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What are y'all playing?
Any games in sight you wanna try next?
Top 3 Saturn games?
Sonic Jam worth picking up?
How many Saturn consoles do you own?

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>What are y'all playing?
Definitely not a Shiturn game, "y'all".
>Any games in sight you wanna try next?
>Top 3 Saturn games?
>Sonic Jam worth picking up?
>How many Saturn consoles do you own?

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shhhhh, he will be here any time now.... wait for it.... there we go! lmao

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>What are y'all playing?
Bulk Slash and Mega Man 8 a while back
>Any games in sight you wanna try next?
I want to get good at DonPachi and Battle Garegga
>Top 3 Saturn games?
Nights, Powerslave,
>Sonic Jam worth picking up?
download it, but I remember playing Sonic 2 and there's slowdown in it. The 3D world is fun to explore though.
>How many Saturn consoles do you own?
Just the one I've had for over 20 years

Mr. Bones has an amazing soundtrack by the way

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Based Bernie laying the reality smackdown. OP can go cry while playing the 1000 mahjong games.

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What are y'all playing?
Princess Maker
Any games in sight you wanna try next?
paneltia story
Top 3 Saturn games?
bulk slash, cotton boomerang, nights
Sonic Jam worth picking up?
probably not, but if you don't have a genesis yeah probably
How many Saturn consoles do you own?
1, with an ode and new psu

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>Princess Maker

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based berniebro

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>Top 3 Saturn games?

1. Fire Pro Wrestling S: 6 Men Scramble
2. Saturn Bomberman
3. Virtua Cop 2

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Why was Nights such a fucking piece of garbage? Honest question, did Sega ACTUALLY think the game was good? Did they think it had franchise potential and that people would like it?

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Nights is just a very mediocre game. In fact so mediocre you would think its a plebstation title.

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It's definitely shitty enough to come off like it was one of the super early PS1 games.

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>What are y'all playing?
Nothing presently, but recently did have some Elevator Action going
>Any games in sight you wanna try next?
I've been meaning to try the English patch of Vandal Hearts
>Top 3 Saturn games?
Oh boy that's a lot to narrow down, but just three off the top of my head

Shining Force 3
Guardian Heroes

>Sonic Jam worth picking up?
I think it's a bit much price wise but I ain't your financial advisor

>How many Saturn consoles do you own?
Model 2 US, Victor (HST-3220) , Japanese Model 1.

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its even shitty enough to be a "top" PS1 game, no worries

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Buy an ode and play them all. Japan got a lot of great fighting games and shmups, as for top 3 ntsc
Dragon Force
Shining Force 3
Albert odyssey

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Cope more, nigger

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shiturn fans have no comeback from this

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>What are y'all playing?
Just finished Dragon Force for the first time. Trying to play some Die Hard Arcade, but the US version I tried to burn doesn't boot. I can just play my original PAL copy instead though.

>Any games in sight you wanna try next?
Been meaning to give Resident Evil another shot on Saturn.

>Top 3 Saturn games?
Virtua Fighter 2 (although now it's superseded by the PS360 port)
Shining Force III trilogy
Guardian Heroes

>Sonic Jam worth picking up?
For cheap, yeah. Cool Sonic World bonus area and the extra art/videos are a bit of fun. You also have unique versions of the Mega Drive games in the 'Easy' and 'Normal' modes they remixed for Saturn.

>How many Saturn consoles do you own?
3, my original PAL one that had a busted laser early on, my replacement PAL one and a white Japanese one I picked up when I visited.

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It's a great arcade-y game though, you probably just couldn't figure out how to play and are mad from getting shit grades.

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>What are y'all playing?

>Any games in sight you wanna try next?
Mr. Bones

>Top 3 Saturn games?
Fighting Vipers, Fighters Megamix and Virtua Cop 2

>Sonic Jam worth picking up?

>How many Saturn consoles do you own?
1 and it's the Japanese Sega Saturn(white).

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>years passed by
>rules changed
>denigraphics came and went
>australia kun still seething about the saturn with his bernieposting
Poor soul.

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Either aussie retard dicked out. Or the janny deletes bernies now. Either way. SEGA bros won. For now.

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The fact that a game that has literally less complex controls and less interactivity than Super Mario Brothers manages to still be confusing and complicated should be a sign of how bad the very core of the game is from the ground up.
Who the fuck would WANT to figure out how to play a bad game and get good grades?

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Reminder not to buy retrobit saturn controllers. The dpads suck and the buttons bite.

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So tell me, Saturnalia fags, are PAL Saturns salvageable, or are they doomed to forever play games at the wrong speed?

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>Top 5
Shit list

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I lent my Saturn to friends and they had 100% Nights and loved it. To this day I still cannot figure out how to play it and feel the same way as you.

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It's really a virtual pet game

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> Fellow Japanese Saturn owning bro

Based. I picked up pic related last year to replace one I had to sell a few years ago when I hit some hard times financially. I didn't want to pay ridiculous prices for physical games, so I picked up a MODE and have been loving it ever since. I also snagged a white 3d control pad and an official 1MB and 4MB RAM cart. I also picked up a Netlink and a cheap VOIP router to give online play a shot at some point.

> What are you playing
I just finished the English translation of SotN. It was interesting to see the differences between the US PS1 version and the Japanese Saturn version. I've also been playing Darius Gaiden for the first time and I'm having fun even though I suck ass at shooters. Also, playing Sega Rally from time to time because it's literally the perfect game.

> Sonic Jam worth picking up
Not for the price people are asking for a physical copy. Spend your money on an ODE instead. That said, it's a lot of fun playing classic Sonic games (even if they have a few slight differences from the Genesis versions), and it's one of the few ways to be able to play S3&K.

NiGHTs comes from an era where you were expected to actually read the manual before playing the game, instead of the modern game design where the first half hour is a hand-holding tutorial.

Most people who think Nights is a shitty game don't actually know how to play it, and they get confused and think it's just about flying in circles.

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>they get confused and think it's just about flying in circles.
That is literally all it's about.

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pal saturn games are a nightmare. You are simply better off getting a jap sat if you care about playing at the correct speed

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>getting a jap sat

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>NiGHTs comes from an era where you were expected to actually read the manual before playing the game
COPE. Sega fucked giving a game like this such great music and art. They were right to abandon this piece of garbage. It feels like a bad bonus level from a Sonic game.

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>read the manual
nonsense. Nights literally has TWO controls: Movement and dashing. An analog stick and one button. A fucking Atari 2600 controller could play it it's that simple.
Give anyone the game, be they an experienced lifelong gamer or amateur and they will fucking crumble and aimlessly wander around the first level. There is no excuse for design that shoddy given the simplicity of the control scheme.
Again going back to Mario, Super Mario Bros legitimately has more complex controls but is so fucking intuitive and has such a well designed opening stage that literally anybody should be able to grasp nearly all the mechanics after less than 4 minutes of playing because 1-1 teaches you everything naturally. Nights has no such elegance because it's a piece of garbage.

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> WAAAAAAH the game didn't hold my hand and tell me exactly what to dooooooooo!

Why are people like you even in a Saturn thread? Don't you have some new cowadootie "Press X to not die" mindless action game you should be playing right now?

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Nights is pretty mindless. The whole game is just repeating the same loops over and over until the timer is almost up. It feels more like a demo for a game than a full priced product.

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Quit imagining video game tutorials are all Twilight Princess nonsense where the game wastes 3 hours of your time with slow baby text and locking you in until you do what the game is repeatedly telling you to do.

