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Which games can you recommend for Sega Saturn?

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I would say Street Fighter Alpha 3 but if we're talking emulators then you can just use whatever controller you want so you could just play a different version with a Saturn pad.

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shinobi X

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Panzer Dragoon 2
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Saturn Bomberman
Radiant Silvergun
Shining Force 3
Guardian Heroes
Keio Flying Squadron 2 (Keiou Yuugekitai: Katsugeki-hen)
Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru
Sega Rally
Virtua Cop 1/2 (but nowhere near as fun without a light gun)
Dark Savior
Last Bronx
Virtua Fighter 2
The Legend of Oasis/The Story of Thor 2
Cotton 2: Magical Night Dreams
Resident Evil (for Saturn exclusive content)
Policenauts (less censorship + more content than PSX version)
Duke Nukem 3D (much better than PSX and N64 ports)
Any Capcom fighter
Any King of Fighters

Ports of Capcom/SNK fighters were some times arcade perfect when using the RAM expansion cart (pic related), and when they didn't use it they were still close. All are better than PSX ports and all still play great.

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Only retards would emulate arcade ports when Mame and Fightcade exist.

Also yabause is shit, use mednafen instead.

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Xmen vs Street Fighter
Sega Rally
Virtua Cop
Virtua Fighter 2
Fighters Megamix
Worldwide Soccer 97
Nights into Dreams

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What about the extra content on VF2 and Sega Rally?

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let's do one better
we need a fucking magnet up in this bitch

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Elevator Action 2/Returns comes to mind as a stand out title, also gives you the option of giving sub weapons their own button. Make sure you set it before starting.

I struggle to think of a Saturn port which didn't offer at least more control options or a saturn arrange mode. Anyone suggesting inferior arcade versions simply has a bone to pick and should be disregarded.

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Should have stated 2D arcade games btw. Mame is crap for 3D stuff. So yeah those games get a pass. Emulating saturn to play SF Zero or Vampire is dumb.

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Looks good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03j4P-ewtSw

I download that.

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Use Mednafen if you want games to actually run 99% accurately (or work at all). The 'Beetle Saturn' core on Retro Arch is based on Mednafen and will be easiest to setup, but it is almost 2 years out of date so wont have the latest fixes. Still runs games far better than Yabause though.

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It's better on Playstation.

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>It's better on Playstation.

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Last one.

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Deep Fear if you like classic RE

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>Only retards would emulate arcade ports when Mame and Fightcade exist
>Emulating saturn to play SF Zero or Vampire is dumb

SF Alpha 3 and Vampire Savior on Saturn (along with some other Capcom/SNK fighters) have arcade perfect graphics/animation plus extra options and content. SFA3 on Saturn also has extra characters. Apart from short Saturn loading times the arcade is inferior, and you can speed up loading times with some emulators anyway. You're the retard here.

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inb4 buttmad bernie

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You don't even play those games, poser.

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good fucking luck playing games on that.

SFA3/VS is not arcade perfect. They have lower quality sound, some tracks have different instrumentation, the screen size/aspect is wrong, etc. They were "arcade perfect" by 1990s measurements when console ports used to be completely rebuilt from scratch. Compared to that, they were arcade perfect. Compared to the arcade versions? You can see very obvious differences.

SFA3 is the only one with extra modes too, the saturn version of Savior only gives you the three characters from Savior 2 and that's it. At least it does have an option to use english text.

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Is Xmen vs SF arcade perfect? And what's the best emulator to use?

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Get a real saturn, the emulators suck.

None of the Saturn ports are arcade perfect, other than a handful of ST-V or 1980s retro arcade ports like Outrun (and even those may have slightly worse sound, either because they use non-looping CD Audio or 22khz pre-recorded tracks).

XvsSF has slower loading than the arcade, wrong aspect ratio, and as I recall it sometimes it starts skipping frames when there's too much action going on, usually on double supers or with large characters.
Also the sound effects are totally fucked up, there's even a cheat code for using higher quality samples for some reason.

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Too much truth bombs dropped at once. How will retard posers like >>7479263 recover.

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Mame or fightcade. Forget about meme arcade ports, it's not 1998 anymore.

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