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They had that special touch that nobody else had when it came to JRPGs. Why did anyone else even try?

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Because jarpigs are for faggots and no one cares.

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>t. the average halo and Madden fan

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Also you forgot shmupfags

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>They had that special touch that nobody else had when it came to JRPGs.

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>special touch
They just funneled 3 times more money in them. You can only go so far with "gameplay" in a jrpg, but cool visuals, music and cinematics will get you a long way

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Enix was nowhere near as good.

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Because it's possible for normal people to enjoy more than one thing so just because Square was the best didn't mean nothing else worth playing was ever made.
For example Breath of Fire and Dragon Quest. Both not as good as the likes of FF7 and 9 but still had great PS1 video games that were well worth playing.

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and got made into Square's bitches anyways

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I'm retarded. How did it coust so much money to make snes jrpgs?

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It didn't, he's full of shit.

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>special touch
you mean special trash

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Story goes further, with a sophisticated audience. Sadly for RPG fans, that audience does not fund games effectively, and game developers capable of serving it seem to be prohibitively rare anyhow.

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Everything that anyone else made felt like cheap, unpolished trash next to the likes of Final Fantasy, Chrono and Mana. Not even Nintendo could make RPGs with the same amount of charm.

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Xenogears a shit.

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Einhänder is the best thing ever.

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Ff7 costed 80 million to develop and was probably the most expensive game up to that point, no one else what putting that amount of cash into videogame production in the 90s, even the PCs which Square was using were from the movie industry, stuff borrowed from Industrial Light and Magic that was used for high end FX and shit like that.They were really overkilling it with production costs before anyone else was.

Unironically the Final Fantasy movie killed Square Enix dominance and ended Final Fantasy's streak. It caused Hironobu Sakaguchi
to leave the company to go make Games for the shitbox which no one bough because japanese people and jrpg fans don't buy microsoft consoles, that was the end of that era.

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>cheap unpolished trash
A budget doesn't make a game better. You're just a Squaresoft fanboy, and one should note that that excess of budget is what effectively killed them and required the merger with Enix because Square's management were dumber than bricks.

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Nah. It was steying away from their area of expertise to go fund shitty hollywood films. They were golden with the videogames sales until they went and made a 100+ million dollar mistake with that movie and their stock took a hit.

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So you think Lufia II is as good or charming as Chrono Trigger or FF6?

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It's the best JRPG on the console.

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>It's the best JRPG on the console.

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>and Mana

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Secret of Mana's gameplay was glitchy and sucked, but the graphics, sound and pure unyielding SOUL was nothing short of masterful.

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>gameplay was glitchy and sucked
And that's why it was shit. Just go watch a movie

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The movie was a major part of their downfall, but it wasn't the sole reason. Look at the PS1 era and notice ALL those games they spent a huge amount of money on in numerous genres. And note that Final Fantasy sold, but most of their other ventures were cult classics because they simply got dwarfed. They blew money like crazy, the Spirits Within film was just one of several nails in the coffin. Square was actually begging Enix for the merger before the movie even came out to a box office bomb.

I'd say it's up there. The combat may be run of the mill, but the story and particularly the actual dungeon crawling were pretty good on top of having the Ancient Cave. Lufia 1 was the real snorefest. You've also got Star Ocean, Tales of Phantasia, Shadowrun (if that really counts as an RPG, honestly it's more of a point-and-click with combat), Shin Megami Tensei 1&2, Metal Max Returns, the SNES Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest and Breath of Fire entries, Brandish, the Wizardry remakes, etc.

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>Just go watch a movie.
That's the putdown you use for Kojima orbiters, not Squaresoft fans.

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If the label fits, it fits. Enjoy your shitty movie game though

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There's nothing movielike about Secret of Mana. And the gameplay being glitchy only applies to Secret. Trials and Legend of Mana have the same amount of soul with far improved gameplay.

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Their other games didn't sell as well as final fantasy but they also didn't cost as much as final fantasy and helped square corner the market in those genres to their favor. Even if they didn't do very well invrsting in games which are still well regarded is more sound than making a super expensive movie when you know jack shit about the movie bussiness and that isnt even your demography

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>Legend of Mana
The gameplay for both Trials and Legend are bad desu

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>If the label fits, it fits.
See, the thing is, that label doesn't fit. But this label does fit (You): faggot.