A video game tutorial can also be an incredibly well designed first level that gets you to grips with the mechanics without a single thing being explicitly told to the player you fucking retard. See: Mario, Mega Man X, DOOM, even Gradius

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Of course.
You need to change its region and it's a pretty simple mod. Google it.
Or just get Action Replay cart and play NTSC games as is. It should play them at correct 60hz speed.

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>claims to be a sega fan
>hates the saturn
what was australia-kun's end game? If he even has enough brain cells to orchestrate one.

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It is literally a high score game. After every level you see a score board. How is this so hard for you.

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Sega Chad here, why would we like the console that had no games that made us fall in love with Sega, and is responsible for killing the company?
Only people who actually like the Saturn are hipster weebs, as you can see by >>7413168 and that horrible chart of shit games.

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Hi, australia-kun.
You're not a "sega chad", you're a speccy 40 year old virgin.

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Everyone isn't the same person you schizophrenic retard. Sega fans don't like the Saturn because it doesn't have any games Sega fans liked.

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>I sweat it's not me!
Meanwhile, Saturn is a beloved system for sega fans. The 2nd most beloved one after the Mega Drive.
>but muh sega system! PAL games!

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>Lots of false-flagging involving fake Sega "fans" claiming to hate Sega Saturn.
t.Nincels or Soncels

Also no (you)'s for the haters.

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>Meanwhile, Saturn is a beloved system for sega fans. The 2nd most beloved one after the Mega Drive.
no you fucking retard that's the dreamcast because it actually had games that Sega fans liked. Its very obvious at this point you're one of the said stupid hipster weebs I was talking about so let me inform you of what people who owned a Genesis actually liked to play
>Streets of Rage
>Sports games
>Toejam and Earl
>Golden Axe
>Licensed games like TMNT, Alladin, and Castle of Illusion
>Flashy games like Comix Zone or Vectorman
>more bloody/adult games like Mortal Kombat or ESwat
You know the Saturn didn't have? any of this. Instead offering up piles of weebshit, and whose flagship game was some faggot clown flying through hoops.
When the Dreamcast actually gave Sega fans what they wanted it sold fine and had Sega not already been on the verge of bankruptcy before it even launched because of how much the Saturn fucked the company over they'd be in the industry to this day.

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It's not even nintendo not sony fans, it's just a poor soul from UK who is mad that people don't care about britbong microcomputers

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There wasn't any new entry for SOR on Dreamcast.
Sonic adventure is a divisive game.
No Toejam or TMNT or Castle of Illusion sequels on Dreamcast (aladdin by dave perry sucks)
Stop trying to mask yourself as a sega fan.
DC and Saturn are both good systems that Sega fans like.
Spectrum sucks.

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>There wasn't any new entry for SOR on Dreamcast.
In development, and Power Stone was a mix between it and fighting games.
>Sonic adventure is a divisive game.
no it wasn't. this is zoomers bullshit 20 years after the fact
>No Toejam or TMNT or Castle of Illusion sequels on Dreamcast
missing the point entirely idiot
>Stop trying to mask yourself as a sega fan.
Guess this hacked mini and dreamcast I have hooked up is fake
>DC and Saturn are both good systems that Sega fans like.
Literally no one liked the Saturn. This is reflected in sales, public reception, and the fact it wasn't uncommon at all for people to not even know it existed. And what the fuck is a spectrum

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I wanna play Grandia 1 since the steam release is ugly and fucked.
which Emulator to go for, Mednafen/SSF/KRONOS??? pc is a potato with nvidia 940m

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Playing Head Over Heals on emulation (yuk!) and reading CRASH whilst waiting for my Spectrum Next. The summer can't come soon enough.

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>tfw Satiator arriving on Wednesday
>have entire NA library downloaded
>going through and downloading what I want from the JP library now

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Displaying a letter that tells you how bad you sucked at the game doesn't remotely teach you how to play the game. It says you played it wrong but it definitely doesn't tell you how to do it right. Where do you go? What is the goal of the game? How do you play? What are the mechanics?

again, the first levels of all those games I listed teach you these things perfectly naturally without any handholding just through intuitive, smart design. Nights has no intuitive, smart design.

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Alright, I'll bite. What does the Saturn got that the PSX doesn't? Which game would recommend as the first one for the console? Also, what is the best Saturn emulator as of now?

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>what was australia-kun's end game?
He is a narcissist. Which is why he cant "afford" to associate with perceived losers. In this case the under-performing in the west: Sega Saturn. That's what he has assembled a discord team for. Those are the drones who usually reply "based". It has nothing to do with gaming. But rather his fragile ego. When you think about it. Aussie/Bernieposter is seriously damaged.

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>Saturn is a beloved system for sega fans. The 2nd most beloved one after the Mega Drive.
What this guy says. Mega Drive > Saturn > Dreamcast > the M-A-S-T-E-R system

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Awful ranking. Real ones goes Dreamcast > Mega Drive > Sega System >>>> Shiturn.

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Dreamcast was a great system. Sadly it did not have many worthwhile games. Focus is on lite gaming crap like crazy taxi/space channel 5/jetset radio. Which might be fun for a while. But these literally didn't pay the bills. Which is why it was the end of the line for Sega consoles. Back in the real world that is. Sega gambled. And they lost. Sadly.

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If you look at hardware through the warped lens of emulation, but you want to discover what said hardware has to offer.... thats when its time to come clean. You might just have picked the wrong hobby dude.


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>It says you played it wrong
3rd Strike had a judgement system to decide draw games. May as well had a coin flip to decide the winner.

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>If you look at hardware through the warped lens of emulation
That's how I grew to like the Dreamcast though?

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To each their own. Have fun dude.

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> Sonic
Yeah, we know, the lack of a mainline Sonic game was a really stupid decision for the Saturn. Everyone was up their own ass about 3D back in the mid 90s, but I think Sega would have fared better if they had just given us a solid 2.5d Sonic game instead of wasting literal years on Fisheye bullshit and corporate infighting
> Streets of Rage
Streets of Rage IV was actually in development for the Saturn. There is some conflicting information on how it all went down (depending on who you talk to), but basically Sega farmed it out to Core Design, but Core wanted to release it on multiple platforms instead of being a Saturn exclusive, so Sega canned the deal. Core changed the characters and released the game as Fighting Force.
> Sports Games
The Saturn had plenty of sports games, from NBA, NHL, Madden, MLB, NASCAR, etc
> Toejam and Earl
Sega doesn't own Toejam and Earl, they merely published the Genesis games. It wasn't up to them whether or not a new game in the series was released
> Golden Axe
The Saturn literally had a Golden Axe game (although it was a one on one fighter), but I'll give you this one as it would have been nice to have more sidescrolling beat 'em ups on the console. We got games like Die Hard Arcade in the US, but the Saturn had a ton of good 2D scrollers, the problem was they were all Japanese exclusives thanks to that fat retard Stolar
> Licensed games
Plenty of licensed games on the Saturn, Castle of Illusion even got a port (along with Quack Shot) in the Sega Ages series, but again it was a Japanese exclusive
> Flashy games
You just named two more sidescrollers. It would have been nice to see a new Vectorman on the Saturn though, especially considering how much of a letdown the second game was compared to the first
> Bloody/adult games
There were three Mortal Kombat games on the Saturn, and it also had games like Snatcher, Loaded, Crusader: No Remorse, Corpse Killer, and an uncensored version of Duke Nukem 3D.

you = btfo

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>What are y'all playing?
Bug too
>Any games in sight you wanna try next?
Mr. Bones and legend of oasis
>Top 3 Saturn games?
Daytona, pd saga, virtual on
>Sonic Jam worth picking up?
No, i have a genesis, but yes for the overworld. I burned my copy
>How many Saturn consoles do you own?
Just the one, now. I had a few, and a lot of games, but my town burned down.

