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great i unzipped it, so uh, what the hell do i do with this

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Give it a rub

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>great i unzipped it, so uh, what the hell do i do with this

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File: 2.90 MB, 1280x720, Xenia 2021.02.02 - [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Playable in the latest build of Xenia.

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I don't know who this creation is actually for. Anyone who plays goldeneye today, like me, you just can't even see the graphics any more. I look at this webm and i'm like (having just been playing it today) "that's the same" because in your mind you just make it how you want it to be

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Now you get down on your knees my little slut

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I mean sure but it's still extremely cool to get our hands on this release, only thing that's better will be an eventual PD/GE decomp and native PC port
Has anyone actually downloaded the file linked in OP?

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You cared enough to do a capcha and post this.

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I'm doing that right now, and I will ftp the game to my RGH'd Xbox 360 and see if it launchs.

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Don't engage with the pet schizo of the retro fps general.

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>implying this is real
My sides.

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The folder structure and the file name is almost the same as most Xbox live games for 360. Like Perfect Dark HD.

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Why the fuck my twitter looks black after i clicked on that shit.

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Alternate link I found, seems to be uploaded by the same guy that uploaded the mouse injector to archive.org

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this look more like it. thanks!
OP's file is just a 720MB blob of i don't even know

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because is an Xbox live file, that's the file you need to play the game on real hardware. That one is just unpacked.

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Yeah, it's legit, bois.

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Fuck off faggot bitch

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Use wxPirs to extract the 700 MB file
It's legit you dumbfuck. I ran it in Xenia earlier and it runs fine. In the state the build is in is too rough for me to enjoy.

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Why are you gay?

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>OP's file is just a 720MB blob of i don't even know
You just open one of those big files in Xenia and it works.

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t. Assblasted hoarder

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watching another vid on graslus channel - nobody seems to care that much of it is worse than the original.
>glass replaced with blue shit
>no reflections on guns, shiny guns now dull grey

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Lol you're the fucking Idiot who isn't involved in any scene. If you were your know this garbage dump isn't even the one from the YouTube video. You stupid fuck. This is an earlier glitchy build released by some dumb fucks to try to 1up them. Guess they got trigerred. Just like you.

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The art direction is more egregious than the one in the Perfect Dark remaster. Then again, it's nice that this got leaked at all, even in this rough state.

Shut it, you autistic tranny fag basedboy.

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>The art direction is more egregious than the one in the Perfect Dark remaster.
not him but lol no.
also this goldeneye remaster lets you switch to the old graphics on the fly like the halo 1 remaster.

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I didn't think aliens could have soul, but what they've done to Elvis proves me wrong. Damn.

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Shit. I'm in. I was actually thinking about playing PD or GE soon.

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It's the same build. The leaker was even nice enough to hack it to work outside of devkits.

Stop being salty and cope.

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>>no reflections on guns, shiny guns now dull grey
N64 devs had a fetish for cubemaps to disguise limited texture resolution behind shiny. Not an unusual choice.

Anyway, the most obvious issue I can see is that saving doesn't work. Gut instinct is that this is a problem on Xenia's end.

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>Remastered piece of shit game

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If you quit to arcade the whole thing will crash Xenia but settings and progress will be saved.

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saving works on the canary build

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No. It isn't. Dipshit .

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Are there any settings to tweak here? I can hear the music, but the screen is black.

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