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Because the market allowed them to exist. There arw always fags out there consuming more than they have time for. See Steam Incel Niggas: how often do you hear how many unplayed games they have in their library?

Games sold like shit and to Atlus it looked like people unironically enjoy Shin Megami Tensei or Persona.

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They lost that touch in the mid-2000s after merging with Enix, and losing Sakaguchi.

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well, there was lunar and arc the lad, they weren't square, but they were pretty alright.

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Yes, they lost their touch around the time that games stopped being retro. KH2 was their last good game.

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All those fat americans seething at japanese rpgs is comedy gold.

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>no one cares
So you're implying Japanese people aren't people? Fuck off you bigoted, racist piece of shit

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Most Megami Tensei games are better than most Squaresoft games

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>t. (Söyjak)

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Gust and Tri-Ace do a much better job.

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Nah, BoF1 is.

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>t. tranny homo who just learned kana and thinks he can read Japanese

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but only if you truly hate yourself

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that "touch" was massive investor funding

you think uematsu and amano come cheap?

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before the final fantasy series propelled them to fame, yeah, they kinda were a lot cheaper

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umm, both of them were well known before FF and at least Amano is most well known for his non-vidya stuff...

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This. Sadly when they merged Enix brought the taint with them, squeenix has never been the same.

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yeah , but FF is by far the most mainstream and expensive projects Amano has worked with. If you check his other stuff nothing really comes close, not even Vampire Hunter D, and a lot of his work shows up in cult classics and niche titles, even Angel's egg flopped. Amano would hardly be so renowned internationally were not for FF

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I strongly dislike Amano's FF artwork. It never appealed to me and even if he was the character designer for FF4, the more traditional anime/fantasy SNES/SFC in-game artwork always looked superior.

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Seriously, this... is not good. I get that he had a boner for Moorcock, I did too, but while his bizarre, airy use of colors and textures was certainly distinctive, the final products ended up looking less like a group of heroic fantasy warriors and more like a parade of clowns and jugglers at a french circus.

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>80 million
Closer to half that. Still expensive as fuck for the time though.

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Also he suffers from sameface hard, he makes Toriyama artwork look diverse

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Lufia II's movement speed in the world map is like 10x faster than any other SNES RPG in its time, barely has random battles, actually gives you tools to avoid battles in dungeons and doesn't make it annoying as fuck to run away, on top of actual good dungeon. It was mechanically way ahead of its competitors.

That game is boring as sin.

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sucks that they will never be that good again with the creativity to try other genres like fighting games or shmups and still be great

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>that label doesn't fit.
It does though! Seethe harder

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You suck.

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>my favorite part of RPGs is ignoring the gameplay as much as possible!

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Random battles are good. Stop watching YouTube or play new games then, homosexual nigger.

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>It does though!
You're right, "faggot" describes you perfectly! Keep riding that dildo hard!

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It looks cheap as hell though. Like a dollar store JRPG.

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That's crazy considering the dev budget was 45 million. That's one hell of an ad campaign.

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except square jrpgs had already worked around most of the gameplay design choices that made classic rpgs too grindy and tedious by the snes era. final fantasy started mixing it up after the third

adjusted for inflation?

why do you think is the most talked about up to this day? and is the only one that had a bunch of spin offs and a cgi movie, they had already committed so much to promote that specific IP.

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it was better

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Breath of Fire is kinda dogshit

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There were fans like me who enjoy other offerings too. Sometimes they had a cool story to tell or interesting mechanics they want to bring to the table. Granted my favorite SNES title is Chrono Trigger and Playstation one being FFT, Squaresoft's highs were really high, but they have their lows too.

I actually feel that Enix saved them since the movie was bad. I liked the games Enix released prior to the merger, like Valkyrie Profile and the Bust A Move games. Even though I had way more SNES games by Square than Enix, Enix still had really great games I loved then too. Square was already on the decline, Enix is the good part to me.

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Squaresoft also made some of the best looking wrestling games to this day btw.

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Cry me a river, faggot.

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Shut your worthless mouth, bigot. Your God Emperor will be gone in 3 days.

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The Spirits Within had its story altered by Hollywood though. The setting of the story was supposed to take place in Washington DC instead of NY, which indicated that they were somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of most of the story taking place in an important administrative location.
There was also apparently a lot of tech development problems during the time they were transferring assets around the company while working on the film, and had to outsource themselves to a lot of branches in the US to help out.