>> No.7421723

Are you in California/Oregon? My city didn't burn but we were close to a red zone and the air was clogged with smoke for a week (literally Silent Hill tier visibility outside, drifts of ash everywhere, difficult to breathe) during the last big set of wildfires.

> Sonic Jam overworld
Why didn't they just make a 3D Sonic game using this style? It's pretty clear that it inspired Sonic Adventure, so the franchise was heading in that direction anyway.

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As a Saturn owner, I really feel bad about not giving it more attention back in the day. I got a Saturn when the Dreamcast was coming out and a friend of a friends brother was selling his Saturn and collection of games and I bought it all for like 25$ in total.

For 25$ I got a model 2 US system (round buttons is 2nd model, yes?) a ActionReplay cart, 2 2nd model controllers, a boxed Virtua Cop 2 with light gun + 3rd party gun, the system was boxed and must have came from when Sega was really shilling them to sell, because it also came with NiGHTs, Virtua Cop, Daytona and Virtual Fighter 2 as all pack ins, hell of a deal id say if you bought it new.

For that same 25$, beyond what I already listed, it came with a number of games. I forget how many were from that initial buy, but I did get with it: Bug 2, Mega Man 8, Shining Wisdom, Sega Rally, Albert Odyssey, Myst, Blazing Heroes some baseball game and I think some other titles, but cant remember if I got them later. All in all, not bad for 25$, though back then I imagine most didnt give a shit what Saturn stuff was worth in the US. I remember being a bit pissed though cause the bundle also came with the cases for Tomb Raider and Legend of Oasis and being pissed the game discs were not inside them. I did get a copy of TR later but still have not found a reasonable priced disc-only copy of Oasis yet and i dont want to pay for a complete copy if i got the case.

So I still say I was disappointed in not playing more of the Saturn back then. Like I played everything I got in the bundle and really enjoyed the system and I was frequently buying games for all kinds of systems back then from the golden era of flea markets and thrift stores for games, but I just hardly ever found Saturn stuff for sale. I think I picked up only a handful of games in like a 5-10 year period after getting the system, and was dumb stuff like Space Jam or The Horde, not exactly impressive titles for it.

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Dragon Force II has a translation.

>> No.7421802

OH how retarded I was to not get into the importing scene back in the day, because thats where all the Saturn games were I really would have loved playing. 2D games. Thing was, even back on the shitty WebTV internet I had back then, I did frequent ebay in its early days, but was mostly buying Nintendo shit off it like NES games and Virtual Boy stuff. Was more a novelty at the time rather then used as an actual resource to get games, but I imagine back then getting imports through that site was still fairly rare and I was too retarded to look into finding alternate websites that had imports. Even with US releases, I was too stupid to actually use this resource to find games for the Saturn I would have wanted to play, but just never found in person. Plus, when the Dreamcast bombed and people were selling them off in late 2001/2002, thats when I got a used one of those and that system held my attention much more with the games being easier to find for it to play, so Saturn just kinda sat there between it and the Genesis as my least played Sega system, even less then the Game Gear (didnt have a master system)

Years later, I moved to a bigger city and I was able to get more Saturn games from a local game shop, but I do regret not buying the stuff I wanted back then, some of which I was aware of at the time. Only recently have I begun importing a bunch of the cheaper Saturn titles, like the good shit first party stuff you can get for under 30$ still, but I realize I will probably never drop the cash for the bigger name titles I would want to own, like Super Tempo.

I did save a roach-encrusted model 1 US Saturn from the garbage heap that my local game store was going to throw out, so I think some day I clean it up nice and install one of those virtual disc drives on it for the shit il never want to pay for.

All in all, I loved what I played on the Saturn, but I wish I had really dived into its deeper library before I got distracted by other shit.

>> No.7421810

Yeah, i lived in paradise during the camp fire.

>> No.7421816

pretty sure one of the main points for Jam, as stated by Naka, was because jap kids back then were not even really that aware of Sonic as a character, and Jam was intended as like part of a "Sonic awareness campaign". i probably read that on wikipedia or some shit

>> No.7421845

what game(s) was she playing?

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That image is old as hell. Dragon Force 2, Grandia, Vandal Hearts, Policenauts, and the other Shining Force 3 scenarios all have translation patches now. And it's missing other stuff that has been translated like Linkle Liver Story and Sakura Wars 1, and stuff in progress like Cotton 2, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Magic School Lunar.

>> No.7422316

it says Winning Fighter right there

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is that a real game or is it supposed to be virtua fighter?

>> No.7422340

is Poyo Poyo II a real game?

>> No.7422345

yes, but I have no idea what "saturn 2" is

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>> No.7422360

can any weebs identify the japanese in the upper left corner?

>> No.7422448

probably (tokimeki memo)rial

>> No.7422538

i wasn't baiting or anything, really curious about the saturn

>> No.7422745

buy one, emus dont do the system justice

>> No.7422846

That entirely depends on what you play games for. What brings you enjoyment when you play?

>> No.7422915

Platformers, Arcades, RPGs and some Racing games. I'm not really elitist with my games desu.

>> No.7422918

not really
plenty, specially shmups
if you don't mind SRPGs then yes
SEGA Rally, Sega Touring Car, Manx TT are nice

>> No.7422939

Any game that comes to mind?

>> No.7422963

>not really
Astal, Silhouette Mirage, Mr. Bones, Steamgear Mash, Super Tempo, Clockwork Knight... That's "not really"? For a genre losing its popularity it still had a number of good entries.
Play Dragon Force. The "Shining" series is good too.

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hmm yea

>> No.7422997

The best ports of 2D fighting games from the era (especially Capcom 2D fighters). If you were into fighting games at the time you pretty much had to buy a Saturn, because your only other options were paying $800 for a Neo Geo (and not getting Capcom games), or buying a PS1 and getting absolutely butchered ports that would be missing tons of frames of animation and/or entire characters or game modes.

If you're into 2D shooters than the system is a goldmine as well. A lot of them are Japanese exclusives, but are still entirely playable.

A lot of people don't really know this, but weirdly enough the Sega Saturn was kind of the go-to home system for console ports of famous PC FPS games of the era. It had a port of Quake (that pushed more level geometry than the N64 version), Duke Nukem 3D (that ran better than the PS1 version and wasn't censored like the N64 version, and as a bonus had online play), Powerslave (which ran better and had more content than the PS1 version), Alien Trilogy, and Hexen (which ran better than the PS1 version, but both of them kinda ran like shit so it's a wash). The Doom port was a disaster, but that's an entirely different story.

>> No.7423317

does the sega saturn retrobit controller work on project lunar for the genesis mini?

>> No.7423642

>i am young as hell

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>Getting mad at the word old
He's talking about the content of the recommendation image being outdated.

>> No.7424418

So quit complaining and update it, anon.

It is fairly outdated, but to be fair we've seen a pretty significant movement in terms of Saturn game translations over the past 6-12 months.

>> No.7425273

Is there a クイズ なないろドリームス 虹色町の奇跡 transslation for SS?

>> No.7425374

>Getting buttblasted because you're a child

>> No.7425490

I like Dragon Force and I like Dragon Force II. I want newfags to know who may not know.

