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What am I in for?

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About 60% of the SNES/SuFami library

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The pleasure of soon realizing you should have saved up a couple of days more and got the SD2SNES instead for almost 100% game compatibility.

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What's the point when you could've just bought a cheap chink adapter from AliExpress for less?

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The pleasure of soon realizing you should have just emulated and you're now a small sum poorer and still don't feel like playing anything.

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the worst of both worlds

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Oh fuck you so much dude. Keep gloating. Every Everdrive that gets purchased devalues the worth my collection I invested an unbelievable amount of money into.

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Such a meme. Less people may buy cartridges but original carts will never go up in supply.

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sorry m8, this isn't leddit where you have to "present" your "retro" "hauls".

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I take it that's Amazon? I'd return it and get an FXPAK Pro (the rebranding of the SD2SNES) with its infinitely better compatibility meaning you'll have access to basically everything. Flash carts are the best way to go, but you've gotta do your research first and know what you're getting.

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Being laughed at

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you must be an absolute retard
why didnt you bought the chinese sd2snes?
its the same fucking price but is 100% compatible with the snes catalog
you twat

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Choice paralysis

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kek this is true

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I'm happy for you, play some Zombies Ate My Neighbors romhacks and stuff

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Either enjoy it or flip it on ebay?

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>Not the FX Pak Pro
Enjoy not being able to play any of the actual good games on the system.

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>Not buying the chink reproductions for way less cash

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you are in for a good time, does everything except the chip games. also try out 240p test suite while you're at it
the userbase of this board sucks, look at them whining about nothing

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What if he doesn't want to give his money to some soulless chinese insectoid just to save a couple of bucks?

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>Super Everdrive can't play a bunch of games I want to play
>SD2SNES is fucking pricey, plus the FX chip or whatever games it can play that the Everdrive can't are generally not that expensive to just buy outright
>Mull this over going back and forth forever
>End up buying neither

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Don't listen to them, the Super Everdrive is just fine and will play most heavy hitters just fine. Though special chip games unfortunately aren't supported save for like 1 i believe. But thats still games like Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Super Castlevania 4, every Final Fantasy, etc.

Trust me, you'll get a lot of mileage out of it, this is coming from an SD2SNES owner so its not a cope.

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Being a retard that fell for a flash card scam. Hope China enjoys your money.

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Kinda this. Buying an everdrive or flashcart is basically just paying for emulation. If you're an actual physical fag you'd want the games. This is just middle of the road of being an emulator fag and physical fag but having the benefits and sense of ownership of neither.

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I still have all my games but now I can play the mario world romhacks I made in 06 on a real SNES

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this is such a retarded take that i hope its bait

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What is the definitive SNES flashcart then?

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I bought a mega everdrive x5 and apart from allowing me to play games that are too expensive to want to buy (castlevania: bloodlines, alien soldier, etc.) on the exact same setup I use for legit copies, it's also a great companion for the sega cd as it allows you to use it for saves and for loading different bios files.

It also lets you run homebrew like the 240p test suite.

I always prefer original carts if they aren't ridiculously expensive, but this thing was definitely worth the 70 dollar price tag.

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>FX games not that expensive to outright buy
Doom is getting higher and higher. Yea yea, shit port, but for someone like me who likes weird shitty ports of games I love, it's something I'd enjoy having.

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>these are the kind of people visiting nu/vr/

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- fx pak pro* for the prospect of additional features the old fx pak can't support
- fx pak* for most stuff + all enhancement chips

[power gap]

- old super everdrive with DSP1-support or the upcoming super everdrive x6

- new super everdrive x5 or old super everdrive without DSP-support which supports 0 (zero) enhancement chips)

*fxpak is just another name for sd2snes, which they had to use because the SD_card association would threaten them over using the moniker without permission or something


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>for the prospect of additional features the old fx pak can't support
one of these possible features would be msu1-support for fx-games, which most likely can't be done on the normal fxpak, where it's either fx-support or msu1-support.