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>Awaiting streaming services
Two issues with that:

1) Squenix is a major mainstream game publisher nowadays. They're not going to bother with niche titles (even in licensing negotiations) unless a lot of money is involved, and nobody is going to offer them a lot of money to license their lesser-known games.
2) To emulate PSX games, you need a PSX bios, which is copyrighted by Sony. Sony like Squenix won't be interested in low-value licensing deals, plus they have their own streaming service (and I don't think they're interested in these games either). For commercial use, you'd need to develop an original replacement for the PSX bios.

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Who is 'my' God Emperor, snowflake?

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An embrassment of riches

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They let americans get involved, they paid the told. That's what they get

They didn't need anything with hollywood and sakaguchi got in too deep with his dellusions after so much success in the 90s the dude could not foresee how far over his head the whole ordeal was gonna be.

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I know Trump supporters are fucking retards but did you really forget his name?

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makes sense, he is already irrelevant old news

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Nah, they're just simple.

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It wasn't exactly his fault. Square USA sounded either incompetent or was hijacked by people out of the company to try and sabotage the company due to the fact that they were beginning to outpace the developments in 3D animation compared to the likes of Disney.
is it no coincidence that when Disney themselves asked to collaborate with them to make KH that things started going down South?

also, I honestly think Sakaguchi, while he might have made a rather dumb decision, was treated very unfairly by the company after the film bombed. He still played a significant role in helping to direct the vision of the company and hiring talent to carry out some incredible work. They even tried removing his name from every project after the merger to distance themselves from him, and even thought it was ok to treat anyone that still respected him and wanted to carry out his work with absolute shit (like Nomura).
No wonder he hesitates at the idea of coming back to the company.

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And what makes you think I give a fuck about Zion Don, faggot?

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BoF1 is one of the most boring fucking rpgs I've ever played

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People left even when there was no movie to release and Sakaguchi was still in charge. I don't see the point in sucking him off and saying he was unfairly treated when he had so much executive power within the company.

There is a reason so many devs left to make their own studios that started from Squaresoft. They were working 100 hours work week and sleeping under their desk and it caused a talent drain when they realized they can earn more starting their own studio making their own shit. People thinking that all that shit only started when Sakaguchi left are delusional and have no understanding of the Squaresoft work culture. There was a reason most of their games were unfinished.

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> makes the same garbage for decades
> thinks anyone gives a shit
zoom zoom

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I'd rather play something with actually worthwhile content and engaging gameplay. BoF1 has been nothing but a padded out snorefest and the combat is overstaying its welcome.

Except that most Square RPGs used ATB which sucked ass most of the time. Even Chrono Trigger made you waste time with a couple of forced mob battles at times despite ditching random encounters.

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Im not uneducated in the history behind the company. There was a lot of staff trouble even during the days of FF7 with people working way too long overtime and butting a LOT of heads (the Chrono Trigger 2 fiasco and the exodus of the Dream Team to Nintendo).

However, its worth mentioning that it sounded like Sakaguchi wasn't always in complete control of the company, especially if such stories became commonplace. Didn't a large swathe of the team state that a lot of the internal drama began during Secret of Mana and FF6? Which was around the time the SNES addon got dropped?
Another note to point is this; If a lot of members in Square still held Sakaguchi up with a lot of respect and left even long after the merger, maybe its worth looking towards people like Yochi Wada, Motomu Toriyama or even Masato Kato, especially when all 3 sounded like they did not exactly get along very well with most of the company at the time due to their decision making and wrestling creative control.

And like I said, I'm not saying Sakaguchi was a saint and that he didn't do anything stupid (the film being a good example and running off to Microsoft after getting kind of back-stabbed by the industry) , but its worth pointing out that maybe he isn't solely responsible for how Square ended up crashing so hard. A lot of factors and variables should be taken into account instead of pointing all the blame towards him.

>> No.7306268

chrono trigger doesn't have any grinding and its pretty much the opposite of what makes classic jrpgs tedious, really bad example there. Xenogears? well yes, Xenogears is a slog with very high rates of random encounters and boring gameplay but chronno is square mixing it up and adding new mechanics to the jrpg formula, exactly what you were complaining about originally.

