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Whats your favorite game for the Sega Genesis, /vr/?

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Just fucking hang yourself if you've never played this

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Based as fuck, there isn't enough love for games like Bomberman these days.

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Speedball 2

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It's a tie between Streets of Rage 2 and Sonic 3 + Knuckles

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Mystic defender, the end of the game is ... 7u7

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I've never had a Mega Drive and I haven't yet gotten into catching up on it (besides a few standout Mega CD titles), I can only tell you the game on the base unit I've emulated the most so far is Splatterhouse 3 because I've grown a habit of booting it up for a few plays every Halloween.

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Bloodlines, Shinobi 3, or Gunstar

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The holy trinity:
Revenge of Shinobi
Thunder Force IV
Columns III

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>Columns III

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it's my favourite multiplayer puzzle game

the randomness of all the different types of status effects makes for some wild seshes

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Streets of rage 2
Alien Storm
Mutant League Football

Wow so many to list. Just wanted to throw a couple off the top of my head

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Streets of Rage 2
Contra Hard Corps
Road Rash 2
NHL 94

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My top 2 right here. But I would decisively pick Sonic 3&K.

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Eternal Champions was my favorite fighting game on the Genesis, I prefer it to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter

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Hands down best action-platformer on the system and a top 5 essential.

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for me its pic rel

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It was a really fun game. I remember begging my dad to rent the Sega CD so we I could play the CD version with my cousin. Good times.

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Damn u brought out the big guns fr fr
I fux wichu my niga

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rocket knight adventures

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Pic related for me. Tough choice honestly. Love the console and it's games. It's like choosing your favorite child

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mine too. I don't remember how old I was but my dad bought this for me at a pawn shop for $6. I was hooked.

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Honestly way too many to name, I love the old Genesis.

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Shining Force so far, Sonic 2 fittingly a close second.

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Sonic motha fuckin spinball my albino nigger

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Phantasy Star IV followed by S3K followed by motherfucking Jurassic Park and its sequel

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Castle of Illusion

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I bought this game the same day and place I sold much of my Genesis collection for a Super Nintendo and some games. Great game. Louie/Rooey is a really cool part of it, and I had some great times with it over a decade later in college with others.

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X-Men 2

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Probably Phantasy Star 4 because i love rpgs

But sonic 3 & knuckles is great fun too

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>Whats your favorite game for the Sega Genesis, /vr/?

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Sonic 3 & Knuckles
My snowflake answer is Kid Chameleon.

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Thunder Force IV

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Dynamite Headdy

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the best run n gun of all time

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Segafags are steadily on their way to become more obnoxious and irritating than Nintendofags and that's saying something.

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Alien Soldier

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I'd swap TMNT for Streets of Rage 2, and Comix Zone for a hockey game, but an otherwise solid list.
Not enough niggers know Pirates Gold.

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SNES-fag here.
I just like Sonic 2 and Sonic3&K. Gauntlet is pretty good too.
Don't care for the rest of the library, but I'm glad for you if it makes you happy.

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>liking SNES more than Genesis
What, are you an RPGfag or something?

Genesis completely curbstomps the SNES in terms of platformers, shmups, beat 'em ups, and pretty much every other genre tbf.

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Touchy. I hope I didn't reduce the amount of pleasure you derive from your Genesis with my comment. I was raised on SNES titles and that's just what I like.

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Streets Of Rage 2. Best game I've ever played during the summer of 92.

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Streets of Rage 2

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>Don't care for the rest of the library, but I'm glad for you if it makes you happy.

That's more encouraging than most Nintendo fanboys that I see on here anon

Did you try the two Toe Jam and Earl games and Haunting: Starring Poulterguy?

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[citation needed]

This dude is probably about to argue Toki is better than DKC

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I've said this before, but while I like the gameplay improves of 2, I'm still very enamored by the first game. Probably because I played it so much during my youth on my 6-Pak cart

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Well it definitely isnt Jim Power...

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This is the game I played the most and which gave me the most fun. This makes it my favourite, I guess.

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What am i if i like them both?