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SD2snes also loads faster.

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>Oh fuck you so much dude. Keep gloating. Every Everdrive that gets purchased devalues the worth my collection I invested an unbelievable amount of money into.
This makes no sense at all.
There are two groups: the people who want to play old games, and the people who want to collect old games.
I am from the first group and I have not had any desire to buy additional SNES carts for the last 25 years.

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>A couple of bucks
>Super everdrive X5: 70 bucks
>Chink everdrive w/o DSP support: 27 bucks
>With DSP support: 47 bucks
>FX Pak Pro: 200 bucks
>Chink SD2SNES: 100 bucks

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SD2SNES also has MSU-1 compatibility, right? Does Everdrive support that?

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The crushing realization that you chose poorly.

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Meds, now.

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Why would you want that if you could have original hardware or a PC?

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>Noctua brown fans

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Don't even give a shit about mister but bashing on noctua fans deserves a whooping

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By no stretch of the imagination is an Everdrive original hardware and lol at you comparing anything but a freshly laid turd to PC emulation.

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Noctua's do look retarded, 2bh.

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two dogshit opinions in a row, well god damn

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Imagine krikzz having a website which lists all the differences between the different flashcarts.

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Imagine having a life and not knowing who that is.

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An ultimately soulless experience

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At least it wasn't an n64 flash cart lmao what a scam those are.

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Chink model is reasonably priced and the only game it doesn't work with is animal crossing.

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How is the Eversrice x7 for gensis? I wanna play both regular and sega cd games on it, but don't want to splurge on a mega sd, or actual sega cd.

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you need the Pro for that. X7 only does 32x.

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oh shit you are right I got it confuses. Well that's expensive.

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i went with the X7 and i love it. Truly ask yourself: how many sega CD games do you really want to play? honestly my life is fine without night trap.

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I wannna play snatcher with a lightgun.

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you have a CRT and a light gun? have fun

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This is $40ish as opposed to $250ish.

Does this play Sega CD? Is it gonna fry my Genesis? Will it help XI Jinping annex Taiwan?

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>having a life
>posting on 4chan
liar liar pants on fire

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Some games are so retarded expensive not even a physical copy fag like me doesn't want to buy them. Flash carts are great if you want to play expensive games you don't want to pay for on real hardware.

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where do i find this

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It will not play Sega CD games. It might not even save games, and it might not play larger size roms, or otherwise have compatability.

But it will probably work for about 80% of things

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fxpak latest revision is/was J
chinese sd2snes/fxpak is stuck at rev F, because that's the last one released on github, doesn't even have the msu1-audio-fix iirc

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It saves

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Best GB/GBA flashcart?

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I literally just did that, saved $100 and it works great

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It does yes

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Wait do you mean if the non-sd2snes/fxpak supports msu? Then no, only the carts that can emulate chips have support.

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Emulation with extra steps

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>GB/GBC: Ez Flash Jr
>GBA Ez Flash Omega

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No, it won't play Sega CD
No, chink carts frying consoles is a meme
Maybe, who cares
I bet the only game not compatible would be Virtua Racing

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This is what consoomers would have you believe.

>> No.7696830

you sure?
heard they consoom more battery than everdrive/normal carts

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just got a super famicom for 20 bucks but the fxpak pro is about 300 bucks in australia, is it worth buying?

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from your bros over at the discord?

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No, from a youtube video

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even worse

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That all depends on whether Anon is speaking from personal experience or just parroting like you.

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It's not that noticeable desu

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No, get the chink version insted

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I have SD2SNES and it was absolutely worth the cost.

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yeah I think I will, not quite as cheap as OP's one though

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Yeah, but still cheaper than Krikzz shit
Don't listen to the "mah console frying" meme, it's outdated bs

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I mean it still is his design though isn’t it?

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krikzz made and sold it, the design is by ikari_01.

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>having to pay extra for black fans

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yeah it drains batteries faster than an everdrive
trying too hard

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Nice, welcome to Chaddom.

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