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Playing this for the first time. On the 3rd episode. Fucking amazing. The first episode is fucking perfect. 2nd episode is great too. From what I played of the 3rd it's just as good.

I like it more then Duke 3D cause the levels make more sense then some of Duke's cryptic shit. The weapons are cooler. Enemies are more interesting. Base game is better then the GOAT OG DOOM, but doesn't look like it has many quality mods.

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Yeah, it's an amazing game. It's as good as I expected Duke3D to be.

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The last great FPS. Everything after it sucks, everything before it is not as great.

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Style over substance, like all 2.5D FPS shooters.

The genre didn't truly get good until Half Life.

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Basically the best the genre ever offered. A perfect mix of good level design, fun weaponry, smart enemy placement, all working together to make a pleasant experience during all the duration and not just small pockets of fun mixed with long stretches of boredom like other games. Enjoy it OP. It never gets better than this.


and the clown brigade is already here

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Dark Forces II was the better 1997 fps.
Build fags have no taste.

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mannnnn i just download a SC-88 soundfont to use with NBlood and it sounds so heavenly

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OP here. Just beat the 3rd episode. This is like the perfect fps. It's so good. The only complaint I got with the game is the crappy cgi but other then that it's amazing

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No one cares.

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I post on a board hoping to hear discussion, but i get your dumbass post. If no one cares about discussion why the fuck are you here?

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Avoid the sequel. It's not really bad, apart from the bugs, but it's a massive letdown after the original.

>the crappy cgi
Yeah, I've never understood why the cutscenes look so bad while the game itself is pretty good-looking.

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I read about the 2nd one. Apparently its unfinished. Monolith wanted more time to make the game but the publisher shipped it the way it was

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Its the best build game and also the best retro fps. I hope your playing on Well Done, and good luck with Post Mortem.

As for mods, I've only played Death Wish which is a much better Blood 2 than Blood 2 could have ever been.

I've also heard that Rage against the Machine is really good but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Compulsive contrarian faggot

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>Dark Forces II was the better 1997 fps.

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how can i play this on windows 10? can anyone send me a guide or something?

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disregard this, just bought it on steam

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If you're looking for Blood mods to play, the first on your list should be Death Wish. It's far and away the best one available.


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You bought an inferior synthetic version of the original game for almost 10 dollars while you could have pirated it in 2 min, why anon?

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Halfway through episode 4 and it's still awesome. Found the secret level entrance and stopped there. Will continue this evening.

Was wondering. Which expansion do I play first or does it not matter?

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Beat episode 4 so i finished the main game. Gotta say base game it's the best fps ever made. DOOM is only better cause all the mods it has. Got the 2 expansions to play then I'm gonna play Death Wish as some of you suggested

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Plasma Pack is the official one.

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K I'll play that next. Looking forward to more Blood greatness

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Don't be cocky because you're good at the base game (Cryptic Passage only added an episode and MP maps): there are new enemies and they might give you surprises. On the plus side you now have a pretty useful alt-fire for the Napalm Launcher and Tesla Akimbo. The alt-fire for Life Leech is okay but situational IMO.

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Blood gdx

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is the difficulty jump much as the original 3 episodes of doom to thy flesh consumed?

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I don't remember it that well (so I need a refresher I guess) but until the new enemies it's mostly business as usual. IIRC they did a few tricks level design-wise but nothing major.

Also I just realized that you've written "episode 4" so you should probably play through Cryptic Passage first. I've completely forgotten that it's not part of the base game over the years. It wasn't made by Monolith but it's pretty good.

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reading a bit on the bloodwiki. cryptic passage doesnt add new enemies or weapons just new levels. also it came out before the plasma pak. think i might play it first

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Not retro but you should try DUSK. I think its just as good.

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To me it's one of those games where the bugs and overall jank somehow adds to the gameplay

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get why people praise it so much but I dunno got kind of tired of it by the start of the third episode. Might be due to their being no medium between hmp being a little too easy and uv being too tedious.

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the cgi is quite charming imo

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you can still use nblood or bloodgdx. you get the original blood.exe there, i highly recommend them over Fresh Supply.

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is there a vita homebrew port yet?

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I think they are ugly af
Duke came out a year earlier, and I thought at the time that its cutscenes were photorealistic
Blood fmv looks like lego people

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whats so wrong with fresh supply? im eyeing buying it too

what about that one unit whole blood thingy in GOG too?

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Very Very Very Minor things. People like to hate on it just to shill their favorite source port.

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why do retards who played bad games as children have to cope so hard in every fucking thread? nobody asked faggot.

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shit taste bloodfag

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Is it just me or the shotgun looks like its aimed upwards?

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Not the person you were replying but my only beef with dark forces 2 now in retrospect is you gotta find all the secrets or the character will literally be shit with force powers.

Uncle had it on pc as a kid and let me play it sometimes.

I got it now on my pc and had to use a guide to find them all lol but i got em mostly memorized. Though it does encourage heavy exploration of the levels behind every nook and cranny to find said secrets

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The only good thing about Fresh Supply is true 3d, other than that, it's objectively worse than BuildGDX and NBlood. I'd recommend trying both source ports while checking out NBlood's 1.x weapon balance changes as back in the earlier versions of the game, weapons like the Voodoo doll and Flare gun performed much better compared to the latest versions, where they were all balanced around PvP.