>> No.7306303

the fuck has toriyama and kato do with this? Directors aren't on the same level as executives, and Sakaguchi WAS one.

>> No.7306358

So once again, you hate the gameplay of JRPGs.

>> No.7306374

Toriyama was working at Square during the days of FF7 and played a decent role in making the game into what it was, but he wasn't solely responsible for making it a masterpiece. Nomura was highly respected by Sakaguchi at this time for his talent, vision and artistic skills and he almost mentored him into what he was. Lots of former staff that left during the merger gave him his blessings because he was one of the few left that used to work so closely with him.
Toriyama ends up directing that god awful FF13 and Nomura's only involvement is on the character design. Versus gets into hot water and he constantly gets shafted by Yochi Wada, the same guy that was known to be an absolute fucking prick to most of the best team members at the company, many who ended up leaving.

Kato practically hijacked the CT ip off of Sakaguchi and his team and gets rid most of the writers that used to work alongside him during RD, the same team that ended up working alongside the Gooch himself in later games. Kato ends up writing out the original cast of CT in a very abrupt way to the point of just killing them outright and tries claiming the "new" cast as the "real" heroes. The game is also heavily unfinished in parts as well and very VERY janky. Only Kato himself talks about the game to this very day and everyone else that used to work on the series always avoids talking about Cross and CT as a whole. Also of note; Yochi Wada was beginning to climb the corporate ladder and Cross was supposed to be the "intended sequel" to Trigger despite Gooch himself stating that there were plans originally to make a competent follow up and even a huge swathe of plans to turn Trigger into a fully fledged series. You don't just hire the guy from fucking Dragon Ball and Dragon Quest and just drop them for no reason unless you have a good reason.

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This is pure fanfiction at almost every level.

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>talking about the professional history, animosity and relations between staff is considered """fanfiction""" now

come on now

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To claim Kato, the lead writer of Chrono Trigger, hijacked the Chrono IP is flat out puzzling. Not only that but he made Radical Dreamers and was the one who pushed for a sequel as early as 1996 when no one else did. It's literally written as such in the ultimania.
You are indeed spouting fanfiction that isn't rooted in any kind of reality. A writer somehow managed to will a sequel by himself and put together a staff without any oversight lol.
And Cross is unfinished for the same reason Xenogears and SaGa Frontier was. There was a hard 2-year limit development time that was enforced by...Hironobu Sakaguchi.

>> No.7306976

if Kato didn't hijack the series, then why did Chrono Break never come to fruition? and why did Square get rid of him after Children of Mana flopped? or haven't even spoken about the game in "years"? doesn't even the explain the almost spiteful manner in which Cross was written in to just go out of its way to practically kill off or memory wipe the entire original cast and locations.

even if the game was "unfinished", it doesn't explain the messages the writing in the game is trying to communicate, which is essentially "fuck the past. the future is mine".

>> No.7306982

Also Kato never intended Cross to be a direct sequel which is why he called it Cross and not Trigger 2 electric boogaloo.

>> No.7306997

>"fuck the past. the future is mine".

What about the game gave you this impression?

The entire end game is about saving Schala from Chrono Trigger. The entire reason Radical Dreamers was conceived was because Kato wanted to tie up the Schala lose end from Trigger.

People die because people die unceremoniously in real life too. The main character of Cross dies in the alternate timeline, and he was supposes to die. Skele died (but came back as a skeleton lol). And all of Razzily's fairy family were genocided.

Kid was the spawn if Schala essentially her daughter, and Lucca was her mother. Her entire background and motivation is revenge for Lucca's death. Its like saying Batman's parents don't matter. She got Batman backstory!

And Chrono and etc unceremoniously killed an entire timeline by defesting Lavos right? Nature is brutal. Humanity is brutal. That's what I got from those choices anyways.

>> No.7306998

>Also Kato never intended Cross to be a direct sequel
Yeah, no fuck off. Cross' plot literally doesn't function unless it's a direct sequel and in fact the entire point of it is that it covers the one thing that Trigger doesn't really resolve. It's about as direct as you can get.
Protip, just cause it doesn't follow the same characters doesn't mean it isn't a direct sequel

>> No.7307018

>if Kato didn't hijack the series, then why did Chrono Break never come to fruition?
How the fuck is this because of him that executives didn't give a budget and a staff to make it happen? He literally said many times that he wanted to make it and there plans to make it. Who the FUCK do you think coined the name of the fucking game in the first place. Kato was poised to make the game.
The staff left to work with Takahashi at Monolith Soft and that was the end of it.

