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are flash carts soulless?

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no. I'm a collector fag and I think flash carts are excellent. repros are soulless and a waste of world's resources.

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Depends on what you put on them. Put some soulful fan translated games that were never officially reased here or elaborate quality fan hacks or home brew, and they will overflow with SOUL.

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I will never understand why people will pay 40 bucks each for 1 game when they could buy a flashcart and put the entire libraries of the console on there.

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If they have too many games on them then they feel soulless because you don't feel a connection to them

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Piece of plastic 1: Soul
Piece of plastic 2: Soulless

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faggies thing i've read today

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because it's so hard to make a folder of curated roms for your flashcarts
not soulless at all, being able to play imports/translations/hacks/protos is incredible. For disc based systems ODEs are a must have due to lasers dying

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i think they're great, but sometimes you can get caught in this >>7360864 situation
not just because you lack a personal connection to the game like a single cartridge
but also because you can put so many games on there that you end up with choice overload

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More like retarded. Sell your plastic and invest in a MiSTer.

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if you would have told me 25 years ago i could have every NES game ever released on one cartridge i probably would have chopped my dick off to have one. they are fucking amazing.
> choice overload
is the stupidest fucking thing i have ever heard.

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they're soulless, but the games you put on them aren't

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With them you can play any fucking game you want on original hardware. I can understand being against emulation, but being against flashcarts too is retarded. The software is being run on the original hardware already so who cares

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Flashcarts are great because they serve as an important backstop for people who want to play on original hardware - if you're craving an authentic experience then you never have to worry about scarcity or hardware failure or really any of that kind of stuff
I, like a lot of people, get a little dispirited when scrolling through a list of roms - it genuinely feels better to pop in the authentic cartridge and play off that, it's just basic psychology and part of the "ritual" of playing these old games. But games like Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Harvest Moon - they're just not worth the price. So leave the collecting to the collectors, if you actually want to play these games but aren't interested in any emulation solutions, flashcarts are perfect.

Also from a preservationist perspective, flashcarts and FPGA emulators are kind of the final solution to keeping these games working accurately a hundred years from now, which is kind of neat.

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NO! but...

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Flashcarts are a poorfag cope. Buy real games or just emulate. Flashcarts are that awkward midpoint that's just the worst of both worlds.

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that makes no sense nigger

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This is a shitty meme and you should feel bad for using it.

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Flashcarts are basically like emulating when you have the real hardware, what's the fucking point in still playing roms instead of real games.

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No, it's literally playing the game on real hardware.
The only drawback is you aren't displaying the game on your shelf, if you're into that kind of thing.
Better than filling the pockets of greasy after market resellers.

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I recently got a few out of a mixture of frustration for the market and shrinking shelf space. I have a decent enough GB/GBC/GBA collection but the games I don't have are so expensive that I just can't justify the purchase, now with a Flashcart I have all my games in one place with the added bonus of playing rom hacks on legit hardware and if I feel like playing a legit cart I can. Seriously fuck paying £80 for Aria of Sorrow.

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Friendly reminder that using a flashcart will shorten the lifespan of your system. It's not a meme.

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Your legit copy is just a rom too lmao

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>It's not a meme
It is.

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>real games
The ROM from the original cartridge is the same when dumped. Only coomlectors still buy retro games.

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GBA flashcarts were so common I've no idea who buys the real carts. I bought my GBA flashcart back in 2006, and it still works great and plays literally every single game on the system.

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Yeah right, and CD audio is the """same""" as vinyl records. Cope.

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>I've no idea who buys the real carts
I was for a time. I already had several games but I wanted a physical collection however it's just not justifiable. Stubbornness can only blind for so long.

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I can't tell if this post is a joke, but it made me laugh either way.

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[citation needed]

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Can we fucking stop with the soul/soulless shit?
It's got to be the most retarded terminology /v/ has ever come up with.

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They are. There are several reasons for this but one is the the load times. So much slower than SRAM that it's annoying, and completely lacking the soul of floppies. Sort of like an uncanny valley of load time soul.

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No way flash carts are beyond based
I've been wanting a snes one for a long time but you know what, I don't think there's a snes game I haven't outright emulated on pc or on the snes classic with retroarch on either

so I'm gonna have to follow my heart and stop putting off getting either a gb/gbc cart or getting a saturn

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Daily reminder that this is completely made up information started by someone trying to sell hardware that can run roms

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> It's not a meme.
Ok. This was the case many years ago, and with some knockoff / shit hardware, but not anymore.
Most modern electronics, memory, etc use 3.3v and older hardware uses 5v. Some of the early powerpak's / everdrives / chinese knockoff bullshit just shoved 3.3v shit in there because they didn't know better or didn't give a shit. Any Everdrive made in the last 6/7 years is absolutely fine. Beware shitty repros and chinese bullshit. That is all.

