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PS2 thread
>Did you mechapwn your console?
>How is OPL performing for you?
>Will we get a memcard pro for the PS2?
>And most importantly: ODE when?

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why would you keep your white electronics in the sun...

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Opl has been a headache for me, but I think that's because I suspect I have compatibility issues between my western digital hdd and my bitfunx sata adaptor. I can eventually get everything to work, but I'm thinking about just buying another hdd eventually.

Also, do opl modes have any effect on graphical or performance accuracy? I'm a bit confused on whether they work the same way is pcsx2 hacks. I know one mode is specific to FMV, but the rest were confusing.

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>bitfunx sata adaptor
theres your problem.

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Is there a sata adaptor that is better in quality? What's your recommendation?

I understood from the forums that the bitfunx was fine, but I'm new to this world.

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Don't use a sata adapter

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What should I use to connect the hdd then?

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You should use google. I'm not here to spoonfeed you for free fren

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OH, so you literally don't have an answer and you're just acting like a stuck up faggot.

Cool thread.

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I'm not a janny, don't do shit for free.
If you'd like to pay my hourly consulting fee I'll spoonfeed you.

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>Cool thread.
tech support isn't actual discussion, fuck off

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Lmao.. Why the fuck are you even in a thread generating conversation about a niche interest then? What a cunt.

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>he doesn't into sunkissed/smoked/yellowed electronics

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>thread generating conversation
Tech support isn't conversation.
imagine being so retarded you can't even get a toy working, fuck off

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love me 'station

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>>he doesn't into smoked electronics
that's where you're wrong

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I use a gamestar adapter I got off of amazon with my WD Blue 1TB drive and have had zero issues using OPL. Even wound up beginning a full playthrough of that shitty Family Guy game since it's what I was using to test all the softmodding features I could.

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mechapwn working great. OPL via SMB working great. couldn't be easier or more based

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How good a solution is that compared to using a normal hard drive? I almost went the compact flash route but I really wanted large storage size even if it was loud.

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I want to make more PS2 webms, give me some games to record and I'll try to get cool game play snippets of them.

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Hi Tim James

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Definitely Skygunner, something of a HIDDEN GEM on the PS2.

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How's mechapwn for playing ps1 backups? I'd like to be rid of popsloader.

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idk how true this will be for other people but an anecdotal report on using mechapwn with a 75001:

burning games as masterdiscs has gone really well. there's a few PS2 games in my collection that don't work well over SMB and maybe not even with OPL in general, so I had been burning ESR discs for those. there were some games that seemed to give me grief no matter what, like I could burn them and reburn them, change media types etc, and my PS2 would have a really hard time booting them and then there were issues even when they did, etc. It was pretty frustrating.

Burnt a couple of these games with the masterdisc patch method, they boot every time, haven't had one fail yet, same media as before. Interestingly enough, one of them was locking up at the same point it used to with my ESR disc once ingame, when I burnt it to a DVD+R. When I found a few DVD-R's I had kicking around and burnt it to that? issue free. The issue was encountered with loading/playing back an FMV. I'm not sure how or why DVD-R would be better than +R for this, but my ps2 seems to prefer -R.

My theory, and maybe someone smarter than me can confirm or clarify, is that however the ESR patching process works, there's some .ISO images that are going to be more and less conducive to making a reliably booting disc with it, like wherever it's writing that fake DVD Video sector to might be easier or harder for the PS2 to detect, particularly if the laser has some mileage on it.

Either way, the masterdisc makes ESR totally irrelevant and outdated now if you have a mechapwn compatible ps2. If there's a way to fix the glitched Playstation 2 logo you get upon booting one of these games then it really would be just about perfect but I'll take what I can get for now

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It's very based, anon. Nothing to think about, just burn the bin/cue and you're off to the races. a lot of ps2's have an easier time reading burnt CD's than DVD's as well, mine has been rock solid

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>I almost went the compact flash route but I really wanted large storage size even if it was loud.
use a ssd with a sata/ide-adapter?
any old one should be enough, as it's just going to be used for reading anyway

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>when I burnt it to a DVD+R. When I found a few DVD-R's I had kicking around and burnt it to that? issue free.
pretty much common sense that dvd-r is better for ps2 for whatever reason.

>My theory, and maybe someone smarter than me can confirm or clarify
open a clean iso and an esr-patched iso in ISOBuster, then you will immediately see the difference. no voodoo behind it.

