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What power-related precautions should be taken when running consoles from a foreign country? Which adapters can be used?

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If you are in north america most japanese consoles will just work outright on regular house outlets

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What are some exceptions?

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Not Japanese

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That depends a lot on the consequences of of getting caught. In some place running consoles is considered just as serious as running drugs. My old man was a console runner back in the day. Got caught and did hard time. But he didn't learn his lesson and just after he got was released he got caught running consoles into Saudi. they're brutal there. Cut of one of his three hands. Was never able to play N64 again and died a poor miserable sonygger.

Perfect answer

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it is 110v vs 100v within a margin of error. if your concerned just replace the wall wart power supply with one of your country that inputs the proper voltage into the console, just make sure it is a quality one.

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This is the correct answer no matter where in the world you are. Just get a new PSU for use in your country with the right specs.

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If you want to play a European console, you're going to have to get a 50hz outlet installed. Just call up your local electrician and ask them to put one in, shouldn't cost more than 20 bucks or so.

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The general rule is:

US - Can generally use Japanese devices without a converter, can use a step-down if you're really paranoid. Cannot use European devices because those are meant for 240v.

Japan - Can probably use US devices (they'd be undervolted and you might want a converter), definitely cannot use European ones.

Europe - Cannot use either US or Japanese devices without a converter.

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>implying tardanon can find the right spec, manage to order the right part, and end up receiving the right part, that isn't garbage that blows up and takes his console with it.
Do you even know where you are? People are stupid. Look at this fucktard for example >>7411479. Tell me you'd plug your console into something this assclown claimed was the right spec for it.

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That's fair. The original JP plugs typically have the right specs actually printed on them. For 8 and 16 bit stuff (Nintendo, SEGA, NEC) almost everything is 9V DC 850-1000mA, center pin negative. Getting the barrel polarity wrong is most people break their shit. I've found the cheapest way to go is to order 3 packs of PSUs for guitar pedals, which are always center pin negative.

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That's assuming tardanon can read and understand that spec. A big leap of faith.
The main problem with polarity is that the standard for modern chinkshit is center positive. This means that even if you do everything right there's still a fair chance some tard on the other end sends you the wrong thing just because they have it laying around or grab the wrong part off the shelf. If you don't/can't test it before hand you're going to let the smoke out.

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