>> No.7425882
File: 3.89 MB, 1952x8110, sega saturn list-aug20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

use this one instead, its by someone who actually plays saturn games.

>> No.7426069

What are you even upset about?
I wasn't complaining. I was just responding to another anon that was pointing out Dragon Force 2 was listed as unsuitable to play without knowledge of Japanese, presumably because he wasn't aware that the image is outdated.
Pretty good list. Maybe add Valhollian, which also recently got a translation patch.

>> No.7426073

If I’m looking to get a Saturn for the first time what should I look for?

Is importing a JP model and getting a PseudoSaturn Kai cart my best bet?

Any issues with JP models over NA or basic things to look for? I realize eventually I’ll need an optical disc emulator or replacement but I assume it’ll work alright for awhile before I need to pony up the cash for that.

>> No.7426076


>> No.7426080

to add on to this are there any cheap Chinese clone ODEs that aren’t $100 or more?

I picked up a clone GDEmu for like $20 for when my Dreamcast drive finally dies, but it’s working fine for now.

>> No.7426081

>Year 2010+11
>Playing arcade games on SS for anything else than ST-V games

>> No.7426094

Of the games that were officially localized or have translation patches, Shining Force 3, Shining Force 3 scenario 2, Shining Force 3 scenario 3, Dragon Force, Dragon Force 2, Vandal Hearts, Sakura Wars (more of a dating sim/VN though. The SRPG combat is only like 10% of the gameplay.), Valhollian. There's a good amount of Japan exclusive stuff that hasn't been translated yet like Wachenroder, Black/Matrix, the Langrisser games, Terra Phantastica, Sword & Sorcery (aka Lucienne's Quest on the 3DO), Riglord Saga 2 (sequel to Mystaria aka Blazing Heroes), Bomberman Wars (I think the PS1 version has a translation though), those Slayers games, Sakura Wars 2

>> No.7426101

>Powerslave (which ran better and had more content than the PS1 version)
To add to your point, the Saturn version, despite technically being a entirely different game than the PC version (kinda like the competing versions of Aladdin during 4th gen), is universally considered to be a better game than the PC version.
>The Doom port was a disaster, but that's an entirely different story.
Apparently, the Doom port was going to be much better than the final product, but Carmack had the port's developer change something he didn't like, which ended up making them need to scrap pretty much all of their work and start over from scratch and crunch against a deadline. In retrospect, Carmack admitted he made a mistake. Alas, the source code for that original version is lost forever.

>> No.7426107

Not sure why you'd need to import a JP model. Assuming you're in NA, I don't think old NA models are particularly hard/costly to find. As for a game piracy solution, ideally one would get a Satiator or a Terraonion MODE, but they're kinda pricey. I guess a Pseudosaturn is good enough until you can afford a Satiator.

>> No.7426120
File: 25 KB, 343x500, 9C844011-58FE-44A3-B2E0-481BA19DC3A5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yes, but I have no idea what "saturn 2" is
It *is* our future

>> No.7426121

Yeah, Carmack's autism is why the Doom port on the Saturn runs like ass. It's basically running in software mode instead of using the Saturn's graphical hardware.

The original version that was submitted to id for approval had all of the PC level's from Doom and Doom II without any changes or cuts, and it was running in full frame at 60fps, but Carmack didn't like the texture warping and demanded that the game be redone, but because they were pressed for time at that point they were basically forced to just port the PS1 version (which was itself a port of the Jaguar version if I remember right) to the Saturn and cut a bunch of stuff so they could release on time.

It's sad that the original version that they sent to id for approval is lost. I still hold out hope that some developer will stumble across some old hard drive in the back of a closet or buried under a pile of shit in a garage and it might yet see the light of day. Instead of getting what would have likely been the best port of Doom to hit 32 bit consoles we instead got a shitty mess that runs at 10-15fps and is missing a ton of features, all because John Carmack went hard r retard for no reason.

Honestly though I think we'd be more likely to see a homebrew port of Doom at this point, maybe using the Hellslave engine. Who knows.

>> No.7426134

People are threatened by what they don’t understand, the Saturn was so different to PC hardware after all.

>> No.7426140
File: 394 KB, 240x138, EllipticalMaleDromaeosaur-max-1mb[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not him, but the biggest reason to get a Japanese Saturn is that both the model 1 and model 2 systems look fucking sick as hell.

If you're using a PSK cart or an ODE there is literally no difference between an NA and JPN system*. They both run on 120v so you don't need any power converters, you'll just need to change the system language from Japanese to English the first time you fire it up, and any time your internal save battery dies. Peripherals like controllers or memory cards are region free, and both PSK and ODEs can auto region patch games on the fly, so you don't need to worry about what region your burned or ripped games are in.

*There is actually one difference, Die Hard Arcade reads what region your system's BIOS is from, and displays it's QTE prompts in that language. This means if you get a Japanese Saturn it will display Japanese text during the QTE prompts no matter what language you have your system set to. That is, as far as I know, the only game that does this, but you can just memorize the symbols (it's just three, punch, kick, or jump).

>> No.7426143

Based, Japanese model 1 Saturn is the best looking console Sega made, still gutted I had to sell mine

>> No.7426153

I picked up a Model 2 in pristine condition, but I have to admit that the model 1 does look really nice. It looks like what a high end piece of Japanese stereo equipment looked like in the 90s. When you see one that is still in its original gray (and hasn't been changed by sunlight over time) it looks amazing.

>> No.7426161

The one I had was effectively mint in its original box, it looked glorious in its subtle blue-grey tone

>> No.7426202

seconded, jap model 1 saturns are just gorgeous looking

>> No.7426568

>since the steam release is ugly and fucked.
It's been patched

>> No.7426652

>What am I even upset about?
Being a stupid child?

>> No.7426672
File: 112 KB, 126x126, Sue.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait a minute what was patched exactly???
Is the Awful Blur still around??? can it be turned off?? from what i heard the steam version was a weird ps1 upscaling and not the superior saturn version

>> No.7426965

Patched, but not fixed. Still lots of problems with it, the englsh translated version fixes bugs present in the original release too - making that the best version to play.

>> No.7426971

stop being poor

>> No.7427296
File: 6 KB, 263x169, Screenshot (22).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heres my current list of games that got my interest that are only available on sega saturn (emulation).
currently halfway though gungriffon 1, but i already played the 1st stages of the others just to make sure they worked.
if you can judge my taste based on this, feel free to recommend some stuff.

>> No.7427303

elevator action returns and psychic killer taromaru, cotton boomerang is also a must play

>> No.7427323

looks fun, thanks.

>> No.7427370
File: 53 KB, 634x475, post-1612-1138059986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It looks like she is playing bootleg copies of Virtua Fighter and Puyo Puyo Tsu burned on Mega CD CDRs.

>> No.7428224

>Wachenroder translation patch never
>Black/Matrix translation patch never
>Princess Crown translation patch never
>Slayers Royal 1&2 translation patches never
>Langrisser 3,4,&5 translations patches never
>Sakura Wars 2 translation patch never
>Linda Cube translation patch never
>Far East of Eden: The Apocalypse IV translation patch never
>SMT: Devil Summoner translation patch never
>SMT: Ronde translation patch never
>Terra Phantastica translation patch never
>Riglord Saga 2 translation patch never
>Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon translation patch never
>Samurai Shodown RPG translation patch never
>Soldnerschild translation patch never
>Farland Story & Farland Saga translation patches never
It hurts, bros

>> No.7428287

>Samurai Shodown RPG translation patch never

what are you talking about? some english guy already did

>> No.7428292

I thought he just teased it and never actually released it.

