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the best shooter game actually

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its ok, kinda blends together into a forgettable mess outside of a handful of levels. Samey encounters and six keys lol

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No, it doesn't. If you think this game is "samey" it's your own fault, because it means you have a very small sense awareness. Every level in this game is hand made and unique with such an execution that it puts most games to shame. I really wish that casuals and ignorant people like yourself would stop posting their low-effort "opinions" here, because I think it's fair to say that you contribute nothing to this board, and not a single person gets a smile or insight from what you waste your time writing here. Leave this place. Do something else. Let people who actually care about these topic be in peace.

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I like this game. I would have liked it more if the hitscanners weren't so obnoxious

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Blood, Thief and Doom (Hexen, Strife).

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Blood is a lot of fun and the levels always have a healthy variety that keeps it fresh. Hitscanning enemies are a pain in the ass but once you have a tommy gun with decent ammo you can just stunlock them to death.

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Quake is easily better.
Doom II is arguably better, and definitely so in my opinion.
Duke 3D is on par.

/vr/ loves to suck Blood's dick, and it's a great shooter, but the best? Nah.

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>Every level in this game is hand made and unique
Nice effortshitpost. Really though, he's right. I can't even tell the difference between the last 3 episodes by their first levels.

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> Every level in this game is hand made and unique with such an execution that it puts most games to shame.
Explain to me how Post Mortem's first maps are so shit then.

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best way to play blood @ win10?

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>Can't tell a train station from a flesh maze
>Can't tell a train from a sky castle
>Can't tell a hedge maze from a factory
>Can't tell a carnival from crystal lake, literally a Friday the 13th level
I have only played through blood once and I was literally able to remember half the levels off the top of my head. You're either baiting or legit have brain problems.

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GOG Blood.

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It's definitely the pinnacle of the Golden Age of FPS for me, along with Shadow Warrior.

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Fresh Supply. Don't listen to retards on here, the only issues it still has is problems with recording demos and issues for mappers, if you aren't a big demo recorder or make your own maps, it's great.

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>running it in a GOG DOSBox wrapper
>not Build GDX, NBlood or even fucking Fresh Supply
Eat shit mongoloid

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>claim to love the build engine
>only play sourceports/clones of the games that make them look completely different from the build engine
>actually get angry when people play the originals
that being said, I agree that GOG is shit. paying for something that's free because "typing commands/changing settings in dosbox is hard" is beyond retarded.

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I would say gdx is as good or even better.

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this whole thread (board?) is just a one big (you)farm

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Learn to duck, jump and run around while aiming

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>Don't listen to anyone just me
>Buy the remaster that doesn't even give bonus damage to the spraycan vs butchers the one thing it's good for

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>doesn't even give bonus damage to the spraycan vs butchers the one thing it's good for
So I guess you watched civvie's review of it when it came out and never even tried for yourself, typical

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funny thing actually I realized I've that dos games pack that some anon so lovingly made so I'll just use that. Thanks, anon!

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Extremely based. Only game I'd say could rival Blood with how good every aspect of the game is (atmosphere, art, action) would be DUSK.

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Post-mortem doesnt have very memorable themes/locations, but the level design is still very good. The warehouse level in particular is a fucking masterpiece of non-linear design.

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That's all been fixed long ago retarded zoomer faggot piece of shit.

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Overrated as shit.

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Yeah, I don't advocate for BUYING Fresh Supply. No, don't in fact. Fuck Atari. Monolith or the devs don't get shit.

BUT It's a good option if you're going to pirate (HINT: it's in the mega.nz folder that is linked in the OP of the Doom/Retro FPS General threads here on /vr/, as well as the other versions)

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It's garbage

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>BUT It's a good option if you're going to pirate
Dosbox is fine as are the other ports. FS is something I'd primarily advocate if you're intensely, insanely triggered by the fish or you just CAN'T play without a delay to the cultists' firing.

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None of those are actually Blood.

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Nah because of >>7345104. Would have been up there for sure if only cause of the sheer love the creators put into it.
Oh well

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jesus imagine thinking this

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They don't hurt on Pink on the Inside or Lightly Broiled, the starting difficulties everyone should be looking at when playing the first time through. Otherwise the ninjas shooting you in Shadow Warrior are worse to deal with, and they don't "ruin" the game they're in either.

