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Rare seriously needs to be ashamed for how unforgivably difficult the original Battletoads is

What they had originally done is completely unforgiving

Don't you dare think about copying this, and re-editing it either

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Like, what were they THINKING? I'd rather have Rash, Zit, and Pimple all give me a Battle toads punch to the DICK at the same time then play this level again!

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OP seriously needs to be ashamed for how unforgivably gay his original post is

What they had originally done is completely unforgiving

fuck you queer, I do what I want

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You asked for it, nigga

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Battletoads actually controls really well for an NES game, compared to stuff like Castlevania or Mega Man. Many of its challenges, in retrospect, feel fair as long as you're playing 1-player. The real problem with Battletoads is that it doesn't communicate that well, visually, what's happening on the screen. Part of this is by design because it's trying to be a zany comic/cartoon, but part of it is just oversight, I think. On top of that, hazards vary wildly in how dangerous they are. Sometimes enemies will just take off a sliver of life, then the next enemy one-shots you. It's tough to get a feel for the pace and logic of things. But after watching the Bootsy videos on the game, I felt like I understood the game better, and when I went back to it, I felt more confident and had a much easier time.

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It's a massive understatement to claim regular Battletoads is hard when the co-op mode exists, which turns the game into a fucking nightmare. Turbo Tunnel is easy as fuck normally but in co-op you need enough synchronization with your bro to pilot a fucking Evangelion.

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It's not that hard. It's just like a regular arcade game. They're not easy. Remember it WAS an arcade game for starters.

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Lol, co-op ended on those hover bikes. Good times.

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Also blame Rare, because they sinned

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>It's not that hard. It's just like a regular arcade game. They're not easy. Remember it WAS an arcade game for starters.

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I thought that's a common knowledge that Rare wasted all their Battletoads budget before they went testing. That's the reason for the unforgiving difficulty.

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It was never an arcade game faggot. You're either thinking of Double Dragon or the very different Battletoads Arcade released in 1994.

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battletoads is the ultimate pleb filter. yes it's hard and requires some memorization, but on single player it's fair. there are issues with 2 player mode though, especially since clinger winger is broken for 2p.

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Let's take a moment to appreciate the best crouching sprite in all of vidya.

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>yes it's hard and requires some memorization, but on single player it's fair.
Not necessary. Watch Youtube playthroughs instead. Prevent anger and frustration

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This game was Rare giving kids a Fuck You for thinking this would be like TMNT. Those Brits have always been cheeky like that.

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>Watch Youtube playthroughs instead
What the fuck? Might as well not even play the game. Fuck modern gamers.

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Once I figured lives stack above 5 its easy to stack up lives early on and get more familiar with later and later levels to the point you can make a shot for the end. Even the three continues seems generous with this in mind.

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I've never felt so much satisfaction for beating a game like this one made me feel.

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>But after watching my favourite e-celeb I learned to like Battletoads again
Based. Loved crouching and spamming left and right.
TMNT was much harder than Battletoads. After the dam level I would lose all my lives driving around in the turtle van.

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Most people who claim this game is too hard play it on emulator with a shitty monitor and a ton of delay. Its a hard game but not impossible. I'd put it up there with other reflex heavy games like Ninja Gaiden, Punch Out, and most shmups.

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Did your input lag boogeyman prove correct in the history of ever?

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Maybe for zoomers, but boomers who mainly tried coop with their bros gave it notoriety originally. Coop mode really is a fuck you

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>Loved crouching and spamming left and right.
This guy knows what's good.

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You'd notice the lag if you play on a crt with real hardware regularly. I even notice it when I stuff like the snes or nes classic on our living room tv which has pretty low latency for a tv. Snes stuff seems playable and more forgiving with lag but the nes games which require twitch reflexes like Punch Out are almost unplayable. Granted, with a higher quality led and emulators the lag is minimal. But most scrubs who bitch about games on here don't have nice hardware which is why they are always angry.

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reading comprehension not your strong suit eh

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There's like 1 frame of difference if you play on a low latency monitor and not an LCD TV. That means any potato PC you emulate is going to have acceptable latency. Though I realize a lot of emu buyfags prefer their TVs

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Whatever you like to tell yourself man.

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>I can't feel it therefore I'm coping
That's not how it works, retard. The normies who complain about input lag do so because it's noticeably unplayable. Otherwise nobody gives a shit.

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The arcade game came out like 4 years after the NES version dipshit

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Isnt this some pal vs ntsc problem?

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Battletoads haters mad it didn't spoonfeed them like modern games.

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Yeah, it was meant to be played at 50 hz. Ironically it plays like shit on PAL.

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Don't buy into the difficulty=bad rhetoric, and don't listen to the "stop fetishizing skill" bitches either.

By not playing the hardest games you can manage, you're making yourself less skilled at video games. Less skilled players now means less skilled drone pilots in the next war. Less skilled drone pilots means we won't be able to counter the enemy's massive disposable slave population.

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I like this game. In fact, I love this game. So how come the snes ones are so meh?

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Battletoads isn't good because it's difficult. It's good because it's fun to handle, master the mechanics.
Now if the game were shit to play, but had a bunch of pixel hunting to make it unforgivably difficult, that's still be a shit game. In case of battletoads the difficulty is there to merit replayability and mastering the mechanics. You'd have no reason to learn how to dash and headbutt well if it didn't force you to start over.

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Did you even play any of their previous games? Especially when they were called "Ultimate". You clearly didn't,

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pussy, you need to be ashamed

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>emulate is going to have acceptable latency

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You all need to get good. Because it's the best game on the NES by far.

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Yes it will. If latency was as big of a deal as you think many online games where ping varies from 50-100ms would be unplayable. People play fighters online no problem. You're talking about single players games.

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I'd be more bitter about Battletoads if it weren't such an incredible high quality NES game compared to nearly everything even if you removed the difficulty factor. It's gorgeous, the gameplay is constantly changing and throwing new things at you, every animation was a clear and concerted effort to deliver as much CHARACTER as it could, this game had fucking everything. Even the very first boss is trying to be a genre-splice.

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Yes, thank the Brits this board is constantly putting down with ebic Zniggy Amiga press Up to jump maymays.

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>no problem.
I wouldn't go that far.

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there isn't much else in the entire library to compare outside SMB3 and Kirby for having as expressive characters and graphics or as much content. didn't even use an actual mapper, just a TTL to bank the ROMs and the game doesn't have extra cartridge RAM either, is just using the built-in 2k RAM.

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>there isn't much else in the entire library to compare
There's Gimmick!

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