>> No.7428315

I also have all those games on Saturn, they play surprisingly well using your phone to translate from a crt tv

>> No.7428326

super godzilla or any other godzilla retro game lol they are fun if you dont suck (theyre hard)

>> No.7428572

Nope, go for the JP model there’s literally no downside if you are getting the pseudo cart as well. That’s what I did like 6 months ago and I’m never ran into an issue.

>> No.7428736 [DELETED] 

>What are y'all playing?
I've been playing a crazy amount of Jung Rhythm lately. I picked it up for the hell of it because I like Um Jammer Lammy, and this game is seriously better than the first Parappa game at least.
>Any games in sight you wanna try next?
Well, I'm probably gonna try out the first Rayman game, and maybe Steam Heart's.

>> No.7428748

>What are y'all playing?
I've been playing a crazy amount of Jung Rhythm lately. I picked it up for the hell of it because I like Um Jammer Lammy, and this game is seriously better than the first Parappa game at least.
>Any games in sight you wanna try next?
Well, I'm probably gonna try out the first Rayman game, and maybe Steam Heart's.
>Top 3 Saturn games?
Not sure yet.
>Sonic Jam worth picking up?
Nah, probably not really worth the price. It's nice that they actually ported the games instead of using emulation, but still. I don't really like the Sonic games that much though.
>How many Saturn consoles do you own?
Just a single model 1 Japanese Saturn that I bought because it was cheap. Replaced the power supply with a modern one so that it can run on 230v.

>> No.7428837

stop shilling your youtube channel

>> No.7428841

I just wanted to share a playthrough of the game, and I picked the one that looked the best.

>> No.7429308

looking around initially JP saturns from Japan were cheaper or as cheap as getting an NA one

NA ones also seem to attract more bidding wars than their JP counterparts so this was my reasoning

>> No.7429735
File: 608 KB, 1077x606, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ninpen Manmaru translation patch never ever
>Shining Force 3 scenarios translation patch never
>Dragon Force 2 translation patch never
>Policenauts translation patch never
>Sakura Wars translation patch never
>Valhollian translation patch never
>Vandal Hearts translation patch never
>Symphony of the Night translation patch never
>Grandia translation patch never
>Lunar translation patch never
>Cotton 2 translation patch never ever
>Lunar magic school translation never ever
>Wachenroder translation patch never
>Black/Matrix translation patch never
>Princess Crown translation patch never
>Slayers Royal 1&2 translation patches never
>Langrisser 3,4,&5 translations patches never
>Bulk Slash translation patch never
>Sakura Wars 2 translation patch never
>Linda Cube translation patch never
>Far East of Eden: The Apocalypse IV translation patch never
>SMT: Devil Summoner translation patch never
>SMT: Ronde translation patch never
>Terra Phantastica translation patch never
>Riglord Saga 2 translation patch never
>Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon translation patch never
>Samurai Shodown RPG translation patch never
>Soldnerschild translation patch never
>Farland Story & Farland Saga translation patches never


>> No.7429779
File: 765 KB, 780x1200, __sue_and_puui_grandia_and_1_more_drawn_by_stkstarbullet__07b67309785538999e070b8962db26b7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and by the original translated version you mean the saturn 0.92 english patch right? that's the one i was going for. not sure which emulator to use though since the emulation for saturn is very fucked for me

>> No.7429782

.92 RC, it's basically complete just a handful of house cleaning tasks to do. By complete it's also improved, cutscenes are twice the resolution, there's bug fixes, the work is excellent.

>> No.7429806
File: 90 KB, 650x500, __justin_sue_and_puui_grandia_and_2_more_drawn_by_fukasaku_emi__579573487ba5cfb1a8a4f357de001661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But how am I supposed to emulate it though. Mednafen burns my 2.3 ghz corei5 cpu, yaba sanchiro has a industrial metal noise each time i turn on the volume

>> No.7429828

Cutscenes are the same resolution as the Japanese version. Grandia uses a weird custom MPEG codec where the FMVs are 352x176? for the fullscreen ones and 352x144 for the letterboxed ones. The fullscreen ones run at 10fps and the letterboxed ones run at 12fps. The game however uses the 352x448i resolution mode along with VDP2 trickery to stretch the video to it's 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.

The main thing with the RC patches is that the FMVs now have subtitles on them as the codec was figured out enough to re-encode them.

>> No.7429830

thanks trekkies

>> No.7429831

SSF should work decently enough.

>> No.7429845

Hopefully there's no censorship of Magic School Lunar. Apparently, there's a scene where a female character strips naked and an older male character has to apply paint to her nude body. It's meant to be played for laughs, but there's wokescolds trying to lobby the translator to edit out the scene because of the unfortunate implications of it being sexualization of a child.

>> No.7429848

I think people have expressed interest in seeing it left unaltered and the project lead is interested in this approach.

>> No.7429862
File: 15 KB, 609x536, smh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah that is the one I tried out last night. Didn't lag beside a couple of small parts where the camera changed into a cinematic angle but it was very small. it was all going fine until i decided to leave the starting town for an adventure with sue, then it gave me a blackscreen after the screen fade. oh yeah SSF stopped responding after that too. speak of bad luck

>> No.7429880
File: 249 KB, 779x495, gamehuh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I watch the latest GameHut video, and I have no idea what Jon Burton is talking about. Or a basic idea.


I use to have a Saturn. Hadn't had one in years. Loaned it out to someone, and never saw it again. I had VF2, VF, Daytona USA, Virtua Cop, RoboPit and not much else. I would rent most of the games for this system. Never got into the import scene back then. It is a console I would like to have again sometime.

>> No.7429969

Sounds like a bad rip or a bad pre-patched image.

>> No.7430000
File: 262 KB, 1920x1080, 2021-02-17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shouldn't have downloaded that Suspicious pre-patched rom ehhh.
Hope it works this time. I'm in a dire need of a chill JRPG in this hellish quarantine

>> No.7430008

Langrisser 4 is translated in its PS1 version.

Samurai Spirits RPG story is pretty dull. You can play it in japanese and not lose much of the experience. It's just a bad RPG with great aesthetics.

The one I really want is Baroque.

>> No.7430016

Besides the graphics and the change of perspective, what's different between the 5th gen version of Baroque and the Wii/PS2 remake?

>> No.7430032

So Jon is talking about the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which he explained in a separate video. Basically the documentation shows each line can have 4 *types* of instructions, but doesn't explain that each type can have two instructions written into that space.

Basically, if one section for a type has say, three possible instructions and each instruction is represented by one bit and the space allotted to storing the instruction(s) you want is three bits, you can "encode" or combine multiple instructions in those three bits since there's no 'overlap'

For example
>001 -> instruction 1
>010 -> instruction 2
>100 -> instruction 3
Are all the instructions that "type" understands, but if we did
>101 -> instruction 1 & 3
Then we've set the three bits to "flag" that we want both instruction 1 and instruction 3 to run. This had to be intentional on Sega's part, because you can represent three instructions (that aren't intended to be combined) as a 2-bit opcode.

>> No.7430034

That's good. I can't stand fags who whine about old games not being "compatible" with "modern sensibilities". It's basically just a bunch of losers who desperately try and be modern moral arbiters because they get off on the idea of being in control and destroying anything that they view as "problematic".

If it was ok for 1996, it's ok for 2021, and if you don't think so than you need to grow up and stop trying to fuck up translations for games that were made before you were fucking born.

