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What is your personal cut off date for what is or isn’t retro?

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6th gen, because that's the last gen where most people still had CRTs. I would play gamecube, N64, and sega genesis games with my friends and we wouldn't care about graphics. But then when HDTVs became affordable no one want to play the old consoles anymore.

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2007. The day this board arbitrarily allows Wii/360/PS3 in due to some arbitrary ascending timeline rule is the day I leave, and the day this board collapses in on itself. There is just an inherently different and much worse philosophy coloring all of gaming past gen 6 onwards.

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Only 16-bit and under systems are truly Retro.

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For me it ends with the Dreamcast, though I can at least accept PS2 and stuff.
2004 is the maximum date though, Resident Evil 4 was definitely the first time as a kid I was actually truly stunned by how realistic a game looked that didn't involve cars, so I consider anything 2005 and up modern.

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Somewhere between 16 and 32 bit era. Games really started to change at that point. Only saying this because I started on a Commodore PET.

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in the context of where things are today, I'd say 6th gen just because they're the last round of consoles released that didn't have an online dashboard/store etc where everything was tied to an account from day 1. the first day you got a ps2/xbox/gc, you brought it home, unpacked it, connected it to your TV (which was most likely a CRT), put in a disc and started playing, none of the other BS, and it hasn't been like that since

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2009 to me is the year that modern gaming as we know it started. MW2, Arkham Asylum, AC2, Uncharted 2, Borderlands. You can see some mixture of these games in almost every AAA title released today.

But "retro" still ends in 1999.

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NES and older > Retro
Genesis up to Dreamcast > current gen/modern gaming
PS2 and Beyond > Next generation/future shit

This is how I saw the world back in the day and I still cant break that view

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anything before Gamecube/Xbox/Ps2

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This. Anything where you HAVE to make an account is not retro and never will be.

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Anything before 2014 is retro.

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I agree

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2010-now and newer = not retro
2000-2010 = little retro
1970-2000 = retro

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16 bit consoles and older that had pixel graphics are accepted to be retro everyone but n64 and gamecube and maybe even wii are old and give people nostalgia.

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Would consoles released from December of 2004 (PSP) effectively be part of the “not-Retro” club, then? The Nintendo DS released a month prior and didn’t have stuff like accounts and digital stores.

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Why and in what way would that matter?

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The PSP didn't have any of that, either, at least not until very late in its life cycle, so the PSP is retro.
In fact, I'd go so far as to say that all 2D and 2.5D games are retro, regardless of year or context.

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After reading through this thread and hearing what everyone has had to say about the subject, it has become very clear to me that there needs to be new definitions of what we consider "retro" for the newer generations of consoles, and perhaps the older ones as well. Calling everything just retro is too much of a broad brush. Generation 7(Wii) and Generation 4(NES) are not both simply retro. While everything grows old, the divide exists with the rise of the digital age.

Regardless of the date, It is as clear as day that games on consoles we played which existed before before the year, 2007, when analog/CRTs were still used, but had been discontinued, due to the fact that there was no longer free channels on tv for people to watch. June 12th, 2007, was the exact date that occured, when HDTVs, and the digital age, along with the use of smartphones, and whathaveyou, officially became the new way people communicated and played. This is also, roughly when the Wii(November 19, 2006), ps3(November 17, 2006), and xbox360 (November 22, 2005) all came out. Late 2005-the End of 2006 saw a large shifting in Video Games from analog to digital.

After this, the old way of gaming died out(save for indie developers who used digital ways to preserve the way older games were made and played, with a modern twist(Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Shovel Knight, other pixelated games and games which mimicked the game mechanics of older consoles, including arcade cabinets)), and became what we know as, "Retro." There are different degrees of what retro is, but people should start calling games that after Generation 6 that are already becoming old(since it's been about 15 years since then), I would call those games, "Post-Retro." That way, they're not confused for the truly retro games like 16-bit and under, and every console and game after that was primarily played on a CRT with bulky cartridges, or discs, or as I said before, in arcade cabinets).

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under the year 2k for me. But Ill accept the gamecube ps2 era

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I don't use the word because it's useless and dumb, I just group them in generations which is far more logical

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I don't give a fuck of the whole "muh retro" concept. This board simply needed to focus on being "anything pre-2000, period". Instead, it will be an endless pushback, because retro isn't fixed, so in 5-6 years we will get a new sticky saying that anything pre-2013 is fine

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Nice cope zoom zoom. 2007, no further, no less.

Just make a new board called Post-Retro Games, /vpr/. I'm tired of this whole rigamarole where the lazy shit mods force this ascending timeline rule every time a new gen transitions in and adds a flood of new retards screeching "not retro" at everything. Create a hard line in the sand and don't compromise. I mean we have a ton of new shitty extraneous /v/ boards like RPG and mobile so what harm could one more do?

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06. 07 gave us games like Crysis and Modern Warfare. It's pretty easy to see why the geriatrics here shit their diapers about the rule change.

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Reconsider your position

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Okay boomer.

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CDI Zelda is so soulful compared to modern Zelda.

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if a system doesn't have games in GAMESTOP or GAME.

Is retro.That's it.

