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How can anyone call this the perfect controller when the Z button is in the worst possible area?

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I'm more offended by that atrophied D-pad.

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4 way d pads are a crime against gaming. Same as the dual shock

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4 ways are perfect, it's just too small.

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Who the fuck calls this the "perfect controller" besides retards who grew up with it. Even with that possibility taken into account, I still find it hard to believe.

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Literally put your index finger on it? I'm neutral on the gamecube controller but the Z button is the last of my complaints. It was generally mapped to shit you didn't press often, like a select button that's actually reachable. The Dpad & C stick are bigger problems that no amount of mapping helps with.

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Why not just have a select button instead of a Z button?

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It's beyond perfect for 3D games, beyond atrocious for 2D games. There is no in-between.

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They went for N64 terminology. Now that you mention it. Should have added a select button above L, though, as a counterpart for Z. It would be better than "ZL" and "ZR", which still sound dumb.

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They went for N64 terminology. Now that you mention it, they should have added a Select button above L, though, as a counterpart for Z. It would be better than "ZL" and "ZR", which still sound dumb.

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It's the same position as the playstation R1 button.

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The position is fine, it's kinda dumb they put it only on the right side and not add an extra one on the left side.
The triggers are absolutely atrocious though, what the fuck were they thinking

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I love Nintendo consoles and games, but they’ve never made a truly great controller since the NES or SNES (and I preferred the Genesis controller even then, but both were great).
64 was the worst controller of its generation.
GameCube was better than the original Xbox controller but worse than ps2.
The wiimote was an affront against God.
Wii U game pad was clunky as hell.
The concept of the switch controller/joy cons is awesome, but the button and stick qualities suck.

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>but they’ve never made a truly great controller since the NES or SNES
Wii U Pro was their best ever, and it's sad it's stuck on a dead console.

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It's definitely not perfect but it did some cool things that didn't carry over to later gen controller design
The notches in the analog stick molding feel great to play 3D and 2D games to a certain extent and the sticks in general hardly ever get loose. The click on the analog triggers just feels great and was used in some pretty cool ways. Even the button layout is pretty comfortable.

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not OP, but I too have often seen people refer to this as "perfect" or their "favorite.

Never in a million years understood that shit. hate the c-nub, hate the tiny d-pad, hate the long travel on the triggers. in some ways it's even more archaic and goofy-ass than the dreamcast's POS controller.

nah, their recent pro controllers for the switch are actually very good, inexpensive and immediately vastly superior simply because you can plug them right into a PC as well.

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literally only gamecube babies and demented smash autists think this is the perfect controller. it was shit and gimped. no l1 button, awful clicky z button, no l3 or r3, triggers squishy like a mans ass, unusable dpad hangs off the controller like a bollock, short wire, yellow nipple, x and y shaped like beans. no select button either. i liked the gamecube, but it always had the worst versions of multiplats like tony hawk or sports games because of the controller and no online play. no surprise it fucking flopped

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shit was so stiff that it was practically unusable for anything that required finesse. easily the biggest con for the gb player

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the d-pad is stiff as shit but othen than that, i like it quite a bit

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That isn't a d-pad.

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The L-R buttons had two functions, you didn't need an L1+L2

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its perfect because it gives you a gap in the middle to wind your cord

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Am I insane for thinking Wii Remote + Nunchuck were great for games without motion controls? I remember how comfortable it felt to play Muramasa or Xenoblade literally with a hand behind my back because you didn't need to keep the halves together like every other controller

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You needed L1+L2. Gamecube shoulders are like having to hold L1 before you could press L2. And I'm saying this as someone who likes the Gamecube contoller.

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>Who the fuck calls this the "perfect controller" besides retards who grew up with it.
smash players

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>It's beyond perfect for 3D games
it's shit for FPS thanks to the nipple

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the only thing this controller has above others is the abxy placement:
A button is main button (jumping in platformers, confirming in menus...)
B for secondary button (attacking in action games and cancelling on menus...)
X and Y for auxiliary buttons

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sounds nice until you play something that requires you to press B and X/Y in quick succession, and you notice the astronomical distance between them.
The buttons having a different shape size it's not a bad idea actually but the layout itself is simply detrimental

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> It's beyond perfect for 3D games
needs 6 face buttons, that was obvious to me while playing wind waker.

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It is actually severely underrated, especially in the way that you have 4 buttons available that require no finger movement. It kinda falls apart with games that require too much buttons though

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yeah it was very good honestly

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I never really noticed this as a teen, I usually had multiplats on PS2 or Xbox. Then I tried Tony Hawk on Gamecube and it's such a miserable experience plaiyng with that controller. The buttons are not a good idea.

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It was a great setup, but could have benefited from a more convenient placement of the 1 and 2 buttons.

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I get what they were going for. An evolution of the N64 controller where every button has a different shape so you always know which button you're pressing. The L and R triggers are great, but everything else doesn't really work that well.
D-pad is such ass compared to something like the Mega Drive/Genesis 3 button controller d-pad which is perfect. Since 3D games barely use the d-pad that for anything meaningful, people don't think about it until they have to play a 2D game. Same thing with the Xbox 360 d-pad.
C-stick should've been the same size as the other stick. It's way too small to be used for anything.
Z-button is this awkwardly placed clicky button that acts more like a select button than anything else, it's like an older version of the PS4 touch pad which is equally useless. And why isn't there a Z-button on the left side of the controller? There's room for it. Or just get rid of it and have a regular select button instead.
It's like they designed the whole controller around one Nintendo game like Mario Sunshine and that was it.