>> No.7430053

I get why people would have a problem with that, but it's not the translator's job to remove stuff from the original material, its just not their place to do that. Translators have to treat the original material as an artefact that they need to translate with as little loss of meaning and nuance as possible so people can get the full sense of it, if they started censoring stuff because it's not considered acceptable in the culture the aretfact is being translated for, then calling it a translation would be incorrect, it would be an 'adaption'.

Also lets face it, the people complaining about what the Japanese considered an okay thing to show in 1990s aren't likely to play this anyway.

>> No.7430075

>literally anybody should be able to grasp nearly all the mechanics after less than 4 minutes of playing because 1-1 teaches you everything naturally.

That is because, my retarded friend, it is an arcade game from the 1980s. If it hadn't done that, nobody would have put more than 1 quarter into it.

Home games can have a little bit more of a learning curve, sorry that you suck at games

>> No.7430117

Not sure but Id rather play a 3rd person low poly game for a spookier experience.

>> No.7430121

I thought the 5th gen version was first-person, and the Wii/PS2 version was third-person

>> No.7430154

Remember that Goemon translation that used the word "tranny" for I guess a character that's supposed to be a newhalf? The translator was accused of being a right-wing MAGA Trump supporter and was chased off the internet after that.

>> No.7430159

U right.
Im retarded, typed 3rd instead of 1st.

>> No.7430171

It all depends on the context, did the original Japanese word actually translate to "tranny" (or just generally as a slur against a transgender character) or did the translator use it to be funny? Because it goes both ways.

>> No.7430186

The original Japanese text used "newhalf". Correct me if I'm wrong, but to my knowledge, the most accurate term to use that westerners not familiar with Japanese culture would get that still has roughly the same connotation as "newhalf" would have been "tranny"

>> No.7430202

It really depends on how the Japanese use a word like "newhalf", even as slang it's connotation might not be as "aggressive" as calling someone a tranny would imply.

But anyway my point is that translation is supposed to preserve the meaning, sense and tone of the original material, so if someone used a broadly similar but tonally incorrect term just because it's a meme and funny, in my mind that's just as bad as removing the scene entirely.

>> No.7430210

I don't think the usage was malicious, or intended to be malicious. I think it was just the most accurate equivalent English term to use.

>> No.7430219

Fair enough then, it’s just the zeitgeist now that “tranny” is considered unspeakably offensive thanks to certain political movements’ use of the word.

>> No.7430264
File: 197 KB, 400x308, Ashley slowly fucking losing it.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I just got a new rom and patched it all by myself. still stays in the blackscreen when the screen fades away after leaving parm for an adventure (after meeting justin's mom). this is driving me insane

>> No.7430349

*Update* the probably doesn't seem to be coming from the patch since it gives me the same blackscreen on the japanese version.

>> No.7430361

Which generation Core i5?

>> No.7430370
File: 105 KB, 580x529, specs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haven't gotten tried that scene in other emulators yet. it is exactly the moment you enter the world map that it freezes in the blackscreen for me (checked from playthroughs)

>> No.7430383

>What are y'all playing?
Ogre Battle (got Best Ending for SNES version earlier this year, but wanna see the SS-exclusive stages)
>Any games in sight you wanna try next?
Haven't decided. Grandia 2 maybe?
>Top 3 Saturn games?
Jackie Chan
>Sonic Jam worth picking up?
No idea, not a fan of Sonic.
>How many Saturn consoles do you own?
3; all JP region. I wanna get an ODE at some point. Might buy another Saturn or two for parts.

>> No.7430451

>Sonic Jam worth picking up?
Sonic World is fun
The other games aren't unserviceable
Slowdown, weird different sound effects, 3's special stages don't speed up and are far easier because of it
Sonic World is very short to complete all the objectives in

It's not bad but it's worse than the original Mega Drive versions. Sonic Team bungling ports goes far back, evidently.

>> No.7430541

>U-series processor
There's your issue chief.

>> No.7430554

>Jackie Chan
thats only TWO

>> No.7430562

>5 year old laptop

>> No.7430602
File: 269 KB, 640x480, bawlin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just wanna play a fucking 23 year old game in peace. All i want from this dogshit laptop is to let me at least play retro games well.
Not sure what JRPG to play now...

>> No.7430605

The Saturn is pretty expensive to emulate, you're unironically better off trying to either emulate PS1 JRPGs or Dreamcast ports of Saturn JRPGs if they exist.

>> No.7430665
File: 56 KB, 477x565, 8f160429bec20671a518c71022e74c42 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn man I was thinking about the saturn alot lately haven't been collecting lately but im probably gonna pick up some games thanks to gme stonks
What are y'all playing?
gonna pop on some sonic 3d blast
Any games in sight you wanna try next?
burning rangers
Top 3 Saturn games?
Guardian Heroes
Panzer Dragoon saga
Virtua Cop 2
Sonic Jam worth picking up?
Nah just for the novelty really of seeing sonic in 3d on saturn but not worth 150
How many Saturn consoles do you own?
Just one American one

>> No.7430670

This is sad considering PS2 Gamecube WII Dreamcast emulation works very well for me
Played pretty much every single ps1 JRPG before. Suikoden SMT Final Fantasy Valkyrie Profile Vagrant story. Was just looking for a more unique Jpeg that it's combat and encounters had a twist to them rather than generic dq-esque (random encounter+turn based battle) combo.

>> No.7430686

Yeah unfortunately the Saturn just contained a lot of hardware so it's hard to emulate, there's like 6 major components (2 CPUs, 2 VDPs, a 68k sound controller and a DSP) that all needs to run and be synchronised which makes it pretty complex to program as well as for a computer to run.

The only saving grace for Saturn emulation is that much of that hardware is simple off the shelf or improved Mega Drive components, so reverse engineering each part itself wasn't especially hard.

>> No.7430904

lmao like 99% of people who defend Nights always spout on and on about it being an arcade inspired game which makes it of course superior to all other console games of that generation.

>> No.7430914

some people just like arcade style games

>> No.7430945

I sold my Saturn and RAM cart /w Xmen Vs. SF back during era at a profit. Really happy I can emulate to pay Radiant Silvergun again.

>> No.7430990

Are you patching all bin files? Grandia has two.

>> No.7431029

I suggest you buy a Saturn, even with the PseudoSaturn they're not the most expensive console around as long as you're willing to look around on Yahoo Auctions for a good deal.

>> No.7431079
File: 5 KB, 124x126, weepy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean the second Disc or the .cue file?
why would i need the second disc to play the first half i don't remember emulating multiple disc ps1 games being like this
I'm a third worlder the only consoles around are the most popular stuff like ps4. don't think a single saturn has ever enter the soil of this cursed land

>> No.7431092
File: 17 KB, 629x639, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

disc 1 and disc 2 both have second bin files, make sure they're both being patched when you patch them

>> No.7431101
File: 15 KB, 940x188, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where did you get that rom
im using the emuparadise which trekkies said should work

>> No.7431286

They're rare where I live too, so I bought one from Japan, just like all my other consoles.

>> No.7431429

tru rip set on archive which I prefer over using emuparadises shitrips

>> No.7433142

If you use the new SegaSaturn Patcher program it shouldn't matter what rip you use.

>> No.7433512

Nippon pride
NiGHTS was good because SoJ was making it and SoA wasn't. SoJ pushed it as a matter of masturbatory pride, which is part of the reason why its so artsy and lacks mass appeal.

