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Favorite retro stealth game, or game that had stealth as a secondary mechanic. Pic related.

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Just got 1 and 2, they look like they’ve aged really well so I’m looking forward to playing them.

Also, are any of the psp titles worth playing? And what about the Shinobido series?

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How do you not get seen by guards all the time? What is their vision cone like?

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Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf

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>they’ve aged really well
They reeeeally havent. But they're still lots of fun to play, specially the first one

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Based as fuck. One of the very few games I beat with my dad.

Wrath of Heaven is great, and I'd say Fatal Shadows is worth playing as well. That's about it for Tenchu though.

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I need to play more Stealth games, because all I can think of is MGS 3. I like Splinter Cell 1 so far, but I'm only at the NSA level. Never tried a Tenchu. Thief's graphics made me vomit. I like Deus Ex, though.

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Ghost Babel is probably the best 2D Metal Gear. Really worth checking out

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Ghost babel is washed out dog shit.

It fixed nothing of the shitty controls and customary problems all 2d metal gears had while offering a subpar visual and narrative experience resembling a no-name title unrelated to the series.

It's a good gbc game, but a shit MG outing.

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Based. No wait whats the word oh yeah Cringe.

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Whipe those nostalgia googles clean m8, the game is depressingly bland.

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IIRC, guards will enter a "warning" mode if you are standing at 40 ki points away from them (60 if you are crouching). Guards will also become alerted if you:
- bump them from behind.
- jump on them.
- shoot a projectile at them (shurikens/multi-shurikens, et al) (this does not affect dogs though, no guards will be alerted if a dog is killed by a shuriken.)
- they spot a fellow guard's body.

Also, most guards have an internal timer of 7 in their walking cycles, meaning that every 7 seconds (or steps) they will turn around and face wherever the player is, even if the player has not been spotted in that map before. AI limitations.

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Thief: The Dark Project is an obvious choice. That said, I personally think Tenchu is a cut above every other '90s console stealth game.

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i really liked splinter cell and tenchu but MGS is dogshit

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if something is still fun to play then it haven't aged

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They have to be much closer to see you when you're crouched, so you can run around, so long as the second you're spotted you hit crouch, find out who's looking at you and roll away from them before they go into full alert.

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Is Chaos Theory a retro game?

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All shit only Thief is good

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Great game, definitely the pinnacle of SC games although I still enjoy the original a lot.

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Tenchu didn't age well. I hated the game until I mastered the controls and the reason I liked it even with the clunky controls was that after mastering them I felt like a true ninja

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I loved the first Hitman, I loved the engine and the bullet time. The second was better in some ways but I really liked the engine of the first

Also I'm not sure if it's retro but MGS2 is the best game ever, even if it's a bit of a waste as a stealth game, the mechanics and details are great but the game is like an interactive movie with very little gameplay

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I agree that the controls are shit. I always dug the original Tenchu because there was no radar, just the sensor that told you someone was close. It made me much more aware of the environment. Seems like when trying to play something like MGS, I ended up focusing on the mini-map and all sense of immersion was lost.

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MGS 3 was the first Metal Gear game I legitimately enjoyed. The camo system meant you were rewarded for paying attention to the terrain, and sneaking felt more like an actual fleshed out mechanic instead of a gimmick.

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Wrath of Heaven and Fatal Shadows were good, Time of the Assassins is ok for a handheld game, everything else can be skipped.

I also recommend Shinobido on the PS2 which is great, the PSP game sucked and the Vita game is ok but nothing special.

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Meant to reply to >>7303526

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