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>real water physics
>rad music
>Orange ocean stage
>Officially licensed Kawasaki JetSki

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Superior water-based racing game coming thru.

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Game only had 4 "tracks". It felt like a tech demo with so little content.
I always wished there was a squeal with 12+ tracks, since the core game was really good, and the water was super impressive at the time, was impressive even when comparing to gen 6 shit.

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>real water physics
Uh yeah if you think that's how water really works I bet you don't go outside much

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It had more than 4 tracks you doofus, you're thinking of # racers which are indeed 4.

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Wut? Wave Race might have arcade version

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that would be cool but nah, you may be thinking of namco's aqua jet

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>Game only had 4 "tracks"

You just posted cringe bro....

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What's the best way to play Hydro Thunder at home?

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This game recently got me into Jflow, comfiest shit ever

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cool splashdown demo.

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Dreamcast has the highest quality home port, and that version is included in Midway Arcade Treasures Vol. 3 on PS2/Xbox/GC.

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me too, one of my favorite games ever. is it widely regarded as better than the gamecube version?

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Yes the gamecube's sequel is soulless trash

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I even feel like the waves in 64 are more dynamic, but I could be wrong. I definitely prefer the arcade atmosphere of the 64 version. The GC game feels more like a traditional sports title. Even the coloring is more vibrant in 64

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I can replay the 8 courses indefinitely, but still wish there were more of them.

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Also, for me its Marine Fortress

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for me it's Jeter

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The first game was made by the superior nippon EAD, the sequel on the GC was made by Nintendo Software Technology, the Saturday animo presentation were the least of the game's problems, the game was also choppy, sure the N64 was a bit slow specially the PAL version but it was smooth.

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None of the new tracks on the GC game were any good so those 8 tracks is all we're gonna get.

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this game is glowing with SOUL and charm.

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>barrel roll

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>rad music
It has one memorable song.

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I can run that faster in my sleep

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The music in this game fits each level perfectly.

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It's a good game. You just have to get good OP. Its better with Teo players

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It's better with friends

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>OP likes the radical
^faggot spotted

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enchanting dreamscape.

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You're all gay. What happened to having fun?

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Fun was outlawed in 2015

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I love Wave Race 64's OST so thank you for this

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One thing I love so much about this game is how it controls. It takes a bit to get used to but it really does feel like you're forcefully ripping the jet ski side to side. In order to make a really sharp turn you have to hold down on the control stick to pull back. It actually gives you such a fine level of control as pushing forward or pulling back while turning helps to make softer or harder turns.

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You're welcome anon, have a look at that youtube channel, if you like that sort of music there's so much good stuff in there it doesn't even make sense to post it all here

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The attract mode that plays when you turn the game on always gives me chills.

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>being an adult
>having fun
choose one and only one

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If I was a mega autist leet programmer I'd make a level editor for this game.

I want more tracks and shit.

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Still my favorite N64 game. I play it on the Wii U gamepad all the time.

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>mfw thinking of a source port with 60fps, 4K, mods, level creator, buyeo editor

If you could even just modify or hell even just randomise where the buoys are in a track (to sensible degrees) that would give the game infinite replayability

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>adulterating yourself
no thanks. I will stay as a child and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

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kek, I chose, but now how you think

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we had this game though I never got too into it as a kid
mega atmospheric though
I could never explain to a zoomer the excitement and wonder of the 64 when it was new

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>we had this game though I never got too into it as a kid
how come?

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never cared for racing or sports

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The time trials require a real N64 to get legit records, not even the Wii VC is good.
Trying to get the best time is a lot of fun, get the fat guy and configure the jet ski to be easier to curve and max speed.
The gameplay is perfect, the waves interaction is just incredible specially considering how early the game was, when you think about it the game has no right to be this good.

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4 pallet swaps. So "8".

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more S O UL: Diddy Kong Racing or Wave Race 64?

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I remember a kid gave me this for free because it was his least favorite game. I never even put it in the system once.

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I was recently befuddled by my incapacity of beating my own times from more than 15 years ago in time trials mode. Despite apparently doing almost perfect laps, I still fell short my old records by several seconds, what the fuck bros.