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Motherfucking Rez fucked up my controller with its constant vibration. First the analog started to turn off for a second then back on, now it just turns off the moment it vibrates. How do I fix this shit? I'm trying to take apart the controller but the last screw is stuck in there like a motherfucker, it doesnt even move.

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Don't know what any of that means, I simply play Playstation and Playstation 2 games on it, I am a palfag though and would like to play Chrono cross one day so maybe I should look into region unlocking etc.

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Resident Evil Outbreak or Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2

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Wow how do I look down at these peasants and become more like you? I also want to feel superior on an anonymous niche retro video game board

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>Did you mechapwn your console?
It's chipped already so no.
>How is OPL performing for you?
Unfortunately my FMCB card was on slot 1 so I had to get rid of it, going to reinstall it soon though, this time going for slot 2.
SMB is up to go as well.
>Will we get a memcard pro for the PS2?
Yes but it'll be chinkshit

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I like this photo because it makes the PS2 look like some obscure Japanese only retro PC.

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What's wrong with the FMBC mem card being in slot 1?

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these I won't do because I struggle to make RE games look interesting

this I will do because I love Skygunner

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>Unfortunately my FMCB card was on slot 1 so I had to get rid of it, going to reinstall it soon though, this time going for slot 2.
just change the paths in the config-files lol wtf n00b

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Some games only save to the card in slot 1.

Files got corrupted too sadly.

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Damn, I had no idea.. Why in the hell did they even add a second slot to the console?

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Any known games that flat out don't work on OPL?

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i have a phat ps2, i have a network adapter, i don't have a hard drive or an adapter to plug it into my PC via USB.

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There are a few I believe. There is an Opl compatibility list online, but it's really out of date. Who knows, the latest updates may have squashed that issue.

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how are you going to copy saves from one mc to another without a second slot?
may not be a problem on ps2, but ps1 with its measly 15 blocks per MC?

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I tried to update to latest and it kept crashing so I reverted to ver 0.9.7 I believe

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Producing that obscure Atari Falcon Microbox energy

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thinking of selling mine. not into jarpigs or action-adventure/sandbox crap so that rules out 99% of the ps2's library.

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Look at this dumb fucker. "If I pretend to be smart and aloof people will like me"

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Getting some separated at birth vibes here

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I need to dig up my PS2 sometime for a photo, I have a silver one with a color matching stand that doubles as a four player adapter and memory card holder, and two matching controllers. I've never seen the same stand anywhere else on the internet. Similar to this one, but silver and without the writing. Came with PS2 when I bought it new.

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That adapter is fine and your Western Digital is probably fine too.

What you need to do is format your HDD using the PS2 itself, none of these premade images or anything like that. Use the latest version of ULaunchElf, and got to the HDD and format that puppy.

Then launch OPL on it, even with no games, and then go back to ULaunchElf, and expand the OPL partition it made to something like 2 GB, at least enough to hold more game art, VMC, etc. The default it makes is too small, but you want it to generate it so that the partitioning is placed well on the disc.

From there, now you can hook the HDD up to your PC and use the appropriate programs to copy over games, and everything should work correctly from here.

When the partitions get fucked, or made out of order, then you can get some slow fucked up shit.

I used some automated batch stuff for grabbing the files and copying them over and it worked excellently.

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>That adapter is fine
>chink sata

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That Dell just fucked.

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I had this one growing up, had a slot that let you put a dvd controller underneath the PS2. Apparently a lot of third parties made things like this and they were based off of that blue vertical stand that Spny made for displaying the console at conferences.

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The ps2 is the system I play the most by far and it almost never involves jrpgs or gta type stuff. Maybe you just dont like videogames that much

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After years of being lazy, I finally softmodded one of my PS2s and it was a bit of a pain setting it all up but now I have a handful of games I'd never be able to physically get a copy of loaded onto the hdd. Including a translated version of Mizzurna Falls. If I'm honest... I still prefer just putting the disc in and prob spent more time setting it all up than using the hdd. PS2 games are cheap as chips here and I've got a good few hundred to choose from in disc format. The thought of loading up the hdd again, getting the artwork fils and all that just puts me off.
One thing I have done is get an adaptor so I can use a wireless PS3 dualshock controller with it. This is a much better investment than the softwood in terms of getting something new from an old machine.

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Files* Softmod* I have had too many painkillers to be fighting autocorrect tonight.

