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What games have good snow/wintery levels?

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Freezeasy Peak, motherfucker

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Mizzurna Falls

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My favorite level in Tenchu has a wintery setting, though there's no real weight to that in terms of gameplay mechanics.
The level theme is fucking awesome too: https://youtu.be/zuatOQOTVNw

There's a pretty comfy water/snow level in Tenchu 2 as well iirc

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I'd like to be your friend.

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Shadow Moses.

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The polar bear levels in Crash 2 were a blast. The regular arctic levels were also quite comfy
Not familiar with that one but it looks good. Might check it out.

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Chapter 3 in Bully takes place in winter

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My favorite level in Tenchu 1 too, the only thing I dislike is the dogs and how small it feels compared to other maps. Also, I think that the snowy/water mission in Tenchu 2 is one of Rikimaru's missions, the one where you infiltrate a temple

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is it any good? or is it like a david cage type game?

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The Thing

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It’s good but it’s also definitely a David Cage game and it completely goes off the rails at the end.

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Thanks anon, you’ve convinced me to play

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>it completely goes off the rails at the end.
oh now i'm intrigue, I think i can put up with the david cagey stuff if that means crazy shit at the end.

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Damn comfy

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Never played Tenchu, I will now

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Wtf is this gabriel knight?

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They copy-pasted the grass. 2/10

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Pac-Man World 2

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Warhammer 40k winter assault

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Advance Wars

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Of course, indiana jones and the infernal machine

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Shadows of the Empire

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Actually, nevermind that. Super Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back was a lot more comfy and more importantly, a better video game.

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>>7453643 (You)
Actually, nevermind that. Super Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back was a lot more comfy and more importantly, a better video game.

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>Second Sight
>Xperia play

You anons will forever be my negroes

Also GoldenEye 64 had very comfy snow levels

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don't put ""(you"" unless it's ME you fucker

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canis canem edit the winter chapter's pretty cool,

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Here's your dedicated (you)

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First half of Episode 2 from Blood are good winter levels

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Silent Hill 1

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what game

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I'll say this, it was very disappointing playing the rest of the game expecting it to be even better than the first segment at the diner.

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Harry Potter 2 for PS1

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All the snow stages in Diddy Kong Racing 64

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came here to post this

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No, it looks like it's from Last Blade, an SNK fighting game.