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Funny someone mentioned DKR because I do the same in that. Skills wane.

I remember I used to polish my times out to such crazy extent, that my fastest run would always have one part I didn't understand how I was so fast. like the geometry of the ground bounced me in a favorable way I didn't understand.

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>Dolphin Park
>Sunny Beach
>Sunset Bay
>Drake Lake
>Marine Fortress
>Port Blue
>Twilight City
>Glacier Coast
>Southern Island
No pallet swaps here, the fuck are you on about?

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>Dolphin Park
>Sunny Beach
>Sunset Bay
>Drake Lake
>Marine Fortress
>Port Blue
>Twilight City
>Glacier Coast
>Southern Island
No palette? swaps here, the fuck are you on about?

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dkr has this retarded thing of releasing the accelerator over zippers boosts you

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This game is like if F-Zero and Wave Race fucked and had a baby, I love it.

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Hydro Thunder isn't even in the same league as Wave Race 64

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You're right, it's far and away above it transcending into the heavens.

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I wanted Mortal Kombat Trilogy or Killer instinct but a relative got me Wave Race for my birthday. There weren't many games out for the N64 and even Pilotwings would've interested me more but my second game on the N64 was fucking wave race and I was pissed since I wanted a game with action.
My mom told me I could wait and exchange it for another if I didn't open it but I was 10 and couldn't wait so of course I opened it up despite not being a game I was excited to play. Overall I enjoyed it but only to an extent since I wasn't a huge fan of racing games. I played it tons though, mostly since I didn't have much else to play. I liked it. I did eventually get MKT and KI Gold which I didn't like much. Overall I'm glad I got this game.

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came here to say this

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Configure the jet ski of the fat guy to be max top speed and handling loose, only track that's hard with him is Port Blue because the tunnel is too tight to maneuver with him.

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The number of playable characters anon...

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Sadly the characters of this game plays a huge role. You probably used others. I think that in game like these only the vehicle should actually change the stats, and it should let you customize it.

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>Game only had 4 "tracks".
The conversation is clearly about tracks

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The anon I quoted was talking about the number of characters.

> you're thinking of # racers which are indeed 4.

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>since I wasn't a huge fan of racing games.
Wave race shouldn't represent racing games.

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>the woman can't even achieve the same top speed as the guys

The real hard mode right there

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>drifting nascar cars
yeah, no

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australia-kun shouldn't represent sega fans

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Diddy Kong Racing has more soul

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Wave Race 64 is cool but I prefer the look of Wave Rally, a ps2 game nobody played. I've been hooked on it ever since some anon mentioned it on here a while ago.

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The dual shock rumble on that game is really good but the game doesn't emulated well unless it's in software mode.

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time to buy a ps2 and freemcboot'd memory card

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Yeah that sucks because upscaling would make the game look even better if hw mode didn't discolor the water.

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looks more uninspired than Wave Race: Blue Storm

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Because you're right

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It's better than BS.

Jet X2O
Wave Rally
Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild

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Damn was this game good

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>Thinking midway makes great games.

Other than MK 2 that is

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Fzero X

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FZeroX, Diddy Kong, Wave Race
All contenders for most overhyped baby racers.

>> No.7789321

>a ps2 game nobody played
Because it sucks.

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I've mentioned this a few times on here. It's really a fun game that gives off a terrible first impression. It's more faithful to the original Wave Race than Blue Storm. You must memorize the tracks in this, otherwise the AI will mince you.

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It does get pretty difficult especially in the later stages like in Bluestorm but the watercraft seem a little easier to control in wave rally. There's also no water trail effect on the enviroment from opponent's vehicles which makes it less frustrating to play.

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DKR is one of my favorite games but Wave Race by a mile

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>Real water physics
>Kick flipping a jet ski of wooden ramps

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>I don't understand what water physics means

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>Everyone who dislikes my favorite game is the same boogeyman
Not him but you're a dumbass nigger.

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Talk like a troon and people think you're from troontown

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Explain how a kart racer like Diddy Kong is on par with Sega Rally or Daytona USA.