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What wrong with the name? ZL = Z on Left ZR = Z on Right. Would you prefer LZ RZ?

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>Lack of a second z button
>Dpad may as well not exist
>Cstick is smaller and shittier than the Control stick for some reason

That said
>Ergonomic button placement
>Pressure sensitive Analog triggers
>The best Control Stick known to man

I can understand why people would personally have it as a fave but its shortcomings are too much. Certain genres become unplayable.

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It's only really good for 3D platformers and a certain overrated party game.

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I call it the "perfect controller".

I am using it for my switch atm.

Regards, a person who owns and collects most consoles.

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So, which controller do you think is better?

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I agree with this, and I'd add that the Z-button or buttons should have been placed under the triggers, for more comfort.

That said it's still my favorite controller because of how ergonomic and comfy it feels and the way the A button is placed perfectly under the thumb. I like the symmetry of the playstation controllers, but they're not very ergonomic. And I like the Xbox controllers but they don't feel molded into my hands the way the gamecube controller does.

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Literally anything with a
>Functioning Dpad
>4 Shoulders
>Second stick that doesn't suck ass
Is a contender
Not retro but I'd point to the Wii Classic Controller as my personal favorite. Its not perfect but its very close for me.
>Legitimately good D-pad
>Two analog sticks which are nearly Game Cube tier
>Analog sticks are in the ideal position for 3D gaming. I really wish more controllers would ape the Dual Shock placement. It just feels better to move the character and camera simultaneously when your thumbs are level. It also feels better to hit the shoulder buttons with your index and middle when your thumb is placed lower.
The only flaw in terms of comfort are the shoulders being spaced on the horizontal axis as opposed to the depth axis so you can easily press them with your index and middle finger at the same time.

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It just sounds too contrived. They already invented and established Select, so why not use that in some fashion, instead?

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SelectL and Z? Or SelectL and SelectR? Select should be next to start.

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>>Analog sticks are in the ideal position for 3D gaming.
Literally the opposite is true. The CC layout is better than the DualShock's only because there are no grips to get in the way of placing your hand in a "neutral position" corresponding to the analog stick rather than to the dpad.

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n64 was the last good controller nintendo made

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Just Select as the counter to Z or something. Select doens't need to be next to Start anymore, since Gamecube Z basically became the Select button because it is used in the same way most of the time (especially since they often mapped Select to Z in emulated games, like in Animal Crossing NES games). They should have just called that button Select and put another button called Z above L on the GC controller.

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They should have just had select near start and had Zl ZR on gamecube.

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It literally looks like one of those fisher price toys for toddlers to teach them shapes and shit, but it works fine to play Nintendo's games which is all that really matters I guess. Ive never seen anyone but smash autists say it's actually a good controller and god help you if you've ever willingly played multiplats on any Nintendo system.
Main problem with the Gamecube is even Nintendo's games were all shit.

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>if you've ever willingly played multiplats on any Nintendo system.
I loved playing Burnout with this thing. That control stick is so tight.

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>The triggers are absolutely atrocious though, what the fuck were they thinking
I still think they're the best triggers ever. Absolutely love them.

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i also like the classic controller, would prefer it if it had grips and circular analogue gates rather than the gamecube style ones

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FPSs like Timesplitters were a nightmare to play wi9th the GameCube controller with that stumpy nub of a C-Stick.

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The Classic Controller Pro controller has grips, but not circular gates for the sticks. Still feels great, though.

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It's a terrible controller all together, and made it even weirder for ports from PS2/Xbox to be made

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It was a pretty comfy controller. Great control stick and triggers. C-stick was a bad idea and I didn't mind the button placement though I can see why people disliked it. It was excellent for first party games and exclusives that played to the controllers strengths. The lack of buttons compared to the controllers on the other 2 consoles killed it for multiplats.

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They should've had a ZL & ZR. The problem with only having one Z button is that on certain multiplats, you had to hold down Z while pressing L or R to replicate just pressing L2 or R2 on a DS2.
Also, the d-pad is way too tiny to be useable. Also, the differently sized and shaped face buttons are only good for 1st-party games specifically designed around them. Multiplats generally feel worse on the GameCube controller

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Samefag here. The GameCube controller has great ergonomics, though.

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I don't think it needed four shoulder buttons. but it should had have two more face buttons, it would have fit with the design.

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It's comfy to casuals but the slight twist and angle to the handles unironically fucks your hands up long term and you risk your wrist exploding.

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It's fine. Use something else if you don't like it

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Melee autists will be the first people to tell you it's unhealthy, which is why they spearheaded development of stickless boxes. If you play with gamecube controllers a lot you should be doing hand stretches.

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I have classic controller pro like pic related and aside from the d pad being a bit weird it works perfectly fine. I use it for both 2D and 3D games and have never had a problem with it.

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This thing looks retarded and uncomfortable to play on.

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Flatter hands are healthier hands

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smashfaggots and tendies.
god i know i sound like a sony fanboy but nintendo is seriously a cult, the unrepentant belief that the NES saved the gaming industry and that N64 was good.

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it is horrendous and has been for 20 years.

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Nintendys will always praise their nintendy as the best ever. The controller could punch them in the balls and they'd still call it ergonomic.

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>NES saved the gaming industry
it probably did in some way, gaming worldwide in the 90s could have been very different without famiclones

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here's a live one!

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I think a lot of disagreement over controllers stems from different hand sizes and finger size and shape. Anyone who has an opinion on a controller should accompany their post with either a picture of their hands holding the controller or the measurements of their hands. It would help us understand each other better.

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>immediately vastly superior simply because you can plug them right into a PC as well.
every console controller does this

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