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For me its January. No more yellow plastic for me.

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Cleaning your gaming systems is severly autistic. And doing it every year, too?
That's where I draw the line.
You need a wife and kids, not a thread on cleaning your shitty Famicom

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I got a a really yellow 1 chip famicom I really wanna deyellow, not sure the best way to do it

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Off topic.

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>not having a wife to clean your famicom for you

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I like my systems and computers yellow. It shows their age.

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They will just yellow again, and you're taking years off the life of the plastic. Bleach kills your hair —I don't know why anyone would want to put it on their consoles.
This anon is the real deal

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I have a pair of white canvas shoes that needs cleaning of some nasty motor oil, can you help

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>For me it's virginity

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and my women

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Ha, hilarious.

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I know this is bait but I actually love seeing consoles and really anything restored to how it was at the time of its creation. Cleaning is cathartic for me too, if I had a dirty console I would probably clean it once a month or so.

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Because all you need is to leave it out in the sun.

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has anyone tried heating in liquid peroxide like that faggy boomer youtuber did? it seemed to work a lot faster than using the sun or uv leds.

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I thought it yellowed because of the sun.

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It yellow due to the sun rays... through windows. Leaving your console in your room with sunlight coming through the windows directly at it is what yellows it.

Leaving it in DIRECT sunlight (no windows, etc) reverses the process.

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Wanting to have nice-looking things is not autistic.

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>Cleaning your gaming systems is severly autistic
It’s a fact that electronics work better when clean. Are you retarded?

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unironically wtf did he mean by this

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sunlight->window->console = yellowing
sunlight->console= de-yellowing

just google/youtube it if you don't believe my picture is real

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Hello Based department?

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the doorbell to my house was grey and has gone yellow over time, are you suggesting some cunt has been holding a window up to it for 3 years

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I only clean my pc (dust inside of it) every 3 or 4 months

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Not him but is it shaded most of the time? Like by a roof overhang or a porch? The yellowing is caused by diffused sunlight meanwhile direct sunlight reverses the process.

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looks like semen

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how do you need to do this every year are you chain smoking while playing retro games or something

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Take a pic of your room pls

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It reverts. Nothing to do with smoke, really not even much to do with UV.