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You get OUHB with Fresh Supply, it's just buried in the system files rather than on the Steam/gog launchers.

FS is off in many ways, game/weapon/enemy balance is different and inferior. As you haven't played Blood you wouldn't care about that, but there are also glaring visual differences, like the enemy animations lacking frames, shit like the gib/gore effects being reduced big time in explosions, sound being off and weird in places, Caleb is not even the right height from your perspective. It's just really shitty compared to the real game.

It's not all bad though, it has a much better mouse feel than GDX/NBlood 'cause the engine is true 3D. Also it doesn't have that sector problem that BUILD engine has, where an explosion can happen on enemy but because he's standing on a higher step for example it doesn't affect him. Apart from that though the thing sucks and there's no reason to play it when NBlood/GDX exist.

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You couldve downloaded it for free from the daily vr fps threads. Fucking retard.

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I see, thanks for the explanation. I played blood in the past, but way back, and i don't think i got past the carnival zone. So i dont really have nostalgia for it other than remembering it was a fun game, and since i just beaten Doom and Duke3D (xbox ports, which are probably full of flaws too but didnt notice any) i thought about playing Blood as well

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If I remember, the GoG version does come with a separate download for the DOSbox version of the game, whereas the Steam one doesn't. I can't exactly confirm this since I already owned OUWB on steam before Fresh Supply even existed.

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Know whats fuckin sad is Dosbox Shadow Warrior works better than Shadow Warrior Classic Redux. IF any game needs a source port/update its shadow warrior.

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BuildGDX includes Shadow Warrior as well, try it out dude.

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Alright i'll try it out. Cause and i tried VoidSW from the EDuke source ports.
Uploaded the VoidSW exe to Virustotal.
Virustotal was like this shit calls out to like 10 different IP addresses.
Maybe my understanding of how it works is limited or some shit but it didn't say that for any other source i ever tried on any other game
So i was like fuck this shit i'm not even gonna run that crap.

I've heard alot about build GDX. I'm gonna check it out

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>any Dark Forces
>bad games

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i love blood, but is dark forces 2 actually bad? I might not be objective on this topic since I grew up with that game, and the level layouts are pretty obscure, but I still love it.

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Dark Forces II is just kind of ok, Blood is actually extremely fun, and full of charming personality.

I care.

I would actually argue that Blood 2 isn't just a bad sequel, it's also a really bad game by its own merits.

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Bunch of small inaccuracies, doesn't like custom levels much.

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>I would actually argue that Blood 2 isn't just a bad sequel, it's also a really bad game by its own merits.
Eh, maybe I was trying to shut off as much of it as possible. The permanent akimbo was pretty cool but other than that I can't remember much good about it. Everything is so bland and indistinct. Oh, and the bugs/crashes at launch.

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>Fucking amazing.
I'm glad you're enjoying it, anon. It's my favorite FPS because of excellent level design. Not all of the levels are good, but those that are excellent are so good that other FPSes can't compare.

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Deathwish is a great one, there's also French Meat. /doom/ made an 8 level mapset last year, 500ml Of /vr/, but there's a fair bit more.

>Gotta say base game it's the best fps ever made. DOOM is only better cause all the mods it has
It's certainly one of my favorites. I think one of the really big strengths of Doom, besides the huge modbase, is that it has a pretty varied stable of monsters, they all fill good niches one way or another, and they're all easily distinguishable from another at the slightest glance.

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IMO Death Wish is a little better than Blood 1.

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That sounds great. Playing through cryptic passage now and while good aint as good as the original 4 episodes

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Probly why i like it so much too. No cryptic bs and they're aesthetically pleasing

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I actually love the cgi, myself. Something about the overly simplistic models adds to the surreal nature for me. Either way, glad you’re liking it. One of my top ten vidya of all time, the art direction, gameplay, and tone are all excellent. [/spoiler]If you like 2D platformers I just beat pic related and it had a very similar feel to Blood in terms of horror/vampire stuff.[/spoiler]

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Is there any way to get Death Wish on the Steam version? I’m a brainlet when it comes to modding stuff.

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Yeah get the death wish mod from moddb
Extract it
Go to steam
go to blood
browse local files of blood
Just drag and drop the entire extracted death wish folder
To Add ons
Thats it. Then when you open blood.
There should be a menu called like manage add ons
Then just click death wish and itll run

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Thank you so much for explaining anon, that’s really helpful! I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.

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Overrated as fuck

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not as good as doom/douk

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Doom is a high bar, which Duke is closest to touching. I feel that Blood is pretty much on the same level as Duke in terms of fun.

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Man, I remember talking in Cultist to friends in public, trying to not break out laughing. Good times.

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Just played it tonight. Thanks again for all the help anon.

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No Doubt.

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Played the first 4 levels of Cryptic Passage. The first level of it is mediocre. Was disappointed with it and thought the whole expansion was gonna suck, but it got great the next few levels. Blood is so fucking good

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