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Is this the best horror FPS?

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its pretty overrated even.

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I always hit some point where I feel like I haven't picked up some upgrade or spent points wrong. Enjoy myself, then I hit opposition that just seems like a pain in the ass to fight. I want to like it but I'm retarded, I guess. Some day I'll finish it. Doesn't help that every run I've had has been a little unstable too.

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There hardly were any retro pc horror games so that automatically places it among the best already

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What competition does it even have? Blood and Painkiller?

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What are you talking about, fool?

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there's Call of Cthulhu and Nosferatu also
but the best horror FPS is Afraid of Monsters for HL1

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it's fun

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Doom 3.

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>tries to make his point with another horror game
>posts an isometric aventure game

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Am I only one that finds S.T.A.L.K.E.R to be spooky and even scary at times? One of my best horror moments was going through the abandoned factory during thunderstorm while game time was midnight. Downright creepy.

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just use/level shield+haste. assign them to buttons near WSAD. they're OP af and kinda almost break the game.

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STALKER gets spooky as shit, but calling it a horror FPS would be like calling Dark Sould a survival horror. kinda true, but not the focus.
and it's only just barely new-rules-retro.

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I get what you're saying, but we can at least agree that S.T.A.L.K.E.R is the best non-intentional Horror FPS ever.

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I played the first stalker game and thought it was a bit over-ambitious. Kind of ahead of it's time. It does have a horror feel to the game in my opinion. Never got very far, but really liked the atmosphere. It actually felt like everything in the game was alive and dynamic. What's the best way to play it nowadays? Mods? Is there a "remaster"?

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In my opinion the best way is to go vanilla, or barring that, the Zone Reclamation Project which just 'modernizes' the game for newer OS' and adds some atmospheric flavor but doesn't add anything to the 'core' gameplay

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A common theme for slavjank of that era. Although ShoC, even v1.0 ,is not as janky as you would expect it to be.

I never really felt any "horror" in Undying. It was an OK FPS but other horror-fps games like Call of Cthulhu at least had some part that made me legit scared or at least apprehensive.

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I get shit for recommending stalker complete mod but it is a good way to get a stalker remake esq vibe, and it makes the game accessible for casuals. I play it once a year with a different mods installed because I love it so much. I like oblivion lost mod because it adds the cut monsters, and makes the game harder. Lost Alpha was pretty cool. But playing on vanilla is recommended for the original stalker experience. Be sure to play on stalker difficulty. Also heres an amk mod install guide just because.

this gopnik didn't like the compete mod

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Dark Corners of the Earth blew my mind at the time. Always been a huge lovecraft fan and it touched all the bases.

I borrowed it to another guy and he hated it. Maybe you have to be way into lovecraft to appreciate it.

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The Complete mod is fine if the player has played the vanilla or modded with ZRP first. Complete just adds way too much for the first time experience

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The first time I've played in Lab X-18 I was scared as fuck. Literally spent like a half hour standing still next to the locked door that was beign hit, while trying to not get near the poltergeist roaming arround

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>pretty overrated
That would require people to have heard of it

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