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This is the worst character in the game. Say something mean about him.

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Gee Marle, why do you look like a good character today? I still won't put you in my party you useless princess.

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You know what to do to Zoomer posts, sage all fields

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gtfo /v/

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wtf does his frog stomp tech do
i don't understand
is it like ayla's dino tail?

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Who tf u use for healing if not Marle?

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Replace Marle with Lucca and princess with nerd and this is accurate.
>worse water magic than Marle and Magus
>worse group heal than Robo
>worse attack-that-hits-all-enemies-and-does-more-damage-the-lower-your-health-is than Ayla
>worse regular attack than Crono
He's outclassed in every way. Sorry ye olde froggeth is inadequate

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I always used Crono/Frog/Marle as my main party. Might not be optimal, but the game isn't hard enough for it to really matter.

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At least he's not Lucca.
>Crono has the most powerful magic, can switch to physical and use others' elements in techs
>Magus has way more magical versatility and comparable outright power, with much higher stats
>Lucca has strong Fire attacks and strong Fire attacks and strong Fire attacks
>if she teams up with anyone bar Marle, the only thing she's doing is adding Fire and making their attack her element
There literally is no other character in the game besides Lucca who can end up with nothing to do if her element's the wrong thing in a battle. Nobody else. Frog can be shit in a jack of all trades, shit at everything kinda way, but at least he's never ever useless.

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Fucking based

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Both Frog and Robo can heal perfectly fine. I should know since that's always my final party.
Games not hard enough to really care about min-maxing any of that stuff and even the hard mode hack is still flexable enough that you can use anyone without any issue.

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And so Garth Brooks is a looser commie fag.

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Frog is the best jack of all trades in the game. He deals decent damage, though not Crono or Ayla tier, he can heal though not as good as Robo and he can tank hits well enough. He's also got very good techs with others.

Marle is, aside for haste fucking useless and that loses its luster in mid game onward. Healing is better from Robo and more or less Frog tier. Lucca is also subpar in prettu much everything asidr magic damage which is okay, but Magus and Crono do it better.

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Best* character in the game

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This. Wtf are those guys going around talking about stats, elements and moves?
Frog literally opens a mountain in half with a legendary sword, and then helps you save the world just to get stronger so he can fulfill his murderous revenge plot at the end
Who the fuck minmaxes JRPGs?

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Frog. Have you even played this game?

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Frog is literaly the best character in the game.

Fuckin' frog knight.

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I like him, he cute

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He also has a hell of a theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsDhS8PBdh0

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his walking animations alone are a fucking seller, he has the most appealing design overall, i loved him right out the bat

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Pic related: the last thing your ballsack ever sees before it fucking explodes

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Just try doing X-Strike, AKA the best Triple Tech, without him.

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crono frog ayla

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Magus is actually the worst character. He has no non-magic or single target techs which can be a problem in certain fights, has no dual techs, and his two triple techs require using up an accessory slot that could be better filled with a gold stud. He is easily the odd man out compared to every other character that has actual team synergy.

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If you don't main Frog, Chrono and Robo than you're a tranny, straight up.
Ayla instead of Frog is pretty faggy but acceptable.

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Ayla is actually the worst character. Because she isn't real and sitting on my face right now.

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All solid opinions right here, lads. Frog is a fun character. I even like the ye olde English translation, although he's perfectly fine in the retranslation also.

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You're quite bad at the game if you don't yet realize that 3 top-level single techs or 1 single and 1 dual are better than triple techs. The only triple tech this isn't true for is Lifeline. Magus isn't remotely handicapped, and his Fire2, Ice2 and Lightning2 are actually significantly stronger versions of the spells with the same name that others have, which makes them useful into lategame while still hitting weaknesses. As a result he's the most elementally versatile and the game's strongest user of Shadow element and the games strongest user of Water element.

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>main strength is physical attack, bad at everything else
>is the 4th-best at physical attacks
>you pick 3 party members in this game

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You're never in a situation where you need that kind of specialization though. Setting aside that once you pass about level 60 you're effectively invincible anyway, when you eventually do get Magus you find yourself coming into fights where stronger versions of the elemental 2 spells aren't that valuable. You're always coming into trick fights like Lavos spawns and even the last boss itself where you're better off surgically hitting specific weaknesses than you are blasting the entire screen with Fire 2. And once you get Crono back Magus means jack because Luminaire and Flare render Lightning 2 and Fire 2 redundant.

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He's a great support character though. He has a very good party heal with Robo and Triple Raid with Crono is a very strong physical/single target attack that costs peanuts to cast.

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>needing to heal

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He's better at heal support than Marle because he has multi-target healing at all and she doesn't, but it's a far cry from the stronger Heal Beam or just items. All characters can use a Lapis.

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But he is a bro so i don't care about stats because i am not autistic so i still use him regardless

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>level 60
nobody even 100%ing the game should reach level 60
Also a character who can work alongside others' elemental usages isn't redundant, it's actually useful to have more users of the element that is appropriate for a battle. A character also isn't rendered redundant if two other characters could replace their job if chosen together, what you're doing there is actually making a case for the character as a condensed role, because party selection isn't limitless.

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Its not that Magus sucks outright, its that you have to decide who not to take in order to bring him along. And he's the only character that includes tradeoffs. Sure, he's all elements in one but how useful is that in practice in exhange for a full set of dual techs, a possible accessory slot if you want a triple tech, and further limits on who else you can take if you want a triple tech. There's no other party makeup that limits you like this. Every other combo gets you three pairs of dual techs, a triple tech if Crono is included, and all three accessory slots. Add in that Magus has no physical damage to speak of, which does come in handy, and his presence suddenly means you have to build the rest of the party to accomodate him rather than all three characters working as a versatile unit.

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There are just too many characters with effective healing in addition to good offense that Marle doesn't offer enough. She is damn good if you take Magus and/or Lucca though. Dark Eternal and Antipode 3 are crazy strong.

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Given that she's just adding her Ice2 to those, and she's not as strong statswise, I feel like you could get better combinations. Like Antipode3 is like 1.25 x Marle's Ice2 and 1.25x Flare. It's probably not amounting to more than like a 1.5x Flare overall. So why not just use Flare, and anything that does at least half the damage of Flare? Like Dark Matter and Flare? Similarly, DarkEternal is just using 1.25x Dark Matter, 1.25x Ice2 and 1.25x Fire2... Fire2 is so far off from being Lucca's strongest attack (14 is its multiplier compared to Flare at 42) that this attack is also outpaced by two characters just using Flare and Dark Matter.

If you were to find the offensive magic usage that makes Marle shine most instead of being outclassed, it might just be Glacier with Frog. It's the strongest Water attack in the game and uses 1.5x of their otherwise poor 2nd-tier attacks to amp them up to something approaching lategame power levels, kinda. Even though Frog also has bad Magic. The sand area and boss is where this would be helpful, and you could add Magus for maximum Water.

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At least she's a good waifu

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>tranny down syndrome-face
>tumblr nose
>not the Toriyama artstyle

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Picky, picky. You try to find a Toriyama style Ayla that shows off her legs and isn't one of the same 2 or 3 that everyone's seen before.

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