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Build engine games where the peak of singleplayer FPS campaigns

>levels actually resemble real places (movie theaters,graveyards) and have a logic to them instead of being abstract mazes like what he Doom engine was limited to
>2D sprites that have aged better and are still more appealing than the early 3D of the time
>from an era where FPS arsenals were more creative than just a different varietys of hitscan weapons
>protagonists had a personality and memorable lines instead of being silent grunts/self-inserts
>non-linear level design with which encouraged exploration with secrets and secret levels

Its funny that its only now that games are being made that resemble this with the indie retro FPS revival. For a decade games that were called a throwback to retro FPS like Painkiller, were just Serious Sam clones that locked you in a room with enemies.

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id btfos any build trash

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>levels actually resemble real places (movie theaters,graveyards) and have a logic to them instead of being abstract mazes like what he Doom engine was limited to
This is actually a downgrade. Abstraction gives more freedom and creativity to level design and that's the reason why the Doom scene is so popular now and then. Build engine games will never be as great as Doom engine games.

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Hard disagree. The effort that goes into making a stage look like something is that much more mentally stimulating. The freedom to make a bunch of rooms connected by hallways with no clear purpose isn't that liberating. You can make stages that vaguely resemble rooms with function with a great deal of freedom. Nobody is going to fault you if every major building doesn't have restrooms or an exact layout or anything.

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Where can I get that?

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This is Alf, the resident shitposter from the Doom general threads.

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I haven't noticed much pause before firing from cultists in FS playing on Extra Crispy or Well Done

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>source ports aren't the game
What an absolute nonce

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PowerSlave DOS was better.

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>instead of being abstract mazes like what he Doom engine was limited to
Play HACX to see the kind of architecture you can do in the Doom engine, it has office buildings with elevators and cities with streets and and alley ways. It was the last commercially released licensed total conversion in the engine in 97 so it's not a new mod or something that takes advantage of features not in the original engine.

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Powerslave DOS is ok but it really doesn't compare to console Powerslave (Powerslave EX is the modern PC port). You're out of your fucking mind if you think it compares to Blood, the protag doesn't even have a fucking name and the few voice lines they added to the PC version are laughably bad. "EAT IT!" "C'MON!"

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You can't even save in that, it uses a gay checkpoint system.

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>what he Doom engine was limited to
That was a (good) design decision, there's nothing stopping people from making realistic maps, you're revealing you haven't played enough Doom mods.

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Ive still been mostly playing GDX but I gotta say after several patches Fresh Supply is pretty good too

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Fresh Supply is retarded jank, even the fucking enemy animations are missing frames.

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LURK MOAR N actually found teh link from my browser history and it's such a great thing that it deserves to be seen as much as possible so here you go https://mega.nz/folder/CldGAahb#yn_8LkRHraywPgKJMp5pqA

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Fuck you. Nearly every single level is unique. A city under bombardment. A train station. A mall. A moving train. A steam boat. A hospital. A mortuary. A carnival. "Frankenstein's""castle. Ancient ruins. Overlook Hotel. A Hedge Maze. A ship stuck in an iceberg. A temple. A small town. Crystal Lake. A sawmill. A cabin on a swamp. Ironworks. A mansion. A lighthouse on the coast. Caves. Cliffs. And many, many more.

Suck a dick, you plebs.

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All that shit has been fixed. Did you watch Civvies review when it released years ago and nothing else?

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>2D sprites that have aged better
I would not post that alongside Redneck Rampage. RR's sprites are completely jank. Few frames in every animation, sprites WAY too wide so they clip through shit just by rotating around the enemies. Low quality models used for their characters.

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Blood is quite good but fuck is it hard, I can only play on easy and even then i still suck. It’s good in spite of its difficulty unlike newer shit like sekiro where the difficuly completely drags down the game

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>Here's a list of levels you weren't talking about to "prove you wrong"
Neither of you fools actually engage the point I made. The absolute state of Blood shills.

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The Doom engine being modded later by other games to do better tricks isn't the best argument for idtech 1, since people only ever care about Doom I & II on it.

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>I was able to remember HALF of the game's levels after I played
>That means every level of the game is super memorable and the other half isn't samey at all, dumbass!

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Is there any fps that doesn’t have a lot of similar levels?

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Completely outdated in less than a year by half life

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That is irrelevant to the point at hand. If it is a failing common to FPS games then Blood doesn't rise above it, because Blood is just a good shooter and not muh flawless best shooter ever that /vr/ circlejerks it to be.

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What do you think the best shooter ever is?

