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who's your main?
favorite track?
least favorite track?

>frappe snowland
>sherbet land
sherbet and royal raceway can both suck my fucking nuts

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>yoshi valley
>bowser’s castle

For real wtf were they thinking while designing bowser’s castle? It’s dogshit

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Repaying this, it's amazing how cheaply made it comes across from the menu, font, and driving physics. All for 50 dollars back in the 90s.

>who's your main?
>favorite track?
Royal Raceway
>least favorite track?
Rainbow Road...5 minutes? Really?

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My least favorite track is this whole shitty game, rather play something skillful like Super Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing

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Imagine seething at the sight of a game you don’t like

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>all these Toad chads
Toad / Toad's Turnpike / Choco Mountain

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nothing more comfy than playing the skyscraper map and looking out over the city

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>dk jungle
>moo moo

bowsers castle is based and designated for patricians only

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>Your main
Would play as anybody now, but always picked Luigi when I was a kid
>Favorite track
Royal Raceway
>Least favorite track
Banshee Boardwalk

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i think the rainbow font is pretty charming in a cheesy way
definitely true but rainbow road is a great place to practice mini turbos

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What crimes did he commit?

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Love this song

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He designed the course

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LOL Toad 4 life. I would get into fights if I couldn't pick him.

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he thought Super Mario Kart was a good game

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>Block Fort
>whichever that windy canyon maze one is

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He just wanted a world where he could fit in...

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Choco mountain

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right angles and more middle of the road hazards. use the breaks and drift. the part after the spiral ramp has a variety of ways to get through. hop off the ramps edge. Marty is deepest lore.

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you have brain cancer

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tap the breaks. release the gas intermittently

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>Bowser's Castle
>Yoshi Valley.

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my least favorite racer is luigi, followed by bowser. My favorite racer is probably peach, yoshi, or mario. I like all the tracks. Extra mode toad's turnpike is kind of dick but hilarious and feels good to do well at. Oh yoshi's valley sucks. moo moo farm is boring but actually the terrain is quite intricate. Wario stadium is so fucking boring. bowser's castle is not fun. I like rainbow road even though it's boring. the whole game is boring. it's one of my favorite games

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just make sure you tap the breaks

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>braking in a game about being fast

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i can't believe i just google searched your nigger language

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toad chads rise up

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I was the Yoshi kid.

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seethe, seep, cope and mope

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>bowser's castle
>calimari desert

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why does you like bowser and bowser's castle. tell the class

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did anybody else have a gay crush on barney the dinosaur?

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>Koopa Troopa Beach
>Banshee Boardwalk

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>Toad's Turnpike, that Desert one, and that ice one with the penguins
>Choco Mountain, fuck that map

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This was the last game before they made yoshi into an annoying gay faggot. SNES era yoshi was perfect and now he's a fucking baby

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>toad turnpike/royal raceway
>bowsers castle

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>Royal Raceway
>either Rainbow Road or Wario Stadium

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He took big shits

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I wonder how they even invented a song like this

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Main: Yoshi (last time we got the old sound FX sound effect).
Fav Track: DK’s Jungle Parkway, Royal Raceway, Yoshi Valley and Bowser’s Castle.
Least Fav: Wario Raceway and Rainbow.

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just shit my pants lads

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how did it go

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Luigi man myself even though toad is clearly the best option.
Very hard to pick a favorite map but Frappe Snowland might be it.
Worst is the fucking yoshi egg map whatever it's called.

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he said bowow instead of aughh

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no choco is great, i mean the one with the egg

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Koopa Troopa Beach
Bowser's Castle

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