>> No.7434808

Forgot that the Saturn had a port of FEDA: The Emblem of Justice. I already know that the Super Nintendo version has a translation patch, but I'd love to see the Saturn version get one too, since I think it has bonus content.

>> No.7435278

>Saturn has an excellent JRPG lineup (particularly SRPGs)
>70% of them never get localized
>everyone thinks the Saturn was a nogames machine, and the Super Nintendo, PS1, and PS2 are seen as the premier consoles for JRPGs
It's not fair, bros.

>> No.7435284

saturn isn't a nogames machine it's an idontnogames machine. Just post good saturn games.

>> No.7435293

Dragon force is pretty fun and PDS is ok

>> No.7435301

Regarding 3rd party software, the Saturn is the Super Famicom 2.

>> No.7435563

I purchased a Fenrir ODE and a Japanese Model 1 to go with it, easily the best investment I've made, because now I can actually enjoy the saturn without paying a fucking fortune to do so. I generally refuse to buy disk drive emulators or flash carts because I enjoy owning the physical copies, but for stuff like the Jaguar, 3DO, and Saturn it's an absolute must, considering how much they cost now to own, and how the bigger games you'd want are buttfuck expensive.

>> No.7436821

CD-Rs exist

>> No.7437359

I bought a MODE because I didn't want to have to deal with burning CDRs and worrying about my laser eventually dying. The convenience of having all of the games I want to play in a curated list on my screen is pretty nice as well.

As a side bonus, although it's mitigated significantly by the slow BUS speed from the Saturn's optical drive to the motherboard, you do get slightly reduced loadtimes in games when played from an ODE due to being able to both completely saturate the BUS as well as not have to deal with seek times on a disc.

Also you don't have to be the guy who's still burning discs in 2021 like some kind of troglodyte.

>> No.7438194

I kinda want to get an ODE for my Saturn but my current PseudoSaturn solution works too well to justify the high cost of one.

>> No.7439106

I have a Satiator. I like it.

It’s way more expensive than Psuedo Kai and CDRs, but the load speed is good, and the convenience is nice.

>> No.7439142

You got jewed by a guy that took patreon money and gave those people a 15 dollar discount. congrats. that device should only be about 150 bucks.

>> No.7439918

Isn't a Fenrir only like $110?

Just go mow a few lawns or something.

>> No.7439924

Any good obscure jap only games?

>> No.7440020

Which game is better in the Dragonfroce series?

>> No.7440025


>> No.7440435


>> No.7441021

I haven't played through the second game completely, but the little I've played of it is pretty damn good. Glad that it finally got a translation patch.

>> No.7441186

They are both great. Hard to pick a winner.

>> No.7441482
File: 585 KB, 905x644, lindacubeagain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7441967

any way to play without the OG system on a TV with either the original or retrobit controller?

>> No.7442210

It's still quite expensive considering that I already have all I need for now, including a large spindle of CDrs. And isn't the Fenrir a pain in the ass to use because you need to have all the games in a special format and stuff? The MODE is €182.

>> No.7442376

No, fenrir is drag and drop and accepts all standard disc formats. You're confusing it with rhea/phoebe.

>> No.7442436

Connect your PC to your TV perhaps?

>> No.7442607

is there any consoles that support emulation with the controller?

>> No.7442641

Xbox SEX might, in the near future. It has dev mode emulation and supports the controller, and its got the juice to emulate saturn. Only a matter of time.

>> No.7442653

ew who the hell plays the xbox series x

>> No.7442682

Not me. I was already disgusted with the PS5.

>> No.7442698

same and sony is sjw now

>> No.7442760
File: 210 KB, 512x384, unnamed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Worth getting my Saturn emulator finally set up to play Magic Knight Rayearth?

>> No.7442763

Sorry but real hardware, real men

>> No.7442764


>> No.7442771

Yeah. Also, Linkle Liver Story, Shining Wisdom, and Legend of Oasis.

>> No.7443254

Do it, the only wrong way to play Saturn is to not play it at all.

>> No.7444181

What else are you interested in playing?

>> No.7444721 [SPOILER] 
File: 622 KB, 540x405, 1613874227897.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi Anon,

You've been a loyal Sega™ fan for a very rong time. As such we think you're due an upgrade.
Please understand.


>> No.7444893

nvidia shield TV is pretty good. you can emulate anything up to dreamcast. no ps2 or gamecube though

>> No.7444954
File: 162 KB, 1920x1080, me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just not fucking fair.
Fucking hell even Xbox runs fine on my machine.
Why is a ps1 era console like saturn fucking me over like this

>> No.7444979

Nah just upgrade your jpg nigga

>> No.7444987
File: 289 KB, 413x600, wife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't upgrade a laptop

>> No.7444990
File: 92 KB, 363x307, 1c11271bc2694f33a233a4069f56012295b9c7878ef0eed0e32f9127e3c174be.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last time I tried a Saturn emulator my case fans went absolutely nuts, I found that it was using 100% of my quad core CPU. To emulate a fucking fifth gen console. Haven't tried it again since.

>> No.7445054

the saturn has 8 processors so of course your quad core cpu is not enough

>> No.7445598

holy processing powaa

>> No.7445607

saturn controller is literally the best controller for platformers, nothing even comes close

>> No.7446082

Resident evil 2
tomb raider 2
destruction derby 2

these three stolen by Sony' suitcases.

>> No.7446416

I dont know, destruction derby 1 was kinda lame on the saturn

>> No.7446462

Even if it got some JRPGs localized by people who weren't Wrecking Designs it wouldn't have mattered.
Saturn was too expensive and too subpar. Lengthy, complex 3D single player adventures were the future and what consumers wanted. Saturn could never deliver that.

>> No.7448236

Can someone explain to a hardwarelet why something with 20+ year old graphical capabilities is so fucking taxing on modern hardware

>> No.7448721

It's because the system has so many different chips that need to be emulated and timed just right or the whole thing will fall apart. It also doesn't help that it renders 3D in a completely unconventional way.

There are other emulators out there that will run on weaker hardware, but they run like glitchy messes because of it.

>> No.7449568

>Lengthy, complex 3D single player adventures were the future and what consumers wanted.
There's more good 2D PS1 games than 3D ones, though.

>> No.7450323

>2D PS1 games
Do not exist. Its all bogus 3D poly engines.

>> No.7450326
File: 296 KB, 581x534, Hate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7450671

anyone got the original "patriciancore" image?

>> No.7451325

Just got my first sega saturn, came with daytona USA and man, I'm glad I got one, I've owned tons of retro stuff, but never had a saturn until now and it's easy to imagine how impressive this console would have been back in the day, the rendition of daytona USA is currently like the only game I have but man it's fun.

I've got myself an action replay plus and would appreciate some like budget game recommendations, stuff I probably don't know about, I'm into lots of stuff, I've already ordered some of the more well known stuff sega rally championship, virtua fighter 2, gonna get vampire hunter next because it's a cheap capcom fighter, not much more to say.

Most of the good shmups seem really expensive though and people are saying galactic attack is cheap but all the copies I can find are over £50 so yeah. Don't know what's up with that.

Willing to import if it comes to that.

>> No.7451845


>> No.7452013

Bit of a weird question, but do you guys have any tips for saturn daytona USA? I find the best way to take corners is brake fairly in advance, tap left to slightly initiate a drift then let go of both brake as far on the outside of the corner as you can, and begin to accelerate moving back and forth on the d-pad in order to stabilise the car and then going flat out. I find though, you have to get really good at this in order to win though. Getting consistent 17 second laps. The closest to first I've gotten is 5th, I know I can do it if I keep working on it.