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got around to softmodding mine but OPL is missing the check for defrag option in the settings, does the latest beta remove this or something?

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so... is GSM worth using or should I stick to 480i? (hdtv)

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Has anyone else taped down the ribbon cable on their Slims? Someone tipped me off about in in a conversation the other day and it looked like my PS2's ribbon cable was able to touch disks so I did it, don't want my shit getting scratched.

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I just tried out mechapwn today and its pretty based. only issue that I had is that my fat ps2 has issues reading the verbatim CD-Rs im using because the plastic spindle keeps slipping. used some duck tape for extra grip and its working pretty well so far

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This is why I come this this board. Thanks man, this helps alot.

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smart thinking

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I wish there was a good shell based tool for uploading bulk games to an psfs hdd everything is old & slow and only uploads one at a time

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opl crashes when playing outrun
yes i have the compat modes turned on, i think 1,3 and 6

>> No.7699637

there literally is

>> No.7699641

it's a known issue. burn it on disc and play it that way, or play the superior xbox version

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what can I use?

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^^ Ignore faggots like this. They waste space and do nothing more. They have no idea of anything talked about and would do better in threads like this >>>/b/853210885


bitfunx is perfect. I tested one but have other methods for phat HDD so I only used it for probably 20 hours of testing.
You can actually get pata to SD adapters too. That is what I use. No heat, and transfers as fast as pata accepts. Also it doesn't block your ps2 in any way from anything like some adapters do. It is also useful since SD can go to 1+tb of storage and faster than CF (at least the type of CF people use on ps2.)

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>They have no idea of anything talked about
>bitfunx is perfect
Are you fucking retarded? Yes or no question.

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Good luck hitting 2tb or any pussy you fag

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mechapwn isn't compatible with my console (i-link fat) but even if it was i probably wouldn't bother as i have a Vita for PS1 games and exclusively play PS2 games from the HDD.

I have an official adapter (so i can use HDL Game Installer to install games over LAN) with a board to convert it to sata and an old 500gb drive i had lying around.

ODE will never happen for PS2.

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>Vita for PS1

>> No.7701519

I've had some nice resjlts with certain games but so many are incompatible it doesn't feel worth it. Get a GBS C for the motion adaptive deinterlacing if you really want, I did and I'm liking it

>> No.7701532

Act like I'm retarded and tell me how I burn a PS1 disc to run on my PS2 using this. Also does Free McBoot still work with it, because I don't want to have to reburn the PS2 games I already have burnt.

>> No.7701728

>fucking around with burned disks like its 1998
vita is the best PS1 option
>spending retarded money on unyun devices for it to look the exact same
the PS2 looks like shit no matter what you use

>> No.7703586

>the PS2 looks like shit no matter what you use
PS2 looks great on a component CRT

>> No.7703689

Why is it that out of all console owners, PS2fags are the most fucking retarded?

>> No.7703693

no figure it out yourself you dumb trignigger. That or pay my consulting fee if you want to be spoonfed.

>> No.7703726

If you agree to never use a name/trip again I will explain to you what you need to do. If you insist on continuing down the path of extreme homosexuality, I cannot assist you.

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I bought a ps2 and a crt, I want a backwards compatible ps3.

i dont know how to make the ps2 look good on my non-crt tv, but im enjoying it.

I dont know what the terms you used mean, but ill try to figure ot put.

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I don’t know if I can get a good photo on my phone but here’s an example

>> No.7703828

hmm yeah that didn't come out good but anyway, trust me it looks really sharp and vibrant

>> No.7703851

I just got a 100 stack of DVD-Rs and tried 5 times to burn some games for ESR but not a single one worked. I used the patcher and automatic write speed, and it was a DVD-based game. Dunno what I'm doing wrong but I'll keep screwing around with it

>> No.7703886

you can try setting shutter speed to match refresh rate. 1/60 for 60hz for example.

>> No.7703907

I haven't been able to set up OPL yet due to not being on Windows, right now I'm currently waiting for Crash 2 to arrive so I can test out tonyhax.

>> No.7703931

yeah it's only an old Iphone 6

>> No.7704563

are you launching the ESR-program on the ps2?

>Also does Free McBoot still work with it, because I don't want to have to reburn the PS2 games I already have burnt.
freemcboot has nothing to do with it, you probably mean ESR, learn the proper terminology already

>> No.7704751

anything other than composite looks good. ps2 on pvm s video or RGB looks almost the same. but its like wiping vaseline of the screen compared to composite

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Anyone else still play online games on PS2?
I'm still nuts for Monster Hunter. I'm praying those RE:Outbreak chads reverse engineer the MH2 servers just like they did the MH1 code.

