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>"PSX had better graphics than N64-"

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Your post makes no sense. The statement was made in full, so how is this image interrupting anything? Please try again.

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>Posts graphically mediocre PS1 game
Okay... and?

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one job

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How embarrassing.

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but that looks like shite m8 innit

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who says this though?? most people hold an opinion that n64 had better graphics, and isn't that how it was marketed too?

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Why is the difference between PS1 and N64 less than the difference between N64 and Dreamcast?

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N64 games would look great if it wasn't for the bilinear filtering. The console being unabe to ouput RBG signal natively didn't help as well.

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PS1 had better lighting, better video effects, better particle effects, only problem was that it warped the textures.

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>N64 games would look great if it wasn't for the bilinear filtering.

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>PSX had better graphics than N64
Yeah? No shit. Unless you're saying that blurry turd you posted looks better than this. The PSX was literally a generation ahead of the N64. Fucking idiot.

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game wouldn't have looked like that in 1998, kiddo
people played on CRT TVs in case you ignore it, youg boi

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>Gran Turismo 4 in the bottom right corner
This is a PS2 game, an actual generation ahead of N64.

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What do you think a PSX is? You fucking retard.

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Do you know what backwards compatibility is, retard?

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>it's another PS1/PSX autist
This thread is doomed.

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On paper N64 could push polygons way more effectively than PSX (fuck poser above with his obscure DVR), but many programmers struggled to achieve good results effectively. Add on top of this blurry low-res textures widespread in vast majority of games and you get the impression that PlayStation had better graphics.

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The fuck does that have to do with the N64 being more powerful than the PSX? It's demonstrably fucking not. You fucking idiot. Shut the fuck up.

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PSX and PS1 mean the same fucking thing! Why do you think all the emulators have PSX in their titles? ePSXe, pSX, PCSX, PSXeven.

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Anon can't grasp the concept of homonyms.

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Resident Evil 1 on PS1/PSX has better graphics than any N64 game even though the PSX came out before the N64 was released.

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Do the world a favor and kill yourself before you pollute the gene pool

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No it doesn't. This doesn't even look better than Turok 1 which is an early n64 game

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It's okay anon he's baiting. Don't worry about that autist.

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>Resident Evil 1 on PS1/PSX has better graphics than any N64 game
Are you fucking retarded?

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Turok 1 graphics look like shit to me.

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Look dude, you’re even correct but you act like such a pedantic jackass that’s it’s impossible to sympathize with you. Literally everyone knows what OP was talking about.

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Shut up autist

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RE1 graphics look shittier

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And to think, this is what you spend your day doing. Cheers schizo, I’m going to the beach.

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I disagree.
I don't spend my day on here, but I can tell that you do.

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That's either an emulator or HDMI modded N64 with de-blur you faggot, now stop >implying because you're obviously a moron.

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If I remember correctly that N64 game has some pretty bad frame rate drops.
Well, it would need more memory for better textures too of course.

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If you were in a competition with unlimited time to make the nicest looking graphics and could use Sat, psx or 64 which console would you want?

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>World Driver Championship
>Released for the N64 in 1999
Let me remind your retarded ass what the PS1 had in 1999.
And this is just obscure shit. Not even going to bother slapping you with R4 yet out of pity.

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Easily playstation. The "best" looking games on the N64 run at single digit framerates.

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We're all waiting for the PS1 screenshot. You can do it, anon, we're all rooting for you!

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Like that faggot could ever get pussy

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Yes, it had.

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>uhhh I know you are but what am I?!?
Pathetic faggot.

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What, you want native res, little boy?

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what game is that? O_O

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You're actually scared to post a screenshot of a real PlayStation, aren't you?
I can understand console wars, but a console war you're emulating? That's like going to going on holiday to Vietnam with a Nerf gun and waging war on the waiter.

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>noo those screenshots dated from the year the game came out with the developers' fucking watermark on them don't count!
Shut the fuck up.

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>this whole post

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>misnames the PS1
>complains when he's called out
Only retards call the PS1 the PSX when a separate PSX exists.

