bitch about a minuscule detail

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>How else would you do it?
Don't false advertise for starters, literally just call it turbo-pause. When people scratch their head at how fucking stupid it is, at least they shouldn't be surprised at what theyre getting.

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>ITT: retards who don't know this exist

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First of all, the mute button is not relevant to anything discussed in the thread so far. Your post sounds ESL, so you might have misunderstood. Second, even if it were relevant, many kids grew up in the 1980s with their only remote being a non-universal cable remote which didn't directly control their television and had no mute button. Cable wasn't even offered in my town until the late '80s. If I wanted to change the channel or the volume, I had to get up and go over to the television itself.

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>First of all, yadda yadda blah blah blah.
Shut up. Nobody cares.

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You should zoom on out of here before you embarrass yourself more.

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>Your post sounds ESL
Found the repuglican

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No U

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bros.... did Portal kill vidya?

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sounds based to me.

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>pause game

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>Pause game
>Start shitty thread on /vr/

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What games have you played that do this?

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>open /vr/
>get /v/ frog

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>can't pause game

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Load that into MAME and just push "P".

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Lol. If you're triggered by people who say those things about video games, why don't you just ignore them and keep playing video games? Just live your best life, you bitter goof.

(Unless you secretly get off on outrage and drama because the adrenaline of the anger is actually really fun and addicting and you haven't learned this about yourself yet.)

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Apathy and tolerance are the last symptoms of a dying civilization.

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How does that even happen? Guro victory pose and Scorpion fatality post? What is going on here?

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That image was made by a /v/ zoomer who thinks he knows what times were like before he was alive.

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