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>Did you mechapwn your console?
Yes. My slim can now play my old imports without any Swap Magic fuckery. not sure if it's worth it for a Fat model.
>How is OPL performing for you?
Fine. Lifeline wouldn't run from HDD for some reason but runs fine over SMB
>Will we get a memcard pro for the PS2?
God I hope so
>And most importantly: ODE when?
Probably never.

>> No.7705004

>memcard pro for the PS2
for what? get a second card for all your fmcb+homebrew-shit in slot 2 and a normal mc for saves in slot 1, boom, no more space-issues.

>> No.7705074

I broke a 90004 console with MechaPwn, good times

>> No.7705091

really? I just did my 900002 with no issue

>> No.7705112

not an argument, ad-hominem-kun

>> No.7705158

It’s not an issue normally, just don’t try and run the exploit with an eeprom backup (nvm.bin) from a different console still on your thumbdrive.
I had a nvm.bin from a 70K, and thought it wouldn’t cause issues as long as I didn’t choose the ‘restore’ option. I was wrong, somehow the MechaPwn still tries to use that nvm.bin for something, and it instantly bricked the 90K once I unplugged it.

>> No.7705192

>just don’t try and run the exploit with an eeprom backup (nvm.bin) from a different console still on your thumbdrive
it literally says not to do this. What a fucking retard

>> No.7705216

PS2 coming with 2 controller ports was such a dick move from sony, and yet retards to this day love to paint them as the "good guys".

>> No.7705220

Except it doesn’t say that anywhere. Restoring the backup is only supposed to happen when you choose to do so.

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I disassembled my PS2 gamepad (for cleaning) and now I can't put it together any more. Fuck me.

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>> No.7705264

Try harder, you can do it. I’m a complete ass and I managed to do it going in blind. Believe in yourself

>> No.7705283

I’m not trolling, I have no vendetta against MechaPwn and I will probably use it again (but more carefully). But you can easily break a PS2 if you forget to wipe your thumbdrive when switching between consoles.

>> No.7705324

Maybe they mean WinHIIP?

>> No.7705383

>I was wrong, somehow the MechaPwn still tries to use that nvm.bin for something, and it instantly bricked the 90K once I unplugged it.
See, mechapwn works like this. The Dragon mechacons have the ability to load updates from NVRAM. Sony did this so they didn't have to necessarily manufacture new hardware to fix a bug in the firmware.
Mechapwn writes a fake update to the NVRAM which disables protection for the configuration. Then it lets you pick a configuration to write, and restores the original update. It pulls the original update from the nvm.bin that you backed up at the start.
Clearly, the 90k console doesn't like having a firmware update intended for the 70k console.
You should be very careful you're running the mechapwn installer only if you have the right nvm.bin, and you should also be careful not to overwrite it, which is easy if you're fucking around without much caution (I did it and I was glad I had a backup on my PC).

>> No.7705438

See this makes more sense than the readme, because when the devs word it as “an initial backup of your mechacon eeprom will be made”, it sounds like only the region configurations and machine id are being backed up. After all that’s what’s stored in the eeprom, right? Naturally I assume that the nvm.bin is a backup of simple configuration values. If it was made more clear that the nvm.bin backs up whatever was in the NVRAM, and that it restores it immediately after changing configurations, I might’ve been more cautious.

(...Not that I even had the backup anyway. When I first tried MechaPwn on the 90K, the thumbdrive got filled with garbage along with the nvm.bin, and deleting the garbage corrupted the drive. My 90K nvm.bin was gone before I got to back it up. I had to format the drive to use it again.)

>> No.7705484

I don't understand any of that.
So.... no.

>> No.7705559

nibba, you dumb, like king of dumbs, never dumb this hard

>> No.7705571

Can anyone confirm if mechapwning a PAL scph to a PAL dtl will let me play NTSC games without issues? I have a 7900x console

>> No.7705635

The BIOS will still reject authentic NTSC PS1 games, so you will need to swap discs to play those. You won't need a swap mod to do it, though.
Logo decryption will probably fail for NTSC PS2 discs, so you may have to run those through uLaunchELF instead. But they will work.

>> No.7705783

why would it just flash some file without the user starting it?
is that program really that dumb?