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PSX is Sony’s event they call PlayStation Experience.

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How the fuck do you get to be your age and still think bullshots are representative?

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He's back.

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i thought he left with the coming of the sixth gen, i'm glad he's still around, we need our autists

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Don't lump me with your rent-free boogeymen, you retard.

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I somehow mistook you for the guy (who I hear is well-appreciated) who was saying that PSX and PS2 are the same thing. I misread your post as calling me a pedantic jackass for no reason. I can see that we agree on who spends all their time on here.

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I somehow mistook you for the guy (who I hear is well-appreciated) who was saying that PSX and PS2 are the same thing. I misread your post as calling me a pedantic jackass for no reason. I can see that we agree on who spends all their time on here.

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>Posting PS1 screenshots from an emulator powered by a PC that 1000x more powerful.
Seems legit.

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kys, not gonna tell you

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Ps1 had better textures but worse geometry, almost everything was flat squares

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>rent free boogeyman
What a suspiciously specific denial.

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kino, namco's lightning was on another level compared to other ps1 games.

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Which emulator?

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You missed the point of his screenshot
I guess you weren't alive in the 90s
Everyone called it psx

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>Let me remind your retarded ass what the PS1 had in 1999
• no hardware texture mapping
• no hardware antialiasing
• no hardware z-buffer
• no mipmapping
• no trilinear filtering
• no perspective correction
• no environment mapping
• no 32 bit rgba framebuffer

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that one square racing jarpig

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What system are you emulating?

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you forgot no raytracing

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Hydro thunder is a good example of a good looking n64 game

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God, I can FEEL the image wobbling.

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PCSX reloaded

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Sega Saturn

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>no hardware texture mapping
Factually incorrect.
>no mipmapping
>no trilinear filtering
The textures are so low resolution that it's not needed. N64 games hardly even use these features.
>no 32 bit rgba framebuffer
Holy waste of resources. Most N64 games use a 16-bit framebuffer for that reason.

The other stuff is pretty fair. Although it should be noted that the PS1 was released about one and a half years earlier than the N64.

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PS1 Games look better on real CRTs with real hardware, so using an emulator is actually a handicap, not a benefit.

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That was a good trap.

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what game is that? O_O

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>Comparing something that takes realism into account to the cartoon games made for babby that Nintendo do

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Only if you enjoy massive amounts of noise from the dithering.

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kys, not gonna tell you

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Racing Lagoon.

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What does this guy do when scans of old magazines are posted with articles calling the playstation the psx for short, or PSX magazine itself being posted? Does he just ignore that he does think its shooped or something?

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He claims no one read those magazines.

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Hes 13 years old mate.

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fuck you

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You can disable dithering in beetle and if you have a 4K TV use CRT-Royale or another one, get the best of both worlds.

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I never saud it was a benefit. These retards, think that playing these games on emulators with every fancy setting turned on actually looks good.

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god I wish this would get translated already

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I miss this Ridge Racer style. I don't give a fuck about your guys' graphic dick comparison, i just want the good old days of PSOne games back

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But why is it that racing games on the PS1 looked so much better than on the N64 when it was the opposite for most other games?

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He's not wrong. Everyone called the Sony Playstation the psx well before the Playstation x came out and failed miserably.

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The texture looks like that BECAUSE of the filtering. If it didn't have the filtering they would have made a different tree texture

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I prefer no loading times

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Racing games are much easier to depth sort and occlusion cull.

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OP BTFO yet again

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Dithering is not visible while playing on a CRT. It's only visible while playing on an emulator.
>Disabling dithering while playing on emulator
ISHYGDDT. Only complete and utter faggots would ever do such a thing.

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maybe if you're using composite, but composite sucks. the dithering is completely visible using RGB.

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Bullshit, it's not visible because the resolution is so low
oh yeah i learned only like 2 weeks ago americans don't have Scart.
Lmao and i thought american was better cause 60hz

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Dithering is half the charm of PSX graphics.