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What are some good Christ-approved retro games to play in these dark times under Fake President Biden's illegal occupation of America?

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Delet /pol/

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Ultimate DooM
DooM II: Hell On Earth
DooM 64

All based and Christ Approved

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OP is the lamest anon to ever post to this board

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Matthew 6:22-23
"“The eye is the lamp of the body. If you fill your eye with good, your whole body will be full of light. 23 But if you fill your eye with bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. So if the light within you is darkness"

Doom is evil. Play Kirby.

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/pol/ really needs to go. Preferably outside, but go is the minimum.

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The cart is weird on this one. I want a copy

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Go back to poll faggot

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Xenogears made me find God.

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go back to your containment board

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>inb4 trump lost

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>vote Democrat in midterms
Got it!

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Duplicate /pol/

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jesus loves honey select 2

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Kill all liberals, commies, and globalists.

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Based. I recently phone banked for a progressive campaign in my city

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Vox Day's games
Lord of the Rings games (Tolkien is a Catholic)
Star Wars games (Lucas is a Christian)
Earthworm Jim

How did his YouTube channel blow up so quickly?

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Abortion Simulator 2000

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*squats down and takes a big stinky diarrhea dump all over the thread*

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Da fuck?!

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Forgot pic

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The Illusion of Gaia

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Go simp for the billionaire class back in pol, pathetic

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Diablo 1

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Eco Fighters.
Destroy the capitalist pig polluting the planet!

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Castlevania 3

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>that thumbnails
Based and subliminal pilled

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what is happening? why are there so many spergs?

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False prophet, idk about that.

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Been sleeping under a rock? There was a coup in America and shills are on here defending it.

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But I see this outside type of spergery on every board, people just start yelling /pol/ whenever someone has a different opinion, it can't just be op's subject. It's like unhinged tourettes or something.

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But you kill God with a giant robot

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They're patrolling on every board but mostly on /pol/, being the politics board, that's why they mention /pol/ all the time.

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Cho Aniki

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>it can't just be op's subject

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