>> No.7705817

The program doesn't really explain what it's doing. It doesn't explain that it's going to restore the firmware update from the nvm.bin after setting the new configuration.
It doesn't even explain what it does after the first run - some people thought it was an April Fools joke because the only thing that happens when you run it the first time, is receiving a message instructing you to turn off your console. And also because it released on April 1st.

>> No.7706347

MH has a private server thing that you can still use, I played for a bit a few months ago but I'd honestly rather play MHF or MHFU

>> No.7706351

It says very plainly that the backup is console specific and it happens automatically. Why the fuck would you keep it on your flash drive you absolute spastic?

>> No.7706378

>i dont know how to make the ps2 look good on my non-crt tv, but im enjoying it.

retrotink 5x
gbs control

>> No.7706423

lol, that silly hungarian.

>> No.7706576

I have a 90002 model and yes it does work but you have to change it to a dtl-90001 for it to run NTSC discs

>> No.7706627

You don't want your white electronics to develop that yellow rustic vibe? What are you, a zoomzoom?

>> No.7706632

what all that means?

>> No.7706964

Soon, Pixel FX Morph

>> No.7707537

I’m well aware and still play
MHFU is great and I do play that online too but MH1/2 are super experimental and different. I also enjoy the right analog attack scheme

>> No.7707559

Nearly all cd based games for one, pretty sure siren doesn't boot either.

>> No.7707568

OPL freezes from time to time when browsing the list. Not often enough to be a headache. I also hate that Max Payne and Deus Ex are unplayable even if there are better ways to play those.

>> No.7707573

In what way? I have Mr Mosquito and Dave Mirra 2 which to my knowledge are CD games and they work fine. I think Robot Alchemic Drive is a CD game too, also works fine far as I can tell.

>> No.7707645

Use R1 and L1 to go through through pages instead of going through everything in the list

>> No.7707823

>It says very plainly that the backup is console specific and it happens automatically.
I really wonder what happens in your brain when you see a paragraph of text, because the discussion is about neither of those things.

>Why the fuck would you keep it on your flash drive you absolute spastic?
Well, if the backup consisted only of mechacon eeprom data, which it states, there wouldn’t be a problem with keeping the backup of any console on there. You wouldn’t assume that backup would be used for anything, since that is literally what you intended to change anyway. Also you’re literally supposed to keep the current consoles backup on your thumbdrive if you’re going to change it again, but surely you knew that already?

>> No.7707830

Siren boots, even when just from USB. The cutscenes have somewhat of a stutter though, but it’s playable. Less stutter with OPL 1.0 than older versions I think

>> No.7707861

Do compatibility modes have an effect? Usually modes 1 or 2 I think can help with cutscene stuttering, don’t quote me on that though it’s been a while since I’ve set all mine up.

>> No.7707874

Before I even looked at the webm I was going to recommend Sub Rebellion. I'd recommend Enthusia or Raw Danger

>> No.7707975

They probably could, never got around to messing with comp modes on Siren though. I just tested if it booted and played the first couple of missions with no modes enabled

>> No.7708107

>Well, if the backup consisted only of mechacon eeprom data, which it states
The mechacon eeprom, which is the same thing as the nvram, contains the configuration data as well as the update. This is probably part of the confusion

>> No.7708262

educate yourself.

>> No.7708280

can't you just spoonfeed me?

>> No.7708371

WinHIIP isn't shell based, I need something for linux but as yet I haven't found any tools

>> No.7708709

>OPL freezes from time to time when browsing the list
stop running it off your memory card numnuts

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>> No.7708763

can i play my japanese discs yet?
they still haven't cracked that code?

>> No.7708813

Ye. Mechapwn should just work on a US console.

>> No.7708824

yeah they did about a month back

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only on a us console?

>> No.7708830

Mechapwn will also work on a pal console but you will have to run the game through ulaunchelf.

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Guess I'll be doing some reading
Thanks Anon-kun

>> No.7709150

Not if you set it to NTSC you wont. Unless you’re talking about PS2 backups, in which case you’ll have to boot the disc through ulaunchelf either way.
tl;dr: it works the same on PAL and NTSC consoles

>> No.7709176

The PS2 sometimes does additional region checks in the BIOS. The PAL BIOS will reject a Japanese disc. This is a bigger headache for PS1 games than PS2 games because you can easily circumvent region checks in the BIOS with uLaunchELF for PS2 games, but not PS1 games.
On 50k-70k consoles, the BIOS can't be changed. On 75k-90k consoles, changing the mechacon region also changes the BIOS region. Changing the region may not be a useful option if you are on an earlier console for that reason.

t. PALfag who owns a 50k and a 75k console.