You talk about troons but they are the only people who still play baby party games like fzerox, wave race and Diddy kong.

>> No.7792374

>Explain how a kart racer like Diddy Kong is on par with Sega Rally or Daytona USA.
Well for one thing it has more than three to five tracks.

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You're fucked in the head

>> No.7792563

Goodluck naming and describing 3-5 forgettable tracks from FZeroX or Diddy Kong racing.

>> No.7792596

why does nintendo live in your head rent free?

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Sorry for discussing Wave Race 64 in a Wave Race 64 thread. Will try to talk about something else next time.

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explain how the game is bad, auster

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I like how some tracks open up shortcuts depending on the tide, other than that its just another bland racing game. A river track with a waterfall would have been nice but that would require effort having a vertical track. Whoever thought it was a bright idea to drive around buoys deserves to be whipped.

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File: 2.87 MB, 640x480, F-Zero X speed kills.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Devil's Forest 3: upside down mirror track, perfect for practicing drifting
Big Blue: track is mostly a cylinder, which has its own physics different from standard road
Silence: straight track that twists, going too fast without holding forward will cause you to fly off the track when upside down
Mute City 3: extremely flat track full of right angles and jump pads, perfect for drifting and diving
Big Hand: it's a giant hand, also great drifting practice

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>Big Blue
>Track is mostly a cylinder
Must have taken Nintendo years to come up with a track this complex.

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File: 2.42 MB, 640x480, Big Blue map.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is a pretty complex track for being in the first cup. The first cup of four (not counting the X cup or DD expansion cups). Cups consist of six tracks, that's more than the entirety of Daytona USA or Sega Rally.

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>arguing with schizo
he probably didn't play either game

>> No.7792713

That would be like boasting Uniracers has a high amount of tracks. When your track design can be described as pretty much a cylinder of course you're going to have a lot of tracks.

>> No.7792716

Owned all and most likely played them more than you Anons. Although I only played Saturn Daytona once cause it was too shit for me.

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not a convincing argument, try again

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There's more variety in the track design of the first cup of F-Zero X than the entirety of Sega Rally.

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You should kys

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Like convincing a fatty McDonald's is not 5 star quality food I now see it is pointless to try and point out good racers to Nintendrones. Enjoy your mediocre racers Anons.

>> No.7792757

I accept your concession.

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Take meds please, it's not healthy being this obsessed.

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>food analogy
retard opinion discarded

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This game has mysterious shit going on with its tech and hidden depth. You can dive underneat water if you aim the jump just right and use a specific button combo (Needed for a shortcut in Twilight City), and theres a bunch of other hidden tech with the buttons for control and finesse of the watercraft not explained anywhere else. I saw some guy on YT doing speedrun demonstrations and having a cam on his controller as he played and nearly shat myself. I miss when Nintendo games had hidden complexities, N64 had a lot of those.

Also fuck the mirror version of Glacier Coast. That course filtered me hard as fuck from ever 100%ing that game.

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The sequel was better.

>> No.7796435

None of that was hard to figure out as performing stunts was fun in this otherwise boring game.

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Not him, but there's nothing wrong with food analogies. They're used often because they're the best type of analogy to make about the quality of something. It's an argument so effective you have to resort to aping /v/ermin and saying "it doesn't count" because you have no answer to it.
In other words, seethe. Or whatever it is you zoomies say these days.

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Keep seething

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>Water sports vidya thread
Anyone played this?

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This game has an intangible feeling of being closer to the SGI hardware the N64 is descended from.

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Neither of us are mad. Why do you feel Wave Race can't be criticised? Only delusional and the mentally disturbed think it's perfect in every way.

>> No.7796818

>there's nothing wrong with food analogies
retard opinion discarded

>> No.7796904

>thread ruined by snoy falseflagger

Can't win 'em all I guess

>> No.7796913

Any idea what this song playing over the game could be?

>> No.7796920

To dive under the water you literally just hold up when going off a ramp. That's it.

>> No.7796932

I've got a feeling the people in this thread praising wave race have never really played it let alone touched a N64.

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