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Play Shenmue with Japanese voices for the best experience

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Why would I do that when I adore the english dub?

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Nah the dub is kino weeb

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I love the awful English dub, game would be boring as fuck if I wasn't getting a laugh out of the campy dialogue

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Didn't a lot of the 70 million dollar budget go to hiring A list nip voice actors?

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I'm pretty sure a lot of the english VAs also did the japanese lines. there was a large group of english speaking VAs living in Tokyo at the time.

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does the japanese voices fix the dated combat and awful pacing too?

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>Dated combat


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Half the joy of the Shenmue series is playing it through the lens of being a horribly translated martial arts movie from the 60s. It's why I prefer the Xbox version of 2 since PAL DC is limited to subs only.
The combat can't be dated since it was shitty on launch, and the pacing is entirely on you.

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It's only pacing problem is on the third disc when you're railroaded to the end. You get a job and have all sorts of money to blow at the arcade but never have the time anymore. Just like real life.

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>Play Shenmue with Japanese voices for the best experience

While you are at it. Play the original and then Part II back to back. Keep in mind. that Shenmue 2 starts 21 days after the Shenmue 1 completion date if you carry the save data over. The default start date for Shenmue 2 is February 23, 1987, but you can start Shenmue II as early as December 1986 (if you speedrun the first game) or you can start months later. Things do change in the landscape with the different seasonal changes.

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OP is morbidly obese

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Oh that's actually pretty neat wtf. I never played these games but that sounds like a nice touch.

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>awful pacing
absolutely filtered

I didn't jump to the date when the game gave the opportunity. I just waited, wandered, collected toys, fought, trained... i wanted the best experience. And i got it.

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the awful english dub is part of the jank shenmue experience, you're missing out on a good time if you play in japanese.

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So.. your counter to awful pacing is to.. highlight the awful pacing?

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You very obviously don't understand what Shenmue is, or wanted to be. It's not a bunch of set pieces you run through to see an ending, check completed and then hop into the next game to clear some "backlog" like playing games is a fucking chore list.
It's a game that you relax and enjoy playing for possibly multiple months just doing whatever you want to for however long you play it that particular day while still keeping up with the overarching story every now and then.

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That's what you don't understand. Shenmue is a pretty atmospheric game and it achieves it thanks to the small pleasures that you find in the day-to-day life of its world. You end up enjoying the everyday things its world offers. Why do you think they make you wait for the bus?
You don't like. OK. But thank God not all the games are call of duty.

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Honestly the JP voice acting was pretty bad as well.

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>>Shenmue with Japanese voices

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Is there an easy way to do this for the PC version? (that is, Shenmue I & II on Steam) I'm assuming the game either has it built-in to the localized version of the game, or a fan-made patch is needed, but that it's possible.

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>play worst “game” ever made, and make sure you don’t understand the words that are coming out of anyone’s mouth
Nah, I get pussy, bro.

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What problem? Shenmue dub is fine.
Dub chads UNITE!

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There's a hack/patched version of Shenmue II on Dreamcast that injects the Xbox english va, I have it on my gdemu but I need to play through the first game again so I can see if the saves transfer over
There's a utility I think to get the saves working between the different regions

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So is the Dreamcast version still the best way to play it? Or is the pc port faithful?

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The PC port is faithful, it simply carries over the data to different hardware. You can play the game in higher resolution. Some of the menus look different, but rest assured the entire game is there, 100% intact. This goes for Shenmue and Shenmue II of course, the PC port is a collection available for purchase on Steam that includes both games.

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The audio was a little janky at launch if I recall, only finished the first game in the remaster. Did they patch it?

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I want to advocate for playing the original Dreamcast releases but the constant loading can be irritating and even gdemu doesn't help much
Get the Steam release and put that shit on a CRT

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pc version is fine but you miss out on the dreamcast's disc loading sounds warning you of qtes before they happen

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>eat shit with salt and pepper on top for the better experience
No thanks.

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Dreamcast; it looks better

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The dub is fine, but they really missed the opportunity the to dub the second one in Mandarin and give Ryo a japanese accent.

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That's fine because I have a gdemu anyway.

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>Oh that's actually pretty neat wtf. I never played these games but that sounds like a nice touch.

Carrying over data from Shenmue I to Shenmue II only really works with the Japanese releases. Or the Pal releases? I guess you can edit the data with a hex editor if you want data to cross from the US Shenmue 1 to the PAL Shenmue II.

Shenmue II caries over money, fighting moves and trinkets from Shenmue. And also carries over the date as well. The game starts 21 days after your Shenmue 1 end date. Shenmue 1 has 137 days total, to complete the game. The first Shenmue ends on July 1987, and does have a bad ending. I think the latest you can start Shenmue II is August 1987.

This whole "time continues from the last" feature was meant to be a big thing in the Shenmue DC games. Very few people will ever see this feature. as there is no Shenmue 1 on Xbox. The HD remasters do support this, but it is somewhat broken. The devs ported the US DC release and the UK PAL version of Shenmue II, and because of that the money doesn't carry over. But it doesn't matter because Ryo losses all his money at the beginning of Shenmue II anyway.

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There's a converter utility out there that you can burn or boot from a ggdemu, believe it goes from US save > PAL save

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>There's a converter utility out there that you can burn or boot from a ggdemu, believe it goes from US save > PAL save

didn't know this. Thanks.

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>Dated combat

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fuc koff faggot stid queer

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not funny faggot

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>when you realize you're older than the oneesan character
Xiuying is the best part with Joy coming close second.

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how do you take combat out on a date? these visual novels are getting out of hand

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Someone on /v/ gifted me the steam version and I patched it with nip dub so yea. Just google it. I remember there being an issue after patching it that made like most of the screen black but that's a common issue and there's a fix for that too that is pretty quick but I only generally remember these things. Then it's all set.

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Oh, it just came to me I think but not sure. That black screen bug I think only happens if your PC utilizes your cpu instead of gpu so you would just have to force it to use your gpu and it should be all good.

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