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People disregard this but it's an actual issue. My brother in law didn't play games for years but he found his n64 recently and when I told him about everdrive he bought one immediately. We put every n64 game he ever wanted on it but only ended up playing a few minutes of a dozen games or so before putting it back in his closet.

When you're restricted to one game at a time it makes you put all your effort and energy into it until you beat it or get a new one. I compare it to the old way you used to watch tv shows where only one part to the story comes out a week as opposed to now consuming everything at the same time. I feel delayed gratitude adds to deeper emotional investment.

I still like flash carts occasionally though, depends on the console and my current situation

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With my Anbernic I just added a few games at a time and researched each one of them. I ended up playing a lot more because of this than if I just filled it with ROMs.

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> it's an actual issue
Too many games on a flashcart and not sticking to one is not a flashcart problem. Its a (You) problem.
holy fuck the retardation in here

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Agree. I mean you can only load one rom on your cart at a time if you want. That's what I do do in fact usually, I just stick with the same few roms. Unless I'm in a mood for exploring and messing around. Like it's retardation at a maximum level. Having carts is cool but - I mean I have carts but still use the flashcarts instead of bothering getting them because it's just easier and because swapping carts could produce more wear and tear than just leaving them alone. I'm even considering migrating saves like my Mario Kart 64 time trials to my flashcart but I don't know about that... it's be a pretty big step, I've used that cart for records since I was 12 years old (23 years ago!).

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Well it is for some people because I know several + posters in this thread that have brought it up. I said I enjoy flashcarts but you for some reason still have a problem with others having a different take on them. I swear to god people will call anything and everything retarded on this site nowadays no matter the context

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That's the stupidest fucking analogy I've ever heard on this board
An original game cartridge is not a vinyl record, it's a CD already, and dumping a ROM is making a 1:1 CD-R copy

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>Chrono Trigger
>not worth the price

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fpbp, better a flashcart than a repo

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If you use a flashcart you DID NOT by any stretch of the imagination beat the god damn game.

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A cart can't have a soul. Souls aren't even real. Are you retarded?

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Carts don't have a soul, carts have soul

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Piracy is soul.

Sucking scalper cock and kissing collectorfag ass is soulless.

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Cartridges just ease by autism. Just feels better to own and to use and display and insert.

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Not to mention Everdrives greatly-benefit serious manchild collectorfags too because it prevents wear and tear on their more valuable software and hardware. Even gay YouTubers like MLIG and Pat the NES Cuck endorse them.

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Because not everyone is a thieving piece of shit willing to let small businesses crumble for internet cred about illegally downloading video games and other forms of copyrighted content.

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Damn you’re right, guess I’ll go to my local retro store and give the dude $30 for a beat up copy of Mario 3

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Pirating is thieving yet selling a 30+ year old games for over $100 isn't?

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Who gives a shit. 98% of Anons on this board have LGBT-tier (worthless/harmful) opinions.

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Holy shit, the CEO of based is gracing us with his presence, coomlectors absolutely btfo

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>Noooo buy my scalped shit, you can't just let MY small bussiness reselling plastic die!!!

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Gross, im glad youre joking, anon.

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Stop posting shitty unrelated images with every post shitting up the whole board you fucking spastic. Nothing you're contributing is any use, how many people's time are you going to waste by having them look at those pictures, for what so they are drawn more to your post? I mean what sort of mentality feels the need to do that, are you a small child with no family and no friends or do they all just hate you? Please remember that it's people like you that make /vr/ a shitty board.

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Coomlector got buttblasted and if on full on autistic rage mode

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A business that makes money by scooping Ebay and flipping is not a business; its a parasite. There is no service offered here except being a piece of shit and a burden on society

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>Please remember that it's people like me that make the Shiturn inaccessible to unsuspecting gamers

Keep up the good work anon.

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Only to complete autists.

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Nothing makes me happier than watching overpriced popup retro shops shut down after a year or two. And if you're not sending a royalty check to the original publisher, for every game sold, you're the thief. Electronic Arts told me so.

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Why are faggots like this? If they play the game as intended with no save states/hacks they beat it so shut the fuck up.

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>are flash carts soulless?

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>Ironically describes sellers of repros and flash multi-carts who break the law to create their wealth given to them by poorfags on Ebay.

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Is your mother a whore?

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They seem like a good idea at first until you realize that they suck the magic out of playing

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It's only soulless when you're staring at the menu screen with 5000 roms and nothing to play.

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Explain why exactly

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>who break the law
oy vey, if they dont want to buy my 200$ resold cartridges and instead buy the exact same thing cheaper for the same experience is antisemitism, someone call the ADL , its against the law!!!

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flash carts don't suck the magic out of playing, getting old does

believe me, if you had all the carts for every game you have on a flashcart, it wouldn't make a difference

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Consooooooooooomerism is soulless, you hoarding neckbeard.
Get a life.

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