>> No.7307023

>The staff left to work with Takahashi at Monolith Soft and that was the end of it.

maybe because they didn't like him?

>> No.7307028

No you fuck on.

>We didn't want to directly extendChrono Triggerinto a sequel, but create a newChronowith links to the original.[24]Yes, the platform changed; and yes, there were many parts that changed dramatically from the previous work. But in my view, the whole point in makingChrono Crosswas to make a newChronowith the best available skills and technologies of today. I never had any intentions of just taking the system fromTriggerand moving it onto the PlayStation console. That's why I believe thatCrossisCross, and NOTTrigger 2.[27]

—Masato Kato

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Then why did they hire him to write the story of Baten Kaitos?

>> No.7307032

Baiten what?

>> No.7307041

>"We didn't want to directly extend Chrono Trigger into a sequel"

That's not what Sakaguchi said. Even Akira Toriyama was confused af wondering why they didn't even bother inviting him back.

>> No.7307050

Uhh....anon he was the superviser for chrono trigger ds and did a ton of writing for a ton of 2000s mana games

What makes people double down so hard like this? Do you realize you look twice as stupid to other people and only feel twice as right to yourself?

>> No.7307056

He can say that all he fucking wants, it's totally fucking bullshit. Cross can't exist without it and the game has CONSTANT call backs to trigger in the form of almost characters and direct references

>> No.7307059

Sakaguchi said he himself wanted to make Chrono Trigger 2, not Chrono Cross.

Kato oversaught developments of the DS Port to try and connect up the game to "his" version of a sequel, despite a lot of very weak weight to Cross itself to count as a genuine followup.

You're also missing the vital point; Sakaguchi played a very big role in bringing in the Dragon Quest team and Akira to help out with CT itself, and went out of his way to hire the right teams and tech to help create the game. All of a sudden, all 3 of them are not involved, and it doesn't seem just a tad bit strange?

>> No.7307062

>Cross can't exist without it and the game has CONSTANT call backs to trigger in the form of almost characters and direct references


And its still not a direct sequel.

>> No.7307064

>And its still not a direct sequel.
You need to fucking play Cross if you actually believe that. The game's climax and entire point is following up a direct plot point from Trigger.

>> No.7307069

So you're saying extremely overworked and expensive people didnt come nack to a company that was about to bleed money and go bankrupt due to Sakaguchi's decision making. And that the guy who wrote the Schala cliffhanger wanted to do a distant sequel to explain what happened to her...

Wow its a mystery!

>> No.7307070

>"The game's climax and entire point is following up a direct plot point from Trigger."

Yeah, and its done in a poor and hamfisted fashion.

>> No.7307075

>. It is getting to the point where RPG games are beginning to resemble each other way too much. Do you think it is getting harder to be innovative when developing a game for this genre? What steps do you take to ensure that you're not just rehashing the same thing over and over?

To say the least, the titles we've worked on have been innovative, and I would like to continue this trend for our future projects. When creating a series, one method is to carry over a basic system, improving upon it as the series progresses, but our stance has been to create a completely new and different world from the ground up, and to restructure the former style.

Therefore, Chrono Cross is not a sequel to Chrono Trigger. Had it been, it would have been called "Chrono Trigger 2." Our main objective for Chrono Cross was to share a little bit of the Chrono Trigger worldview, while creating a completely different game as a means of providing new entertainment to the player. This is mainly due to the transition in platform generation from the SNES to the PS. The method I mentioned above, about improving upon a basic system, has inefficiencies, in that it's impossible to maximize the console's performance as the console continues to make improvements in leaps and bounds. Although essentially an RPG, at its core, it is a computer game, and I believe that games should be expressed with a close connection to the console's performance. Therefore, in regards to game development, our goal has always been to "express the game utilizing the maximum performance of the console at that time." I strongly believe that anything created in this way will continue to be innovative.

>> No.7307078


Good I love hamfisted JRPGs such as Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest.

>> No.7307079

you are clearly deliberately ignoring all previous posts in an effort to defend a blatantly shitty game and a shitty writer who painstakingly went through the effort to write out any connections to the original teams work because he thought was solely responsible for the success of CT, all so he could wank to himself over how "deep and philosophical" Cross was and to put his waifu Kidd on some kind of pedestal?