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>Classic Era
Arcade games were the dominant form. They were often short and brutal, with an emphasis on racking up the highest score to proudly display on a leaderboard or trying to overcome the toughest challenge to see the end. Game consoles were relatively new and limited, and a vast majority of games tried to replicate this arcade experience at home.
>Neo-Classic Era
The arcade format was starting to be replaced by games with epic sprawling adventures and a smaller emphasis on scoreboards. Save/password features were becoming more common as games became longer. Arcades were still a thing but began to die out throughout the 90s as the arcade experience could be replicated far easier at home thanks to stronger consoles. Despite the lesser focus on arcades though, the vast majority of video games still prioritized gameplay and the concept of "movie games" was still very new. The internet was beginning to make its way into gaming near the end of this era, with online play becoming a neat new frontier.
>Modern Era
The internet has solidified itself into gaming at this point. Downloadable patches, DLC, always online, and much MUCH more games focused solely on online multiplayer. Physical media is becoming obsolete, long gone are the days of having to go to the store to buy a cartridge or disc as most games can simply be downloaded thanks to the ever growing adoption of high speed internet. For a lot of games, the disc you buy at the store is merely a license to download the game when you get home. Differences in console hardware become miniscule and the consoles themselves become multi-media platforms. The games that aren't multiplayer focused are instead very cinematic and streamlined. Arcade games at this point are incredibly niche. However, easier access to dev tools and online platforms to distribute games has allowed a huge surge of indie developers.

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Anything before 2004.

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You will never be a woman.

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It's in the sticky dumdum

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For my definition I would say the fourth generation would be the "cut off date" cause I started playing games mainly in the fifth generation

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My personal definitions:
1st and 2nd gen are early gaming, let's call it vintage
3rd and 4th are 2D retro
5th and 6th are 3D retro
I don't think 7th gen will ever be retro because those games still feel like modern games. The way I see it innovation stopped during that generation and we are playing the same games just with better graphics.

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I think the turn of the millennium is a pretty good cut off.
2D games were already fully mature, and early 3D already showcased what was to come.

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2D peaked in 1995 then it plateaued and since then only gone down.

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If I can't directly connect it to my TV, it's retro.
If I need to connect it via an analog RF tuner, it's ancient.

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Whatever's too old to talk about with the zoomers on /v/. We shouldn't need separate boards for every vidya genre just to talk about games of intermediate age.

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By the time that happens they'll feel like old systems.

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If your game system's main cpu is faster than 16mhz, then it ain't even retro.

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Gen 6 is not retro, nor will it ever be retro, with the only exception being the Dreamcast (and even then that's debatable). Simple as.

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Agreed. 1st/2nd gen as own board, every after as its own up to 7th which could honestly be just lumped with /v/ for a long time

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1st~4th gen: the 2D Master Race Age

5th~present: the 3D Degenerate Age

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Interesting take; personally I'd divide the Classic and Neo-Classic era to

Arcades, and arcade-style games dominate; video games with a concrete beginning, middle, and end are a rarity.

This is where we see the shift from endless looping/"arcade style" games to linear video games, i.e. Mega Man and Super Mario. Arcades are still big and although PC gaming is starting to become big, it's still overshadowed by consoles for the most part due to the lower graphics/sound abilities of your average PC at the time. The console wars.

Sega withers and ultimately dies out as a console maker, the Playstation and then Xbox hit the scene. Arcades are eclipsed and start to fade away due to increasing powers of game consoles, PC gaming starts to pick up.

Increasing focus on internet gaming, emulators, DLC, etc. 'PC master race' becomes a thing.

*which itself could be divided between the 5th and 6th gens - both generations had major differences between them.

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We should just go back to the old rules - 5th gen and older only. /v2k/ should become a thing for the 6th and 7th gens.

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>we are playing the same games just with better graphics.

The graphics aren't even better in most cases. Only the biggest studios have big enough art teams make use of it. The most anyone else can really do is just put larger numbers of the same objects on screen at once.

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20 years

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In that case it might as well do 3 boards per decade - 70s/80s, 90s, 2000. Systems could be based on when they were most prevalent- ie: genesis for 90s board despite releasing im late 80s. Dreamcast probably best for 2000s also to stick with fellow 6th gens

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To elaborate on why I think that the 6th gen should be the cutoff:
>6th generation saw the solidification of the modern console market - Nintendo vs Xbox vs Playstation, which continues to this day (5th gen was Nintendo vs Sega vs Playstation, 4th was Nintendo vs Sega)
>Several franchises changed/died/were introduced. Fire Emblem came to the West, Sonic became a joke, Pokemon hit its' stride, GTA became a household name, Halo and 'modern' FPS exploded in popularity)
>JRPGs became truly mainstream
>Hardware wise, there were no more CDs or cartridges (for consoles), it was all DVDs or those manlet discs Nintendo uses, Analog sticks became standard
>The death of arcades
>Online gaming becoming mainstream
>Gaming in general becoming mainstream

Maybe I'm just a boomer but I feel as though while the difference between the 4th and 5th gen was bigger in terms of play style*, the overall 'feel' of gaming and the culture surrounding it changed more between the 5th and 6th gen.

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That's an interesting take. I personally think that's unnecessary and impractical - /vr/ is slow, it was even slower before 6th gen was introduced, and a board dedicated to just the 90s or 80s would be hilariously slow. Also in terms of gameplay, market, and 'culture' the difference isn't so clear between decades and console generations - the 3rd and 4th gen are much closer to each other in that regard than the 3rd is to the 2nd and the 4th to the 5th.

That's actually a decent idea for a thread - the evolution of the gaming landscape, the culture surrounding it, and where the major demarcations should be.

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anything after 2000 is not retro

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>2007, when analog/CRTs were still used, but had been discontinued, due to the fact that there was no longer free channels on tv for people to watch
lol what

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I think the Board Idea is an excellent one. That way, people aren't talking about Wii games on the same board they're talking about GameCube games, or pc adventure games from the 90s, or whathaveyou. Take it easy brother.

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Made a Mistake, It was actually June 12th, 2009 when they shut down analog. My bad.


But my point still stands, Everything after generation 6 should be Post-Retro.

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just an FYI, the shutting down of analog was:
1. not the same date in every region
2. was part of a *transition* to digital terrestrial television. there are still a shitload of free TV broadcasts being broadcast over radio waves *right now*

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December 31, 1999.