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I always found it borderline unplayable outside of using an emulator to run it at 60fps with mouse injection

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I remember being 6-7 years old and my brother showing me Marathon and Quake II and thinking they were the coolest games ever. Then one day around '99 I went over to a friend's house and we played Goldeneye with his brother. As we were playing, I just couldn't understand why they liked the game. The graphics looked weird and blocky to me, and the controls were dogshit. I kept asking them to play Smash but they were obsessed with this game and I couldn't understand why. In hindsight, it's because they had no other frame of reference -- it was the only fps they had ever played.

Long story short, Goldeneye is a piece of shit.

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the single most overrated game in history

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calm down Hitler

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t. assblasted niggereye fan

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It was not meant to beplayed with a mouse

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First person games are not meant to be played on a controller, checkmate.

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What too much soi does to a zoomie

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real talk though, Quake II on N64 is the best shooter on the console and actually pretty decent

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I was playing Quake over a LAN back in college when you kids were playing splitscreen Goldeneye at sub 10fps.

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>i larp for my zoom zoom fantasies

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based "goldeneye haters are smash trannies" false flagger

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>nintendo console
lmao look in the fucking mirror
also goldeneye and perfect dark are significantly worse games than medal of honor and medal of honor underground

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Begone shitrat

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Speccy was better, ya troon.

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it was borderline unplayable in the 90s.
>Goldeneye is a piece of shit.
highly accurate.

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See >>7321121

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holy shit that list of nintendy insecurities
>cant mention jrpgs as their cart autism lost them square
>cant mention their 4k of texture ram
>paranoid of the word vaseline
>can't use sales to show that nobody wanted a n64
stop hitting yourself

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lol look at this vaseline covered faggot

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I'm an atari guy, nintendy, not a snoy

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seething vaseline user

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*beep boop* Shit rat identified. Targeting systems activated.

Shit rat forces are growing rapidly. Cyborg Yamauchi will not be pleased with these developments.

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So a decrepit old fag

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did you put vasoline on that soilent today, Craig?

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whatever you say, jive turkey

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Big words for a shit-rat.

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reminder that the fag who makes these images is the same guy who made pic related. these are N64 fans.

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kek. who's the gril though?

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>the virgin shit-rat vs the chad OC content creator

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judging by the rest of his content, i think he just picks random people

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non compos mentis

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How are you even finding this shit?

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he posts on /pol/ and floods threads with his garbage. here's another one of his gems. obviously a racist chud

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>same cyborg eye as yamauchi

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I was with you in mocking this guy right until you said
>racist chud
now I'm on his side

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lmao this dude is legitimately a genius

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>I'm on his side
you're on the side of human trash who makes fun of dead people and food objects?

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that says it all then

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>you can only joke about what I say you can
you're not in control of me, commie

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your mother must be proud

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Yes, I'm not a retarded student commie.

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more work of brilliant conservative minds

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you will never be a woman

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Well - cope little man. We had Quake 64 on the N64 as well and played it sometimes. It was okay and the N64 easily handled 30fps with it but it was lacking compared to Goldeneye. Quake 3 was the first game that ever beat Goldeneye. I can only imagine how much hassle you had jerking around all those CRTs and expensive equipment though, why didn't you just get a N64 and have a million times more fun?

While it's really irrelevant what fps there were, sub 10fps sounds suspiciously low. Goldeneye 1 player only rarely went below 16-20fps which was fine for the type of game it was. If you honestly believe anyone is going to believe a screenshot like that from random people like you on 4chan, who are known to lie pathologically, then no we're not going to believe it. Again comparing fps rates is for autists who don't even like playing games but 10fps sounds little utter bs you just invented.

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its a piece of shit if you play it on the n64, playing it with mouse is so much better

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this is the most nostalgia goggled game ever made or probably ever will be made.

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Unironically yes

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High quality /v/ thread brought to you by the jannies

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I was going to ask why people always seem perpetually mad about console shooters existing, but they did kind of come back and pollute the PC FPS games afterward with console concessions, didn't they?

Either way, feels good not to be an FPS toddler. You all have my pity, and if you have to ask, you are also included in my pity.

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>racist chud
>human trash

Fucking cringe. What next, "problematic"? Oh i know, how about "toxic"?

Do you think you're going to get likes and retweets you retarded nigger kike tranny cunt? Do you realise what site you're on?

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more mental retardation straight from your hero. this image is why trump lost the presidency.

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>FPS toddler
lol I guarantee this faggot plays brain dead JRPGs that require absolutely 0 mental effort and would get his prostate punctured in Quake 3 by people significantly more intelligent and skilled

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I have no idea what's going on in this dude's brain but I love him

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>you can't go on a women and minority killing spree after an 8 hour long gaming session because... you just can't okay?

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racist chuds out in full force. cant believe im sharing a sight with people who make fun of dead men and french fries

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redpill esl boomer, who is even supposed to be mocked here?

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The low FPS isn't great in 4 player multiplayer, but its not that bad considering the controls and the generous autoaim, it was a practical solution for the time.
That said, everything else about the game was a blast, from the level design to the combat. I'm still sad that the 360 port was cancelled.

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