Yeah, thats not pathetic at all.

>> No.7307086

>Yeah, and its done in a poor and hamfisted fashion.
It being done like shit doesn't change anything.
Once again, he can say that all he wants it doesn't change what the game actually is.

>> No.7307087

You've been deluding yourself this entire time with schizo theories and you're doubling down now that your world is crumbling. This is pathetic.

>> No.7307101

Yes that's exactly what I'm saying what are you going to do about it you little bitch? Kato owns Chrono Trigger's legacy now and the Dream Team are dead and I will dance on their grave. If we rounded up everyone who didnt like Chrono Cross and gassed them the world would be a better place. Bow to Kato. He killed everyone you ever loved in Trigger and is laughing at you along with me and the Cross master race right now.

>> No.7307103

no, you're doubling down on the fact that some loser in the company got assblasted because some other guy did a better job than he could at an IP he thought he owned, and thought its perfectly okay for him to take control of a project just to make some weird spiteful followup to try and insert himself as the sole creator of the series.

if you actually lived in the real world, you wouldn't be so fucking dense to such an obvious example of corporate bureaucracy.

>> No.7307104

>Once again, he can say that all he wants it doesn't change what the game actually is.

Which is a masterpiece of deconstruction, subversion, philosophy and environmentalism.

>> No.7307108


yes, it tells that part of the story pretty well alright.

>> No.7307109

What if what actually happened is a writer wanted to continue a story he was involved with because he was invested in the story he helped create, so he decided to make Radical Dreamers and wasnt happy with it so he made Chrono Cross.

>> No.7307110

Again, you're thinking that a director fired people and decided to say fuck you to fucking akira toriyama. Take your meds

>> No.7307115

thats the official story. it also doesn't really explain why he didn't bother bringing back most of the writers in the game when he probably could've used their expertise to write out his "followup" to the series.

>> No.7307129

Yes it does.

>> No.7307174

Your excessive and blatant bigotry for one.

>> No.7307246

Why are you everywhere?

>> No.7307529

If you're gonna pour 50+ hours into a probability and menu simulator, why would you choose dollar-store drivel over anything from Square that you haven't yet played?

>> No.7307819

So basically things you imagined then.

>> No.7307847

>Retards in this thread treating Enix like a developer instead of a publisher.
JRPGs fan are truly the bottom of the barrel in this hobby.

>> No.7307898

It still has dumb places like Site 16 and the entry area to Prestory forcing you to battle random mobs each time you traverse through them.

Nah, Dragon Quarter actually plays good.

>> No.7307925

Luckily you don't need to go through those areas very often and they're all of 2 screens long

>> No.7309328

So I imagined you calling me a faggot? Worthless chud

>> No.7309659

I'm a poorfag and everything I played used to be 5 or 7 years behind. It's funny how Squaresoft used to mean quality and I would get a game just because of the brand and never regret, then it went downhill around the PS3 launch.

>> No.7309674

says the segafag still butthurt that he never got any great ones on his home arcade emulators

>> No.7310621

No, that definitely happened, faggot.

>> No.7312708
File: 551 KB, 500x375, 9TZY4nq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7313785

It's over. He lost, he's out, he's gone. Now go back to Stormfront bigot, this site isn't yours anymore.

>> No.7314364

Good for you. I'm not American, so I don't give a solitary gram of a fuck what happens in your banana republic. Now what? You gonna cry some more about the orange heeb, faggot?

>> No.7314492

>I'm not American
So you're irrelevant on top of being a retarded, evil bigot? Glad to know I can finally stop paying you any attention, you pathetic, homophobic insect.

>> No.7314495

Because if you're a fan of JRPGs you're going to burn through that quickly? What a fucking dumb point.

>> No.7314524

>The mask slips and the faggot reveals the bigotry he has been projecting for 2 days

You are the tired and the poor that the rest of us discarded, mutt.

>> No.7314540


>> No.7314686

Not him but
>accusing someone of bigotry while calling them "faggot"
Wew lad

>> No.7314728
File: 52 KB, 564x596, rat bonk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Decent thread devolves into anons screaming FAGGOT at each other
like pottery

>> No.7314886

>a thread about jarpigs

>> No.7315254

So you're advocating for burning through a slow, clunky piece of shit with lackluster music, forgettable characters, and abysmal graphical presentation when you could spend the same amount of time playing a Squaresoft masterpiece?