>> No.7709242

True, PAL is fucked for 70 and earlier, but for all PAL models after that it should be the same as NTSC, as long as people do the smart thing and change it to an NTSC DTL-H setting with mechapwn

>> No.7709270

Yeah, I set my 75k to US. Didn't make any sense not to.

>> No.7710879


do you have a link on how to install OPL to the hard drive instead of the mc? I'm getting a network adapter next week.

>> No.7711264

Sure thing just give me a call. My consuling/spoonfeeding hotline costs $50/hour

>> No.7711829

stop it with the price-dumping, you're ruining the business

>> No.7712460

why does popstarter suck so bad bros

>> No.7712471

it's a shitty emulator that was only meant to run one game

>> No.7712486

why isn't there a better way to run ps1 games on ps2 without burning the discs

>> No.7712492

because the ps2 doesn't emulate io in ps1 mode

>> No.7712538

In the end, burning discs or saving games on the HDD take the same amount of effort. Just do what it works for you.

>> No.7712580

Considering what popstarter is, I think it’s amazing it exists at all. A majority of ps1 games will run through it, so we should be grateful

>> No.7712590

more like poopstarter

>> No.7712595

Considering that pops was only ever meant to run bishi bashi special I think there was a lot more potential in it we never got to see.
It'd be nice if we got a source code leak.

>> No.7712638

still can't run outrun without crashes

>> No.7712645

will we ever get PS2 emulation on Android thats passable?

>> No.7712653

works on my machine

>> No.7713606


damn that's a steal

I did actually find the website but must've accidentally clicked on the banner because it wanted me to download some shit so I just closed the page instantly without reading it

In unrelated news, I played 6 hous of Dark Cloud today and totally finished the first village, it felt pretty good. I only ever was able to play the demo when I was a kid and it had an hour time limit. Replayed that hour so many times.

>> No.7714048

just beat Ape Escape on my PS2.
Felt extra comfy since I used my old dualshock

>> No.7714075

I may Mechapwn it for PS1 burnt disc accessibility (although I also believe a Vita is a perfectly satisfactory PS1 experience).

Otherwise I put an HDD into my PS2 and rigged it up for network booting as well but when my 1TB drive comes back from WD warranty I may put that into the PS2 instead and just skip past the network booting.

>> No.7715112

>although I also believe a Vita is a perfectly satisfactory PS1 experience
if you enjoy the lack of real l2/r2 buttons

>> No.7715119

2 gets shit on for no reason, it's more of 1. Definitely play 3, it's awesome.

>> No.7715915

That can be easily fixed with one of several trigger cover options. The Hori ones have shot up in price but you can still get chink ones that're fine pretty cheap. PS1 titles look outstanding on the screen, too.

>> No.7717709

It's a fair compromise. It's not detrimental enough to overshadow the advantages.

>> No.7717780

2 has shitty music

>> No.7717793

reminder that n3ds can play ps1 games now, admittedly with varying levels of success

>> No.7717803

The gayest shit I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of gayass shit on vr thanks to you fags

>> No.7718138


>> No.7718140

I'm playing Persona 4 on my PS3 with software emulation (ps2_netemu).

Which schoolgirl should I date?

>> No.7718461

>Getting some separated at birth vibes here

The Atari Falcon MicroBox was never released, but showed off to the public in 1992-1993 (I think?). Sony bought the patent for the MicroBox case from Atari.They reference the MicroBox in their own PS2 case patients.

The Atari Falcon Microbox really was meant to be a portable PC. At this point in time PC cases were going from horizontal (or under the monitor) to vertical towers. So Atari made this to flip both ways. Atari cancelled their entire home PC line in 1992 and tried to get back into console gaming with the Atari Jaguar, Which lead to failure and selling Atari to Hasbro,

>> No.7720576
File: 307 KB, 800x1132, 260248-ichigeki-sacchu-hoihoi-san-playstation-2-front-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I use OPL with an SMB setup. The games play great and load times are good, but once in a blue moon the game will freeze and I have to reboot the system. Anyone know why that might be?

Just finished playing Hoihoi-san. Really fun game, really got into it.