>> No.7452027

well i'm not playing shit because the magnets i've found were dead as fuck

>> No.7452095

I just use the trurip set on archive

>> No.7452593

Wow looks like even the import market has been spiking. Getting a copy of Layer Section used to be much cheaper than Galactic Attack.

>> No.7453240

jap SS games have been steadily climbing, at snails pace so far, but everything is slightly more expensive than it used to be 5 years ago

>> No.7453810

Saturn emulation is shit, I recommend you just go and look at auctions on Yahoo Auctions Japan for a while until you get a good deal. If you live in the US the console's original power supply will work fine, even though the case says 100v only, the internal power supply says 100-120v and is the same as in the US Saturn. If you live in any country with around 200v, you can buy a SaturnPSU which is an adapter that makes you able to run the console from a 12v external power supply. Here's one place you can get one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001220464897.html

>> No.7453845

>Saturn emulation is shit
Never got why people still say this. Retroarch with Beetle Saturn has never given me any issues with any game I tried to run with it.

Specs of my three and a half year old build:
Ryzen 1700
GTX 1080

>> No.7453998

>Saturn emulation is shit
Can this meme die already.
Ive completed SOTN and played a lot of Sakura Taisen on my 2013 potato laptop just fine. Tried Panzer Dragoon Saga that was also fine. Shining Force 3 and Shining the Holy Ark ran like shit though. I guess my computer is at fault. I used mednafen.

>> No.7454131

Either way, Saturn is not at all an expensive as far as hardware goes. And through a simple PseudoSaturn cartridge you can run CDrs, and those carts usually include RAM expansion and memory card which you'd want anyway.

>> No.7454332

Just because you can play castlevania from start to finish, doesnt mean that 32-Bit emulation is good. There are countless Saturn and Playstation games which have all kinds of issues, accross multiple emulators. From game breaking bugs, missing sprites, to games not even starting at all. 32Bit Emulation is still shit in the year of the lord 2021. Amen.

>> No.7454346
File: 169 KB, 1221x960, 1st.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally did it, turns out braking during drifts was the key, now onto figuring out how the hell I do the intermediate course.

>> No.7454360

Do you have a (((yahoo auction shop)))?
You sure sound like you do!

>> No.7454649
File: 36 KB, 314x500, 51vehJVIQ7L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes i sell self help books, my number 1 seller is....

>> No.7456028
File: 261 KB, 960x960, 2577622-b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Linkle Liver Story a spiritual successor to Crusader of Centy?

>> No.7456669

>What are y'all playing?
>Any games in sight you wanna try next?
Burning Rangers and PDS
>Sonic Jam worth picking up?
>How many Saturn consoles do you own?
One, a white jap one

>> No.7456689

>One, a white jap one
soon to be yellow

>> No.7456727

based asuka

>> No.7457876
File: 197 KB, 800x798, 79794-princess-crown-sega-saturn-front-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It'll be the heat death of the universe before we'll be able to play this in English

>> No.7457925

that computer is more fancy than the one I play cold war on holy shit.
All that to play some ancient games on.
I need to get the console fuck this shit.

>> No.7458220

Found my childhood saturn in a basement covered in dust and opened a few years back. I had no expectations of it working but this week I purchased a MODE and and now it's got everything I need.
I've started Policenauts and Shining Force 3 (loved the first two) any other recommendations?
Also I run a small youtube channel for fun, would a video detailing the MODE and how to install it / features be worth making?

>> No.7458426

I'm new to this system. So far I've played Elevator Action Returns and Capcom Generation 2. Thanks for those infographics. I think I'll play Panzer Dragoon Zwei next.

>> No.7458675

magic knight rayearth, dragonforce 1 & 2, lunar silver star, princess crown, noon, kyuutenkai, all of the langrisser games

>> No.7458781

Not if you apply a protectant like 303 Aerospace. I put it on my Saturn and Dreamcast and they both look brand new

>> No.7459038

Get well soon...

>> No.7459113

Linkle Liver Story

>> No.7459592


>> No.7459852

and dont forget to get fucked

>> No.7460365
File: 284 KB, 367x312, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish my computer would emulate better some Saturn games. Akumajou and Guardian Heroes is very slow and Sakura Wars has a little sound glitch in the opening but you can play it and Elevato Action is really fun.

All of this has only made me want to buy one but it's not something I can do at the moment.

>> No.7460431

Missing Vampire Savior aka Darkstalkers 3, but otherwise good list

>> No.7460530

Number One Download....

>> No.7460851

I honestly think we're more likely to see a translated switch release than a translation patch for the saturn version.

>> No.7461274

Can't blame you, its by far the best game ever made

>> No.7462820

How was Rayearth so good?

>> No.7462825

90s japs where ugly holy shit

>> No.7462834 [DELETED] 

>t. nigger

>> No.7463797

Are there any good pool games on the Saturn?

>> No.7464374
File: 230 KB, 1300x1093, voice-idol-maniacs-pool-bar-story-sega-saturn-videogame-editorial-use-only-2C8HGJ6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i had fun with Voice Idol Maniacs and has extra benefits if you like Japanese women berating you for doing shit

>> No.7464880

>going near anything other than a Sony platform
Never in a million years and it sucks

>> No.7464895

they did wii games, and now that snoy has been fucked in japan, they will do switch games as well

>> No.7464921

>Projecting, not proving anything
Even if it was the same guy, you still look btfo by not addressing the actual point

>> No.7464925

t. Korean plastic puppet

>> No.7464929

Hideous art style

>> No.7464937
File: 312 KB, 916x1200, KlSgZiw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related, I have every Japanese release minus the Re-releases and some special and limited editions.

I simply can't be bothered to play something these days.

>> No.7464974

THIS is the place i wanna go to when i die

>> No.7465002

It's called choice paralysis. When you have so many options, you end up not picking anything in an attempt to pick the "best" option. Happens all the time with my flash carts, so I have a "now playing" folder with a three game limit to prevent getting distracted by choice.

Or is there another reason you have such a large collection going unused?

>> No.7465004
File: 9 KB, 150x150, 1518448435625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine the smelle of all those shitty dating sims and hentai games

>> No.7465015

That would be so awesome, hentai games with smell. You are a genius ANON: Once i get rich, i will never forget you, promise!

>> No.7465025

Wage slavery and family life mostly

>> No.7466153

Play Super Tempo, Astal, or Willy Wombat

>> No.7466746

>Again going back to Mario,

You can keep repeating the the same stupid shit over and over again like the autistic parrot that you are, and it'll be just as wrong the last time you say it as it was the first. We get it, angry virgin. You suck at games other than Mario. Go read the manual and get good or fuck off.

>> No.7466752

>Sega Chad here, why would we like the console that had no games that made us fall in love with Sega, and is responsible for killing the company?
>Only people who actually like the Saturn are hipster weebs, as you can see by >>7413168 and that horrible chart of shit games.
Sega made a profit every year of the Saturn's life and didn't lose money until the Dreamcast. Saturn didn't kill Sega, Dreamcast did. They couldn't even give them away for free!

>> No.7467574

Not selling enough DREAMCAST game discs per sold Dreamcast console, forced SEGA to leave the consumer hardware market. Everything else is Bernieposter fiction.

>> No.7467586
File: 588 KB, 1600x1039, Image_1 2020-01-29_22-16-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7467804

Lord of the Shmups

>> No.7467948

Dragon Force should be as well-known as Ogre Battle.

>> No.7467949

Why's this thread in autosage?

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