16 bit era was god tier

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>Did you try the two Toe Jam and Earl games and Haunting: Starring Poulterguy?
Yes but not until my 30s; well after I became jaded and burnt out on gaming so I didn't appreciate them the way a younger person would.

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I didn't either. Spent most of my teens emulating NES, SNES, and Gameboy games. Didn't discover most of the Genesis/Mega-Drive library until my 20's throuth Kega Fusion (other genesis emulators didn't work on my computer all that well).

It was nice to fall back in love with a system that helped shape my youth

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Based, that is a nifty game

Try the Japanese version if you have not

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streets of rage 2
shinobi 3
sonic 3
dynamite headdy

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it's just an inferior bomberman 94

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>inferior than game that never came to America in the 90s
It's superior because I could actually play it.

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>tfw people on the internet write lists of fun Sega games and politely discuss them

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The punk cover perfectly encapsulates that era, god I love it. Super fun game, too, always liked playing as that bomber on the cover as well. Good choice anon.

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can someone explain to me why treasure is looked down upon here because the only reason I can think of is that their the quintessential "totally underrated hidden gemTM" dev and you're all just massive contrarians

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It's literally one mentally ill poster.

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>playing trashure games

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>liking amiga shit

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>Genesis completely curbstomps the SNES in terms of platformers

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I love half the games for this system, but my confiest place to go is always the Spot.

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>liking video games at all

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one autist

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This one here.

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Pirates Gold and Shadowrun are two of the most addicting games on the system, so much fun to grind honestly.

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retarded gameplay gimmicks
disgusting tumblrtranny-tier character designs
shitty level designs, opting to throw an over-abundance of scripted boss fights at you instead
overrated by soi-guzzling hipsters and consolecucks who feel special for liking babby's first niche developer

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And still better than you amiga trash, auster.
Now let segachads keep discussing good games.

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Gunstar Heroes is my favorite run and gun in general. I really love its style compared to Contra or Metal Slug. Ecco is also a game I love for its atmosphere.

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They make ugly as sin, but genuinely good, games, but certain people just don't have the brainpower to have either nuanced or conflicted opinions.

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Like the schizo euro pc trash loving faggot.

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Trashure was like the first soindie developer. No wonder they're so popular with the nu-gaymer "BRO I LOVE RETRO GAMES I PLAY THEM ALL THE TIME ON MY NINTENDO SWITCH" crowd.

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Amiga tranny mad lol

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Alien Soldier but New Horizons, PSIV, Shadowrun, Shining in the Darkness, and Shining Force are all pretty close.

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The Genesis has the best video game library of all time. Fuck you if you disagree.

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Based and Splatterpilled.

True Lies

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pic related is a combination of contra and mega-men

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Overrated. There's barely any level design, and has too many easily cheeseable bosses which aren't interesting to fight once you know the trick to defeating them (typically involving spamming phoenix force and milking health drops from boss projectiles). Adventures of Batman & Robin shits all over Meme Soldier as far as Mega Drive run 'n gun games go.

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Such a good time, a really good time.

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Yeah, I never played it. I played the superior original version on PC Engine.

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Adventures of Batman and Robin is a great game too, but it has way too many drawn out downtime segments. Alien Soldier does get pretty easy once you've got the boss patterns down but the pacing is far better. I wish more games had the combat system of Adventures of Batman and Robin though, it's really good.

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Just finished Shadowrun and now I feel empty. Guess I'll play Dragonfall now even though Returns was kinda meh.

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This or Sonic 2. Can't go wrong with Sonic 2.

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Aside from the one dude, how comes no ones posting my boy CZ? You fags gay or something?

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Toejam and Earl, based

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>only one life
I love the game and it's unbelievably rocking FM master class soundtrack, but that one life (until eventually you get a chance to continue) is the only reason it's not my nr1, it's required A LOT of trail and error before you figure out how to make the decisions that cost you the least amount of damage to survive, one swooping bat at the wrong moment and it's game over and all the way back to the start. Kinda a big deal.

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true but we have the technology to fix that now