>> No.7315438

>not reading the entire conversation


>> No.7315774

>continuing to be a hypocrite
WEW lad

>> No.7315826

We get it, you don't actually like RPGs.

>> No.7316012

They created the JRPG, though. Square just stole what they did and FF became more popular worldwide, but I'm pretty sure Dragon Quest has always been bigger in Japan. They're not e en allowed to release a new game during the week, because everyone will skip work and school. DQ3's release day was huge with lines down the street eveywhere.

>> No.7316019

>Continuing to project


>> No.7316024

>still citing something that happened 20 years ago as if it matters today
Then again I guess that's all you DQfags have to cling to.

>> No.7316028

Enix and square had great 16 bit rpgs

>> No.7316202

I don't even like DQ or Final Fantasy, but the no weekday releases for DQ games is still in effect today.

>> No.7316213

20 years ago was 2001. Dragon Quest 3 was a NES game. Can you even math?

>> No.7318383



>> No.7318634

>They created the JRPG, though.
Being the first to do something does not in any way make you automatically the best at that thing. If someone else does what you did better, like how Square did to Enix, your shit's been inadequated. Do you also think Tennis for Two is the best video game ever made because it's the first one?

>> No.7318792
File: 64 KB, 510x1499, 1589351641592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7318797


>> No.7318970


>> No.7318981

Star Ocean 2 was the best jrpg on ps1 tho

>> No.7319057

>OP Never played DQ II or III
Go easy on him.

>> No.7319201

>Star Ocean 2
Wow, I completely forgot this game existed even though I spent long hours on it in 2000. Thanks for the flashback Anon.

>> No.7319206
File: 24 KB, 316x316, Star_Ocean_Second_Story.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hated furries so bad back in the early days of the web that I dropped Square over FF9 and looked elsewhere, I found this and loved it.

>> No.7319720

You can't just handwave the predecessors because something newer is better. I might as well just say Dragon's Dogma is better than anything Square or Enix made and make the whole argument of which company was better invalid.

Square was better overall, but Enix created the JRPG and stayed a competitor in the market for years despite their inferior products, so there's something to be said there and they have my respect.

>> No.7321051

FFVII to IX was peak squaresoft and peak FF

>> No.7321207

Jarpig players are unironically greater simpletons than Madden players.

>> No.7322014

You can't get more simpleton normalfaggy than sportsball fans, come on son

>> No.7322017

>t. madden and halo player

>> No.7322065

Madden chads are solvent and putting kids through college, jarpigs piss in bottles and molest animals.

>> No.7322743

>Madden chads are solvent
They're acidic, toxic niggers? Agreed

>> No.7323331
File: 27 KB, 495x495, do it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha, it's funny because I said solvent and you made a funny about acid. Haha.

>> No.7323341
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They bought a ton of coverage. They even had cinema trailers, which was a first for games. It was Nathan Normie's first RPG for this very reason.

>> No.7323417
File: 8 KB, 259x194, congratulations you played yourself.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, Captain Obvious. Thank you for setting yourself up so beatifully.
You can tone down the vitriol, though. :)

>> No.7323427

Stop molesting animals.

>> No.7324472

Stop being corrosive.

>> No.7324479

This "jarpig" shitposting is the gayest shit I've ever seen on this website and I've seen .webms of dudes sucking tranny cock. God damn you're fucking dumb.

>> No.7324482

Stop hoarding urine.

>> No.7324584

Still not as gay as jarpigs.

>> No.7325750

>babby's first shitpost

>> No.7325784

>unironically shitting on Amano's artwork
letting in PS2 zoomers was a mistake.

>> No.7326093

wrong, enix is still as good as it was. Square went full retard with all its heads losing their touches (sakaguchi, kitase, nomura, etc.)

>> No.7326152

>Halo anf madden player absolutely seething

>> No.7326321
File: 336 KB, 1920x1175, 80f6f8daaddf1671120fcb0c34b8af18_1920_KR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Squenix is a major mainstream game publisher nowadays. They're not going to bother with niche titles (even in licensing negotiations) unless a lot of money is involved

>> No.7327080

You're having an adverse reaction to my acid puns. Does this make you "base"d?

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