>> No.7722278
File: 1.76 MB, 4032x2268, 20200724_190849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Opl still needs some fix, the constant crashing on shadow hearts covenant and audio glitches in tales of abyss is annoying to deal with.

>> No.7722820

there hasn't been a meaningful commit for game-compatibility in years.
only shit like the theme-engine got major updates

>> No.7722824

that's because you're using DB like a retard instead of the original OPL

>> No.7723542

link one commit in the last year which affected game-compatibility

>> No.7724643

splinter cell chaos theory just sits on a black screen launching from a HDD, latest OPL. ideas?

>> No.7724678

Sorry for being a noob but I was thinking about the Wii, on how good the usb speed is to run a game/video with no problem.
How do I hack a Ps2 without using burning discs that will get scratch? without using a shit slow usb hack that run games half baked.
I want to have a lot of games in just one drive or Sd running perfectly, is there something like that for the console yet?

>> No.7724697

Playing PS1 games on Vita is fine, if you can somehow ignore the fact that you’re playing on a fucking Vita

>> No.7724704

>Sorry for being a noob but I was thinking about the Wii, on how good the usb speed is to run a game/video with no problem.
Easily much faster than the disc drive. You won't have any issues running Wii games from USB drives. Try not to use a flash drive though as the drivers backup loaders use don't like them.
>How do I hack a Ps2 without using burning discs that will get scratch? without using a shit slow usb hack that run games half baked.
Put the discs in a wallet. Or use an internal HDD. Or SMB.
>I want to have a lot of games in just one drive or Sd running perfectly, is there something like that for the console yet?
Internal HDD and SMB offer lots of capacity you can just forget about.

>> No.7724707

have you tried the usual compatibility settings like 1/2/3/6

>> No.7725186


I'll give it a shot, wasn't anything on the compatability list about it not launching at all.

>> No.7726712
File: 516 KB, 2576x1884, wallhaven-48jy81.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After 4 hours of struggling I finally managed to get OPL to load games. Time to play all the games I missed as a child.

My question is however this, should you use your FCMB on slot 1 or 2, or does this matter?

Im asking because I don't know if I should save game files on FCMB or onto regular memory card.

>> No.7726741

It doesn't matter. You can still use your FMCB memory card for normal game saves - there's no downside to it.
But OpenPS2Loader also supports virtual memory cards on the same storage device as the games, if you don't want to use any real memory card.

>> No.7726772


regarding OPL, is there no way to have FMCB show OPL on the menu when it's insatlled to the HDD?

>fmcb is pointed to OPL on mc0 in the odsys config
>copy opl to hdd/boot folder
>change odsys to point to the hdd file
>stops showing up on the fmcb menu

I know you can manually go into ulaunchelf and open the file on the hdd to boot it from there, but is the only way to get it to show up on the main menu is to have it installed on the memory card? is it because the hard drive needs to be spun up to read it?

>> No.7726786

FreeMCBoot will remove the entry from the main menu if it cannot be found. If the HDD isn't spun up it won't look for it.
IIRC you may be able to get the HDD to spin up if you disable "skip HDD update check".

>> No.7726796

Alright, no reply, as was to be expected.
Let me do the honors:
>Increase read delay cycles for Kingdom Hearts II (#248)
>committed Apr 9, 2020

But at least people can now chose the font which they'll see before OPL crashes, which is nice too, I guess.

>> No.7726801

normal MC for saves in slot 1, fmcb in slot 2.
best of both worlds.

>It doesn't matter. You can still use your FMCB memory card for normal game saves - there's no downside to it.
no downside, but a properly set up fmcb with couple of programs and configs and shit can fill up a normal 8mb quite fast, which leaves not much space for normal saves.

>> No.7726806

Personally I just keep a minimal FMCB install on the memory card itself and use a USB flash drive for all my homebrew applications as well as save file backups.

>> No.7726851
File: 6 KB, 273x185, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah thanks Anons, was expecting a more crude response but seems like ps2bros are alright.

Learned a thing or two about networking while figuring out OPL, so I guess it was a win win.
Now let's pray my PS2 doesn't die anyday soon so I don't have to go through that again and can enjoy the best library of games there is

>> No.7727060


Is there no way to rename the games in OPL on the ps2? OPL manager cries if they're not SLUS_ but it looks like a jumbled mess in the actual ps2 menu. Didn't see any option for it either.

>> No.7727504


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