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lmao anybody remember the fag who used to post this stuff like 3-4 years ago? i used to hate his threads, now i'm nostalgic for them in comparison to sega system autism

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another one i saved. wish i had saved the others, maybe another anon has them. there was one with miyamoto shitting into somebody's mouth that was funny

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wasn't around for this guy but he seems fucking based

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he was in retrospect. imagine if the average anon put this much effort into OC instead of parroting memes and posting speccy threads like alf

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Segatards and N64 toddlers get SO fucking mad when Jrpgs are mentioned. So much butthurt of never ever having any despite the jrpg being amobg the most relevant genres of the whole 90s

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if it makes you feel any better im pretty sure he made anti-N64 ones too just to stoke the flames

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I've seen this one plenty of times but never the one in the OP. The OP is fucking hilarious. Imagine receiving a reply and it's that level of autism. The meme is pretty accurate though.

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No but he certainly lives rent free in your head

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shit rat identified

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i'd legit feel flattered if somebody made this shit to respond to me

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Cringey but nice autistic effort. I also wish more cunts would put more effort in to posts. Reminds me of the old 4chan from 10+ years ago. Mobile using degenerates and zoomers have ruined everything.

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