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Half life

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First reply wasn't me. I love Half Life but the best shooter ever is Doom II, followed closely by Quake. Blood is easily in the top 10 though, if not top 5.

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Would you care to explain why you consider Doom 2 the best shooter ever? I'm just playing through it (on ultraviolence) after having completed Doom (with Thy Flesh Consumed) last week and being almost halfway through, I must say I'm not enjoying it as much as the original (despite absolutely loving the new enemies and the super shotgun). The huge levels (mostly those done by S. Petersen) tend to be a little too dispersed and the art direction is severly lacking compared to Romero's levels, which are few and far in between. There's also the "shoot the wall to reveal a secret" thing, which is featured way too rarely and inconsistently for the player to expect it, as well as too much experimentation with verticality, which is impressive, but kinda sucks from the perspective of being limited to vertical autoaim, which often leads to unintended missed or launching rockets in your own face, a problem which occured waaay less in the first game.
I'm still enjoying the game greatly, but I can't quite understand what makes it the best shooter ever, since the game so obviously tries to punch above the idtech 1's limitations.

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unintended missed shots*

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5/5 gonna be a great weekend!

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None of them are source ports you fucking retard. There was never a source code release.

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Why would you not mention interactivity there? That's one of the main advantages of Build and I wish more newer games had it

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Doom is better than doom 2. Better levels. Doom 2 is only good as a mod resource for monsters and ssg

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>when fighting cultists
Its great
>when fighting anything other than cultists
Its boring

Blood is like half a masterpiece half a forgettable pile of trash. One of the strangest games I've ever played.

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The SSG invalidates your argument

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Running out of ammo isn't fun and a game that outright -requires- you to know literally all the secrets in the game to have enough supplies to survive is badly designed.

Duke, Doom, and Quake are leagues better than this.

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it's funny you should mention the secrets because this is the first game since doom that I actively want to look for the secrets. the rewards are good, and it's been fun.
maybe try lower difficulty if you feel it's unfair? many secrets are literally not hidden at all anyway so kinda have to speedrun or ignore to miss them all.

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Try playing on normal first. Games have difficulties just for this reason.

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Not that guy but I have to play on easy because it’s so damn hard. I do really like blood though

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Post in FPS general, asshat

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Duke Nukem 3D лyчшe.

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I've played both and there is literally no reason to use FS over gdx.

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Man that game was awesome

And some need to make blood 3 damm it

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>unlike newer shit like sekiro where the difficuly completely drags down the game

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It's up there, for sure. I'm an avid FPS fan and here's my faves (in no order)

>Blood (atmosphere/attitude)
>Shadow warrior (atmosphere/attitude)
>Duke3d (atmosphere/attitude)
>FEAR (mechanics)
>Doom 1/2 (they just feel good to play, don't know why)
>UT99 (best MP)

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For its time yeah

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Best game, but post in FPS general

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Throwing dynamite feels so good, how did they nailed it?

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Fuck off Civvie

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You should try the Ashes 2063 TC for Doom. Its set in the post-apocalypse and has really awesome Build-like level design.

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No it hasn't. You're fucking retarded, I just looked at it and it's still clearly missing frames, missing blood gibs in explosions, enemy health etc is all wrong. I don't talk about Blood on this board because it's just filled with absolute retards like yourself that have no idea what they're talking about but keep running their mouths. Hell it's why I don't come to this board in general anymore. /vr/ is such a fuckhole.

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*And Civvie is a shithead, too. Imagine using that retard as a source of information, Jesus Christ you fucking zoomers need to die.

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You dont need secrets. Just pitchfork zombies to save ammo. Or use dynamite on enemies in clusters. Use your ammo wisely.

>> No.7355890

play testing and adjusting until they were sick of it and then some more

>> No.7355893

He's a faggot that has to use save states to cope with his lack of skill.

>> No.7355901

>just use the garbage clumsy melee weapon
>just know where every enemy is so you can toss dynamite
why can't they just make the game fun like Duke or Doom instead of making the FPS equivalent of Resident Evil 0

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Why do you bitch like this?

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>instead of making the FPS equivalent of Resident Evil 0
it's not THAT bad.

>> No.7356601

That's not Chad Life.

>> No.7356714

Only in the first episode though, especially in the second level where you pretty much don't have ammo when you enter the train station, the rest of the game gives more than enough, by the way yeah the higher skills require for you to know the secrets imo but I don't think anyone should play blood first time at well done anyway

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Literally none of this is true. What did you do, check plebbit or something?

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